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Coda Page 2
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On Gallery Page One, Chakotay tries to save the lifeless Janeway, only shortly later, together, they both fall prey to Vidiian raiders.
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Here is where the plotline began to fascinate us. We saw an instant repeat of events on the shuttle. Apparently, Janeway hadn't yet died. It sparked fierce debate over what exactly was hallucination and what was real. We'll let you find out how the final count went on that vote in further pages of our Coda gallery.  If you like this story, get the audio book. Click Chakotay and ask for one from the author.. :)
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"Do you remember Vidiians?"
"Yes, They shot us down and attacked us."
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"I'm going to scan for temporal anomalies."

"Let's try not to land on that planet."

"Chakotay to Voyager. Do you read us?"

"We're out of range."

"I see a ship approaching at high impulse. It's on an intercept course."
"They're powering weapons!"                                         "The magnetic fields are separating!"

"Raise shields!"                                                              "Dump  the core!!"       But it is too late...
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Then reality skipped and suddenly, Chakotay and Janeway were facing each other once more in an undamaged ship. Their only horror being a hideous realization that they both should have been very dead.
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The two mauraders separated to flank the shuttlecraft for the kill.. and shimmered into non being.
Back on Voyager
"They just vanished."

"Then those ships must have been part of the time loop."

"And the tachyon burst must have disrupted it."

"Not a minute too soon. I was getting awfully tired talking about talent night.""
"Tell them, Chakotay."

"We were on our way to the second planet of the binary system..."

"To collect some nitrogenase compound."
"But I don't remember anything about a repeating time loop."

"You don't remember how we kept ending up back in the shuttle  talking about talent night?"
In sickbay
"I have just analyzed the results."

"What did you find?"

"You have contracted a disease, the Vidiian Phage."

"The Phage?!"
"There. That should give you a good night's sleep. I'll erect a bioforcefield and I promise you captain, I won't deactivate myself until I have some answers for you."

"Doctor, I know I'm in good hands."
Forty hours later..
Surrendering, Captain Janeway relinquished herself to the drug's artificial night.

"Ahh, you're awake. I regret I've come to the conclusion that there is only one humane course of action."

"What's that?.."


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Kathryn risked a small intake and gasped when numbness seared her lungs as the first tendrils of anesthetic must suffocated her, "Don't do this.. *gasp* It isn't right!".. She slipped into an uncontrolled convulsion as she tried to breathe in nothing. Then the wings of oblivion carried her into an endless sleep and the world was shut out forever..
Then, In sudden Deja Vu...
"That must be the anomaly. That's what's behind all this.."

"We're being drawn into it."

"I know... We're back.."
"No, I don't believe that! We've got to get away.."

"The hull is breaching!!!"
"Captain, maybe the thing to do is fly into it.."
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She was here. They had crashed and she wasn't alive anymore. The commander had managed to get free of the poisonous air of the shuttle with the captain , but not before she had died from exposure to the hydrozine fumes. Chakotay was being blinded by lightning flash so he found his orientation to her head by feel. Shaking and exhausted, he sent another set of breaths deep into her lungs . "Don't you die on me , Kathryn! Start breathing!" 

"Listen to me!"
"Come on.... come on...!"
He gave one last breath to Kathryn. Then he stopped. He picked her up and held her close to him as hot tears burned down his skin..    "Oh, Kathryn!!  You can't die..." 
"I'm here, Chakotay......"
"Can't you hear me?" She had to let him know she was all right.
Janeway felt insubstantial as he gently laid her body out onto the grass and held one of its hands.
"Voyager to Sacajawea. Do you read us?"   It was Tuvok.   "Yes, Voyager. How far are you?"
"I know you can't see me or hear me. I don't know what's going on. But I am here, Chakotay... I'm not dead.."

Chakotay studied his grip on her hand. He made a promise.  "Kathryn.. We're going to get you back.."
"The captain's dead. We have to get her to sickbay. The doctor may still be able to revive her.."

"The away team should be with you in minutes."

In sickbay..
The spectral Janeway watched silently. The medical team swirled around a tight center.  Kathryn's body lay on a biobed beneath them. The doctor wasted no time.
"Pulse is weakening. We're losing her again.." Kes voiced, her professionalism slipping.
"Ten milligrams cordrazine. We'll use it in conjunction with the cortical stimulator.."
"Don't question me!  Again!!"

Again the captain's body felt energy. Kes began steeling herself. Her friend had slipped away.
A steady note from the monitor bore mercilessly into Chakotay's head.

"Death occurred at 0320 hours. Make a note in the log."

Chakotay didn't say one word and he left quickly. Janeway watched him leave and her heart felt ripped from her chest.

"Kes. Please go to the science lab and prepare the autopsy protocols. "
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Kes fled immediately and Janeway followed after her. In her haste, the captain didn't notice that she had walked right through the closing bulkheads.....
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Original dialogue script screenplay of Coda was done by Jeri Taylor Directed By Nancy Malone
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