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        Green Pen Of Johnny's
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   The Story Unfolds...
Season One, Episode Nine..  
Green Pen Of Johnny's

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From: <>
Subject : A Partner's Choice
Date: Sun Sep 21, 2003 12:27 pm

It was only hours from the end of a bad shift
for the guys of 51's. A-shift, as usual.

Johnny and Chet where arguing, and the rest of
the guys were watching, when the tone went off.

It was gonna be a big one. It was a four alarmer, a warehouse.

They arrived on scene, met by the day supervisor.
"We have three workers missing in there!"

"Ok, we'll handle it. What kind of stuff is in there?"

"We ship high explosives to all kinds of contractors for
demolition work. If that place goes, it will level three
city blocks."

"Oh my G*d." The captain calls in to dispatch. Then he calls Roy
and Johnny over. They all talk. "Dispatch this is 51. You better
send me another alarm. We have an explosives factory involved.
Also, police, for evacuation of at least four blocks all around our
location. "

##Ten four, 51.##

"Ok, now. Hey.. Roy, John! Come here. You tell these men where
the missing employees were working at last. "

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"What do we got, Cap? " Roy asked.

"High explosives and missing employees times three."

"We saw them last in the packing room on the south end
of the building over there."

"Ok . Thanks. You know get your people back?"

The man ran to where his other employees where standing
to wait.

Meanwhile, he said to both Roy and Johnny as well.
"How do you wanna work this?"

"We'll go in, I guess. I don't see any other way, Cap."

"Ok.... But be careful. I don't want you two
getting into anything you can't handle, ok ?
Be careful."

"Yeah. "

They suit up and go in. Just as they reach the area where
the missing people were last seen, there is a victim.

A woman.

Roy grabs her. Johnny tells him to get her out. He would
see if he could spot anyone else and be right behind him.

Then, just as they are starting to move, there is a large explosion
that rocks the building. And Johnny sees danger as he looks up,
and pushes Roy to safety along with the victim just as part of the
ceiling came down.

Image of johnnyscreaminfire.jpg Image of firemetal.jpg

Johnny couldn't get out of the way in time and is trapped under
all the debris. Roy hands the victim off to another team of fire
fighters who come over to them just then. He knows there should
be another squad outside. He instructs the men to take the
victim outside. Then he grabs his radio and says into it.
"Engine 51! This is HT 51! We have a code I in here! Fire fighter
trapped under a fallen ceiling. We need help. "

Then Roy removed as much of the debris as he could to get to

He got to him finally, but he was unconscious.

From : "Cassidy Meyers" <>
Subject : Fireman Down...  
Date :Thu, 09 Oct 2003 23:30:54 +0400  
"Johnny? Can you hear me?!" he shouted
over the roaring din of fire around him.

Roy's HT crackled and drowned out any possible
reply that might have come from him.

It was Cap. ##Hang in there, Roy! I've got
Lopez, Stoker and Kelly en route to you now with just
a long board. It's the fastest way of getting him out
of there! ##

Roy thumbed his reply, crouching protectively
over his partner's face and chest to ward
off the remnants of the ceiling that still spit burning
embers down around them from the upper story.
"10-4. Tell them to follow my rope! I'm about
thirty yards from the east entrance near a toppled
fork lift!" DeSoto turned all of his attention to
finding positive life signs on Johnny.

Roy's first move was to pull off one of his
hose dampened gloves to slide a couple of
fingers inside his partner's air mask to
feel for signs of breathing.

Immediately, they moistened from the stress
related puffs of warm breath whistling rapidly
in and out of Johnny's mouth. Roy bent
closer and he saw that there was a trickle of
blood running profusely from Gage's nose, trailing
rivers onto the sweaty cracked face plexiglass
covering it.  To his dismay, there was no sign of
animation, at all, active on Johnny's face.

Image of ani_flamesmall.gif Image of johnnydown.jpg Image of roytoomuchsmoke.jpg Image of ani_flamesmall.gif

"Gotta drain some of that out now."
DeSoto turned Gage as a unit onto his side
to lay him against his own knees to await the
help soon to arrive. He mumbled, keeping his free
fingers on the artery beating weakly in Johnny's neck.
"Just hang in there, Junior. You're doing fine."  

Roy sliced away the straps of the air bottle from
Johnny's back using his holster's utility knife
to get him set for the spine board in two swift

Then he kicked Gage's half empty yellow air cylinder
clear from its usual position until it rested near both
their heads.

"Roy?! We're here! How is he?" came Kelly's
muffled shout. It was followed by the angry hissing
of fire as it was beaten dark by an inch and a half's
violent water stream.  

Marco and Stoker came running to grab
Gage by the shoulders and legs to help
Roy keep a tight alignment as Chet slid the
board as close against his back as he could.

"He's breathing, you guys. But he's really out.
Watch his neck! He's got some fast facial
bleeding." DeSoto snapped through his glass.

"I'll be careful...! I'm always careful.."
Kelly countered first gruff, then calming
at DeSoto, as he tried not to let the worry
in his eyes show through his mask.

Chet knocked away Gage's useless helmet
with an elbow while he got a good grip
with his gloves on either side of Johnny's
head as they rolled him gingerly, to once
again supine, and adjusted him in a centering
line onto the board.

Stoker grabbed the two sand bags they had
brought to keep Johnny's head even more stable
under the chin and forehead straps, and he
handed them off to Roy for him to apply.

Lopez quickly dropped the hose that had cleared
a cool wet path of black through the flaming warehouse
and handily got a good grip on the board.
"I got it snuffed. We gotta move now."

"Ok.. He's set." Roy gasped. "On, three,
we'll lift him. Ready? Three.." he rushed,
tossing Johnny's air bottle onto his partner's
dusty knees carelessly. He made sure
that Gage's shattered air mask remained in place.
::It's still doing its job keeping out the smoke.::

Scared for their lives, the four men from
Station 51 carried out their fifth as the
warehouse rumbled in threat around them
with lurid fire while dodging many destabilizing
burning crates as the boxes fell from their
berths around them.

Finally, they cleared out into the night air.

Cap met them on the run and paced along
side of them as he peeled off Gage's air
mask to reopen his airway with a careful
jaw thrust move. Another hand buried itself
under Gage's slightly smoking jacket.
"He's still moving air ok.. I got the 02 and biophone
connected and already hooked up, and an ambulance
will be here in four minutes. Roy, did you guys
see anybody else in there?"

Roy blinked in shock when he realized that
he had nothing to report on the others beyond
his own firefighting crew's well being. "Well, I- I.. "

Stoker saved his behind. "Cap, we did a sweep
search the whole time we water blasted over
to Roy and Johnny's location. We saw no one else
trapped. I can guarantee that the ground floor's clear.."

"Are you absolutely certain?"

"As sure as the fact you're standing in front of
me." Mike confirmed, stepping over a yellow burn
sheet spread over the ground.

"Ok..." Cap sighed, taking Stoker's update seriously.

They all helped carry Johnny's long board over
to the equipment laid out on the street and soon
they were joined by two other county firemen to
speed up the process.

Cap grimaced when he saw the large amount of
blood continuing its flow from Johnny's nostrils.
But he had other worries still to deal with. Hank lifted
his head to shout aloud towards the avenue,
radio-less, because his hands were still full
maintaining a clear air passage on Johnny. "I want
another scout team in the warehouse immediately to
search the second floor. Under no circumstances
is any one going back in without a hose backup!"
he roared.

He saw Engine 10's captain take over his commanding
order to take rapid steps to implement it. From the
corner of his eye, Hank saw a new team arrow towards
the burning building dragging a hose at their tail. ::Good
going. If those people are still alive in there, we'll find em.::

Under Hank's hands, Gage gagged just as Kelly,
Lopez, Roy, and Stoker lowered his board to
the ground. Cap saw Gage's involuntary stomach
muscles begin to rock back and forth under his burned
blue shirt. "Flip him! He's getting ill.." he warned.

They rapidly log rolled Gage onto his side as Johnny
began to vomit up the blood that he had taken in from
his sinuses. "He's screwing up his airway real bad.."
Kelly said un-necessarily, showing his current high
fright for his crewmate.

"He's fine now, Chet. Just relax, ok? I got it all.." Roy
said, applying a last bit of suction inside Johnny's
mouth from the unit on the resuscitator apparatus.
The smothering liquid gurgling inside the tube gave
way to a smooth patent hissing sound of sucking air
so he withdrew the wand.
"There. We just gotta get him on some O2 now.
Marco, you handle that.." DeSoto told him, beginning to
calm down somewhat. "Put him on 15Ls and be
prepared to breathe for him if he goes over 24
a minute. For now, we'll keep him on his side until
he wakes up. Cap, you can let go of him now. I've
pushed his tongue clear. Looks like he was biting it."

Hank nodded, pulling his blood stained
hands away from where Lopez and Roy were
settling a demand valve over Johnny's
nose and mouth.

He rose to his feet to find a hose puddle
in which to wash. He didn't have far to go.
::Only to the curb here.:: he sighed and he
cleaned up. Then Captain Stanley
pulled his HT out of his pocket and set it
onto the squad's roof for monitoring
while he watched Roy and the others
work to assess Gage.

Roy wiped his hands off on the grass and
snatched up the biophone to speak..

Image of caplowerlifenet.jpg Image of chetmarcocarryroyonbackboardclose.jpg Image of royclosephonebystandersengine.jpg

From: "Cory Anda"  <>
Subject: Volatile Situation..
Date: October 9, 2003. 09:45:08 0007 CST

"Rampart, this is Rescue 51. How do
you read?" Roy began.

Dr. Early turned on the desk reel to reel
recorder after he got Dixie's hint that there
was an incoming call arriving to the base
station. ## Go ahead, 51.## he replied.

"Rampart. We have three victims from
an incendiary factory fire. Victim three has
yet to be located. Victim one, a male
approximately sixty years of age. He's
suffering from mild smoke inhalation.
Victim number two's a Code I. He's unconscious
following being pulled out from under a roof collapse.
He's been fully immobilized on a long board. A
cervical collar has been applied and he's on 15
L's of O2. Vitals are: BP, 100/82, Respirations
are 20 and rapid, and his carotid pulse is 120.
There's substantial bleeding from his nose that we
have draining by placement onto his side. He
has no signs of cerebral spinal fluid leakage nor
accompanying Coon's eyes or Battle's sign
showing. His pupils are equal and reactive."

## 51, On Victim Two. Start an IV of Lactated
Ringer's TKO and get a full neural assessment
as soon as you can.  Keep his head elevated
and transport as soon as you've established
the IV. On victim number one, keep him on
six liters of 02 via nasal cannula and monitor his
vital signs carefully throughout  the trip in.
Let me know when you've reached Victim Three.##

"10-4,  Rampart." and Roy parroted his
medical orders to the letter back to Joe
Early to confirm what he had to do next.

Right then, Marco spoke up.
"Roy, he's coming to.."

DeSoto dropped the phone and bent
close to Gage's face, tapping Johnny
on an eyelid with a finger to see if
he blinked or not. "Johnny? You back?
Open your eyes.."
On the fourth tap, Johnny's face
screwed up and he coughed wetly.

"Ok, guys.. Let's set him flat again.
He's awake enough to manage all
this bleeding."

Together, the four of them twisted, then
tilted back the long board until it rested
head up on Johnny's abandoned air bottle
while they watched him regain a vestige of

"Johnny?" Roy said loudly once again,
gripping his face firmly between his
hands. "Can you hear me?"

A soft moan answered him, then..
"I saw a child listen, *Ugh* ..listen
to me...I saw a small kid in there.." Gage
mumbled, shoving away the flowing ventilator
mask. Marco kept it hovering close on
blow by over his nose and mouth
as a compromise.

Chet looked up at Roy as he was
covering Johnny up with a shock blanket.
"Is he still half out of it? That last bit
didn't make any sense at all."

"Probably. And no, that didn't make any
sense to me either. Easy, Johnny.
We're gonna haul you in to Rampart
next for a thorough checkup."

Gage began to fidget as clarity crept
back to him and he tried to touch
his face and struggle free of the long
board's restraints, grunting quietly.

DeSoto and Stoker both, grabbed
his shoulders to immobilize him. Roy
bent close to Johnny's bloody ear.
"Hey,, hey.. Just lie back a sec. Let Marco
finish up on your 02 first. You're still
kinda in La La land."

Image of royhelmetscaredclose.jpg Image of biophoneclose.jpg Image of joedixbasestation.jpg

Gage seemed to understand then and he
remained silent after that, blinking slowly
at the starry sky as he rubbed the ashes out
of his eyes. A minute later, he focused
on Roy starting an IV on one of his arms
and something finally clicked mentally.
"That Ringers?"


"I don't need it. I'm .. I'm..not shocky."
he fussed, pushing some new blood and
old saliva out of the corner of his mouth in

"No, you're very stable. But you were
unconscious for over ten minutes, partner.
Humor Early for once and let him play doctor.
It'll boost his ego. He's getting real tired of
all the firefighters hurting themselves
this week." DeSoto smiled down at Gage.
"Remember, Rampart's had just as bad
a shift as we had today, Junior. " he said.
Then he added casually.. "While we're
still on the subject, Johnny, do you hurt anywhere
else besides your nose there? Don't go
fussing with it now.  It's not broken. I checked."

Gage eyed Roy up for several seconds in full
doubt at that assessment, but then he admitted.
"Nah..*cough* Just got a smoke headache. I think
I'm only nauseated because of the crap I swallowed
earlier." he groaned, closing his eyes to rest..
Johnny then allowed Marco to hold the mask over
his face once more without protest.

"Well, we'll know that for sure once Early
sees your skull series. Just keep clearing
out that blood like you are." he told him seriously.
But then his voice took up an amused warning.
"Chet's got a gauze pad handy." Roy smirked.

Johnny opened his eyes when he felt new ministrations
begin. "Ohh nooo.. gimme that, Kelly." he snapped at  
Chet who had started wiping Gage's face dry. "I can clean
up myself.." he mumbled around the mask, snatching away
the 4 X 4 from the curly haired fireman's fingers.
"I'm doing fine so quit sweating the small stuff here. I was
just getting all the sh*t out of my mouth." And he began to
do the task of mopping up, himself.

"Uh.. huh.. " Chet agreed with feigned sarcasm. "I saw
that. I saw that, believe me." Then he looked up.
"Looks like Johnny's brain is basically  intact, Roy.
He's b*tching at me already."

"I came to that conclusion fifteen seconds ago."
DeSoto laughed.

Stoker, Chet and Marco all grinned. DeSoto
leaned close to examine Johnny's face and
nose in more detail with his metallic pen light.
"Your nasal bleeding's finally slowing." Roy

Johnny emitted a noise of doubt. "Huh..
Feels like I'm still drowning in it."

"Unlikely.." Roy countered. "You're still
talking." he quipped slyly.

"Amen to that, Roy!" Chet chattered
enthusiastically, giggling uproariously.

Johnny glared.  But only mildly, at his

A commotion drew all their attentions then.

The day supervisor was rushing over
to where Cap was standing and he suddenly
blurted out. "Say, Mister. I got the demolition
experts from the plant coming from downtown.
They say they can help coordinate an operation
to use explosives to put out the fire near the most
critical explosive production rooms."
said the manager in tan.

"Talk to that man right there." Cap interjected
and he pointed a finger at Battalion
14, just setting up shop a short distance
away in the safe zone.

Cap watched as Station Ten's men
ran out of the building with a gasping
man supported between their shoulders.
::There's number two..:: he thought,
remembering the woman who had
been brought out earlier before Johnny's

He started to turn away when he
saw that the smoke stained man was fine and
conscious. The recovery team was placing
their burden onto a waiting hearse ambulance
gurney when Cap heard him speak, urgently
hoarse around his oxygen mask.
"Hey. *cough* My daughter's still in there."

Image of capconstructionguy.jpg Image of manwitnessbyengineinbay.jpg

Hank motioned for the attendants, who were
starting to wheel him away, to halt. "Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. I wanna talk to this man. Mister,
can you repeat that? Is your daughter the third
victim we've been looking for?"

"What? Little Megan? No way..
She's nine years old and cute as a button."

That last comment struck a chill down Chet
and Roy's spines. "Johnny was right about
there being a kid in there somewhere?" Kelly

They both looked up from the IV they were taping
down, sharply, and started paying attention to the
new victim information Cap was gleaning bit by bit
from the agitated man.

The injured worker continued his story.
"She came to see where I work, on a tour. *cough*
She's writing a school paper on what line of
work I'm into since she's got the crazy idea
that she wants to join a ski patrol in Colorado
when she grows up."

"Uh huh.. uh huh.." Cap nodded impatiently.
"When did you last see her?"

"About twenty minutes ago.
Heading up the steps above the
office block to the rafters lookout level
with Howard.  He's one of the designers
of the warehouse. I think she wanted to
see how the crane lifts worked."

"What's she look like? Uhh,.. W-What was
she wearing today?" Roy butted in, thinking
how best to get the information they needed
to mount a more comprehensive search.

" Megan's outfit? Oh, let me see.. Uhh,,.
White. All white. A little girl's T shirt and
pants. She's got blond hair.. Real short!"
he shouted after Roy who went running to
the next team of searchers exchanging out
their spent air bottles for new ones. He found
them near the south entrance of the burning
plant and he quickly told them of the unexpected

##Move it, Roy. I'll let you know when
Johnny's ready to ship out over the radio.##
Cap promised over the HT.

Johnny regarded his gurneyed, sooty
companion thoughtfully as Marco finally
changed out his ventilator mask for a lesser
flow nasal cannula. Johnny said to the man.
"I hope she's ok, for your sake, mister.
I know how it is in there. The roof's real
unstable." he said.

The plant worker opened his eyes
and regarded the dirty paramedic
looking at him from the ground. "She's
a good kid. She wouldn't do anything
stupid like getting caught in a fire.."

Chet tried his best not to chortle
when Gage made a face overhearing
that comment.

"Yeah, well that doesn't change the
fact that Megan's in a whole lotta danger
right now.." Cap said with exasperation.
"The whole place might be about to go up."
he said standing over them both, eyeing
the hustling companies ringing the fire

"Doubtful.." said the man instantly.
"Howard has always said that nothing short
of an atom bomb would set off all the special
stuff we got in storage."

"What kind of special stuff?" Hank frowned.

"Oh, plastique. Timed nitrite incendiaries.
and some rocket fuel."

"Any TNT or nitroglycerin?" Hank asked.

"Nothing so archaic, Cap. What do we
look like? ACME Plant Central?"

Image of refineryfoam.jpg Image of royclimbclose.jpg

From : "Katherine Bird" <>  
Subject : Tightrope Act..  
Date : Wed, 15 Oct 2003 22:12:35 +0100  

Roy pelted towards the team headed in, refastening
his air mask over his face. Already, he was breathing
hard. ::A kid? I really hate kid calls.:: he quailed mentally.
An equally mental memory surfaced that had Johnny's
signature all over it. ::Why did you think Cap let you go
inside again anyway? He knows you're no good to him
being held back on any kid search at a fire.:: Johnny's
voice seem to say.

Roy wished that Gage could somehow be with him.
::Right now. We seem to search out a building better working
with the both of us, together..:: Jamming his helmet a little
further onto his head and flipping up his collar, Roy uptook the
back end of the fire hose and went with the L.A. city team,
explaining about the little girl to their anchor man and his orders
from Cap to find her.

"Where was she last seen?" said a burly man in Pasadena yellow
at Roy. His mask muffled only a little of the man's dismay.

DeSoto pointed up. "Rafters! Around the auto lifts!"

"Right.." said the front hose man and together, the
four of them fought their way through the roaring
fire towards a set of metal stairs along one wall.

The bitter smell of soaked cardboard and burned
plastics permeated the air and seeped into Roy's
mouth and nose as they hosed down the growing
fire through the metal grating of the stairway. "This
air's hardly breathable, even with a mask on.
I hope they're still alive.." he thought.

At the top of the landing, they found Howard. He
had fallen and Roy knew even before he peeled off
a glove for a pulse check that the man was already
dead. ::Broken neck.::  He felt the cool blistered skin
and confirmed the lack of a pulse in seconds.
He hastily pulled his glove back on and shook his head
in the negative at the others who were wishfully fanning
a wash over him and the body.

One of the firemen broke away from the hose to heft
up Howard onto his shoulders and he began heading
towards the nearest hole in the walls where they could
all see fire engine lights wavering in the orange glowing
darkness around the smoke.

The recovery group pushed higher up
along meshed stairs stretching towards the faraway
ceiling and the rafter walkways there. Several suspended
paths were canted and swaying, full of burning debris.
"We can't go this way. Turn around and go back
one landing. I think I remember another way up there !"
said the front fireman.

Soon, they found themselves on a second clear landing
with two paths available. One way led into a wall of heat,
far too much for anything still living to endure; the other
dipped into unexpected night coolness.

::This must be the open part left behind from the section
of roof that fell on Johnny.:: Roy reasoned. He shot ahead,
through the advancing hose spray and into that second choice
of blackness, pulling off his mask's straps. "Megan! Can you
hear me?"

DeSoto's voice echoed around the sagging and violated,
partially melted beams, over the din of the flames, eerily.

There was no reply.

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