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 Father and Son
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          Page Ten

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 00:49:07 -0800 (PST)
From: "Sam Iam" <>  
Subject:  Across the Finish Line..

Gage's arms were about ready to drop off
from Chet's dead weight in the window.
"Chet! Chet! Did you get any of that in your
eyes?" he said, gasping, straining to hang onto
Kelly's belt through his faceplate.

"Yeah. *cough* Owww.....hurry. Need
a hose.. uuhhhGGGg. ahh sh*t!"Johnny could see
Chet's eyes suddenly and involuntarily screw shut.

John hauled Chet over onto his back where he was
on his lap, ignoring the rest of Kelly still half
hanging out the squad's window as Roy continued
to steer the squad backwards, and he forced
Chet's eyes open between firm trembling fingers.

Gage's other hand found the two gallon jug
of water always kept under the dash by
his feet for brush fires and he sloshed it
liberally into Kelly's face, "Let's get this wash in.
Come on!.. Come on.. Don't fight me.
Open your eyes.. Chet stay still.. ."

"I'm gonna fall! I'm slipping! AhHH! My eyes!"

"You're not gonna fall out of the squad."
Johnny threw a leg over Chet's waist to
keep him from sliding back out the window.
"I got you.." and he gave a strong heave
to get more of Chet into the cab. "Chet,
hold still. I gotta wash your face and those
eyes out good or you'll burn real bad."

Roy's hands were struck from the steering wheel
by Chet's pitching head, deep in his pain, but he
quickly recovered control. Somehow, the men
clinging on the outside of the squad were pure
barnacle, and no one fell off.

"Chet, it's ok.. We're almost clear.." Roy shouted.
"Let Johnny get to your eyes! We gotta get
that stuff outta them."

"Aghh.. I'm on fire! It's so cold! Ahh..HHh."
Already Chet's voice was raspy and deep from
exposure to the gas.

Johnny grunted, pouring more water even
faster into Chet's eyes, forcefully.

It seemed like years but finally Roy said.
"Ok, we made it. We're there.." his voice
cracked. Roy could see the gang from
the engine already on the far side of the
police accident barricade, watching them intently.

DeSoto hit his air horn, letting them know Chet was
in trouble beyond just his fall off the engine and
how he was riding half out of the squad.

Half of them came at a run, while another company
stayed behind to carry Daphne from 51's Ward's
hose bed, back down to the ground.

Gage was still irrigating Chet's eyes in his lap
desperately, by the time Cap and Marco got to
him and hauled Chet bodily out of the squad's
windowframe. "Cap, gas caught him in the face,
real bad." he said. "How are you doing Chet?"
John said rocketting out of the squad and slamming
the door shut. He ran to the gear compartment doors
and whipped them open, grabbing the 02 apparatus
and a 2 liter burn saline bag.

Kelly felt Cap keep him from reaching up
to his face with his hands and he opened his
eyes. "Better.. *cough*.."

"Good now just let Cap keep washing your eyes
out.." Johnny said, handing the solution IV pack
over to Hank. "Let me and Roy get the rest of the
equipment out of the squad..That saline won't
sting your eyes so much.."

"See to the girl first. I can wait.." Chet gasped,
still fighting to see around the painful prickling in
his eyes. He felt Stoker wrap one of his arms over his
broad shoulders to support him as they moved to
the staging area near the waiting ambulances.

Gage grinned. "Let us be the judge of that. She
didn't get thrown out of a vehicle like you did
Chester B."

"Really I feel fine, guys.. Just a few lumps
and these knives plunging into my eyes.."

"Yeah?" Hank said, "Well, you're in for a complete
bath." Cap said, continuing to pour saline from a pour
spout into Kelly's eyes under his grip.  "Mike,
Lopez, grab him and let's go. Engine 18's got a
decontam area already set up over here.." And
Mike and Marco attempted to scoop up Chet
into a two man carry, which Kelly resisted.

"I can walk.. I can walk.. I'm just squinting cause it
hurts. Not because I can't see." Kelly complained,
throwing off Stoker and Lopez's help. The two grinned,
and contented themselves with walking at Chet's
side while Cap continued to wash down Chet's
face and eyes thoroughly from the oversized IV

Cap jibbed in. "Man what a close call, eh Kelly?
Despite what happened to you, this rain's a
blessing in disguise. It'll soak all that ammonia
into the ground for us, where it'll dissolve into
the rocks . A twenty minute shower
will be enough to do the trick. We'll be able to
tow away the wreckage and open the freeway
again by nightfall." he grinned.

"Lucky us.. Rain on just the day we need it.."
Chet commented, trying to be brave, he even
ran fingers through his messy curls as he
went with Cap and the others for decontamination.

Roy and John were already kneeling by Daphne's
longboard reassessing her, when Kelly suddenly
sagged in his coworker's grips.

"Hey..Hey Chet?!" Cap shouted. Marco and Mike
caught him, hastily tightening their grips on Chet's
underarms and jacket. "Stoker ease him down..
Careful. Careful."

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Gage shot to his feet. "I was afraid of this, you guys.
He might've taken a good shot of gas in the lungs. You
heard the way his voice was going. Keep his head and
chest angled up with something! I'll be right there."

Stoker made a pillow from his coat for Kelly who was
still partially awake. Johnny crouched with a penlight
checking his nose and throat for burns. "Chet.. Can
you hear me, pal?  Still breathing ok?"

He was, shallowly.

Kelly blinked under Johnny's light. But alarmingly, he
was no longer coughing. Gage saw that he seemed dazed,
and not really focusing on all the guys bending over him.

Johnny kept a hand on Kelly's chest and he looked up.
"Cap, we still gotta keep irrigating those eyes and the
rest of him despite this. We'll worry about warming him
afterwards once he's decontam'd. Right now, he needs
to get this ammonia off his skin, and a lot of O2 into his

"That covers him. But I gotta ask. Get any on yourself
helping him, Gage?" Hank asked Johnny.


Roy sighed and said, "I did. My arm's tingling. His
head hit me when Johnny dragged him into the squad.
He must have had some in his hair for a bit before it

Cap stood, rapidly motioning for a hose team to string
him a brush line for Kelly's wash right where he was.
"Washdown, gotcha Gage." he said pointing down at Chet.
"DeSoto, you're headed for the decontam tent, right
now." Hank ordered. "For yours."

"But Cap.." Roy started up.

"No complaints.. Gage can handle treating the woman
and Chet just fine with Squad 18's medics
until you're done."

"Roy, just go. Kelly's breathing ok for the moment."
Johnny told him. He glared until Roy disappeared
into the canvas emergency tent.

Then Gage bent down to listen to Chet's
pulmonary status with a stethoscope as Lopez
began to cut away Kelly's clothes for his
hose soaking wash.
"Chet.."Johnny called out leaning down over
the shocky fireman's pale face. "Still here? We're gonna
haveta wash ya down now. And it's gonna be cold.
Not too fun. Also, I need to shift you onto your
side to irrigate those eyes some more
to be sure we got it all out. We'll get you on
some dry O2, so it won't burn your chest
so much and breathing will come easier. Just
relax, I'm gonna check you out closer to make
sure your little tumble didn't crack anything
else besides your backside, ok?" he
said, smiling, trying to raise Chet's spirits.

But Kelly remained very quiet, his face slack, where he
he lay on the ground. He tried to moan but no sound
came out of his swelling throat, and he just wheezed
instead in a poor attempt to clear his throat.

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Johnny looked up as Station Eighteen's paramedics joined
them. "Mendelson. Get him on straight 100% O2 by demand valve, non
humidified. Force it if he obstructs.  Peters, you got his
vitals set here?  Afterwards continue that eye wash.
I'm going to go get a new set on the woman and phone
us in.."

Johnny knelt by Daphne, relieving the fireman watching
her O2 mask intake, and got a BP on her. She was
cool to the touch following her hose washing, even under
her thick blankets on the long board, and was
still out. Johnny was pleased to find her breathing
well through her oral airway. Gage looked up a minute
later with just the vitals information, for Rampart.

Nearby, Cap and Stoker had already begun streaming
a hand hose's scrubbing spray over Kelly's shivering
bare skin, while Mendelson kept a demand valve
in place over Kelly's nose and mouth so the lung
burned, stricken, fireman could breathe in its
soothing oxygen flow. Peter's was working on
his eyes, irrigating them. Gage noticed Chet no
longer resisted that. ::He's going out. Might be
better for him that way in the long run. A lower
BP will mean less pulmonary swelling. I hope.::

"Fifteen minutes Cap!" Johnny shouted towards them.
"Keep it up until then. He's sure to go hypothermic but
we'll worry about that once we're sure all the
ammonia's off of him."

"You got it pal.." Cap replied, deftly spraying
Chet's contaminated clothing away from
him and the medics working on him. Then he
returned to the washdown, getting Chet's hair
thoroughly scoured as well. Mendelson
and Peters ignored the fact they were getting
partially wet, their concentration on Kelly's care

Gage opened the biocom quickly, and snapped
the aerial into place. He brought the phone's receiver
to his face. "Rampart, this is Squad 51. How
do you read?"

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Joe Early had just been by Dixie's desk,
working on a chart when he noticed the
red rescue light flashing in the receiving alcove.
He tapped her shoulder and the two of them
entered the tiny glassed off room.

Joe thumbed the intercom. "Unit calling in
please repeat.. " and he turned on the tape
recorder near the radio speaker.

##Rampart, this is Squad 5-1.#

"Go ahead 51. I read you loud and clear.." Joe

"Rampart, we've two victims of anhydrous ammonia
gas, secondarily compounded by possible blunt trauma.
Victim One, unconscious, a woman aged approximately
27-28 years of age. Victim of an automobile versus
semi trailer truck. No apparent gross injuries other than
ammonia inhalation. I  haven't yet had time to give
her a thorough secondary assessment. Vitals, however
on her, are stable. Victim Two, a Code I. Fell from a
moving firetruck while we were trying to get away from
the gas cloud. Expressed marked walking
wounded syndrome, now semi comatose with
growing moderate respiratory distress. He is on a
hundred percent dry O2. Rampart, her hose irrigation
is complete. His nearly so."

Joe rubbed his nose while hearing Johnny's report.
Then he toggled the reply switch. "51. Give me
a vitals set on Victim Two."

Johnny caught a sailing notepad, full of
information, from Peters. "10-4, Rampart.
Victim Two. Pulse 120. BP  92 / 60,
Respirations, 24 and wheezy, breathing on his
own. Breath sounds show moderate upper
tracheal wheezing on the left, clear on the
right." Johnny's face
fell when he read Peter's other medical finding.
"Also,....showing marked guarding of his upper left
quadrant abdomen with referring pain up into
both shoulders. C-spine and all neuro
responses intact."

"51, Apply mast trousers and inflate only the
compartments over the lower extremities.
Any rapid boost in his blood pressure may
exacerbate his breathing and compromise his
lung function due to those probable pulmonary burns..
Inflate the suit's chambers until his BP is on the
low side of normal only. Then start two large bore
IV's, 51. Both of D5W, wide open. We'll treat for
shock now and treat any resulting pulmonary
edema later. Right now, it's more important
to keep that internal injury at bay. It may be
a ruptured spleen. 51, any indication of
head trauma?"

"Negative, Rampart." Johnny replied.

"Good." Joe said. "If he recovers consciousness
fully, pain from his seared lungs, may keep him
from being able to breathe on his own. Have
2 mg MS IV Push standing ready should he need it.
The more he moves air on his own, the better off
he'll be in the long run. If positive pressure is needed,
use only enough each vent for half inflation of
the lungs. I don't want to collapse them from
leakage from those aveolial burns."

Gage sighed in concentration and repeated back
his orders. "10-4, ah. 2 milligrams MS IV push
as needed. Two IV D5Ws wide open and mast trouser
application to low normal BP. Light vents on the demand valve
on any respiratory arrest."

Joe said. "Also, guard against shock and begin
rewarming measures once his irrigation is

"10-4,  Treat for shock and hypothermia
following the washdown."

Joe said, "Give me Victim number One's vitals."

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 Father and Son
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