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He brought the black phone receiver to
his ear and plugged in the red comm
box's aerial antennae.

##Rampart this is Squad 51, How do you

From:  "Cassidy Meyers" <>
Date:  Fri Oct 25, 2002  7:58 pm
Subject:  Hard Run..

Special acknowledgements to Story Consult--
Justafan1701-  on LACoFD Telecommunications
and earthquake seismology.

Mike looked down as Cindy Thorne started
actively coughing under the resuscitator.
He lifted it free to make sure she wasn't
getting ill. "Easy.." he said as she began
to struggle as some consciousness returned.
He sighed in relief when he saw that she
wasn't sick at all.
"Miss Thorne. Keep this over your face.
It's just an oxygen mask. You took in
some gas in there from the stove but
you're going to be fine."

"Oh,hhh... Robbie? Rachael?....I
can't see any of them.!" she said, gasping,
knocking Mike's hands away.

Cap near them turned from Marco.
"Cindy! No.." he shouted and they both
grabbed her head and shoulders when
she suddenly sat up. Immediate dizziness
almost made her pass out again.
"Stoker, she's probably just worried about
the kids. Hang on there a sec, pal."

Cap took her face into his hands,
cradling her cheeks, until he made
full eye contact. "Cindy? It's all right.
They're all out.. You are too. Now
just lie back down and let us make
sure that you're ok. Help's already
here from another engine company
and we'll be outta here just as soon
as we can. But first, you gotta take
in some more O2. It'll help clear your
head. And it will make you feel a h*ll of
a lot better.  All right?"

Cindy coughed, trying to focus on
Mike and Cap blearily, but finally,
she let them lower her back down
to the ground when their calm reasoning
finally registered in her brain.
Then she noticed Marco, "Oh, is
he ok? He's hurt!..." she gasped,
blinking in distress.

"He's fine. His story's the same as
yours." Mike said to her. "He's just
decided to nap a bit longer than you.."

Cap shot eyes at Stoker and he
nodded in agreement for her benefit.
"Now, just keeping breathing
this in. " Hank said, setting the O2
back over her face.."That's it.. Nice
and easy. Stoker's gonna stay with
you for a while here until you get
your equilibrium back."

"But.." she said weakily, muffled through
the mask as she tried to get used to
it being there.

"Don't worry about your students.
There's a police officer here who'll
watch the children for you.."
he looked up.. "Annddd...right now,
it looks like most of them are playing
tag with our station dog..They're just fine,
really." Cap said matter of factly with a
huge grin, brushing hair and debris out
of her face.

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Cindy Thorne closed her eyes
when her shock suddenly overtook
her mental will. "Oh, ..I've
got to..reach their..paren--.."

"We'll do that soon. Just rest for
a bit. I'm sure tha--" Mike broke off
his comment when she blacked out.
He moved a hand to her carotid as
she went limp. Cap eyed him but
he waggled his head. "She's all right.
Still moving air on her own. There's
resistance here." he said, checking
with a test vent on the mask into
her lungs. "Got a pulse rate about 100.
I'll get an actual draw count for DeSoto
when he's set.."

Cap sat back down onto his
rump, letting his weariness show
in his face again. He gingerly felt
the back of his head and it came
away bloodied. "Good. Keep on
her, Stoker.. I'll get back to Lopez."

Roy was only half aware of the teacher's
brief episode of awakening. He was
concentrating on listening close
to the biophone. "Rampart this is
rescue 5-1. Do you copy?"

** Static  **

Roy changed channels on the biophone,
to the little used all call band, redirecting
his comm transmission to HQ LA. "LA, this is
squad 51, is our channel clear to Rampart?
We can't seem to raise them."

** Static **

Johnny looked up from watching Chet
immobilize the rod running through his
hand, trying not to wince. "Think the
repeaters are out?" he asked Roy.

"Maybe.." DeSoto said. "LA must be
scrambling to get an all stations check
and haven't found out that our
district's radio relay is down."

"He got through before.. I heard
him when the kids and I were
still ducking down in the engine cab."
Chet said.

"That was landline, Chet." John said.
"We were in the stationhouse."

"I know. Things can change quickly following an
earthquake.." Kelly said. "But, you know how
good those guys are about reestablishing a comm
net once a problem is detected."

"Well, Miss Thorne and Marco can't wait."
Roy said. He lifted his HT.
"LA, this is Squad 51."

##Go ahead, 51..##

"Our radio telemetry seems to be
out on our biophone. Is there anyway
you can relay to Rampart General
Hospital for us? We've four victims
that need a doctor's attention right

There was a longer than average pause.
Even Cap looked up at the delay.

##Squad 51.  All channels have been
utilized for emergency broadcast
communication only. Disaster protocol
is in place. Suggest using a landline to
Rampart. If the telephone line to the
station house has been effected, payphones
are showing as still in service in your area. ##

"Payphones?" Gage said incredulously.

Cap piped up.. "Yeah. Payphones. They've got
underground cabling. The same dirt which
knocked out the repeaters alignment must have
cushioned the payphone network. Makes sense.
DeSoto, free up off the biophone. Let the man
work. We'll try his suggestion first.."

Roy shrugged, uncertain and embarrassed he
even bothered LA, who was now set in a higher priority
moding. "10-4, LA. We copy. We'll 10-8 to a landline."

#Squad 51..# the head dispatch acknowledged.

"Cap, why didn't you tell me not to biocall?"

"Quite frankly Roy, I'm not up on earthquake
scenario past the basics. I was in the dark just
as much as you were. First time I've ever been
in one." Hank shrugged.

"First time for me, too.." came the
voice of Captain Stone, from very near by.
He waved his men over with the requested
stokes and they clustered around the group in
Station 51's shattered backyard. "So, far, we've
all been using HT's. But only between units.
I found out from MacConike about the landline
trick for our rescue squad."

"Who's here?" Gage piped up.

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"Gil and Brice...They're getting the 02
and their gear. We figured you boys
wouldn't have had much equipment left
after that.." Stone replied throwing a thumb
over his shoulder at the rubble between
the bunkhouse and kitchen ends of station 51.
"Cap. We've been inside. The gas is off and
we're already opening holes to ventilate. All the
fumes are gone. And believe it or not. Your
kitchen phone is working. Gil's already got
Rampart on the line for you.
Switch to our station's frequency on your
handheld to get him. He's set to relay."

Roy spoke up, "Thanks, Captain Stone. But I think
I should field that call personally. I've got
all our patient info up here.." and he
pointed to his head. "One to one, that way,
with the doctor would be faster."

"Fair enough.  I'll send Gil out here to assist
Brice on treatment." Stone shrugged.

They all turned when some of Engine 8's
crew dropped down the rest of the rear
door from the mangled garage using a
short K-12 application, offering easy
access back into the shattered heart
of Station 51.

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