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Season One, Episode One- Full Moon Blues..
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Debut Launch: 15 Oct 2002.

From:  Jeff Seltun <>
Date:  Wed Oct 16, 2002  3:04 am
Subject:  The Dead of Night...
It was 5 : 30 am, the slight scent of smoke lingered
still in the station house from the engine and squad
only a half hour returned from a fatal fire, and the
drone of avenue traffic outside was ceaseless. A
single light was flicked on at the writing desk in the
bunk room.

"Gage! Do you mind!" Hank hollered.

Johnnie looked up, mortified, in rumpled t-shirt
and run pants, one suspender fallen down over his arm.
"*Cough* Sorry cap. Uh, just a sec, I gotta...uh.
Gotta make a phone call.."

"Well hurry it up.." Chet mumbled even more grumpy
then Cap was.

"Shh!!!" hissed someone who sounded suspiciously like
Marco and Mike in tandem.

"Arff!!" Bonnie yapped in reply.

Roy jumped in his bed from his sound sleep at the
noise and nap jerked awake, "HUhhhHH?!
Ohmygod..*sniff* ohhhh, it's the d*mned dog.
Johnnie would you let her out? I'm too sleepy
to...too sleepyyy toooo aaaa.."

"Yeah, ok. I will, buddy. Right after making a phone

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"Will you starting dialing already?!" Marco snapped,
flipping over on his pillow and squinting in the
He immediately buried his head under his pillow in a
vain attempt to block out the idle unwelcome chitchat
filling his bedspace. His voice sounded five octaves
lower than normal and cracky.

"ok, yeah. Just hang on.. I gotta, gotta look up the
number here." Johnnie said. "Marco.. You shoulda let
me and Roy take a look at ya after that four alarm.
You're really losing your voice man. A little O2 could

"Gage!!" Cap called out from behind another rusty
brick partition.

"uh, what Cap? I was just helping out." Gage's smile
twitched as he balanced the phone onto his ear while
he dialed his number in the dim light he was trying to
shield in vain.. "I am a paramedic after all. I mean
it's my duty to be part of a team. To look out after
the guys, 24/7 . Heh." he chuckled.

"Well, it's definitely 12/5 for me Gage. Shhh!" Chet

"That goes for me too.." Mike added.


Johnny jilted in his chair when he heard the sound of
pissing fill the air. "No! Bonnie no!!" and he
dropped the phone on the desk in a dive to reach the
Boston Yorky squatting in the middle of the linoleum
floor. "Bad girl.. Baddd.." he hissed in a whisper.

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Chet piped up sleepily, "What? That aimed at your
date for refusing you yet again?"

Then the scent of a second Bonnie misdeed reached them

"Gage! Clean it up NOW!"
"Johnny,.. you should have hurried.."

John was on his hands and knees scrambling for a foot
locker under the desktop which held a roll of
papertowels. He flipped open the door and hastily
snatched for it, all the while stammering apologies
and short failed jokes under the guys angry barrage.

"Ow.! Ok. All right already.. " he said when a
ballistic pillow from Marco nailed him across the
"I'm hurrying I'm hurrying. Just let me flush this..."
and he hastened to the john with his steaming burden
of towels.

Bonnie cheerfully followed him the whole way.

A brief peace reigned over the bunks except for the
desklight and snores punctuated the air.

Then Johnny came back into the room, sat down in the
wooden wheeling desk chair and picked up the black
phone receiver again.

"Oh, no you don't.." Chet warned, loudly. "We've
already lost the first five minutes of a long
four days with no sleep."

"Get to BED!!" Cap roared.

"Groovy, Cap. Just what I was saying.."

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Gage knew he'd pushed as far as he could get away
with and reluctantly set the phone down again, his
whole purpose of non sleeping going unfulfilled.

"Gage.. If you aren't under those covers in five
seconds, I'm assigning you a month's tower detail!!
Five! Four! Three!!"

Gage shot out of the chair, slid on the floor in
his boots in a dash for his cubicle.

"Gage! The light!" Marco rasped.


Johnny belly slid across the floor to the light's plug
and yanked it.

The room was plunged into total darkness.

Bonnie began to howl at the rising tension from
her human family.

"Oh for Pete's sake, Johnny. Give her a snack.."
Mike exclaimed.

"One!" Cap roared.

"Gotonebymybed!" Johnny squeaked as he dove, blind,
into the air and landed on his mattress, the bed
springs squealed from his impact about two seconds

"Zero!" Cap yelled. "Now not another peep outta you
for the next hour and a half until dawn."

"Sorry C-"

"Ahahah..! NOT a single word." Cap seethed.

"Ok." came Johnny's soft meek answer.


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