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Thanks for visiting my song page.

Karaoke and theater has been my hobby for over two and a half decades to tie me over in between work shifts.  My greatest fan, is my mother. This 200 or so song collection spans my lifetime including time on the stage and those midnight hours spent in front of the microphone just having fun making a Christmas or charity gift.

Click any page image in this intro box or song name below to download. They are all under 5MB in size for each mp3.

The               American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency to help reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Please donate to the AHA after downloading songs of your choice. Or, as a thank you for your giving, request this free collection of music in a CD, by emailing The Singing EMT.

Yes, I'm a singing EMT. From Minnesota. Guess I've been infected with a huge lifelong theater bug that won't quit. LOL!
Click to hear an early Sheena Easton song.
Click the jumper's pond to hear my favorite audition piece from Les Miserables, the musical.
This is Nothing, a fun piece, done for an audition recently for A Chorus Line. It's a talk/sing song the character dances to.
Try singing in a trio with just yourself using a sound engineer's board. Funny what bored cast members will do during slow rehearsals when turned loose. This is by Nelson, the twins singer group. LOL!
Click the firemen to return to my Emergency Theater Live website
An EMT who goes absolutely nuts over creative hobbies. Music is her biggest one.
Patti's latest experiment-  Vocal range finding with one of Linda Ronstadt's.
Me and my family at the Mall Of America.
As Bet in Oliver
As a look and sound a like Liza Minelli for a midwest casino party.
As Peri Brown for a Doctor Who British Convention
In an outdoor stage production of The King And I.
Tour with the Bitter Suite- Xena Live Stage, as Gabrielle for local TV
As sound alike Carmen Miranda with Hollywood Images, Inc.
One of my many volunteer work sessions for a local con.
As Mina in Dracula.. private performance Minnesota
With the American Xena in a car as Gabrielle in a Minneapolis Parade.
Lookalike Star Trek Voyager, Captain Janeway work. Body double at midwest sci fi convention.
This song I do for event appearances with a talent agency from time to time. Challenge sounding like her while being a soprano.
I do this for weddings and parties. It's in the best part of my voice in the power zone.
Singer impersonator work sounding like MJ in an earlier style.
One of the earlier voices I developed in college. She got work. :)
My Favorite song to do because of its subtle dynamics. This was a perfect take. One that I cannot pick apart as a singer using my own nit picky rules.
From College, fell in love with a movie's soundtrack. Robin Hood.
This song I learned fifteen years ago in college. I still do this one for weddings.
I loved the power of this piece. Casual, yet haunting.
My first dream role. Auditioned for but never got the part. Still a favorite stage character.
I first heard this song and was captivated by its power and angst. Had to do it.
This is from high school recording. Strictly for practice and not good yet. Bear with me. :)
This is from my brief stint as a  junior high rock singer. heh. Love this song anyway.
If that last song was testing the lows in my voice's register. This one surely tests the highest. LOL! Almost works here. Geez, I still sounded like a little girl in eleventh grade here.
I always love singing with original artists in harmony as a test of ear, since I'm moderately hearing impaired. This was due to an explosion accident while working as an EMT in the late 1980s. I use vibrations to use my natural ability of perfect relative pitch to keep the tempi and key. Hopefully, mistakes are few and no one can tell I live in a partially silent world.
Again, another exercise of me singing with myself in harmony. I usually don't like country, but this piece was more like pop and I fell in love with the singer's emotion in the song.
This musical ballad is heartwrenching and I've won karaoke contests with this solo. I can really get into sad songs and this, is certainly one of the classic tear jerkers. :)
I liked this one for being upbeat. It's rough, still just a practice piece. Turn up the volume in the beginning as this song is a fifteen year old recording.
I did this for fun. I hadn't heard the song since I was a child but was shocked I got a good take down in two tries. Guess it was perking in the background secretly and I had already smoothed out the rough edges. LOL!
Sometimes, I drag my friends into these exercises. Rough, but fun. This is one of my old roommates, giggling himself in a bundle of nerves in the background.
The lyrics to this really touched me. This was someone really in love, sharing with the listener what was inside their heart in a very intimate way. An exercise on breath control and every singer's love/hate piece because it makes you WORK. LOL! I think I was 19 or 20 when I recorded this for the first time. (Uh, no pun intended.)
Here's a bad copy of an eerie ballad sung by a sailor in a cannibalistic barber slasher show. Rough, but it still gives me chills because it's about obsession. This is not me at my best but you'll get the gist of it. I sung this when I was seventeen or so.
I sang this in high school, where this recording came from. It's old so crank it up. I like how I nailed the complex dynamics and timing. Wish I still had this soprano voice. Time has brought it down a few octaves.
A year old, this song was just for discipline. Geez, sounds like I'm bored here. Oh, well. An exercise well learned.
Wanna hear me reading off a screen in a first try attempt? Made me feel like I was singing like Liza Minelli again. Didn't know this song was about Elvis Presley. :)
I was curious how this song might sound with a harmony so I experimented. Not polished, but fun.
This ballad is where I truly discovered the power of my lower saxophone register in my voice. This appeared in my thirties, a sign that my voice was beginning to age.
Loved this M-TV video, and the song. So I'm plying half hearted skill on the lost cause of sounding like a rock singer.
Turn up for the intro. It's pretty. I fell in love with Bernadette Peter's voice in this musical and had to do the part of Dot for myself. Heh. This is a rough study. Most is 'a capella.' I'm still learning.
The ending, where I blew up a microphone... ( Just kidding )
College had a few singers that seemed to be great commuting songs. This was one of them that fascinated with its strange but neat delayed syncopation in the beginning, spoken lyrics on the downbeat and then the hypnotic b*itch*n guitar music following. Hehe. :)
I've always had a soft spot for folk songs, especially ones about love, and life. This, I recorded twenty years ago, in high school just after my adolescent voice change from first soprano to mezzo.
An old musician friend asked me to sing this once years ago and now, because of him, I will forever associate this song with Florida beaches, morning dolphins, and warm mists. His face comes smiling in memory whenever I sing this. I miss you Paul Robertson. Look me up sometime. This is a working rehearsal take, I did not know the words yet, or the melody, in stone. I was reading off a karaoke lyrics scroller. Song is incomplete as I was limited to a 5 MB sized file for its upload onto my server. :)
The soprano voice of my youth returned one day and I took full advantage of it. Hear me run on ice shards and egg shells exploring where I could still go up there.
This was recorded on the same day as the song above. I was getting a cold in later hours, so it was easy to fake dying. This is still my favorite tear jerker broadway song. LOL!
I heard the Hollywood voice dubber Marni Nixon sing this once and the minors caught me to try to sing. This one you can belt out and it still sounds good. Kid memory song. :)
I got into a James Bond movie kick five years ago. Had to do this just in tribute to such a great character. Song gives me chills when the long notes are held right and listened to on playback. This is the one song that Dad actually complimented me on once on a road trip somewhere.
Had the flu seven winters ago. Needed to clean out the pipes despite a fever. So, listen to me hack through this one. Nice low voice.  Sort of like a frog.. Heh.
Got totally tickled by this song, so I sang it. Experimenting on harmony and enjoying myself thoroughly. Niece's fav by her auntie.
Did this for mom. Surprised myself when I nailed it on the second try instead of the usual twenty five takes or so. Wow. Cool..
Another agency rehearsed song for my soundalike work. Loved the jazzy feel of this one.
Did this as a junior in HS. My favorite character of Lady Thiang. Still want to do her. Almost had the part once. But didn't make third call backs. :( That's why I sang this to see what it would have been like.
I never had the role of Mother Superior but used her song to torture myself and listeners. This is from high school. I was beginning to learn my voice's power then.
Professional Sound-A-Like Songs
As Liza Minelli- Cabaret
As Celine Dion- Power Of Love
As Michael Jackson- He's Out Of My Life
As Sheena Easton- Almost Over You
Everything I Do, I Do It For You- Bryan Adams
My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion
These Foolish Games- Jewel
Uninvited- By Alanis Morrisette
Straight From The Heart- Bryan Adams
Hotel California-Eagles
We've Got Tonight- Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton
Angel- Duet with Sarah McLachlan
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough-Self Duet- Patty Smythe
Don't Cry For Me Argentina- From Evita
Playing With The Queen Of Hearts- Juice Newton
Yesterday- Beatles
All That She Wants- Ace Of Base- (With John Allen)
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face- Roberta Flack
Johanna- From the musical Sweeney Todd
Memory- From Cats
Take My Breath Away- Berlin (From The Movie Top Gun)
Black Velvet- Alannah Myles
Forever And For Always- Duet with Faith Hill
Bring Him Home- From the musical Les Miserables
I'd Do Anything For Love- Meatloaf
Sunday In The Park- (with Mandy Patinkin)- Part One
Sunday In The Park- (with Mandy Patinkin)- Part Two
Do I Have To Say The Words?- Bryan Adams
Where Have You Been?- Kathy Mattea
November Rain- Guns And Roses
In My Life- Cosette- From the musical Les Miserables
A Little Fall Of Rain- From the musical Les Miserables
Feed The Birds- Mary Poppins
For Your Eyes Only- Sheena Easton
Desperado- Eagles
Forever and For Always- with Faith Hill- Duet
You Don't Bring Me Flowers- Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond
Because You Loved Me- Celine Dion
Something Wonderful- From The King And I
On My Own- Eponine- From the musical Les Miserables
General Radio and Musical Theater Songs
From 1981, our first day together, when we met. Nikki later lightened to the color of foam on hot chocolate and we lived and loved for fifteen years after that. An old secret pain is that she died alone within steps of my parents' house. I recorded this song to help us all get over the grieving process. It helped the good memories of Nikki we had return faster.
See the smart aleck nun with the glasses second in line? Guess who? I always seem to get roles in shows that are either virgins, or wenches. Heh. Go figure.
Climb Every Mountain- From The Sound of Music
Recorded in 2006. This was a way to vent while complaining about a serious case of plantar fasciitis in BOTH feet. I was suffering for six years before I was cured and so, I sang this just to whine because I couldn't do it in front of my patients. D*mned pretty dirge, too? Ain't it? Listen to me improve after every verse. Reading off a scroller again.
I wrote, learned to play piano, composed, and then sang this tribute to a beloved pet poodle who drown accidently in a winter lake when she got lost in the dark in Nov. 1996.  She had been blinded by cataracts and was hurting that morning from a pancreatic attack. We couldn't find her in time to save her.
I'm something of a bulldog when it comes to practicing. This piece is rough, but shows me feeling my way through brand new lyrics. Yes, this is country, but the highs and lows were something to navigate while staying on pitch. It'll get better over time.
Wanna hear me on no sleep for two days? This is one of those kind of songs where you know the melody, but not the words that well. Watch me muddle through, handicapped by a freezing lyrics reading scroller.
Nothing like playing a ghost who sings for a whole season. I played a blind girl, too, in the next song. Civil war period.
Nikki- Music, Piano and Lyrics by Patti
Just Breathe- Faith Hill
He's Gone Away-Lydia Puckett- From Spoon River
I had to paint life sized mausoleum stage walls to get this song put into the show. My director admitted to me that I could make him cry singing this, and I did, while kneeling in front of a prop gravestone.
Lindy Lou- Burl Ives- Adapted for Spoon River
Hehehe. I gave my mom chills with the ending note on this song. This I had ready, but never did with the talent agency.
All By Myself- Celine Dion
Back On My Feet Again- Michael Bolton
Yes, I'm one of those rare EMTs with a sense of humor. This is while treating a hypoglycemic at a sci fi convention on volunteer work. This man was ok. Gluc paste and sloppy joes are wonderful meds. This event had a faint, a nonbreathing convulsion, and a passed out on the back drunk vomiter who needed a door bashed down first before we could save him. All lived. So did the door.
The deep booming sax in my lower register comes out in this song. Got it down in three takes.
Let It Be- Beatles
Did this one after staying up all night while nervous about a new job. It's weary, but relaxes towards the end. Get ready for a really bad high note.
This one I sang for a cast party. Safe for the kids who were in Oliver with us. This song reminds me of a childhood friend, Christa.
I'm Almost Over You- Sheena Easton
Wind Beneath My Wings- Bette Midler
Last Updated- 5-10-2020
A sassy teen! Nikki was sure a lot of fun. Would be an attack dog in play on command and could turn it on and off again like a faucet.
I Want You Just The Way You Are- Billy Joel
See the maid? A walk-on part for the Sound Of Music. One night, I came out with bagels instead of buns. :)
Here's me singing the song from the Titanic as Celine Dion. That piece was a little further up above a few tiers.
This is that blind girl singing to her dead baby in Spoon River. This is before the grave stone scene. I'm next to that mausoleum I had to make and paint as a condition to putting my Lindy Lou song in the show.
A Boy Like That/I Have A Love-West Side Story
Blue Bayou Duet- With Roy Orbison
I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston
You Needed Me- Anne Murray
Now that you're happy. I'm gonna make you cry with this a capella practice, singing two roles.
Another pick me up. This time with a fussy baby. Worked.
I thought I was funny in this one when no one else did. LOL! You'll see..
Ever try to record a karaoke song and for some reason, you never get the feeling of where the music is under you? This was one such torture session. But here it is anyway.
This I remember doing way back in high school for a pop concert. Brings back memories.
An early high school dub made just for fun. Always wished I could sing a duet like this with Rita Moreno.
Come To Me- Fantine- From the Musical Les Miserables
Here Comes The Sun- Beatles
That baby sophomore soprano again. Sung at age 14. Learning a new ballad. Geez, was I ever that nostalgic?
The Colors Of The Wind- From Pocahontas
Move On- From Sunday In The Park With George
Forever Young- Rod Stewart
Wanted to do a soundtrack once for an animated film. It was this one.
Falling in love with this stage character, Dot. She sounds like she'd be so much fun to do. A practice run.
Had a cold that month. So I sang this to get happier about it. Nice oldie.
I wrote, sung, and composed this ballad in tribute to a TV series, Xena. It's told from the point of view of her loyal staff swinging sidekick, Gabrielle reflecting on the serious side of their ripening friendship. Lyrics by me. :)
 This is a second stage role I've always wanted to do. One of a troubled queen as Guinievere opposite the character King Arthur.
I remember waiting months for this video to come out on MTV and I was thrilled when it finally premiered. I was fascinated with the minor keys and the Arabian like melody.
Good bluesy feel. Violin is Andy, improvising. Midi squeals but good enough.
Lydia Puckett, a ghost who snubbed her civil war soldier boyfriend after she died. Singing...He's Gone Away from Spoon River.
Gabrielle, Lyrics and Song by Patti-For the TV series Xena
Before I Gaze At You Again- From Camelot
Frozen- Madonna
Mona Lisa- Nat King Cole
Forgive the old tape sound the first few measures. I liked the role of Cassie in this movie musical. So I did this song sounding like her. Deep and throaty.
What I Did For Love- From A Chorus Line
Andy with his violin. A computer professor and a dear friend. Here, on the open stage with me at one of my favorite places, the Gingko Coffee House.  One night, we sat down and played on the computer with a couple of mics.
Special Concert 2002
This is Andy, a dear friend and a musician of natural inborn skill on the violin. I got to the point of running out of orchestral karaoke backtracks and so one night, we sat down and explored a bunch of really really bad midi files that squelched horribly in the background, but we still had fun. I decided to use them from then on out because they were so cheap.. (They were free :) )
We suffered giggle fits and frequent technical problems but these songs and tapes endeared themselves to us even as we cringed, because the ugly midis we found on the web opened up my vastly shortened inventory of pieces to do. So from here on out, ignore the music and focus on the voices. If you've an ear for musical stubbornness, you'll see the same fun we did in these.
I wanted to show Andy a harmony line I learned in first grade to this one. He was intrigued.
Neither one of us knows this song, just remember the melody and harmony stuff. Hysterical session. This is a pair of singers in the rough.
Andy claims he's not a singer, so you be the judge. We both have different genes on improvisation and here it worked when we did opposite things. Unpolished but colorful.
My cats wondered about the meowing in this one and came running. LOL!
Kid memory song. Reminds us both of Chicago where we're from.
Good traveling song. I flip to it whenever I'm on the road. Andy's first time hearing and singing it.
Another suburban Chicago memory radio song. Nice kid memories.
This was one we both knew from twenty years ago. Kinda funk.
If you listen close, Andy is doing this killler violin and bass harmony with his voice. Gives me chills.
Love this ballad. Wanted to know if I could do it in this range.
Still The One- Shania Twain
Cecelia- Beatles
The Cat Came Back - Marc Gunn
Sweet Dreams- The Eurythmics
All Through The Night- Cyndi Lauper
I have no idea how this goes. Eventually I will, but I wanted Andy to hear it as it's a country that I actually like.
This Land Is Your Land- Woody Guthrie 
Runaway Train- Soul Asylum
She's Always A Woman- Billy Joel
Down Town- Frank Sinatra 
Amie- Pure Prairie League 
Tin Man- America
This ditty has special meaning to a close friend and I. Too many goodbyes I guess. We choke up when we do this one.
Danny's Song- Anne Murray
Leaving On A Jet Plane- John Denver
This song reminds me of sleepy summer nights at the Bridgeman's ice cream parlor trying to eat Lalapaloozas. We tried as kids once and my sister got sick as a dog on a pineapple shake and lost it all into the street. LOL!
This page is still..
No particular memory attached here. Just very deeply embedded in my soul's subculture. Very very familiar song there.
Faithfully- Journey
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The   Singing EMT 
Played a drunk Captain Janeway Star Trek fan. Infatuated with my stuffed white dragon. This is from a fan run spoof on West Side Story.
Played a side kick on an amateur science fiction movie, Doctor Who. Had to run wearing heels. Almost needed an EMT myself.
I'm in white third from the left. I'm struggling with my snakes again. And no, I don't mean caduceuses.
See? I'm playing another virgin again. First nuns, then bar wenches.. Hmm. This is Philia here. From A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
My mom listened to this singer all the time when I was a kid. Soon, I wanted to start to sing like her. Never really tried until well after college years. Here it is. Weird how the nuances stuck in my head even after not actually hearing the thing for over twenty five years.
Follow Me- Olivia Newton John
I developed a taste for Irish 5th century ballads working the Minnesota Renaissance Festival during summers. I'm a graves EMT. I need my sun, dang it all. So I gave up sleep to sing.
Songs For Charity
This EMT's CD is now complete and includes every song you see linked on the site. This work is dedicated to Felicia, a child who starred in one of our ETL Emergency TV Series Episodes, Canine Capers. Felicia asked us to let her appear in a story as her last wish in Dec 2006. She wrote her own scenes. Felicia was a bright and beautiful girl we all loved and we miss her.

There are five songs behind the frog, foal, water drop, waterfall and spinning gold sun. There are floating comments over all music notes and photos visible in the source code with Google Chrome..
The recorded collection is now complete and only awaits uploading to this page one by one and the final CD burning. All told 237 songs will be coming for a total of 788 MB of mp3 songs sung by this EMT.

New works will follow over the course of the summer during the active theater season in Minnesota which frees up this singer to produce more of her vocal art. 
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237 of 237 songs now uploaded. :)
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This is a first time trying. Rough, but still kinda oddly hypnotic. Heh.
I remember singing this once in a junior high pop concert in a school cafeteria. It was when I was first bitten by the theater bug. This song was particularly sweet. I felt like I was on Broadway. Sang for mom in the audience that night.
This is from 1987. A bad recording but a bar song from this musical. Still fun throwing a fake accent.
Recorded in January 2007 for a niece who was rediscovering herself during some rough days. This animated movie's songs really brought a message I thought would help... It did.
I'm On Fire- Bruce Springsteen
Oom Pah Pah- From Oliver
Who Are You?- From Balto 2
Practice run. Rough. One of those crappy midi tracks again, but I liked the experimental duet I looped while learning this oldie. Kinda weird listening to yourself in a duo. LOL!
I felt a strange compelling pull when I first heard this song in Celtic. I had no idea why I was so strangely captivated. I had to translate its meaning. So this started three weeks research learning the artist and lyrics. When I found the words, I almost started crying. The song felt like it was written for me and me alone, all about the earth and the night. Two things very close to mind in my life right now.  I'm singing the new words softly over the Irish soloist. First in unison and then in harmony.
This is the only audition I ever blew for being overconfident. I said something stupid and got dismissed as number two choice for this role because of something stupid I said about the rehearsal rooms being cold at this that church theater. Got to burn with shame a million times on the way home, sick with flu and driving home in a lightning riddled snowstorm. But, I deep down I still felt like I had sounded like Laura Branigan.
Endless Love- Lionel Ritchie-Self Duet
Deora Ar Mo Chroi- Enya
Narrator's Prologue- From Joseph
and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Out Here On My Own- From Fame
Again, another sad song that grabs me and doesn't let go. I recorded this the night I lost a male patient by a couple of hours in the casino hotel at work, in a fit of tears.  I held the wife in my arms but could say nothing to ease her agony. Those calls are always hard. I've lost seventeen kids and nine adults in my career to date. Like all the saves, I remember each and every loss in great detail. But I wouldn't trade those memories for the world. They shape who I am.
I had fun quarteting again. This time, taking out all the stops. The timing here got into my blood. I really felt like I was one of them during this take. heh. :)
I've always been fascinated with quartet singers, never having really had the chance to be in a group like that myself. So,..I sing with others who are. This one turned out nice I think. I'm in the middle of the pack somewhere. If you're used to my voice now, you'll hear me despite my blending. :)
I fell in love with the story of this song. Each verse gets better and better as I learn the feel of this ballad. A happy song, no doubt. I can just see this couple, celebrating life to its fullest.
The Last Song- Elton John
The Lion Sleeps Tonight- with The Nylons
Up On The Roof- with The Nylons
Fields Of Gold- Sting
If there's one song I'd do in a concert in a heartbeat, it would be this one that's so full of angst and fear and sadness. I fumble words in this one, but its soul is all there. You have emotions to move folks deeply with this song, you know what I mean? Imagine my shock when I discovered this "perfect" take on playback with its end sheared off by accident. LOL!
A week later, I sang the above song's antithesis. Feeling how the wife must have felt the day she married her husband at the beginning of their life. It made me feel better immensely. I'm sure music is a balm to a LOT of EMTs out there like it is for me.
The Winner Takes It All- Abba
The Wedding Song- Paul Stookey
I auditioned for this role once for a night club tour. Had fun on that audition wondering what it would be like doing a show that wasn't inside a theater. Unique perspective, a prostitute who's attracted to a savior in this song. Like the seventies bluesy feel of it.
I Don't Know How To Love Him- From Jesus Christ Superstar
For a very very short time, I got on a Madonna kick. This is one of them.
You Must Love Me- Evita
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
      The Era of Songs with Cheesy Midis. :)

The beginning of a new format. Started when cassette tape karaoke backtracks went the way of the eight track tape. Still good tunes but with way overdone poorly engineered midis. Listen to these half volume and they're still tolerable. Ignore the music distortions. Someday, I'll own tracks that aren't those funky, new overexpensive really hard to find karaoke CDs that you can't even change the key on.
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
People- Barbra Streisand
This is another song from a singer my mom used to listen to when I was a kid that seems to have made an impression on me. People have told me I sorta kinda sound like this song's original artist. Guess I do. I do want it to turn out well. :P :)
Click this sheet for the words in Gaelic (Celtic Irish) and English..
There were three deaths in recent memory that decade that stuck most in my mind. One was John Denver's sudden passing, another was Mother Theresa, that tiny diminuitive nun in India, and then, there was the graceful Princess Diana, all within a month of each other. I sang this because I liked the tribute Elton paid to her during the memorial services. It was an awesome music moment.
I first heard this in high school during a pop concert that I was also a part of. This soloist had the most golden reedy voice on any man alive. The lyrics are classic. Easy one to sing. It's a soft path up into the high notes.
 Great singer. Summons images of Jacques Cousteau. Always a fun one to sing late at night when you're drunk.
I used to confuse this song with Billy Joel's She's Always A Woman. But, I think this one's prettier, by far. You can do so much with your voice on it when you have a cold. Just have a listen. :P *cough* *sniffle*
Heh. Do I have to say why I sang this? I had a half an hour to kill before a boring work shift one morning.
 Four words. Never. Sing. With. Laryngitis...
Calypso- John Denver
Goodbye England's Rose- Elton John
One Week- with Bare Naked Ladies
She's Got A Way- Billy Joel
Truly- Lionel Ritchie
My Immortal- Evanescence
Funky Town- Lipps Inc.
I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane- John Denver
Stay With Me- Shakespeare's Sister
Ok, so I'm living out a kid fantasy by singing with the very first singer who ever made an impression on me. Don't worry, it was sullied by my karaoke machine's voice track stripper breaking two seconds after this very recording. Ah, well. One time is all the more golden. I think our voices work out ok for harmony.
This is what happens to you when you're falling asleep in front of the microphone. This video about death was trancelike enough as it was without burning the latest possible midnight hours on it, too as a singer. Geez!
Ah ha! I found it. The one song my mom actually wore out to the ribbons. LOL! Enjoy. I threw a very bad day into this one to give it WEIGHT. Worked. :)
My first EMT work partner. This is Linda, about two weeks after I became an EMT in 1985. We shared time in a short stay surgery and on the flying squad, answering code blue calls. Two years later, I worked extra in the Emergency Room and got my first taste of mortality in a spontaneous abortion, and my first stroke fatality. I grew up fast. And I learned.
I started to make a Doctor Who science fiction movie in college. We got a long way, until a string of set misfortunes and real life got in the way. Here, we're in the Doctor's time machine, the Tardis. (Set up in a garage) :)
You really want to get that EMT job? Well, record yourself singing this one in a stupid voice and act like you don't care and tack it onto your online resume.. Guaranteed, the paramedic hiring you will laugh himself to death and find a sudden need to change his underwear after a few hysterical leaks. My future boss adored this for some reason and hired me on the spot the very next morning. Heh. :D *big grin*
Everybody Hurts- REM
Chiquitita- Abba-Self Duet
I couldn't believe this song was about a bird in a cage. Nice melody. So I put in my own voice as the bass's pulse and did harmony, too, on a track loop. Can't quite pin the flavor. Maybe ABBAish fits. Heh. :P
On the outdoor set of Phantom of the Opera, getting ready to sing at the zoo. See page link at the bottom to hear this show's songs.
In The Bitter Suite, (from Xena, the TV series) I got to die on stage with fake blood. Had fun freaking out the stage hands when I played a really convincing sword stabbed death. heh. :) This was filmed for local TV.
Me singing Gabrielle, the song I wrote for the U.S. version of Xena, the TV show's musical, The Bitter Suite.
The irrascible Gabrielle, Xena's side kick. I made this costume out of placemats, a man's shirt and green denim jeans. The staff, I made from watching videos of the Xena series. The director liked the look so much, he let me wear this in the show's final scenes of my character escaping the dream world.
I'm in blue as Bet, singing Oom Pah Pah at the bar while dancing. Not an easy thing to do.
Impersonating a time traveling companion for the Minnesota Food Shelves Charity at a lakeside bandshell. That cloth phone box was held up by four people holding onto the corners and framing themselves in their cloth sides banners.
Here our Doctor Who charity won an appearance at a local news station, ready to appear on the air during the weather in The Back Yard. See the hands holding the Tardis up? LOL!
Here I am as a nun again, this time in Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? A catholic spoof musical. At college.
Here, I'm in blue, as Bet, with Nancy, ( who's in red ) singing As Long As He Needs Me. Look for a song listing of the same name, of me singing the same song recorded at a live performance in a karaoke bar.
Here is me in a spoof of West Side Story, called Mid West Side Story, playing a deranged fan named Charlie who liked being drunk for the whole musical on Frog Beer. See her friend mixing blog?
The talent agency had me doing a broad range of characters for appearances. This one, is from Star Trek, an empathic counselor.
See the karaoke tapes laid out on the table? This is me singing Janeway's song at a practice demo for convention goers. My head was made up to look cut for a reading of an audio book of the episode Coda, from Star Trek Voyager with me using a voice sounding like Kate Mulgrew. The book recorded well. So did the song which you heard earlier.
This is a close up of the makeup job they gave me to look more like this character. The electronic props on my belt really light up and make sounds. Heh.
One of the most worked agency Star Trek characters I got to do was for Captain Janeway. I had to develop a speaking AND singing voice for this role for convention appearances. See song listing. Janeway Demo.
My first outdoor musical run for The King And I.  I was too old to play the Tuptim, the runaway slave but too young to play my dream role of Lady Thiang, the king's head wife who sings Something Wonderful. Thiang is my favorite musical role that I have yet to play. Maybe someday, I'll get my wish.
In The King And I, looking shocked about a ballet's simulated rain storm.
I designed and made the crowns used in this production, basing it on a costume crown, the one in blue, I made fifteen years earlier in high school for a costume. Here I am showing it to the producer and the costume designer. She liked the fishing bobber spikes on top of all of them. Heh.:)
Satisfied after a good rehearsal of The Phantom Of The Opera. Here, I'm the Christine Daae understudy, the closest I ever came to being on Broadway for real.  Turns out I learned all the music, but never ever got a chance to set foot on stage. The lead actress never got sick that whole run. LOL!
Try singing this one while half asleep. Guaranteed, your brain will turn immediately into a pile of goo.
Huh. Finally...An easy one. I can relax now. *blowing a raspberry*
This is one of the songs I grew up on as a kid listening to 8 track tapes. This version's slow, but fun to sing. Makes you sleepy even singing it.
 God, I love this song! ...It jumps around all over the place.  Too bad I can't sing it. Watch me struggle to reach the high stuff. I'm not gonna do it again, no siree bob, no thankyou.<--- intentional pun
Are you sleeping yet? That's ok. This next one is a BIG pile of smelling salts, so crank up the volume.
I absolutely loved this animated movie about rabbits. Rick Therres, this one's for you. I know it's your favorite. This song is by Simon and Garfunkel. The plotline was so rich, and felt real, about mortality and life. I've never seen its like. Enjoy.
The music's tinny. But the song lyrics. I like. I first heard this sung by a British Broadway star named Michael Ball, who had this incredible voice. I had to do this piece. Nice challenge to sing with a lot of key changes.
I remember singing this song when I was five and not understanding the lyrics. All I remember thinking was that the man's voice, was soothing and helped ease ear aches sometimes.
This is always a fun animated movie to sing to. I did once with really young friends and we had a blast. They said I made a really good Nala, the lioness.
This is from a Disney animation about mice. I thought the song was sweet. Awfully bleat-y music, but for a practice run, this almost worked.
Another song sung for my eldest niece, to help her find her way. 2007. We watched this animation together and really enjoyed it as it was about finding out who you really are and finding a sense of identity. 
Sorry for the tinny midi. It's the same cheap freebie I found like the others. Another powerhouse song you can sing to get stronger. A real sobby one always works that way.
I make a sucky Scar, the evil Lion. I wanted to know what "he" sounded like if he actually sang the notes meant for the song. In the movie, that actor spoke the words for most of it.  My little secret? I saw this movie nine times. My cover was that I had any kid available always sitting right next to me. Heh. :)
Buzzy midi backtrack again. But I like this song and this original singer.
Another do for mom song. Reminds me of my cousin's house from kidhood and baking Shrinky Dinks in the oven.
I used to sing this to any kid I babysat when I was a teenager. It worked, usually by the third verse. A lullaby that says don't nod off. Now isn't that ironic?
Is it just me? Or does it seem I like a lot of songs beginning with the letter "S" ?
This group has got to be one of my all time favorites. Seems like they never had a bad song. Very singable. Still learning the words here.
This one was a fun practice trying to learn where my voice goes on those funky instrumental falling notes. Warmed this up for the Carmen Miranda character for the talent agency. Used it at another casino for an employee benefit dinner. Fun one.
Happy one.
I don't know what it is about this artist. I always get a good kind of chills with the songs that he sang. Guess Kenny just paved the way ahead for me. I don't know this one very well and you'll hear me testing, but I think I got the mood right.
One that I can belt out. A "mom" song.
Here's some VERY rough engineering but I hit new operatic abilities I didn't even know I had in this double language, looped track self duet. I like the phrasing of the lyrics.
Nice song. Makes anyone smile, no matter what.
I thought this was a clever song. This is a rough practice. I am reading words off a screen while trying to remember the notes. Hard when not rehearsed more than once before. LOL!
Reminds me of Chakotay, a pet who sadly died of old age in my hands.
Like this song. A mournful tune. Sounding like it belongs in the sixties, not the nineties when this rock group came out with it. Just a hold note exercise piece.
Recorded on a hot, stormy night. Rough, but has a lot of soul even though I don't know the words yet.
Another folk song I loved the story of when I was small. My first history lesson. I didn't know this was a real war until high school.
I sang this for a college recital. A soft song that covered all the elements I needed for that final.
Good group. Good song. The backtrack sucks but I think I did okay on this one.
One of those good car travelling songs. I wondered if I could sing the steady measures and still convey the feeling of the words.
An opera I wrote and sang in high school using Ray Lynch's No Thing Blue from his third album. About drug abuse and a wife's struggle to save her husband. Sung for a recital my senior year.
I've always loved this song. Very haunting on the radio and even more so when you're singing it.
I did this one for the memories. It's a male role's song, but I liked hearing it from backstage when I was Bet in the show.
Mary Magdelene's another role I almost got trying out for a rock concert at a night club bar featuring an open stage. The funds ran out, and so did the show's run long before it even started. I was bummed.
A very old recording of me singing a piece from A Little Night Music. This song gave me chills when I was a kid. I was probably the only one who realized the trapeze artist's crying over another who lay dying after a fall from the big top's heights..
I learned to sing a capella. In Italian for a singing waitress job. This song tests my ability to stay on pitch without music. It worked as the pitch pipe proves. The end splices in the soprano I learned from on a recording for the ending that always gave me chills. :)
Turn up the volume. I did this as a junior in high school for a role I didn't get as Tuptim in this musical. I had fun rehearsing it though.
I wondered if a soprano could sing this at all. You be the judge.
Sang this for relatives to cheer them up during illness. Andy's favorite. He said I did it well.
Turn it up. A high school experiment singing with Marni Nixon and the original singer from the movie. My voice was young, but hopefully, in tune.
I wanted to spoof a song that bugs the h*ll out of me. Get ready to cringe.
Loved the Karate Kid movie. This is a learning take. Gets better as it goes.
Trying to learn another torturous Madonna song. Just testing ground. Not polished.
When I was eight. I had a dream that I was on a ride along with the TV characters of Emergency and this song was playing on the radio. Now, whenever I hear it or sing this, I think of the series Emergency. Heh. Funny, huh?
The minors on this song were intriguing. Just how often can a song change key? Chills when you sing it.
I couldn't believe this singer jumped so much on the page for this one. So I tried it out to see if I could do the same thing. Still don't see the point in highs and lows to this extreme. But, the lyrics are still sweet anyway.
Annoying backtrack, but a great teen song I always smile at. All I cared about then was that this group kicked out one great song after another in their hey day that were really really fun to sing.
Another of those middle of the night just goofing around recordings. The story's interesting. Feels like how this singer artist's movies felt when you watched them.
This is one of those songs that always makes you happy. This is a rough take. Especially the music bit in the middle. But what matters, is that you're smiling or tapping a finger or two to the beat now, aren't you?
Another kid eight track I always sang to when nobody was watching. Doesn't mean they weren't listening, much to my chagrin once or twice.
A song I hadn't heard in years, that suddenly came out kinda polished when I tried to sing it twenty five years later. Weird how the brain works and remembers, isn't it? Maybe I'll still be able to sing this after the big stroke hits me in my old age.
Another odd story that grew on me. Dynamics are sleepy, like the original artist, but it's a good head bobber song. Try it once, while listening. :P
Don't these guys sound a lot like Toto and vice versa? I get them mixed up all the time. LOL!
I swear I wore out this 45rpm record when I was still tiny. The story was so sad. To this day, this reminds me of the suburbs of Chicago where I grew up, during the summers, lying in a blanket tent, listening to this tune, late at night.
Weird video. Just had to butcher my voice singing this really badly. Have fun ducking at the high note chases. Heh.
Never try to sing this without a second singer. It's impossible to breathe. LOL!
From high school. I'm just starting to figure it out. Wanted to get in this show. Little did I know that I'd be a nun in every production of this I tried out for. LOL!
From the original Broadway version. Do Re Mi, An Ordinary Couple and then Maria, as mother superior.
The second group of songs from this show, same recording session as a junior highschool. I used the atrium entryway in the house because the echoes were so huge. No microphone.
I rewrote the words to Bring Him Home from Les Miserables to adapt this melody to the character I did for work as Captain Kathryn Janeway from ST Voyager the series. See pic next door. I matched voice, look and added singing. I did this bit for a charity drive, complete with TV props, costumes, wounds, and lighting from the episode Coda, third season.
Another song you can hear once, and be able to sing. The sign of a good tune. No wonder this rock group's been around forever. I want to go see them all over again whenever I hear this ballad of theirs.
Loud backtrack but I just fell in love with this group's lead singer. Such power that guy has. Doesn't work half as well with me, but, I had fun letting loose a little after I was already way too tired to go on singing one night.
This has got to be the worst backtrack ever behind me, but it was the best I could find for this song. Ignore it and listen to the story. I hope I tell it well. :)
I mix this song up with Morning Has Broken all the time. Hazzah! I didn't mix up the lyrics between the two! ( And there was much rejoicing. *sigh* )
Here's part of that other song I was referring to with the one a link up from here. This reminds me of the Renaissance era or something. Don't know what happened to the beginning of this. The world may never know. Including me. (biting her Tootsie Pop sucker)
I barely converted this tape to a computer file in time. The cassette was almost unreadable in the karaoke machine. Whew.. The music muted, but the singing's still clear enough. I saw this child violinist with Celine live and was blown away. Had to sing it along with her.
I heard this during an Olympics Games once. I like it. This is rough. But kinda cool when you sing it. Especially the minor notes that go way out. Hmm hhmm.
Why is this song funny?  It just is. I can't sing it without cracking up. See what I mean. I laugh in the middle and I start talking instead of singing. LOL!
This is the song I first learned to sing really really good mom says. This is the song Lady Thiang sings to win over Anna to go to the dying King of Siam. Very powerful. I still love this piece. I've sung this every year since 1982, when I first heard it sung in the movie with Yul Brenner.
I really don't like most of the stuff by this artist, but I liked the bluesy feel of this one. What do you think?
From the Wil Wheaton Movie, Stand By Me. Cool flick. Made me want to be a kid all over again.
Now this guy is a true artist. He sings the same words over and over again, and they sound just like a prayer. That's cool. I'm nothing like him, but had to try this one out to see how it felt in the heart voice.
I'm on a roll. Don't stop me. They didn't. Even when I was hoarse from fatigue.  I love this song. Makes me feel....everything when I listen to it. Now that's magic.
What a gorgeous song. It's a man in a private thought, totally happy with his life for once. LOL!
It's possible to put yourself in a trance in front of the microphone. Just sing this ballad's third and fourth verse after the bridge. You're put immediately into a funk and feel like you can sing forever. It's weird.
I can serenade my cats and hamsters to sleep with this one. It's just that kind of lullaby. Mom smiles at it, too.
Turn it up. This is from high school. Anna was a meaty role in this musical. But I wouldn't want it. Here is Hello Young Lovers and Shall We Dance?
Same summer. Same show. Same uncanny sound. I was loving every minute of it.
Same year. Different musical. Same soprano ability. I had it for six months. Exactly. Then it was gone forever.  This is Out Of My Dreams and People Will Say We're In Love from the show.
Turn it up. HS again. I'm ever grateful I recorded those years. I was a true first soprano. Now, I can laugh and shake my head in wonder at being able to hit notes like this during adolescence.
High school graduation and the start of work as an EMT seemed to sharpen the soft soprano I had for that half year while my body settled out of adolescence. These, are dress rehearsals using karaoke tapes for a show I never was able to understudy because the main actress singer never got sick the whole run. LOL!
I loved the story in an English opera and made it a hobby to have a try at it. Hope it works. This is still highschool, early college.
I knew the end of the golden era of my first soprano voice was over, when I couldn't reach this song's high note. Chuckling, I dubbed it in instead, and moved on.
This was a baritone role's song. But I wanted to do it anyway. It was working with this piece that I realized that I was no longer a first soprano. On vocal range testing in college, I was recategorized to mezzo soprano, then second alto until my voice settled into my adult form.
This was the last song I ever recorded as a first soprano with any ease. It seemed a month later, my voice had deepened, changed. An ironic last song for that.
I got stubborn, seeing what I could do with my new voice range. This is what I came up with once the show was over.
I had fun with this on a record album, recorded in high school. It was a highlight of my senior year to be chosen as a soloist for Vivaldi's Gloria as The Contralto. That coming later.
This was a final song I sang with a four part choir just before graduation. Thank you Mary Chinader, for being my pianist for all of those concerts. I still miss you.
Sorry for this poor tape, it was getting dried out... I found myself coming full circle in the nineties. Singing songs I first learned how to sing harmony with, such as this one.
I tested my high range twenty five years after highschool. This is the result.
Did this one for mom. Didn't know it, but worked it through. It's fair.
Here's another song I hadn't heard in two decades, recording a good one after only two takes.
I grew comfortable with my low range as I got older. This is one song that reflects that.
A bad practice one day.  I'm not good with talk sing songs. I wanted to see if I could get over that. I still can't, my breath support's not there.
In contrast, here's the next song I did at a party, using vibrato and all the tricks. A lot better I hope. :)
1999. Wanted to learn this. Sounds simple, but it isn't.
One I remember singing at camp as a kid. Did I remember it okay?
This is what happens when your friends mess around with your karaoke machine's tempo knob. I could have killed them. LOL! It gets better.
I couldn't believe it when I found a JD song I didn't know. Here's me going through it for the first time by reading the music. Very unpolished. I'm feeling my way around.
Lady- Kenny Rogers
Bright Eyes- From Watership Down
The Lady In Red- Chris DeBurgh
Thank You- Alanis Morrisette
That's The Way It Is- Celine Dion
Someone Is Waiting- From Balto 2
You Fill Up My Senses- John Denver
Empty Chairs and Empty Tables- From Les Miserables
Somewhere Out There- From An American Tale
Can You Feel The Love Tonight?-
From The Lion King
Love Will Keep Us Together-
The Captain and Tennile
How Am I Supposed to Live Without You- Laura Branigan
Can't Live If Living Is Without You- Nilsson
Stay Awake- From Mary Poppins
Be Prepared- From The Lion King
The Banana Boat Song- Harry Belafonte
Sounds Of Silence-
Simon and Garfunkel-Self Duet
Out Of Nothing At All- Air Supply
Three Times A Lady- Kenny Rogers
Take A Chance On Me- Abba
Angel Of The Morning- Juice Newton
The Prayer- Charlotte Church and Josh Groban-
From the Salt Lake City Closing Olympic Ceremonies- Self Duet
The Southern Cross- Crosby, Stills and Nash
Hello Again Hello- Neil Diamond
Dust In The Wind- Kansas
Say Say Say- Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
I Can't Make You Love Me- Bonnie Raitt
Fernando- ABBA
With Or Without You- U2
The Shattered Dream- Lyrics by Patti 
Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper
Ave Maria- Guiseppe Verdi- From Othello
Everything's All Right- From Jesus Christ Superstar
Boy For Sale- From Oliver 
Lost In Love- Air Supply
We Kiss In A Shadow- From The King And I 
Send In The Clowns- Judy Collins-
From A Little Night Music
Somewhere- From West Side Story
Song Sung Blue- Neil Diamond
What A Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong
Don't Worry Be Happy- Bobby McFerrin
You'll See- From Evita
The Eye Of The Tiger- Survivor
Africa- Toto
Hello- Lionel Ritchie
Sometimes When We Touch- Dan Hill
Have You Ever Been Mellow- Olivia Newton John
Fly Away- Olivia Newton John and John Denver
Babe I Love You- Air Supply
The Gambler- Kenny Rogers
I Can See Clearly Now- Johnny Nash
Eye In The Sky- Alan Parsons Project
Just Another Day In Paradise- Phil Collins
Teen Angel- Mark Dinning
A Whole New World- From Aladdin 
Ray Of Light- Madonna
Medley- From The Sound Of Music
The Sound Of Music- Julie Andrews
Medley Two- From The Sound Of Music
If You Leave Me Now- Chicago
Janeway's Prayer- Lyrics by Patti
Let Her Cry- Hootie And The Blowfish
One Tin Soldier- Coven
Longer Than- Dan Fogelberg
Morning Has Broken- Cat Stevens
To Love You More- Celine Dion
Nobody Does It Better- Carly Simon
Stand By Me- Ben E. King
Something Wonderful- with Teri Saunders
From The King And I

Ironic- Alanis Morrisette
I'm All Out Of Love- Air Supply
You Are So Beautiful- Joe Cocker
Reach- Gloria Esteban
Groovy Kind Of Love- Phil Collins
Here I Am- Air Supply
I Want To Give It All- Air Supply
Medley- From The King And I
Medley- From My Fair Lady
I Have Dreamed- From The King And I
I Could Have Danced All Night- From My Fair Lady
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again- From The Phantom Of The Opera
The Angel Of Music-
From The Phantom Of The Opera
The Phantom Of The Opera- From POTO
Music Of The Night-
From The Phantom Of The Opera
Think Of Me-
From The Phantom Of The Opera
All I Ask Of You- with Sarah Brightman
From The Phantom Of The Opera
The Echo Song- 
45th Lake Conference Oratorio Festival 1984
Memory from Cats- with the Minnetonka High School Concert Choir 1984
Eternal Flame- The Bangles
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue-
Linda Ronstadt
Let Me Be There- Olivia Newton John
I'm Sorry- John Denver
Complicated- Avril Lavigne
It's Really Hard To Say I'm Sorry- Chicago
Oh What A Night- Frankie Valli
Lean On Me- Al Greene
Five Hundred Miles- Peter Paul and Mary
Both Sides Now- Judy Collins
Perhaps Love- John Denver
In 2006, I went to the Poodle Club karaoke bar again and sang with a Kenny Rogers lookalike who was also the DJ. Did ok. I forgot I had this tape. :)
You Don't Bring Me Flowers-
Live at the Poodle Club
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
Chakotay was a sweet hamster. I never knew they could be shy. He was the underdog of a pair but I liked him better for it.
All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe- Olivia Newton John
Neelix was bigger and very dignified in his old age. Calmness personified. My old roommate and I got very attached to him.
Hover over the music notes to see cheeky commentary.
If- Bread
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
This is a live performance I did at the Poodle Club in a karaoke contest in Minneapolis several years ago. It was the song I wanted to do as Nancy, but never got the part. Hear the DJ scramble to adjust the volume to my loud voice at times. Unrehearsed ahead of time. A cold singing.
As Long As He Needs Me- From Oliver
Live From The Poodle Club- Minneapolis
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
One of this singing EMT's favorite recordings.
One Hand One Heart- From West Side Story
I went back and sang along with a recording with my high school's all guy quartet. Someday, I'll be in a group like this. It's on the back burner.
I admired the Hollywood voice over singer Marni Nixon. Here I am singing a Xmas song she did on an album once.
I dragged out my old choir tapes and sang along with them again. Weird when the singers were actually over fifteen years apart between recordings. LOL!
This was my Arabian Nights of Xmas songs, before the terrorists. I prefer this image over the current one.  A kidhood favorite Xmas carol.
Made Xmas song tapes every year for family. Only the ones I liked. :)
Chestnuts Roasting
On An Open Fire-
O Holy Night
Do You Hear What I Hear? 
Away In A Manager- Marni Nixon
Still, Still, Still
I learned to play a harp in later years. Here I am at the Renaissance Festival again singing with my Irish harp in 2005.
My latest pets. Shiloh loves to be sung to. She'll come running when the tapes start up. Dimples is a lap buddy. He'll hold your hand while your using the computer mouse. LOL! What a funny pair.
Another singalong with an old HS concert. I still remembered all the melody and movements. How weird is that?
Dona Nobis Pacem
White Christmas
My senior highschool choir 1984. I loved this concert, having sung it in pink footie pajamas. LOL! So I sang with the tape again, just to stimulate a few nice memories.
I was never a soloist at a Xmas concert at my highschool, but I wanted to be, so I dug this out and sang harmony to the gal who did. :)
I tried to make a four part a capella track to this song. The beat's off but it works. Kind of. I couldn't figure out the bass part.
This is what happens when you get thrown into an impromptu concert with friends. Your timing gets off the first verse and you scrape like h*ll to find the beat. LOL! Nah, it turns out fine past that one oops. :)
Silent Night- with Jennifer Hyde 1982
The Little Drummer Boy-
Self Quartet
The Rose- Bette Midler
with Andy on his mandolin
Didn't need glasses until I was 30. Here I am in 2008, laughing at  something my mom said in Dad's old picture framing store.
I used Manheim Steamrollers Home From The Sea from their Wildlife Album, for the backtrack for a slide show protest while singing honoring our soldiers in Desert Storm. I performed this in 1990 and many folks were crying by the time I was done. Good. People shouldn't ever forget the horror of war.
This is a second take at a jam session over video watching and pizza. Turned out pretty good.
Tears In Heaven- Eric Clapton
with Andy on his violin
The Gulf War Song-
sung by and lyrics by Patti
Turn it up. Have you ever wondered what people sound like auditioning? Well, I sound completely different than I do when I'm relaxed. Usually if I want a part bad enough, I screw up getting there. Except this time here. It was fair.
This is me on stage as the dim witted Philia. I was shocked when I found out later, that Peter made Broadway a year later. This is us on closing night. See pics above.
Remember that stage show above where I played a drunk Star Trek fan holding a stuffed white dragon? Well, here's me singing some of everybody's lyrics at a cast party. And having a blast. This is completely inside jokes so don't worry if you're frowning. We'd peed our pants.
My one shot at a record. I was young, but I beat out twenty four other singers for this role. I had a lot to learn, including how long the walk was to the front of the orchestra pit when you're nervous as h*ll. LOL!
Did this for my niece. It was easy for her to sing along. :)
This song's flavor was cool. African and huge. Loved it.
I got into this animation along with my nieces. Saw it nine times and laughed like it was fresh. Then I started singing it.
Sang with the track, had everybody laughing who hadn't seen the film.
This is second act of the same show. It was fast, and we were dancing and falling all over each other due to a "love" potion from the plotline.
Turn it up. This is that piece where I was a ghost singing over a gravestone. The director made it bluesy and happy. Go figure. LOL!
Castle On A Cloud-
From Les Miserables
Hakuna Mata-
From The Lion King
The Circle Of Life-
From The Lion King
I Just Can't Wait To Be King-
From The Lion King
Vivaldi's Gloria- 45th Annual Lake Conference Oratorio Festival 1984 Album- Domine Deus
MidWestSide Story- Spoof on Stage
Oliver Audition Piece- 1987
Hello Young Lovers
I'm Lovely- with Peter Caudel- From
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
That'll Show Him- with Peter Caudel- From
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
Lindy Lou- Burl Ives
Adapted for Spoon River on the stage
From the upcoming movie Starship 2- The Wrath Of Ramses, I was an extra who was in a chase scene in 2002. Click this photo to go to the movie's site. Now entering post production.
CGI special effects in a dream sequence. The Bitter Suite musical.
Working at another sci fi con as an EMT. 2008. Really love that stuff. The people and the work.
Helping people is my number one goal. And my family is my number one in life.
As John Denver- Sunshine On My Shoulders
I sang this on MySpace one night with a cold, no sleep. No frills, or engineering. Just my voice. The first time singing in over a year. One vocal lyric oops. Shows my voice's raw color and  dynamics. Not perfect but some chill factor is there hopefully.
Recorded in 2013. To a music video recorded with my niece. It was the first singing I've done for five years.
Cups in the style of Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect.
Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley in the style of Over The Rhine
Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.
Rediscovered. Was thought forever lost. Recorded in 1999. Working with a higher register voice following a hearing damage experience..
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