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A Simple Thank You

A simple thank you for those who do a thankless job.

Tragedy strikes and they respond today like they did that day in 2001.

Thank you.
Two words that mean so much yet are not heard enough.

Thank you to the civilian responders who bravely put their lives on the line.
To rescue friends, neighbors, loved ones from those towers and the Pentagon.

Thank you to the men and women of all the branches of the armed services.

Blue, Green, Red and White united that day to work together to save whom they could. Sadly some fell, but the memory of those who fell that day gives those who live on, the drive to fight.

In New York, 343 firefighters lost their lives that day.

343 men and women who would gladly do it all over again. Taps was heard
many times in those days and it echoes today.

May the families of those lost on that awful day find strength in those mournful notes. May they realize their loved ones did not die in vain but they died while doing a job they loved.

As we remember the fallen today, remember to stop and say thank you. EMTs, firefighters, policemen, and military don't hear it enough.

So I say it now for all of those who say silent thank yous, but never bring the words to their mouth.

From the heart of the daughter of a retired Senior Master Sergeant, United States Air Force, to all first responders civilian and military and to all active duty and reserve members of the military who protect our nation.

Here's my simple thank you.. to all of you.

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