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Coda Page 3
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Janeway dies yet again despite aggressive resuscitation by Chakotay and the EMH. Despondent, the first officer flees sickbay.
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At this point, all the staff were divided equally in deciding if events were yet another hallucination ..or real this time. Reactions on the part of the main characters seemed genuine enough to fool even the most Trek savvy of us. Need cheering up? This is a seriously brainy but depressing episode. Just click spawning tribbles.
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We hope you've enjoyed Star Trek Voyager's Coda as much as we've enjoyed analyzing it seven years ago just so you can read it and be diverted for a while now. We played with Star Trek for years before Emergency Theater Live came along.
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"I'm here, Kes. I'm staying with you until you realize it."
Janeway needed someone who didn't believe what had happened in sickbay.

Frustrated, she stepped out in front of Kes. Janeway actually flinched in anticipation of colliding just as Kes moved through the point where she was standing.
The young girl stopped, wrapping her arms about herself as she felt a change  around her, like an echo of something familiar.


"Did you feel that, Kes? It was me."
All of the senior officers were present in the conference room to hear a very shaken Kes relate her story.

Janeway saw her helmsman mull it over. If anyone could alter slim odds. It would be him. "She could be in some kind of alternate dimension in space." Tom Paris reasoned.

Engineering was a hub of activity. Janeway was hovering over practically every shoulder as she watched them work.

"I've configured the lateral sensor array to scan subspace." said B'Elanna.
Janeway was studying the control panel so intently that she almost missed a brilliant flare from the direction of the entryway doors.

"Now what?"
*Gasp*   "Daddy?!"  It was impossible. Her father was gone. "Who are you? Are you responsible for what's going on here? My father died over fifteen years ago."
Whoa, now we theater hosts started drooling. Was this new character an angel and Janeway truly dead? I swear you could hear a pin drop in the viewing room.
"Let us try one more time." said Tuvok. "Open yourself to the minds that are on this ship."

"I hear them." Kes whispered. "So many voices." She felt joy in their presence.
"I'm sorry, Tuvok. But I'm just not getting anything." Kes sighed. " Maybe you're right. What I sensed wasn't the captain. It was me
wanting to believe that she wasn't dead."

"They all love you, Kathryn." Janeway whirled to see her father standing in starlight. "It's going to be hard for them."

A knife twisted in her heart. Kathryn's eyes widened, and she whispered.. "My memorial service.."
B'Elanna Torres stood in the middle of the room, giving a eulogy.
"....I resented the fact that Captain Janeway was responsible for us being stranded here in the Delta Quadrant. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. She saw something in me that I didn't see. That I wasn't a misfit."
Harry gave his, "...She'd want us to be cheering each other up, like on that away mission where we found those bushes of overripe fruit.." 

Suddenly Kathryn found everything unbearable. Tears streamed down her face, like they did on Harry's.
Tom Paris came to his side and led him into the shelter of the group.
The first officer stood at attention. "We will honor the captain one last time."  He faced the star filled windows. "Release the pod."  A bosun's whistle sang out a salute.
Kathryn Janeway watched the place where the pod disappeared until her eyes starting stinging.
"It's over, Kathryn." said her father. "There's nothing left for you here. Come with me."

Kathryn turned to him. "I'm not ready to accept it. I'm not ready to go."
"Why are you pushing me? I've made up my mind. I'm staying here!"
"Every hour that you stay here makes it that much  more difficult to leave."
Janeway heard voices above her. It was the doctor.

"The cortical stimulator is working. I'm getting a weak pulse!"

Chakotay sounded exhausted. "She's coming back."
"What was that?! What happened?"

"What do you mean?" He stared at her without moving.
"Her vital signs are responding, 60 over 30." said the doctor glancing at the med tricorder.

"But the alien is still inhabiting her cerebral cortex.." reported Tuvok.
"You created all these hallucinations."

"This is what my species does. At the moment just before death, one of my species comes to help make the crossing over an occasion of joy."
"And what is that?"
"My matrix, where your consciousness will live."
"You must go with me!!"
"Something's happening! I'm losing her. The alien presence is getting stronger. I'll have to try a thoron pulse."
"Fight it Kathryn, fight it! Just a little longer. We're getting you back." Chakotay shouted.
"What's the real reason you want me inside that matrix? You're like a vulture, preying on people when they're most vulnerable. If you could force me to go. You would've done it already."
"Wouldn't that be better than just standing here in this endless debate?"
"We could stand here for all eternity and I would never choose to go with you. Go back to Hell, coward..."   Janeway cursed.

"You're in a dangerous profession captain. We will meet again and you'll nourish me for a long long time."
She was on her back. Kathryn gasped, suddenly able to breathe. She made a noise.

"Kathryn?" It was Chakotay, blessedly near.
Chakotay came into her line of sight, "You and I were caught in a magnetic storm, and crashed here. You were badly injured. The doctor just arrived with Tuvok on the shuttle and began treating you. "
"As he was doing so, an alien presence appeared to be preventing our attempts to heal you." explained Tuvok.
Ah ha! So she was dead, for real. All through the CPR scene right up to the moment the shot was given with the hypospray. Unlike what we saw, the med didn't work. Then, the plot things were the alien's hallucination lures. Until Janeway heard the doc and her crewmates working to revive her to consciousness. Those flashes were real. Very clever.. We couldn't guess this outcome.
"He kept telling me to let go, but I wouldn't. My fa--  He wanted me to go into another place." Janeway said.

"Some kind of afterlife?"Chakotay asked.

"Maybe. But I can tell you this. From what I saw, it's certainly NOT where I'd like to spend eternity."
"I could've sworn I heard the doctor tell you to take it easy for a few days."
"Taking it easy always makes me feel worse."

"You shouldn't push yourself. You've been through a lot." And he handed her a rose.

"Oh,.. thanks, Chakotay."
Kathryn sighed, mulling over a concept, "Do you think it's possible, that the near death experiences we've heard about are the result of an alien inhabitation?"

"That's a little hard to believe."

"I hope I've seen the last of him."
"After going head to head with Captain Janeway, he must've realized that he'd met his match."
"A bottle of champagne in the messhall to celebrate your cheating death? After you, Kathryn.."
"No, Chakotay. After you.. Add a moonlight sail on Lake George. How does that sound?"
To that, Chakotay could only smile."Like something worth living for."
Janeway fairly bounced out of the office, following him.
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