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      Page Eleven

"Why? Got a reason to be?"

"Yeah. A good one. Guess who replaced you while
you and Joanne and the kids were having it
up in Florida."

"No, ..don't tell me..."

"Yeah.. Craig Brice.." Johnny said putting on his work
shoes. He was so worked up, that he broke a

Roy was kind enough not to laugh and wordlessly,
he handed his partner a package of new ones
that he knew Johnny hadn't had the foresight
to buy from the drugstore.

"Thanks." Johnny said and he unlaced the old and
did up the replacement deftly. "I'll tell you
why else I'm depressed. We had a new trainee."

"Chet didn't.." Roy interjected, his eyes getting real big.

"No, .." Johnny sighed. "Chet didn't. He got an
earful of just what kinds of things we paramedics go
through from Detello and company and chickened
out on taking any ride alongs. That delayed him enough
that he blew his chance to train in the field this quarter
with a squad. He's gonna have to wait until next year to
enroll if he's still interested since the next batch of classes
have already begun." Johnny said.

"Then why are you so glum?  You didn't have your
paramedic partner trainee from h*ll." Roy asked.

"I had a new .... " and he sighed. "..GIRL trainee. And
you'll never guess who it was."


"Brice's cousin."

"Brice has a cousin?"

"Yeah, and she's nearly as bossy and analytical as
he is. Why, we weren't even ten feet out the door
on our first run, when she suddenly started quoting
rules and regs at me. Said my helmet was too big."

"It is. Didn't you learn your lesson when it fell off
your head after that monkey virus got to you on
that scaffoulding?" Roy said drolly.

Johnny blinked. "Would ya look at that. Hey guys..
Would ya look at that?!" he shouted through the
kitchen door. "My best bud, my partner to whom I
entrust life and limb, agrees with the comments
from that annoying probie!!"

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Naturally, there was no reply from the gang
in the kitchen.

"You couldn't have been suffering that
badly last week,  Johnny.."

"Oh, really. Pray tell why..."

"Henry's not here.." and Roy closed his locker
door calmly and left for breakfast.


They had just about finished the pancakes when
a station call came out.

##Station 51, Station 10, Truck 127. Battalion 14.
......School fire at Roosevelt Elementary....##

Roy's heart skipped a beat. "Oh no.. Not again."

Johnny said as he snatched up his jacket.
"Roy, now you're gonna do just fine. It's most
likely just a false alarm again. Now, come on,
let's go.."

##....13000 Technology Drive. 13000 Technology Drive.
Cross street, Maple. Time out, 9:57.##

"L.A., 10-4. This is Station 51. KMG 365." Stoker replied
in communications acknowledgement.

They rolled out..

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From:  "Roxy Dee" <>
Date:  Wed Jan 15, 2003  5:44 pm
Subject:  The Call of Angels~~


Station 51 pushed the envelope to arrive on
on scene. As it was, they were the first.

A stumbling, smoke stained janitor ran out of the building
and was met by a throng of teachers who were trying
to control their classrooms of children calmly and
collectively. They caught him as he fell and lowered him
to the ground.

One moustached balding superintendant grabbed
him by the arms."Charlie! Now that was plumb stupid.
The building's clear. You didn't have to go back
in there. No boiler's valuable enough for that."

Charlie, silver haired and Asian, just coughed, gripping
his chest. "Yes... I ...did...sir. The water heater and
the gas line's the next room over.. If they go.. The
northside classrooms are still evacuating
Aghh.. My chest!!" and he gasped, then gurgled.

The superintendant heard sirens and looked up to
see a fire department rescue squad screech to a halt
on the street a safe distance away from the school.

Gage and DeSoto stepped out to the nearest bunch
of teachers. Frightened kids milled about everywhere.
"What's the situation here?" Johnny asked one of

The young substitute teacher said. "There's a fire in
the basement. Boiler room according to Charlie.
There's a lot of chemicals stored in there."

Johnny ran along to the cab and shouted to Cap
and the gang who had just pulled up the red
pumper, spewing long hose. "Cap!  Substructure.
And chemicals!"

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"I want everybody in full SCBA! " Cap waved on
Vince and two other polices cars to begin crowd
control. Then he contacted L.A. through his hand
held radio. "L.A. We've got smoke showing from
a two story brick building. Assign a third alarm

##10-4, 51. ## And the fire captain heard the
dispatcher assign two other stations to the call.

Then a teacher ran up to Cap and hung onto his
arm. "Listen. There's still people trying to get
out on the north side. And we've a man hurt!"
she said.


"He's in the parking lot.." she coughed.

"You ok, maam?" Cap said.

"I'm fine. Just a little smoke. I gotta get
back to my kids.." she shouted and fled
his grip.

Cap looked around and saw Gage and DeSoto
already air bottled and connecting hose to
the yellow hydrants on the block. "Gage!
DeSoto! There's a victim over there. Check
it out!"  

He saw his men look up and see where
he was pointing.

Then he called for four ambulances
judging from the number of coughing
kids he could see crying and sitting on the

Johnny and Roy abandoned what they
were doing to grab their medical gear.

Chet and Marco took over their task of
charging the hoses.

Johnny grabbed the O2 and the biophone
while Roy got the drug and IV boxes.
"Cap! We're on it.."

They soon found the superintendant with
Charlie the janitor, who was now unconscious.
Johnny reached for the man's neck.
"Thready. Might be his heart."

The superintendant nodded. "He did say his
chest hurt him. I guess he was in the fire too

"I'll patch him in.." Roy said, unbuttoning
the man's shirt while Johnny set him on
some oxygen. He looked up while he
fastened the EKG leads to the janitor's
chest. "Listen, sir.. Do you know if everybody
made it out?"

The superintendant, distracted by the melee
of panicking children and teachers just
mumbled. "I- I don't know. I.. some of the
staff seems to think the classrooms on the
north side were still trying to make it out."

Roy made a decision.. "Johnny. I can't wait.
You got things here?"

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Gage looked up from the BP he was taking on
the man. His face filled with doubt about Roy's
plans but then he nodded when his ears picked
up the sound of Station Ten pulling up into
the smoky school yard. "Bring someone with

"Cap, I'm going in to help with the evacuation!"
DeSoto called out.

"Grab a man from 10!" Cap said, waving him
on while he filled Battalion Fourteen in on the

Roy ran to the open aired engine just pulled up.
He waved the station's medics on, "A heart case,
near the basketball court..Johnny's with him now.
Go. Move.. We have all the gear you'll need."

10 's paramedics ran.

Then he tapped the nearest fireman's shoulder from
the bunch pulling hose from the fire engine. The
big man turned around. It was Detello.

"Well, if it isn't DeSoto. What's up?, er, besides
the obvious.." he said with a fleeting smile. But
already he was all business.

"Evac.. on the north side, Come on..!" Roy said.

Detello took his cue from the men from 51 running
around with air bottles and he took his own, with
an axe and door markers. On a thought, he
grabbed an asbestos blanket.

"What's with that?" Roy asked as they ran towards
the smoking building.

"Just a hunch, Roy. Can't explain it."

DeSoto and Detello put on their face masks and
entered the building. They arrived just in time to
help one last teacher make it to the sunlight.
Detello gave her some air through his mask
as they helped her to her kids in the clearer

They set her on the ground. "Just keep breathing
a few on this.." Detello told her. "You'll be fine."

The young teacher pulled it away. "I'm missing
Cindy. Oh my g*d."

A stab ran through Roy's stomach and his
world dimmed. He looked up at the building
from which flames now rose and a chemical
stench. ::Ammonia..::

He heard Detello question the woman and soon,
they got hasty directions to that classroom.

The big firefighter waved over an arriving fire
station to take care of the woman and he
and DeSoto put back on their masks and
helmets and both ran back to the door they
had just gone through getting out. Detello
still carried the asbestos blanket, like a

Roy smacked Detello's arm. "Which way?"

"Left! Down the hall. First room on the right
by the stairwell. Watch the right. It's a door
leading to the sub basement. Bound to be hot!"

Roy got on his hand radio and told the Batallion
station they were searching for a victim and

They entered a third grade class room which
was barely visible in the smoke. "Hey! can
anybody hear me!" Detello shouted.

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Roy and he searched and upturned desks
hastily, crouching low enough to the floor
so they could see their boots and any
body they might find.

The heat, was oppressive and they could hear
the sizzle in the air from the leaking ammonia
creating thicker gases and smoke near the ceiling.

The noise of flames and the alarm bells forced
Detello and Roy to use hand signals to communicate
while they searched both that classroom and
the next.  Roy paused at each door and closed it,
after marking it with a search slash when they
were through.

"She couldn't have gone far.. The exit's right there.."
Roy said in frustration through his mask.

Detello's head snapped around at a sound only
he heard and he pushed Roy back into the lockers
and brought both of them down to the stone tiles
in the hallway.

There was a huge explosion that ripped through the
sub basement and blew out all the classroom windows
of the school.

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