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Father and Son
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The Story Unfolds...

Season One, Episode Two..  


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 00:17:08 -0000
Subject: Fathers & Sons.

Kel was in his office. It had been
a crazy week. That day was no
exception. It was enough to make
him miss a rare dinner date with
his dad. He picked up the phone
and dialed his dad's number and
waited for him to answer.

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From:  "kmgage88" <>
Date:  Sun Nov 17, 2002  8:56 pm
Subject:  Possible Start

The morning tones woke the sleepy
men of station 51. Some days, the
tones were a welcome sound. It meant
the shift was over and the men had
days off to relax and catch up on
family things.

But some days, like today, it was
not welcomed. The engine crew had
three runs during the night and the
squad had five and it was only the
first night of an 'experimental'
two day shift the department was
looking into to try and save money
and maximize man power.

Captain Stanley grabbed the mike
and acknowledged Sam Lanier. Yawning,
he walked towards the kitchen to start
some coffee. Hank didn't make it to
the kitchen, however. He heard a
strange noise coming from the front
of the apparatus bay.

He quickly turned around to see
what the noise was and was
surprised to see a small basket
laying over by the bay doors. He
approached cautiously, knowing it
hadn't been there the night
before and was very concerned that
it was there now. It meant
that someone, somehow, had been
able to get into the station,
even though the doors were locked.

As he got closer to the basket,
the noise repeated itself, causing
Hank to jump back. Once again, he
approached the basket and
carefully lifted the cover. He
jumped when he saw what was

"Oh Man! This has to be some kind
of joke!..... CHET! Get out
here! NOW!"

The men of station 51 knew there
captain quit well. And they
knew he did not use that tone of
voice very often, but when he
did, you better listen!

So the men shoved Chet out the dorm
door and followed a pace

"Yeah, Cap, what do you......." Chet
stopped in his tracks when he
saw the basket.

"What the......?"

"That is what I want to know, Kelly!"

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"Oh, Chet! You have gone too far now!"
said Roy as he backed
up a pace or two.

"Really! But you have to admit,
Chester B... it does bear a family
resemblance!" teased Johnny as he
pushed past Roy and headed into the
kitchen to start the much needed coffee.

"Funny, Gage!" Chet said as he pushed
past Cap to get a closer look at the
puppy that was now wakening from its
sleep. Pulling the puppy out of the
basket, Chet hollered into the
kitchen, "She doesn't look like me
at a matter of fact, with
a nose like that, she kind of
resembles your last date!"

With that, the black and brown puppy
reached up and licked Chet
on the tip of his nose.

"Where'd he come from, Cap?" Chet
asked as he tried to move
his head away from the wet tongue
assaulting his nose.

"I don't know, but there's a note
here. Let's see what it says."

As Captain Stanley opened the envelope,
the little puppy moved from Chet's nose
to his chin and ran his tongue over the
scratching stubble.

Johnny walked back into the bay
munching on a donut as Captain Stanley
unfolded the letter.

"Hmm... it's written in red crayon.....

Dear, Fireman. My name is Chris and
I am 7 years old. This cute puppy
followed me home from the park, but
Mom says he is ugly, and I can't keep
him. I have seen that your fire station
does not have a dog riding on the big
red engine when it buzzes by my house,
so I am giving him to you so your
engine will not be lonely. Please
take good care of him. His name is
Chester and he likes to drink out
of the toilet."

As Cap finished the letter, Johnny
could not contain himself anymore.
He almost spit his donut out when
Cap read the dog's name, but the
toilet part just got Johnny's funny

"Well, Chester B. I see that Chester
picked out the right person to bond
with!!! Not only do you share a name,
but you share an interest in latrines,

"Funny Gage! Very funny!." Chet
replied, his face turning slightly
red. The rest of the crew laughed
for a few seconds, then Roy sobered
up a bit as he asked the all important

"So Cap, what are we going to do with
her..uhm him..uh..whatever it is?"
Roy asked.

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The rest of the crew looked at their
fearless leader as he took the puppy
back from Chet. Stanley cautiously
turned the puppy over in order to
find out for sure what sex it was.
When he found out, he turned the
puppy back over and looked at his
men. They were all standing there
like a bunch of five-year-olds asking
their dad if they could keep it. He
rolled his eyes and started to answer,
only to be interrupted by the tones going off.

From : P. Keiper <>
Date : Sun Nov 17, 2002 10:24 pm
Subject: Merger

It was a run for their sister station,
Eight. All the gang let out
their collective breaths in anticipation.

Cap finally said. "It's a boy! I'll decide,
tonight. Now shoo!"

And he banished his men inside, cooing
to the little beagle pup to calm him.

The pup took to a blue laundry
basket in Cap's office, filled
with clean, storing, stokes ties and
long board straps, like a fish to
water and soon, went to sleep.

Cap closed his door and said,
"Shhh. Do, whatever you're gonna
do. He'll be fine in here. Kelly.
Get a dish of water and some chow
for the little guy on the double. We'll
leave it by him to find when he wakes

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Father and Son
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