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"Oh, man.." Cap groaned. "I didn't want to
see that.." he said as a falling rafter kicked loose
from a wind gust, and smashed into the main
dome light on top of the Ward's cab, pulverizing it.

Vince piped up to Stone's men.
"Ok, let's get these kids out of
here. They're students from Grover
Middleland school. That's their
teacher lying over there. Move out.
I've got additional squad cars here so
we can evac all of them."

Firemen moved to escort the frightened
children away from the scene.

Roy rose to his feet. "Johnny. Hey.
I've got to go back inside. Take it
easy now. And try to get along with Brice,
huh? He's going to be senior assessor
here, even over you, all right?"

He jogged, gripping his handy talkie,
and ran by Brice, who was
coming, helmeted, with gear.

"I know that. I'll be a professional!"
Johnny shouted after his partner.
He winced when the effort shot a bolt
of pain through his hand.

"That's professional patient, Gage.
The moment Squad 8 got on scene,
they bumped you out of service man.."
Chet said.

"Don't rub it in, Chet." Johnny spat.

His anger was tempered when Bonnie,
suddenly free of her children charges,
came running up. She reared up, planting
kisses of worry and affection onto his chin.

Johnny smiled in spite of himself.

Brice rushed by Roy without even looking
fully at him.. "The woman?"

Roy said, running in the opposite direction.
"Still breathing.. Marco's gas inhalation too!"
he shouted after him. Roy wheeled, reluctant
to leave the yard, until Cap re- enforced his
departure to the kitchen phone with an
arched eyebrow..

Captain Stone was on DeSoto's heels
to make sure that flashlights were
delivered to the dark kitchen for Roy's
note dictation via landline.

He sent more men arriving from the responding
units to the surrounding area to cruise for trouble
spots beyond Station 51's scene. As an after thought,
he got his engineer to pull up 51's squad and the LaFrance
out of the garage once the worst of the roofing debris
had been pulled off of them.  Stone huffed
a breath on his sleeve and polished the door handle
of the engine when he saw Hank watching him
once the two trucks were free of the garage rubble.

Cap chuckled when he saw that little move and
lifted his HT. "Needs a lot more than a wax job,
Ben.. Appreciate it, though."

Stone added, ##I'll have my crew check em out.
Neither of them are leaking fuel.. I got a fanning
hose wash on them just in case.##

"Take good care of my boys and my station.."
Cap sighed, and he let Stone's men move him
to a stokes for a lie down and soon, he was
fitted with an O2 cannula and his turnout
was removed. Hank's HT, however, stayed
fast in his grip by his head, where he
could hear everything, even as he let go
physically and mentally. He felt a man move
closer to monitor him as he closed his eyes.

"Night Cap.." Gage said, lying in his own
stokes. "Don't doze too deep with that
headcrack of yours."

"I won't. Just don't gore Brice with that
hand pike of yours."


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Moments later, Brice finished crossing the yard and
he knelt by Cindy Thorne first for a new vitals set.

He looked up to see Bonnie still bathing Johnny's chin
with kisses and Gage being too out of it to push
her away. "Getting mouth to mouth from a dog,
Gage? Must be protocol I haven't yet heard about."

"Very funny. This dog saved my life, I'm not about
to tick her off by complaining.." he said, lifting
Bonnie into the stokes where she
promptly laid down in between his legs, setting
a worried muzzle and front paws onto his
stomach, still softly whining with stress.

Brice curbed his banter. "What have we got here
Gage? Roy didn't tell me much.."

"Stoker revived the woman. No trauma.
Cap's got a blow to the back of his head.
Pupils equal and reactive. Marco's out,
febrile after unknown LOC drop. BP, 94/60, Resp 12,
shallow. Pulse 92. Me, I, uh.. Almost
choked in a cave-in. Puked out a lot of
ingested mud. Chest seems clear. And
I got this little little..problem--mm ." he
said lifting his stabbed hand.

The sight of the rod made Brice pause and
he sank his glasses lower on his nose to
get a closer look at it from where he
was listening to Cindy's breath sounds
through a stethoscope.

Brice asked Chet, "Blood loss.." he said.
snapping his fingers, about Gage.

"Oh, uh, Gage lost about 600 CC before
I got that tourniquet in plac--"

"Get him on a cannula, Kelly. 4-6 liters O2.
Use our unit. Elevate his legs.
Then position your captain with his head
raised. I'll be right with you, Gage.
Almost through assessing this woman."
Brice said.

But Johnny didn't answer.

Gil arrived from the rubble and
took Brice's pointing hint to check Johnny's
consciousness level as Chet followed
his medical orders to a T.

The two Station 8 medics got to work..


Inside the dark and silent kitchen,
Roy's face was illuminated by flashlight
and he took the phone from the
Station 8 paramedic waiting for him
there. "Thanks Gil. I'm trading places
with ya.."

"Sure thing. It's Brackett on the line."
And Gil ran off to the yard.

Roy set his HT on the phone top
and nodded to the fireman with the
flashlight to go about his business,
grabbing the torch from his gloves
as he set the kitchen phone receiver
to his face. Roy shifted the light under
one arm so he could see his notepad.
"Rampart, this is Squad 51. How do you

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As he waited for a return, Roy had his
first real, thinking look at the devastation
that the quake had brought to his station.

He watched as a frightened
sparrow arrowed through the airspace
where the garage roof had been.

::Will we be able to get over all of this?::
came the thought, unbidden.

A familiar voice broke Roy out of his
fear. ##This is Rampart. Go ahead, 51.
You're reading loud and clear..##

Roy sighed and almost sobbed when
Kel's steady confident baritone met
his ear. "Doctor Brackett. We've uh,
four victims at our location. The earthquake
has pretty much destroyed the stationhouse
here. Trauma is apparent.
Three of my victims are... are  Code I.
 Victim one.
A female approximate age, twenty two.
Found apneic from natural gas inhalation.
Now breathing on her own on one
hundred percent 02.
 Victim two.
Unconscious. Moderate gas inhalation
and etiology of unknown fever on ten
liters O2.
 Victim three.
Cave-in. Obstructed airway now relieved.
Ingested mud. Foreign body impalement
of the left hand. Arterial bleeding is under
 Victim four.
Possible head injury with history of blackout,
awake and oriented. Pupils equal and reactive."

##10-4, 51.## came Kel's voice. Roy
could hear the man's concern seeping through
his doctor mode even through his short
reply back. #Can you give me full
vitals for Victim one?#

"R-right. doc.. uh. ..s-she's.." and his
voice caught; the sudden realization of what
had happened finally sinking in. "Well, she's like
I said and..and..  I- I'm sorry doc..
I can't--"

At the base station, Dixie and Kel's faces
fell out of their professional shells at
the sound of pain in his voice. Brackett
was stunned, hearing his best medic
fall apart on the job. He felt Dix
tap him sharply on the arm and looked
up to see her give him a do something look.

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