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Gage mumbled, out voted. "Ok ok ok, Got your point.
Now Gil, if you don't level with me, I'm going to skewer
you!" he said, menacing his injured hand.

"Hey.." Chet said, grabbing Johnny's arm and
pulling it back down again. "You'll loosen
my bandaging there buddy.. I worked hard immobilizing
that.."  Then he checked his watch and saw that it
was once again time to release Gage's tourniquet
to let in blood flow. He let go the band.

Johnny hissed in pain, glaring at Chet. " Agghh!
Why didn't you do that when I was still unconscious?"
he grimaced, watching a stream of blood well
up inside and soak through his bandages.

"I did do that. Five times.." Kelly complained. Then
he played heavy eyes on the others.
"Man, I don't know how you guys can get
through your average workday as paramedics. Do
you always get patients who mouth off
as bad as Gage here? Talk about taking some
heat. And I thought just dealing with an actual fire
was bad. Johnny, stop being ungrateful. This is saving
your hand. Not to mention saving your life.. And guess
who's doing THAT.." He pointed proud thumbs
at himself. "You're going to owe me big time.."

Gage ignored Kelly. "Don't change the subject, Chet.
Gil,...How's Cap?..Are you going to tell me at least that?"


"The girl?"




"Oh, haha.. And what about Marco?"

The light moment in the room, fled.

Roy spoke up. "We'll all hear about
that once Brackett gets here. I see
him coming. He's in the tan jumpsuit
and he's brought along the big guns..
A huge, orange diagnostic field pack." He
said, ducking low and peering through the
open outside door to the boulevard.
He could just see Kel making haste in their

Gage spoke up, as he too, could see the
brown haired doctor coming. "Maybe
that pack's for me. You know, surgical
stuff. This rod's gotta come out of
my hand. The artery's been nicked."

"Don't count on it.. I'm seeing Atlanta
CDC labels all over it.." Roy said.

"What??" Johnny gasped.

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The shadow got nearer, and Kel came
through the door into the bunk room.
He paused a bit while his eyes got used
to the dim lamps in the space and the
first bed he focused on was Marco's.

Roy stood from Johnny's stokes,
shoving the stethoscope waving
around his neck out of the way when
it snagged on the edge of Gage's
wire bed in his haste to get near Brackett
to give him his report,
"Doc, glad you're here. He's worse.
Much worse. We're trying to cool
him down some."

"Oh? What was his temp?"

"One hundred three, taken R."

"Good thing for the ice down.."
Dr. Brackett said as he checked
what IV was strung and the flow
of O2 running on his patient.

Roy added more,
"Marco's BP has become low enough
to warrant that EKG, we've had a strip
going ever since I got a basement
BP, about five minutes ago...
Glad you ordered that epinephrine
for him earlier. I think that's the only
thing keeping him viable here."

Brackett was studying the EKG
strip Gil had stretched out on a table
top and the live one showing on
the station's heart monitor. "Ok,
I want a twelve lead here from
this double one. See that arrythmia
in the QRS interval. That's most
likely pathological."

That hushed up everyone. Until
Brice spoke up. "We knew he
was sick. That was apparent on
initial findings."

"Yes, but have you ever seen
someone with a cold downgrade
so fast?" Kel said.

Roy, Gil and Brice all looked at
each other in alarm.

Roy didn't even have to say anything.
Then he eyed the bag Brackett had
brought with him. "You know something
we don't doctor? I recognize the insignia
on that pack of yours.."

Brackett made sure there were no
civilians in the room near them who would
overhear.  Then his face fell into serious
doctor. "I called the CDC on Marco's
symptoms just before I flew out of
the heliport. I remembered why Lopez's
presentation seemed so familiar to me."

"Doc, don't keep us in suspense here."
Johnny said from his stokes. He
had an elbow propped up behind his
dirty head and had Bonnie on top
of his stomach, calming her fretting
with absent strokes.  He had pulled
off his nasal cannula so he could
get it out of his face.

"Did you know that Marco left the
country recently?"

"Yeah,.." Gil said. "Roy just told us
here that he and his mother were
attending a funeral for a cousin. A
young boy.."

"Well that young boy is the center
of attention right now in Atlanta.
Seems he died of an unknown
hemorrhagic syndrome that's already
claimed seven in Mexico City.."

"Have they identified it?"

"No, that's why I'm here. There's
every chance that Marco has run
into the same bug that's killed
the boy.. His etiology so far,
is following the same lines as
the boy's did before he died."
Dr. Brackett said, pulling Roy's
stethoscope off and using it
around the EKG leads on Marco's

Johnny Gage nearly levitated
from where he was lying.
Only the straps holding him
in the stokes, kept him there.
"Are you telling me that Marco's
got some kind of fast acting lethal

"That's exactly why I'm here Gage.
To either confirm or rule out just
that scenario. Atlanta CDC's already
on their way. They should be
here by nightfall." Kel said.

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"But we're in the middle of a disaster
zone. We don't have time for a
quarantine situation." Johnny protested.

"Tell that to the bug, Johnny. It was here
days before that earthquake even so
much as twitched."

Chet blanched. "Wait a minute, wait a
minute.. Does that mean the rest of
us might get sick from this thing?"

Dr. Brackett nodded reluctantly. "It's
a possibility, but the course of the disease
is still in the guessing stages. Seven cases
taking place in another country with a
language barrier in the way puts a
damper on fast information exchange.
We're working on it. Now my job here is
to isolate Marco best I can until we GET
those answers gentleman. And I'm sorry
to say, but this room and station is off
limits to anyone on the outside. Anyone
who's had direct contact with Lopez,
is staying right here."

Roy spoke quickly when Kel placed
a hand on Marco's chest, pressing down
the stethoscope's drum, trying to
hear breath sounds over the noise
of helicopters landing and taking
off just outside the station house.
"Shouldn't we just get him out of
here to an isolation ward?"

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