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The Story Unfolds...

Season One, Episode Three

Debut Launch: 15 Dec 2002.

From:  Fran Catrair <>
Date:  Sun Dec 15, 2002  11:57 pm
Subject:  Rainy Days and Mondays

It was a dreary, gray day in
Southern California, with a hint of
rain in the air. It was the kind of
day that made the quiet Roy DeSoto
even more reserved than normal, and
he sighed in melancholy, not touching
his breakfast.

His partner looked up at the sound
and noticed his partner's troubled
expression. The engine crew had left
earlier on a call, but Cap had just
radioed in, saying they would be back
at the stationhouse shortly. For the
moment, though, they had the place to

"What's wrong, Roy?" Johnny asked
his dour partner. ::Like he's going
to tell me.:: Johnny thought grimly.
It had been like pulling teeth just to
find out when Roy's birthday was. He
had even asked Cap to pull a few strings
at personnel for the information, but
Cap had refused, saying if Johnny wanted
to know when Roy's birthday was so badly,
he should find out for himself.

Roy continued skating his fork around
his plate, the sausage attached causing a
nice track in the maple syrup left on his
plate from his now just eaten pancakes.
"Nothing, Johnny. Just thinking." Roy
responded absently.

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::Why am I NOT surprised?:: Johnny
thought to himself in exasperation. He
was about to try another tact when the
station alarm klaxon sounded. Both men
got up from the table quickly, sparing a
moment to look at each other in concern.
The longer klaxon meant the situation was
not good.

##Squad 51...Engine 51...Batallion 8...
overturned schoolbus....715 Dorchester Dorchester Blvd...
Cross street Hamilton...Time out...0827."

Johnny quickly jotted the information
down on a piece of paper and reached for
the station mic. ##Squad 51...KMG365.##
he acknowledged.

Johnny immediately sprinted to the
awaiting squad. As the garage door
opened, both men looked out to see the
cloudy morning had turned into a downpour.
Grimly, Roy turned on the windshield wipers.
As the squad left the dry stationhouse, he
sighed again and said, "I hate rainy days...
and Mondays!"

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From :  "Fran Catrair" <>  
Subject : [EmergencyTheaterLive] Mudslide  
Date : Thu, 19 Dec 2002 02:06:39 -0600  

Johnny wordlessly looked out the window
at the rain coming down around him.  He
glanced at his partner's grim expression
and sighed quietly, looking back out the
window.  He was trying to think what Roy
might be thinking.  ::Kids okay...fight with
Joanne?:: he wondered.  Well, nothing
he could do about it until after the call.

The squad's sirens continued to wail and
Roy's face was almost unreadable. Until
Cap's voice came out over the Station
frequency. ##L.A., This is Engine 51. Is it
known how many casualties might be

"Roy, what's the matter?"

"Hmm?" Roy replied, still listening to the
exchange between dispatch and their
captain going over their radio.

The rain came down harder, making
the road flood. Roy was forced to slow
down and so did the engine behind them.

"What is it, Roy?", Johnny asked, more
firmly this time.  

Roy sighed and voiced
his long held thoughts.  "I've been
having a feeling something bad was
going to happen today.  Just a feeling.  
My son was going to the Museum
of Natural History for a field trip today.  
They were to leave immediately this
morning.", Roy finished, his voice
shaky and tapering slightly.

Johnny was stunned by the news.  "Maybe
it's not their bus, Roy.  I mean, how
many schools must be having field trips
today?", he said, trying to take his
partner's mind off the worst.

"It's them," Roy said, quietly.  
"It's them."

Sam's voice came over the radio.  
#Engine 51...casualties unknown at
this time.  CHP is on the scene.#

Caps' voice came very fast. ##10-4,
L.A. Our ETA is..... four minutes..##

Roy skidded a little too fast around a
turn and the squad shimmied around
a corner and almost fishtailed before
he regained control.

John said. "Want me to drive? We
can radio in to the Engine.. Tell em

Roy looked firmly at John and shook
his head vehemently.  His face screwed
up in concentration, as he willed the
squad to go on.  At last, they could
see the scene in the distance.

The yellow Blue Bird cab was fully on
its side and along the margin. The front
end was buried deeply in slag from
the rain soaked hillside.

"Mudslide!!" Johnny said. "Roy.. can
you tell. Is it the same bus?"

"I don't know. I don't know...." Roy

Cap's voice filtered firmly into them as
they pulled just behind the rear of the
bus, pulling up so the squad was acting as
a buffering obstacle between the bus
and oncoming traffic.

##Squad 51. Stay right where you are.
And enter the scene from there. Stoker
pull ahead to the car and those power
lines. Looks like they're down. L.A. Cut
power to the north side of the freeway
overpass at mile marker seventy four!##

A fierce bolt of lightning shot down from
the dim sky and the rain came down in torrents
as Johnny and Roy ran out of the squad's
cab for their gear and extrication equipment.

They ran for the nearest thing they could see,
the back of the bus and the emergency exit

##10-4, 51.##, dispatch responded.

Johnny and Roy could see the bus was
rocking slightly.  They knew with the rain
coming down and the mud, the bus could
be buried deeper, and rapidly.  They
needed to act fast.

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"Cap, we're gonna need the K-12..
Looks like the rear hatch is jammed in
here real good!" Roy said. He desperately
tried to wipe away the mud and steam
on the windows, but he could see
nothing of the interior.

Johnny began shouting. "Can anybody
hear me?! Fire department!!"

Weak high pitched screams met their ears
and a bloody palm impacted the window
right by Johnny's face.. ::Oh my G*d.::

Right next to him, Roy flinched.

Roy was trying to clear away the debris from
the hatch to place the K-12 when he saw it.  
Number 62.  He looked at Johnny.  
"Number 62.  It's his bus.", he said.

Finally, Chet and Marco arrived with the
K-12.  They observed the tenseness of both

"What's going on?" Chet demanded.

"Ohmyg*d, Johnny..".. Roy gasped.
"I can't do this.." and he nearly fell to
his knees.

Gage got on his HT. ##Cap! Stoker.
On the double! We need man
power now. Roy's kid is here!##

Chet opened his mouth and closed it,
shocked.  He and Marco quickly took
the K-12 to the rear hatch.  Both men
had a look of determination on their
faces.  This rescue had become personal.

Captain Stanley ran, slipped and skidded
in the mud until he grabbed the side of
the bus to steady himself. "Gage, take over
primary care triage. Roy, stay out here. And
that's an order!"

Right then, the roar of water from a storm
drain caved in a part of the road underneath
the toppled bus and its side split open like
a tin can, spilling a tiny body in a girl's skirt,
onto the road and into the drain in a rush.....

Gage made a leap for the tiny feet but
wasn't fast enough. Cap grabbed him first and
said, "No!! Get a life line first! Now..
We don't know how deep it is in there!"

DeSoto ran for the squad to get one.

Roy sprinted to the right compartment,
slipping and trying desperately to stay
on his feet. Then he slid back to the back
of the bus, wordlessly thrusting the lifelines at
Cap and Johnny and tying one onto himself.

"Oh no! No!"  Roy said, when the feet
slipped again just as he grabbed for them.
The tiny body disappeared in a rage of
flooding brown water and was gone.

Johnny grabbed Roy's lifeline and secured it,
proceeding back to the bus area.  "Roy,
there's nothing we can do! Get up! She's

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Gage approached the bus.  Chet and Marco
were beginning to check the victims closest
to them.  They knew they would need to
free them first, but they needed to be
sure it would be safe to move them.

Chet shouted. "Johnny. I got a probable skull
fracture here. I got bleeding in the ears on this
one.." he said, looking up, with a hand on the
small boy's stomach.

Marco was speaking quietly with five others,
telling them to hurry out to Cap who was
gesturing to them. "Go to the tall man over
there. He'll take care of you.."

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