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Father and Son
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      Page Seventeen

"How is he?" Chet Kelly anxiously inquired.

Brackett folded his arms and frowned.
"Right now, he's all worked up! Claims
he has something important to tell the
two of you. Gentlemen, it's essential that
he remain as calm and as quiet as possible..."

ICU's visitors nodded their understanding.

So, Kel' pushed the portal to 602 back
open and waved them inside, "One
minute!" he allotted and let the door
swing shut.

Gage spotted his guests and practically
shouted, "You guys have got to get
back to that house! There's somebody

"Calm down, Johnny!" his partner pleaded.
"Who's hurt?"

"I don't know. It was kinda' dark. It
looked like a man."

DeSoto and Kelly exchanged knowing
glances. They decided to humor him.
"Okay, Johnny. We'll go back to the
house and rescue the man. You just
lie still and don't worry...he'll be just

Gage gazed into his friends' faces.
He could tell they didn't really believe
him. "You don't believe me!" he
exclaimed and tried to sit up. "You
gotta believe me! He's layin' at the
bottom of a SECRET stairs!"

The ICU nurse shoved his antsy,
all-riled-up partner back down on
his bed.

"We'd better leave!" DeSoto quickly
determined and he and his fellow visitor
began beating a hasty retreat.

"No! Don't go! I hafta tell yah how
to get to the SECRET passage! It's
behind the bookcase! Mystery On
Dobbin's Moor! Be careful! The bookcase
is DEADLY!" John stopped shouting
as the door swung shut. He turned
to his tough nurse, "Let me go! I've
got to make a phone call!"

Brackett glanced up from the medical
chart he'd been studying and gave
Gage's guests an annoyed glare. "That
visit went over well!" he sarcastically
commented. "What was all the shouting

"That bump on the head must've
scrambled his brains," Roy replied,
"He saw a Late Late show about a
month ago, and now he's hallucinating
houses with hidden rooms!"

The doctor cocked one eyebrow,
"What did he tell you?"


"I don't think he was hallucinating. What
exactly did he say?"

Gage's guests glanced at each other again.

Kelly went first. "Well, he said there was
somebody hurt back at that house."

"Yeah," DeSoto chimed in, "He said it looked
like a 'man'."

"Then he said something about a secret
stairway and a secret passage," Kelly

"I think you should check it out!" John's
doctor advised, speaking in dead earnest.
"I examined Johnny just before you went
in there. He was completely mentally alert.
And," he paused,"he's covered with bruises...
like the bruises one would get from falling
down a flight of stairs. Now, Chet claims
he didn't fall down the stairs he was he fell down a hidden

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Roy remained skeptical.

But Kelly was beginning to come around.
"It would explain a lot of things," he was
forced to admit.

"What things?" DeSoto wondered.

"Well, the call for instance. Remember?
It came in MAN down...unknown type
rescue. And, Johnny had to get to the
first floor somehow...and somebody had
to phone the call in...It would also explain
why they couldn't find his helmet!"

"That call has been bugging me all night!"
Roy remarked and started striding off in
the direction of a phone.

Brackett and Kelly followed along.

Roy picked up the receiver and dialed
a number from memory.

"Los Angeles County Fire Department
Central Dispatch," one of the dispatchers
answered, "May I help you?"

"Yes. This is Squad 51. I need to
speak to the person who answered
an emergency call at around eleven.
The call was to 213 East Morrow Drive."

"Standby, 51," the dispatcher acknowledged
and placed the call on hold.

Two minutes later, a woman came back
on the line. "Hello?"

"Hi. This is Squad 51. Did you receive
the call from 213 East Morrow Drive
last night?"

"Yes. Why? Did it turn out to be a hoax?"

DeSoto stiffened, "Why'd you ask that?"

"Some hysterical woman called,
screaming something about her husband
finding a secret passage in her brother's
house. Can you imagine? A secret passage?"

Roy slammed the phone down. "Tell Johnny
I'm sorry I ever doubted him!" he requested
of Brackett, before tearing off down the
hospital corridor with Chet hot on his heels.
They skidded to a stop in front of the elevators
and DeSoto hit the DOWN button. "L.A.,
Squad 51," he spoke into his HT.

"Go ahead, 51..."

"L.A., we have a silent alarm at 213 East
Morrow Drive. Request an ambulance and
Engine 51's assistance."

"10-4, Squad 51...213 East Morrow Drive...
Two-One-Three East Morrow Drive...
Ambulance and Engine 51 responding...
Time Out...2:13"

Kelly caught the Time Out time and turned
to DeSoto, wearing the oddest expression
on his moustached face. "2:13? How weird
is tha-at?!"

The elevator arrived and swallowed them up,
before Brackett could catch the paramedic's reply.

The physician managed an amused snort and
decided to go deliver DeSoto's message. He
turned around and ran smack dab into his father.

"Don't you ever sleep?" the senior Dr.
Brackett queried lightly.

"Dad! What on earth are you doing here at
this hour?"

"Attempted suicide. 604. What about you?"

"Concussion. 602. Since when do you
get called in for a psyche consult?"

"Since I volunteered my services in the--in
your E.R.. Since when do you get called in
for a concussion at, " Brent paused to glance
at his Rolex, " 2 a.m.?"

"Since I left standing orders to be notified
whenever any of my family members or
close, personal friends come through the

"'d be called in...for me?" his
father tentatively inquired.

"Twice!" Kel assured him, with a wry
smile, "You made BOTH lists!" The younger
Dr. Brackett's smile broadened into a grin,
and he disappeared behind the door to
ICU Room 602.

Brent Brackett chuckled and then vanished
next door, into 604.


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From: 'Katherine Bird' <>
Subject : [emergencytheaterlive] For Whom the Tome Tolls.
Date : Sunday, December 15th, 2002.    23:22:09  GMT

Roy and Chet beat the Engine to 213 Morrow
Drive and got out. They shed helmets
onto the squad's roof, knowing that they
wouldn't be needing them inside.

Chet was bouncing with more than just
professional urgency. Nervousness was
making him babble.
"I don't know what you think I can do
once we find him in there Roy. I'm not
a paramedic." Chet whined, taking drug, IV,
and the splint box from the side compartment
as they hastened to gather all they would

Roy afforded him a wry look. "You
got two arms and know how to use a
resuscitator. That's all you need to know
if CPR's needed. I can handle the rest until
the Engine gets here. It's been a half hour,
no doubt Johnny's replacement has
already reported in. He'll be coming with
the Ward and the gang, sitting in your spot."

"True enough. I wonder who was sent as
Johnny's replacement.."

DeSoto snatched up the defibrillator, short
02 case, the biophone and two hefty hand
held flashlights.  He freed one hand long enough
to thumb his HT. "L.A., Squad 51. On scene."

"10-4, 51."

"L.A., what's Engine 51's ETA?"

Before L.A. could answer, Cap's sleepy
voice piped in over the open frequency, punctuated by
background sirens. Roy could hear gears shifting
at a rapid rate as the LaFrance wove through
the late night traffic. "Squad 51, our ETA is four
minutes!"Cap replied immediately.

"10-4, Engine 51." Roy said. ::Man, Mike must
be breaking all speed records to get here.::

Chet and Roy hurried to the front porch
landing with all of their equipment. The full moon
had settled over the trees, making the neatly
fire station gang weeded stone path, invisible, but
Roy and Chet already knew the front garden
sidewalk's curves by heart.

Kelly asked a question. "Just what
did the dispatcher tell you about this potentially
injured guy?" he panted, as Roy and he pushed
opened the front door with their hips and
rushed into the main entrance hall.

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Chet could still see the wrappers they had left
behind from Johnny's nasal cannula tubing Cap had
used on him and from Marco's left over bandaging
on the oriental rug by the stone bench.

Roy immediately got his bearings and started
running up the main staircase to the second floor
of the vast, dark Victorian mansion. They
both returned to the library at the head of the stairs.
"Chet, it went like this. Dispatch said Margaret, the lady
we found, is Fajou's sister and that it was she who
called in last night's run on her husband, Norman.
Dispatch thought her nuts when she started yelling
about him being lost in a secret passage.."

"So that explains the mismatched gender on
the call; Man down, when we found a woman. "

"Yeah.." Roy said., hurrying even faster.

Chet said. "She must've panicked,
trying to find him. Don't blame her. These are
number one grade A creepy surroundings, man."
If she freaked, she could've fallen and hit her
head easily."

"That's what I'm guessing." Roy said.

Fireman and paramedic plunked down all of
their gear on the carpetting in the dark library
and both immediately went to the rows and
rows of ornate bookshelves, seeking out
one title that Gage had embedded into their
minds so urgently....

Unconsciously, they turned protectively back
to back to each other, and turned in place
eyeing the wall to wall book shelving all around
them with their flashlights.

Chet whistled, "Man, where do we start?"

Roy licked dry lips, but smiled when he heard
the sounds of Engine 51 approaching. He lifted
his HT. "Squad 51 to Engine 51. We're in
the library."

"10-4. There in one.." Stoker acknowledged.

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Roy turned back to a twitchy Kelly.
"Johnny said the title of the book that activated
the passageway's door read,..The Mystery On
Dobbin's Moor.."

Chet and Roy fell mute when thousands of books
met their sight. And most of them were almost
too dusty to read.

"And I promised myself I'd never come back
here.." Kelly said, "That's what I get for having an
overactive curiosity about this house. We'll never
find it in time, Roy.. Geez, the guy's been lying
alone for hours. He might even be dead already."

"Yeah, well. Third time on a run to the same location's
always a charm. I prefer to think positively." Roy grunted.
"Now, let's start shedding some light here. Literally."

DeSoto jogged back to the door they entered and
found a long velvet pull cord set into the ceiling. He
pulled it and electric lights in Victorian glass lamps
brightly illuminated the room. "Let's assume
Johnny didn't climb that book ladder to find it, and
that he only looked at something at eye level. He
was looking for his helmet that he had set down. So
it makes sense he wouldn't have been looking anywhere
over our heads." he sighed. Then he paused, thinking...
"Chet, where exactly did we find Margaret on the floor,
I don't remember. I was too focused on making sure
she was still breathing to recall."

Chet shrugged and paced to the place. "Right about
here.." he gestured. "Next to the desk, like this.."
and he laid down on the floor to show Roy how she
had been positioned.

Roy place his feet next to where Chet's shoes
lay and turned, looking at the desk. He found
hand prints on the mirror and a blood stain where
Margaret's head had impacted its edging. "Her lump
was on the left occipitally, so she had to be
facing this way.." Roy turned to his right,
"...when she fell against the desk."

Chet got to his feet. "Look!" he shouted, aiming his
flashlight's beam. "A larger hand print!" he said pointing
it out on a dusty tome immediately next to the mirror.
"That's got to be Johnny's. It still looks fresh."

Roy "It is..There's the title we've been looking for."

Roy's hand was just about to pull it when 51's engine
crew and Paramedic Craig Brice rushed into the room
loaded with wall cracking equipment.

Cap rushed to their sides. "Any luck yet?"

"Right here, Cap." Roy said. "We found the triggering
mechanism. Johnny said it was disguised as this fake
book here."

"All right, stand back." Captain Stanley ordered.
"If that bookshelf's opening mechanism malfunctioned
enough to shove Johnny down a flight of stairs, it'll
still be malfunctioning. Be careful. Things like this usually
rotate on a counter weight balance."

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Father and Son
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