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Emergency Theater Live
Icons, Cursors and Gifs
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Year 2002
Bonnie with black background.
Brackett checking pupils.
Cap laid back in his chair.
Cap's coat helmet and boots.
Chet hugging Henry.
Dixie surprised and smiling.
Defibrillator ready to fire.
E-51 as the Ward La France in profile.
The demand valve resuscitator and mask.
Cap and Stoker side view.
Gang fighting a warehouse fire.
Henry grinning at you.
Hosing the blaze down.
Dixie and Joe answer a call.
Joe Early in close up.
Johnny Gage preps a bolus injection.
Gage carrying the stokes and the gear.
Marco grinning.
Morton wearing scrubs.
Roy and Johnny's shoulder patch.
The end credits paramedic logo.
Rampart Hospital in an aerial shot.
Roy and Johnny work a code.
Roy prepares an esophageal airway.
Johnny and Roy talk in the squad.
Roy sees you from the squad.
Roy preps an injection.
Sam Lanier tones out Station 51.
The squad in profile.
The squad door logo.
Station 51.
Mike Stoker waving.
Female victim wearing an O2 cannula.
Vince in his helmet in front of the engine.
Year 2003
Helmet from Station 51.
Burning flame.
Handy talkie ready to go.
Roy and Johnny captioned- Gimme more slack.
Roy and Johnny tangled on rappelling ropes.
Johnny's favorite green writing pen.
Year 2004
Bonnie with transparent background.
Boot sitting up.
Brackett reading an EKG strip.
Roy treating an electrocuted Cap.
Chet tending a wounded child.
Chet making chow for the gang. Mashies!
Cap in flames silhouette.
Johnny grabbing the gear.
Johnny laughing at Roy in a pool.
Paramedic shirt shield.
Mayfair ambulance.
Oxygen bottle, rack and mask.
Dixie and Roy sharing coffee.
Stoker calling out on the engine microphone.
Roy and Johnny treating victims on scene.
The Ward LaFrance Engine 51 facing you.
Year 2004 Summer
Brackett examines Johnny Gage.
Brice getting flustered. &nbsp;
Cap on the HT by engine and palm trees.
Gang on a hose tackling fire. &nbsp;
Cap and Henry on couch. &nbsp;
Chet on a biophone. &nbsp;
The famous Stoker CPR. &nbsp;
Dixie at the base station. &nbsp;
Dixie treating a child. bsp;
Classic "Emergency" explosion.
Gage and Roy defibrillating a victim.
Gage lowering stokes.
Roy, Morton and Dr. Early ambu bagging someone.
Marco with a hose. &nbsp;
Johnny and Roy with the old engine.
Roy carrying an unconscious boy.
Gage and DeSoto treating a girl.
Roy smashing a window with a halligan.
Sam Lanier, L.A. County, on the intercom.
A scene from "Snakebite". &nbsp;
Stoker driving Engine 51. &nbsp;
Stoker raising the morning flag. &nbsp;
View of Station 51 vehicle bay.
The Ward LaFrance and Squad 51.
Year 2005
Year 2005 Spring
The whole gang, smiling, in a bunch.
Rampart staff threesome, Dixie, Joe and Kel.
Johnny Gage in turnout. BUTTON ONLY.
Year 2005 Summer
The gang and a squad as a sleigh, Christmas custom shot.
The biophone from above.
Brackett in scrubs.
Captain Stanley and Chet by engine.
Stanley shot and on O2. Custom image.
Stanley in his office.
Charlie the mechanic, working.
Chet in scolding form, pointing.
Four of the gang by the Ward.
Defibrillator from above.
Dixie at her desk with charts.
The engine rushing at you and by a car.
A burning house.
Gage beaned after a fall in the bay. Custom shot.
Gage running with the back board. &nbsp;
Gage in a helmet.
Gage sick with the monkey virus. &nbsp;
The gang playing Twister with Boot. Custom shot.
Roy, Johnny and Dix in the hallway with supplies.
I.V. with Normal Saline, strung up.
I.V. with Ringer's hanging.
Joe Early and Kel Brackett, amused.
Johnny checks pupils on a boy.
Johnny with an honest grin.
Johnny and Roy looking out from the squad window.
A ladder company going up a building.
Marco in a refinery in his turnout.
Doctor Morton with a gastric tube.
A fireman giving mouth to mask to a burned victim.
Student Nurse Sharon Walters, giggling. &nbsp;
Rampart's emergency entrance from afar. &nbsp;
Rampart Hospital as seen from the avenue.
A Roy and Johnny treat a sidewalk fainter.
Roy on the biophone.
Roy cheeky grin and suave hair.
The guys in the hallway, "Told ya."
Roy and Johnny drowning in the ocean. Custom shot.
Roy listening to a witness carefully.
Roy treats a downed man.
A fireman in full SCBA gear and tank.
The squad coming at ya through dust.
Stoker in the backyard, smiling.
Year 2005 Fall
Battalion 14 talking on a microphone.
A Battalion Chief's car.
Cap in turnout, pointing.
Fire Chief Pat McConikee in shadows.
A Datascope screen showing coarse v-fib.
Dixie in a closeup, relaxed.
Stoker, Chet and Gage on a CPR. Custom shot. &nbsp;
Joe Early and Mike Morton in scrubs.
A helmeted Gage near a house fire.
Roy and Johnny in the middle of a cave in. Custom shot. 
A stokes stretcher.
Roy's hand with a prepared epinephrine syringe.
Year 2006 Spring
Rampart's staff, in a clustered group. Custom shot.
Brackett hugs Dixie. Custom shot.
Brackett hurt and nasal intubated. Custom shot.
Captain Stanley answering night tones. Custom shot.
Cap and Vince at a night fire. Custom shot.
Chet and Marco amused. Custom shot.
Chet close up, on the biophone. Custom shot.
Chet and Cap in a CPR war challenge. Custom shot.
Johnny breathing for a paralyzed Roy. Custom shot.
Chet does a mis-stunt worthy of paramedic notice.
Johnny rushes a sick child into Rampart. Custom shot.
The gang treats a fainted Marco Lopez. Custom shot.
Johnny trapped with an injured Dixie. Custom shot.
Johnny breathing for a drowning victim. Custom shot.
Gage on horseback. Custom fan request.
Roy down, oral intubated. Custom shot.
Roy and Johnny tending you. Fan requested custom shot.
Roy knocked down in scba gear. Custom shot.
Roy treating an ambulance patient. Custom shot.
Moonlit station 51. Custom shot.
Stoker and Cap check woman down. Custom shot.
Stoker and Cap check firelit man. Custom shot.
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Year 2007 Fall
Brice and Marco ventilating Dixie. Custom shot.
Cap laughing with Vince. Custom shot.
Cap sleeping in his bunk. Custom shot.
Cap with Boot on the couch. Custom shot.
Chet and Marco smiling. Custom shot.
Chet on skiis . Custom shot.
Chet under ambu ventilation. Custom shot.
Chet lying critical at Rampart. Custom shot.
Unconscious Gage on O2. Custom shot.
Johnny prepping an I.V. Custom shot.
Gage treating injured DeSoto. Custom shot.
Johnny with hurt Brackett. Custom shot.
Joe Early being lowered on a rope. Custom shot.
Marco making a fuel foam angel. Custom shot.
Morton smiling. Custom shot.
Roy and Johnny put gear away in squad. Custom shot.
Roy treats Vince in a Mayfair. Custom shot.
Squad 51 blowing up. Special fan request. Custom shot.
Stoker down on an EKG. Custom shot.
Stoker on biophone by the squad. Custom shot.
Vince treed by a tiger. Custom shot.
Squad 51's green ambu bag.
Year 2008 Spring
Cap's helmet, bloody. (From Episode Six ETL)
Year 2008 Summer
Roy Johnny walking at you. Custom static gif.
Squad 51 aimed at you. Custom static gif.
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Year 2008 Fall
Year 2008 Winter
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Year 2011 Summer
The Emergency DVD cast artwork.