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Roy saw drivers intercept his tour kids
even as they clustered around the
first little boy lying in the street who
was already waking up from his faint.

DeSoto leaned heavily on the garage
frame for only a moment before
he went back towards the squad. Only
half of it was buried. He touched Cap
on the arm, who had staggered to his
feet to hang onto the squad's mirror.
"You better?" he asked as he pulled
the passenger side door open for the
paramedic helmets there and got
out the two turnout coats from
the side compartment he could reach.
He handed Johnny's to Cap to wear
and put on his own.

"Yeah, I think so. I think a board
hit me in the head when I pushed
the boy out of the way..." he
gasped, catching his breath.. "I
heard Kelly's blast just now.
Any sign of Lopez?"

Roy shook his head. "Not yet."
Then he thought of something else.
"Mike!!" And he yelled to the kitchen
which was now dark. A part of the roof outside
had fallen over the window, blocking out
the sunlight.

The smell of gas was very strong
when they both got there to where the door
was partially jammed open. Looking through
the cracked glass window in the door,
they saw a pair of legs on the floor...

Roy started to push on the door,
trying to break it out of its jammed

"No, you need an air bottle in there.
Go!" Cap said, pulling him away.

Roy ran back to the squad, shoving and
kicking away debris to get to the right
store compartment. He got on his
tank in record time. He was back
at the kitchen entryway when Cap
finally got the door open with a crowbar.

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Hank coughed as a wall of gas boiled
out over him. "Get him out first.
Then go back for Stoker and the
woman.." Cap ordered Roy as
DeSoto put on his face mask and
reset his helmet over it..

A small form shot out from under
their feet, from the darkness,
yelping.. It was Bonnie..
She disappeared through a crack
leading to the backyard as if on
a mission..

Roy sighed in relief.. "Bonnie's alive.
Gas can't be too bad in there.." he
shouted through his face plexiglass.

He got to Marco and grabbed him
by the shoulders. Even as Roy did so,
he shouted. "Mike!!   Miss Thorne!!?"

He couldn't see anything at first
as his retinas still burned with sun
dazzle.. But then he saw that the
side door had been chopped down with an
axe and opened and he caught a brief
glimpse of Stoker carrying out Miss
Thorne into the only direction he
could, into the backyard..
She seemed out cold and he seemed
to be hurrying more than just because
of the gas danger. ::She must be worse off than
Marco if Stoker left him behind.:: Roy thought.

Then Cap's HT crackled as Roy finished
dragging Marco out near where outside
air was pouring through the children's
escape hole washing away the
gas fumes.  Roy listened to a new
incoming voice even as he watched
Cap get Marco's airway secure
for a listening check.

It was Chet..
##I'm ok, and two twin girls and
the boys who were with me. We're
out in the yard! I don't see
Gage. But I think I know where
he is.. Bonnie's digging through
a brick pile..## came Kelly's voice.
##The woman's respiratory arrested.
Stoker's working on her now.##

Roy pulled off his mask and tank
and snatched up the HT Cap
had left on Marco's stomach.
##We hear you Chet. Hang on.
Marco's unconscious, too. Let us get
a handle on his situation and
we'll be right there! We got
the rest of the kids out. L.A.'s
on the ball and the gas is getting
shut off..##  He heard the sirens
from the approaching police car
arrive and shut down. Very soon,
Roy heard someone climbing over
the debris in the driveway and
a face peered into the place in
the torn main doors where the
children had gotten out.

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It was Vince. "You boys ok in there?!
Everyone's fine out here by the road!"

Roy shouted from his place by
Cap and Marco, talkie still in hand
and to his ear, listening to Chet's
continuing report even while he
shouted at Vince.
"Go to the yard Vince.!.. Johnny's trapped
and Stoker and Chet's got an arrest
victim.. We'll get out there with
the gear soon as we can..Marco needs
us right now."
He ducked when Vince's body weight
and movement jarred tilted rafters
and made plaster pieces fall onto
the three of them as he hastened to
go where directed.  

Roy glanced back down to Marco,
removing his overcoat.
"Cap, is he still breathing?"

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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 23:37:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Patti  Keiper" <>  
Subject:  Digging by Daylight..

Hank looked up. "Barely. He's gonna
need O2 and I think something else
is wrong with him. He feels awfully hot
to me."

"Yeah well, we gotta get him out of
here first. Who knows when the gas
company will get L.A's stop order. This
earthquake might have given them
higher priorities.." Roy said. "Last thing
we need is 100 % O2 mixing with all
the fumes in here."

"Hey..Knock it off, t-that's my line." Cap

Roy grinned, which levelled, as he
concentrated on a quick assessment of
Marco's condition.
He got a grip on Lopez's carotid, and paused
as he got an initial breathing rate visually.
"Marco's doing well enough for an evac,
Cap.. Watch him a sec.  I'm going to
see if I can free up a stokes for him and the
resuscitator. Stoker's gonna need it if
that school teacher's down too deep."

"I remember hearing about her.."
Cap shook his head, trying to clear it.
"Yeah. That's right..S-Sounds like a plan.."

Roy looked up at Cap. "Hey. You
all right to be alone for a bit? You still
look groggy."

"It's nothing. I'm only a little woozy.
Go.." he said, meeting Roy's eyes
evenly with his own to show the
truth in his words.

DeSoto studied Cap for a moment
but was finally convinced. He ran.

He got to where the squad's rear
compartment was and started to
lift off rafter beams and ceiling
pieces until he got down to the
rescue truck's heavy equipment
locker doors.

Miraculously, he got everything
he needed free in half a minute.

He set the biophone, drug box,
defib, O2, and the IV box next to
the squad stokes on the brick strewn floor
in the only narrow space available. Along
the wall map's baseboard.

On a whim thought, he grabbed
shovel. ::There's not much digging Chet and
Vince can do getting to Johnny with their
bare hands.::

That done he shouted. "Cap.. How're
you doing?!"

Hank didn't answer right away.

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