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Outside, the disbelieving
driver didn't know if there was anyone
still left alive in the rubble he was seeing
to answer the call...

From : "patti keiper" <>  
Subject : [EmergencyTheaterLive] Aftermath  
Date : Mon, 21 Oct 2002 19:54:57 +0000  

In the blackness, the boy with glasses
looked up. He could see a yellow light
flashing on the radio over his head
and could hear the dispatcher speaking.

He was crying steadily in small sobs
from where he sat up against the brick
wall, and he looked out into the daylit
ruins of the garage. A steady cloud of
water misted from the shattered hydrant
by the street into the bay and cleared
away some of the worst of the dust.

##Station 51. Transmit HT as an
alternative. All bands have been cleared
for you. This is L.A.. Respond....##

The boy looked down.
Next to him on the ground was the
fireman who said he was captain for
the others. He was lying on his stomach
and not moving. Remembering what his
mother taught him about helping people,
he got up, pushing wood chards and
debris off of himself, he quickly  
snatched the microphone off its
spigot and held it to his mouth. He knew
about CB radios because his dad had one.
"Mister... I'm in the fire house!
The roof came down and I can't
wake the captain fire chief.... Hurry!.."
he sniffed, very frightened.

Around him, rising warm wind from the
outside and sounds of frightened people
on the avenue filtered in to him.

Gasping, the boy could see another foot
underneath the red vehicle in front of him.
It was Susie, his friend's, and it was
starting to move as if someone were
pulling her.

There was a long pause as L.A. checked
to be sure things were switched to a one
to one frequency. Then..Sam's voice
came back on the air.##Son. Understood.
I've got help coming. It's on the way. ##

Robbie could hear multiple call signs going
out on the air behind the man's voice. All
he could think about was that it was alot
of numbers. 8, 10, 127 ,36, Batallion 14...
He started to memorize them in his
shock but the dispatcher man's voice
dragged back his attention..

##What's your name?##

"R-Robbie.. my teacher's name is Miss
Thorne.. We were here on a tour of
the firehouse. "

##All right Robbie..There's been an
earthquake and that's why things
are fallen down. Do you think your fireman
Captain Stanley, is still alive? ## Sam asked.

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"Yes.." Robbie replied. "He's making noises."

#Good. How many besides your teacher
were with you..?##

"Seven, sir.."

##Ok. Now, I want you to get out of
there if you can. Can you see the daylight
from the main doors. Are they open?##

"Y-yeah. But its hard to see... The fire
hydrant's on and there's a funny smell
in here.."

Sam was side keying a dispatch to the gas
company to shut off service to that block
with one hand. He turned back to his
microphone to Robbie, still inside the shattered
fire station. Already, he was getting citizen's
reports about further damage to the
building next to Station 51 and minor reports
of some more in nearby warehouses. But none
were as bad as those coming in about the
station house.
#Robbie. Drop the microphone and leave.
It's not safe for you to stay. Don't worry
about your teacher and other classmates.
There are more fireman and police on
the way who'll take care of them. Now go.##

L.A. heard the line disconnect as the child
dropped the radio mike.

Sobbing.. Robbie, gave one last look at
Cap, who was moaning as he started to
awaken, and crawled over him and over
brick piles and sections of the ceiling rafters.
He made his way through the spraying water
from the ruptured water line and safely
outside the collapsed garage.

Sam switched to Station 51's HT frequency
and started hailing. ##Station 51. This
is L.A. monitoring on handheld frequencies
bands. Your situation is noted and assistance
is on the way...Gas company has been
notified....Station 51, do you copy?##


Once Robbie was outside, the auto driver
who had stopped earlier, snatched him up.
"Are you all right son? Where were you?"
He cast his eyes on the still dusting, smoking
debris of the main garage. He couldn't see
where the boy had come from at all.

"I was in there..on a field trip..But I talked
to the radio dispatcher man and he has other
fire engines coming!" But then the situation
proved too much and the tiny boy fainted
in the man's arms.

The group of people from the avenue
gave shouts of dismay as the man lowered
the boy to the cracked concrete of
the boulevard to make sure he was
all right. No one had the presence
of mind to go into the firehouse, distracted
because of their concern for the pale boy.

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Roy coughed and looked over his shoulder
just in time to see Robbie safely getting out.
His arms were full of two weeping little kids,
still in their tour helmets.  Marco, was
nowhere to be seen. ::He was right here
next to us...:: Roy thought, peering around
in urgency.

Overhead, he could hear the actions L.A.
was taking to aid them all. He snatched up
a handy talkie from inside the squad's
shattered driver's window when the squad door
didn't open. "L.A., This is Squad 51.. Still
here. Stand by. I gotta get some of these
children out..Will advise once I know more."
Roy could almost hear the sound of
audible relief in Sam's voice.

##10-4, 51. ETA of responding units is
four minutes..##

Already, Roy could hear PD sirens growing
in the distance as they wove around
scattered stopped vehicles on the boulevard.

Roy wiped away blood from his forehead
and he shouted, "Cap!!"

"Ughhh..h.." came a moan from his

Roy turned to the boy and girl, gripping their
arms. "Now did you see where that
little boy just went? He was getting
out to safety.. Now I want you to
follow him.."

"We don't want to leave you..."
one of them cried.

"It's ok to be scared. But there
are people out there who are
going to be able help you better than I
can in here. You're going to be
fine.. I'll show you exactly where
to crawl out.." Roy gasped.

He lifted them over sections of
the roof and winced as cold hydrant
water covered them all. ::At least
a fire can't start in here.:: He
glanced down where he saw Cap
struggling to sit but Cap waved him
on even as he held his sore head.

"Go DeSoto.. Finish what you're
doing.. I'm ok.." Hank said. "I'm
not going to go anywhere until you're
with me.."

"All right.. Here, Cap.." and Roy tossed
him the HT he had retrieved. He
started shouting even as he picked
up each child and watched them
go through the tangle of metal
garage door sheeting to the street.
"Marco! Chet! Answer me!"

A blast of an air horn from the engine
under the worst of the debris pile cut
through the hiss of spouting water and
Roy smiled. ::Chester B, am I glad to
hear you. You must've gotten your
boys into the cab all right..::

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