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 Father and Son
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          Page Eleven

Johnny said. "Victim One. Earlier laryngeal spasming.
Independently resolved on its own, following a
return to clear air. Oral airway is in place. She's on
sixteen liters of 02, dry. BP 130/102, Respirations
shallow and deep alternating, at 20. Pulse 100.
Pupils equal and reactive. No response to verbal.
Slight to pain on the consciousness level."

"10-4, 51. On Victim One, Keep monitoring for any
deterioration in her respiratory status. Stridor, wheezing,
ineffective lung draws, and then treat the symptoms
when they arrive with 2 mg 1:10,000  epinephrine
into an IV, 51, of normal saline, TKO.

On both victims, keep them warm at as near
normal a body temperature as possible. Make up a burn
chart as needed, showing any areas of ammonia exposure,
it usually takes a few hours after exposure for an ammonia
freezing to show on the skin. Include suspected pulmonary
involvement and any burns of mucosal membranes, such
as in the nose, surrounding the eyes, and involving
the throat. Do not cover any burns found. Keep them
open, 51."

"10-4, Rampart. Burn charting percentages, and
open air for burn protocol." Gage replied. "Rampart
ambulance is on scene."

"Ok, 51. Notify me of any negative change in
their vitals signs and transport as soon as possible."

"10- 4, Rampart."

Johnny, Mendelson and Peters had just finished
starting the three IV's when Roy rushed back
over to Johnny's side, his hair wet, with dry night
turnout trousers on and a clean T-shirt someone had
gotten for him from the engine. "How are they?"
he asked.

Gage handed his partner his notes from the biocom
call and said. "Chet may have a ruptured spleen
on top of his other problems." he said unhappily.
"I probably didn't help him hauling him by the belt
like I did. Doc's got him marked for light vents
if he quits breathing on us."

"Don't feel bad, jarring an internal injury was better
than us just leaving him behind to be melted to slag by a
corrosive cloud, don't you think?"

"I guess. We broke quite a few patient extrication rules
today. On both of them."

"We had to." Roy admitted.

They both turned at Cap's shout. "Gage, we're
through. So's Peters." he said, tossing a head at Chet.

Stoker and Hank began to wash the runoff from
Chet off the roadway and onto the grassy margins.

Roy and Marco helped Johnny bundle the chilled Chet
rapidly into the mast suit and then very warmly
inside a crush of wool run blankets from head to toe.
Mendelson said. "He's still holding fine. Pulling his
air adequately here." he said, of the demand
valve he was still using on Kelly. "Haven't needed
to trigger even once yet."

"Good, if you do, go 50% only, all right." Gage told

"You got it."

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Roy leaned down to Chet's ear. "Chet.. Can you
hear me? "

Chet's eyes stayed closed for they were swelling
from all the water that had streamed over them
from Peter's irrigations but his thick eyebrows rose
slightly at the sound of his name.

Roy smiled. "We're almost on the way to Rampart
where they'll take really good care of that belly pain.
Just keep breathing regular on the 02 like you are.
If you have trouble, we've been authorized MS if
the pain gets too great, just let us know."

Chet lifted his eyebrows once more before he
gave into his involuntary shivering from being water
chilled under the hose. "hhhhhmmphhh." he said

That worried Johnny.

But then a touch of Chet cussedness presented
itself a few minutes later. Kelly all but broke
Roy's hand, hanging on to it, for reassurance.


John and Mendelson rode with Chet and
Daphne in the ambulance while Roy drove
behind the Mayfield. Johnny's hands were
full keeping them both on their flowing
oxygen, double handed, while Mendelson
looked them over inch by inch for burns
for the charts. Chet had several. The woman,

Dr. Early and Dr. Brackett both met them
at the entrance doors.

Dixie was there, too.

She pointed and said......

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From : "Roxy Dee" <>  
Subject : Patch Job~~  
Date : Tue, 03 Dec 2002 15:25:14 +0000

"Treatment Three for the woman. Let's put
your coworker in Two, Johnny. Mendelson,
stay with her long enough to give Dr. Morton
your report, all right? Joe Early's taking your
friend here."

Gage nodded gratefully to Dix for bending the
rules and allowing him to remain by Chet's side.

Roy took full advantage of the favor, too,
slipping inside the treatment room doors with his
walkie talkie on the heels of orderlies arriving with
an xray machine. Another set of them came from
nowhere with a standby bird respirator.
::That Dr. Early's on the ball. Let's hope Chet doesn't
need it.::

Dixie drew the line on the rest of the gang, still in
heavy overcoats smelling faintly of ammonia stench,
keeping them lined up along the wall outside the
treatment room. Gage said, "Cap, I'm all eyes. You'll
know faster than Brackett will about what's going on
with Kelly." Johnny said, lifting his HT. "You called the
squad and engine out of service for a bit?"

Cap's grin and smiles from the rest of them lifted
Johnny's own anxiety a whole heap,  "H*ll yeah.
Using the close call to get ourselves all checked
out by the docs. We might be burned without
even knowing it, don't you know." he winked.
"Tell Kelly his family already knows and is
on the way if he wakes up."

"I will.." Gage said.

The Treatment room doors closed in on Cap's
face, making him wish for the dozenth time that
its wooden surface had a window to see through.
He gave the red "do not enter" sign a light smack
in frustration.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Dr. Early had a full respiratory therapy team there
to assess Kelly's current pulmonary status.
"Johnny, did Chet need the MS in route?" he said,
taking his otoscope and using it to look for
burns inside Chet's nose and mouth. He shifted
to his penlight to examine the membranes in
Chet's eyes.

"Yeah. About five minutes ago, just before
we pulled up here. Look doc, he's really out now.
His pressure's barely holding low normal
with that suit on." Gage said, helping the nurses
and techs shift Chet from the portable EKG
to the hospital one and to trade his D tanked O2,
for the wall port source. "I decided not to monkey
with an oral airway with that wheezing going

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"Ok, Johnny, we'll take it from here." Joe said.
Then Dr. Early noticed the usually talkative Gage
growing as quiet as Roy usually was, and then
he saw the matching looks of worry blooming
suddenly on their faces at the idea of being
driven out of the room. He reconsidered, saying.
"Roy, why don't you check his feet for pedal
pulses so we can rule out descending aorta
involvement..And Johnny, tell me exactly, what
burns you found on him and where.."
Then he turned to Dix, while Carol took a set
of vitals on Chet. "Dixie, page Dr. Brackett for
me would you? He's with his father. And
call for a surgical team. We're going to have to do
an exploratory on Kelly's abdomen to see what's
going on. Carol, get a warming blanket will you?
Seems his core temp's still a little low."

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Twenty five long minutes later, Johnny and Roy
left the treatment room reluctantly, leaving
the pre-op team scurrying to prepare Chet
for his emergency surgery.

Cap and the gang immediately surrounded them.
Every one of them had their helmets off and
respectfully in their gloves. "How is he?" Hank
asked. "Did we get that wash in Kelly's eyes in

Johnny said. "His pupillary responses are still
reactive, Cap. That's a good sign doc says.
That means his eyes aren't burned that badly."

Roy added. "Chet's going to be wheeled into
surgery any minute now. Dr. Early seems to
think his spleen isn't that badly torn. I think
his abdominal guarding was going away."

"Can we see him?" Marco asked.

Right then, Dixie McCall stepped through the
doors with a tray full of blood samples for the
lab and handed it off to a passing nurse. "Take
these to the lab, stat." she said.

She sealed the door after herself before the
gang could peek through. "Now boys, you
know we're doing everything we can for your
friend. Just give him and the doctors some
space so they can do their work, all right?
Chet's vitals are stabilized well enough for his
surgery now so relax.."

Sighs of relief erupted from all the men towering
above her diminutive stature. Then she pegged
them all with an appraising stare. "All right, who
needs to be seen about ammonia exposure..?"

Roy raised his hand. "I do. I took some on the arm."

"This way.." Dix said to him. She smiled when the
whole station crew followed, crowded behind Roy
into treatment four, on the hope of wringing more
reassurance out of her about Chet. She patted the bed,
"Hop up, Roy. Kel's here and he'll take a look at
you while Chet's being readied for surgery."

"Dr. Brackett's here?" Roy said, "I thought he had
the night off? You know, since...." he broke off, he
even paused in pulling off his T- shirt for his coming
exam when he realized he might be on confidential

"Since Kel acted like a belligerent school kid and drove
his fist through a deck door window? Pretty amazing,
I know. But what son isn't prone to his father pushing
some sensitive buttons, hmm?" she quipped.

"Is Dr. Brackett all right?" Johnny asked, concerned
for the senior physician. "We were pretty shocked
when Mendelson told us what happened on the way
in with Chet and the woman."

"He's sore, with thirty two stitches, but at least, he's
got a reason to smile tonight.
Brent Brackett and Kel have decided to mend
some fences even after THIS long.. " she said with
intense secrecy. "Kel told me the news only an hour
ago from the restaurant." she whispered. Then
aloud. "Quit cowering, all. You fellas are all family so,
of course, I'll tell you everything about this whole
stupid complex of Kel's. And I'll tell you more
too. Just as soon as I understand enough of it to voice
into legible words..I'm a woman, remember, and it
usually takes me a while to fathom out father/son
feuds. Especially when the two involved are good
friends of mine." she grunted, partial laughing, while
taking a BP on Roy. She finished and wrote it down.
"Any dizziness, Roy? Odd things going on with your

"No. I'm fine. The hosing wash I took in the decontam
tent took care of all that."

Dix slid over a blood draw tray and tied on a tourniquet
to obtain samples from him. "Yeah? Well, Dr. Brackett
is still giving you his own once over just to be on the safe
side. I'm just the front line of defenses.."


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"Don't worry. Kel'll tear right out of here to scrub
up the second Chet's fully prepped and anesthetized."

They piped down when Kel came through the treatment
doors not alone, but accompanied by Brent Brackett,
the tyrannical father figure they had heard so much about
through Mendelson in the hall.

Dix cast significant eyes at Johnny and Roy and the rest
of the gang in the room and angled her head to show
her statement about their making amends was really
quite true. She started heading for the door.

Kel called out after her. "Say Dix, did you get Roy's
blood samples for the l--?"  he broke off when Dix
held up the three vials already clasped in her long
fingernails without turning around. "oh... ok."

Dixie winked at the gang on her way out.

Dr. Brackett noticed the unusual presence of Roy's
coworkers in the room, trying to blend in with
the glass medicine cabinets. "Roy, you've quite an
entourage of fans here. Didn't know you were so
popular. Thought Gage here was the star in your

"They're worried about Chet, doc." DeSoto said
without smiling.

"Nothing to worry about." Brent Brackett spoke
up instantly.

Dr. Brackett stiffened at his father's intrusion into
his patient / doctor territory, but the firemen all saw
Kel relax a bit when Kel realized Brent was actually
bringing his own skills to bear accordingly as
was his right as senior attending house psychologist.

"We just left him and his chest Xray, young man.
Looking good. Both of them." Brent told Roy and
the rest of the firemen in the room, hanging on
to his white coat's lapels.

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 Father and Son
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