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"He's not a flight candidate anymore Roy.
He's got rales in both lungs and they
sound real wet. And the edema I'm
hearing is rising, right into his trachea. Get
a suctioning device. He's gonna need it.  
Standing orders you three," Brackett
threw an authoritative point towards Gil,
Roy and Brice's directions. "If his respiratory
rate falls below eight. I want him EOA

"Right doc.." Roy said. And he and
Gil hastened to make the changes.

"And slow down his drip to TKO. I
don't want his circulatory system overloaded.
Last thing he needs is to drown in his IV."

At that, Kelly's face screwed up in worry.
Chet spoke as Dr. Brackett moved to
a steel bucket filled with water, and watched
as he reached into his bag and pulled out a pint
of powerful disinfectant and poured it
over his hands. He used the water to
rinse off and a sheet to dry before
moving on to examine Cap and Miss
Thorne. "Shouldn't we all wear gloves
or masks or something?" Chet asked.

"Too late.." Gage said. "Remember when
I got that virus last year? If this germ's
similiar, we've all touched Marco directly
or indirectly already. We've all been

"Yeah, but Brackett hasn't.." Chet said,

"That's his choice.." Brice commented and
moved to give Brackett the run down
he needed on the others in stokes in the

Kelly slumped against the bunk wall and
leaned over, trying to absorb the bizarre
news. "Man, can our day get any worse?"

Just then, Bonnie's low moaning turned
into an agonized wailing of warning..

Chet leaped to steady Cap and Johnny's stokes
on the four chairs when an aftershock seized up
out of the ground. It lasted for more than
a few seconds before the dead light
fixtures overhead started to slow their

The master HT came to life on the desk and it was
Stone who was instantly on. ##Everybody
all right in there?##

Brice picked up the handy talkie and
said, "At least, quake wise..." he muttered.

##Squad Eight. Would you 10-9 that?##

Brice immediately suppressed his morbid
sense of humor,  "Uh, 10-4, captain. We're fine.
But uh, we're going to have to cancel that copter
evac on the sick fireman. The doc says
he's too unstable for transport. And ....
the rest of us will be staying right here with
him for extenuating circumstances...." he
said sighing heavily.. "I'm declaring a
Condition Bio-Yellow, sir.."

## Excuse me, Did I hear that right?
A Biological Hazard alert?##

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"That's correct, Cap. Atlanta CDC has
authorized Brackett in here to declare one
if he felt the need. And he has.. At no
time do any of you out there enter
back inside the station for any reason.."

##Ten four, Squad Eight.
Understood, quarantine protocol laying
down. I'll mobilize accordingly. Any of my
men to report to you?##

"That's negative, Cap. Just Gil and
myself need to..and we're already here."

##10-4, Let me know details when
you can. Station Eight out.##

A quiet sobbing from behind them caught
their attentions. Dr. Brackett had roused
Cindy from her half state with an aromatic
capsule and had changed her oxygen mask for
a cannula. She was sitting up with her back
against the wall in her stokes.  

Brackett was giving her a glucose injection
into her IV, to help her get over some shakes.

He had discovered she was a diabetic from her
own account. "What about my kids?" she said.
"Are they gonna get sick too?" and her face
crinkled in fear.

Kel couldn't answer that so he stayed silent.

Roy looked up from Marco's pulmonary
care and said, "Oh, no. Ma'am. Not at all.
You see, we got them all out before
we even had contact with Fireman Lopez.
They'll be fine.." and he tried to put on
a convincing smile.

He saw Brackett nodding slowly in agreement
as he put away his syringe into the sharps
container on the floor.
"Feel better?" he asked her.

"Much. I haven't eaten since five.. I-It's been
a busy day..." Miss Thorne said bravely.

Dr. Brackett grinned for show. "That it has.
And it looks like it'll be even busier for a
while. Try to get some rest. I'll have one
of the paramedics stop back in a while to
recheck your blood sugar levels."

She nodded. "I'm sorry. I just didn't remember
to wear my bracelet this morning. It was
just ..I was so excited about bringing the kids here
That I must have forgotten it...." and her composure
broke again despite her best efforts to shore it up.

Kel wrapped a wool blanket he had found around
her shoulders and snugged her up, brushing
hair out of her eyes and away from the cannula.
"Why don't you just try to relax.. Get some
sleep if you can. If you've family to contact,
we'll do that just as soon as the phone lines
lighten up a bit.."

"A- All right.." she said, gripping his hand.

He had to peel off her fingers to leave.
"It's all right. "he said, placing a grip of his
own over her cool one. "No one is going
to be dying. At least, not in here."

"Yeah.. " Johnny piped up. "That doctor
leaning over ya is the head of Rampart Emergency
Services and he's a d*mned good heart
surgeon too.. No one dies around Dr.
Brackett when he gets ornery, Miss Thorne..
And right now, all of us paramedics are
duck and covering, just from the sound
of his voice alone.."

She laughed despite herself, and slowly her
eyes closed as she dozed where she was
on the wall.  Brackett switched her IV to
one of blood neutral solution and moved
on to Cap's side.

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"Captain Stanley..?" Dr. Brackett said as
he took a chair near his raised stokes.
He gave Hank a little shake.

"Hmmm? Oh, hi doc.. What are you
doing here? Is it bad out there?" he
said, suddenly remembering that he
was on oxygen. He began fiddling with
the cannula when the dryness in his throat
from the oxygen just begged him to cough.
"Have we backup here yet? The
damage out in the yard was bad.
There must be tons of people
in trouble out there.."

"Surprisingly, no.. So I've been
sent in here alone to look you guys over."

He saw Cap blearily frowning at the ceiling
when the familiar surroundings confused

Dr. Brackett pinned down his deja vu.
"You're in your station bunkhouse, captain.
And there's a helicopter triage center right
outside, for your situation update."

"Does that mean we're getting out of here

Dr. Brackett and the others exchanged looks.

Stanley didn't miss the exchange.
"Hey, fellas, what's the problem here?
Why-- why haven't we been moved out?"

Johnny turned his head from where
he was sitting up next to Cap and sighed.
"It's another virus Cap. And the originator
isn't a monkey this time.. It's Marco

"What?!" Cap tried to sit up but Dr.
Brackett restrained him.

"Hey.. now just lie back. No sudden
moves until I check out that head injury
in a little more detail."

Cap blinked, still trying to gain focus
as Kel looked at his eyes.. "Is he
all right?"

Kel didn't say anything, reluctant to;
until someone else did.

"He's serious, Cap. Blood pressure's in
the basement. And his chest is filling up."
Roy said. "But his EKG still looks fair.."
he tried to smile for Cap's benefit
with that slim good news.

Cap swallowed hard lying completely still
as harsh reality finally sank home.
"How about us? Anyone else sick?"

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