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Feed your Janeway/Chakotay story addiction. Read a classic adapted exactly to how it was by the moderators at VLA. 
Coda..from season three :)
Open a second window back to this Coda gallery and the first to this text version of our Coda story. That way, you can have the best of both worlds over popcorn! :)
SCREENGRABS below are courtesy of Nick Lewis at Virtual Voyager .
If there are shots of scenes you'd like to see but don't see here. E-mail the author. There are 259 grabs in our archives from Coda. Click Chakotay to email her. :)
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In Voyager's corridor..
The sheer drama of this particular Star Trek Voyager Episode prompted us to make an amateur audio book of the adaptation you are reading along with these pictures. It featured audio grabs of the cast members by themselves with a VLA narrator reading the written Coda using sound and editting equipment with actual props for sound effects. If you'd like a copy of this. It's free!  Just click Chakotay and ask for one. :)
"I thought last night went REALLY well, didn't you?"
In shuttle Sacajawea..
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"The highlight of the evening was,,, Captain Janeway portraying the dying swan.."
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"Ion Lightning!"                                                    "Switching to manual!"
On the Ground..
"Kathryn?"                                         "Kathryn!"
Fanfic readers at Fan fiction .net have mentioned that this story by VLA is more vivid than the real thing. Answering questions of plotline such as, what is real? What is hallucination?

It's even more challenging for our authors to write original episodes for these characters we all know and love.

We'll have more off site fiction for you soon. Including a Pocket Books Strange New Worlds Entrant from 1996 .

That coming before Autumn USA 2001.
"No!!"  Chakotay's readings show zero lifesigns.
Outside... A Gale...
##Warning! Hydrozine gas leak.. Begin evacuation procedures....##                 "Ughh!"
In a sheltered grotto...
Chakotay begins CPR.. not knowing how long Kathryn's been down.
"Hang on, Kathryn.."
"Come on, Kathryn... Breathe!!    D@mn it!  Breathe!  Listen to me.. ..."
"Come on!!! "           Then, after a hypo,.......    *CHOKE*            "Chakotay?"
"You gave me a scare there, for a minute..."   Chakotay checks to make sure Kathryn's not injured further.
"I'm all right. We have to set up a homing signal."
"Captain. I think we were shot down."  "By whom?"  "I don't know.."
Already weakened by her gassing in the shuttle and her narrow escape from death by suffocation, Kathryn loses her battle and is brutally killed for harvest by the Vidiians.
All too soon,  they find out. Viidians!! Chakotay is shot and disabled. Janeway is caught in a life or death struggle with her Vidiian attacker..
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