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From:  "Cory Anda" <>
Date:  Sat Oct 26, 2002  2:14 am
Subject:  Big Time Complication

"Hang on, we're HT to the outside here.
Relaying direct to station 8's paramedics.
Please stand by. Vitals to follow." Roy said.

##Standing by..##


Five minutes later, DeSoto had his initial
medical orders relayed to the yard to
Gil and Brice over his hand held.

Dr. Brackett asked Roy one more question.
##What's your ETA on an ambulance ?##

"We don't know that yet, doc. Depends on
how badly the roads in our area are damaged."
Roy said.

##10-4, 51. Get them here any way you can.
When you can. ##

"Yep.." Roy said, impatient. "Just wish I

Kel added. ##I'll be frank with you, Roy.
Gage, we can turn around, same with
your captain and the school teacher.
It's Marco I'm worried about. I don't like
the fact that his vitals are sinking like this
and the fact we can't figure out his LOC
or snap him out of it with epinephrine. Or
that sudden onset of fever.. And
another thing, that odd bloody patching Gil
found in his throat's d*mned pec--
Hang on Roy, Joe's telling me something.##
There was a pause and Roy could hear
the two doctors confirming a new
development. Brackett came back online.
##Roy, we've got word there's a battalion
triage station setting up near you.
Joe's just heard about it from squad 99.
They're treating victims there, just down the
block from your 10-20. Perhaps you can
move out to their location as an alternate
to transporting here if the roads prove
to be impassable. Wait a minute, on
second thought, I want you to utilize
them instead of us here at Rampart,
understood? I'm getting orders now
from FEMA for some of us to be flown in,
over the alert scanner..## Dr. Brackett said.

More warbles came that Roy couldn't quite
make out. Then an exclamation..

##Beautiful! That solved our problem,
Roy. Just got my own orders to
report out to your own area within the next
fifteen minutes. I'll rendevous with you
myself to see your victims. Count on me
muscling in to be their attending MD.##  

"Appreciate it, doc.. listen, off the
record. Just how bad is it out there?"

##My guess is extremely localized for
the most part. All the runs coming in
that are quake related are in the same one
mile square area. No major fires, but my
casualty reports are still sketchy.##

A ruckus outside the kitchen caught Roy's
attention; police clashing with media types.

Roy's forehead furrowed as he gripped
the phone tighter. "Listen doc. I know
you're busy.. Could you do me a favor? Could
you have Dixie call our families to let them
know we're all right. No doubt they're pretty
panicked watching us on their television sets,
I see a camera crew out there right now,
bumping heads with the PD."

##Will do, Roy. Contact base again if there
are further developments. See you soon.##

"10-4. Squad 51, out."

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Roy hung up the phone, and walked the
few feet to the plaster powdered kitchen
table in weariness. He wiped the sweat off his
blood caked face with a dusty towel he
found there and slowly began recapturing his wits,
leaning against it, until a sensation of heat
against his back made him jump off its edge.  

It was a coffee pot, still warm and steaming
from where Johnny had left it before the quake.
Roy stared at its unreal normalcy, smelled its
perfumey steam curls, delicately wafting in his
flashlight's beam, until a shout from the
yard caused him to hightail it back
outside as fast as he could..

"What do you mean it's my fault he's
shocky?! I couldn't have started O2 on
him any sooner because both lines
were on Marco and the girl, who needed
the help more at the time, Brice, so back
off ! If Gage were awake, I'm sure he'd
be agreeing with me wholeheartedly!"

Roy got himself between Kelly and Brice.
"Hey hey hey.. Hush down! Just what's
the matter with you two? We've got
nosy press types already in the driveway.
This is no time to let personality clashes
come to a boil where they might overhear it.."
he said.

All the while he spoke, Roy was watching
Gil, who was keeping well out of it. He didn't miss
Gil speeding up an IV of Ringers Lactate on Marco,
nor his slipping in an oral airway on him.

Roy's practiced eye also saw that Cindy's
atropine, to boost her respirations, had
already been administered from the sight of
the yellow pop caps on the ground.
   Mike was now absent.
::Stoker must have gone on to damage patrol.
Cindy's only on a light nonrebreather. At least,
she's doing better.:: He got an OK gesture
from Gil about her, pantomimed.

Another part of his mind dealt with putting
his two coworkers sharply into line.
"Keep it down to a quiet roar if you two
have to argue. Or better yet, let's all
just do our jobs here, as a team.." he
lectured. "We'll take a vote on who was
right over a poker game once our butts are
safe and sound on solid ground next week,
all right..?!"

Chet and Brice both studied the ground,
then both looked sheepishly around to make
sure that Stone, nor any of his men had
overheard their petty bickering.

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"That's better.." Roy said, glaring at Brice
and Chet, as he began crouching by
Marco to look at his pupils. "Now here's
the scoop. Brackett's on his way here.
It's looking more and more that the roads
might be out in our vicinity for there's
a helicopter triage station area just down
the boulevard. It's already up and running.
So let's get our victims out of here and
where we'll be able to do them the most
good all right?"

For two minutes, the four of them mobilized
and packed up all of their equipment and

Just then, Captain Stone returned to the yard.
He was oblivious to the tension just evaporating.
"Ok, everybody.We're moving out. There's a triage-"

Roy cut in. "Uh, yes sir. Captain. We got word
from Brackett about it. We're set.. We're
ready to move when you are. Everyone
is stabilized and supported on O2."

"Fast work.. All right. Let's do it.." he
gestured to his men who ran out of
the station house following a very
hasty cleanup and damage check.

The runaway hydrant had long since
been emergency capped.

"But there's been a further change.We're
opening your bunk house to these triage
victims of yours and any others who
are waiting turns to be flown out of the
disaster area.  Only the garage bay
was unstable boys, the rest of the
station checks out.
You may be running a triage base station
for this block from right here.."

"Understood, Cap.." Brice said.
"I'll move our gear into there."

Stone looked down at Captain Stanley,
who was mumbling to himself in his
half sleep, giving random orders based
on what he was hearing in his ear through
the talkie. "Is he ok?  Saw him go out
a few minutes ago."

"He's on just a precautionary IV,
and his vitals are fine, Cap." Roy said.
"He won't be running any operations
but that doesn't mean he won't be
dreaming about us doing it. He's got
quite a grip on that hand held. He's
hanging on every word. Even in his
sleep." he grinned. "His concussion
appears to be minor."

Stone didn't move from his hands on
hips planted position, so Roy
volunteered to him a quick a medical
rundown on all the others too.
"Ok.." Stone said, satisfied.
"I'll let the triage head know what
you got.."  

Stone got teams of men to grab the
four stokes to haul them into
the sleeping quarters of Station 51
and out of the hot California sun.

Already, earthquake dust was making
the air hard to breathe.

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