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"Allright all right. Sorry. Geez,, I mean all I was
trying to do was--"

"Hey Cap, should I zap him quiet with the
defibrillator?" Roy suggested sleepily..

The gang erupted in giggles.

Johnny just snorted as he hushed and petted Bonnie
quiet as she pranced on his bed while he stretched out
under the sheets, begging him for the treat he held in
his hand. Gage felt wet doggy tongue slime his finger
and the bite of tiny teeth as she grabbed it from him.
"Ow,, hey.hey hey.." he whispered to the darkness.

Then a thought occurred to him. "Hey guys? Do you
think I just reinforced her little accident by giving
her a cookie like this?"

"Shut up!!" came five instant replies.

Then the klaxon alarm went off and the house lights
kicked on automatically.

Dispatch issued the call and the gang were on their
feet instantly.

The call was....

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From:  "Roxy Dee" <>
Date:  Wed Oct 16, 2002  4:14 am
Subject:  Rotten Luck

"Station 51.. Dumpster Fire. 427 Supolveda Ave.
Cross/Street Maple. 427 Supolveda Ave.
Cross/street Maple. Time out 0540." came LA's run.

Chet struggled into his suspenders with a long
suffering moan. "Oh, man. Gage. You're gonna
pay big time for this.. I could of gotten to REM

"Yeah..?" John said sarcastically. "Well, you
should be thanking me. If you hit REM you'd
be too groggy to man a hose for our fourth
dumpster fire." he said, rushing after the
curly haired irishman.  

Roy and John hit the squad and Cap got the
garage door and thumbed the
callback mike, "Station 51, KMG 365."

"Hey Cap!" Gage shouted over the loud
rumble of the garage opening onto
the street and the sounds of Stoker starting
up the LaFrance and all the gang
slamming their doors as they piled onto
the Ward engine.

Cap looked over grumpily, flipping up his
overcoat collar and tightening
his helmet's chin strap. "What? Can't it
wait, we're going on a run here..!"

"At least this one won't take long! That's
only ten minutes away.." Gage said as Roy
threw the truck into drive and peeled out of the
garage top speed. The lurching almost
gave Johnnie whiplash.

Gage rolled up his passenger window and
turned on DeSoto.  "Hey Roy, what are
you trying to do? Kill me? I was
talking to Cap there.."

"You mean my defibrillator comment didn't
sink in? I wasn't joking." Roy said, flipping
on the sirens and lights. The dark streets filled
with the sirens of Station 51 soon after and
the boulevard ahead of them emptied of
traffic. His face was almost pure iron.

Gage set a hand on his chin. "I don't believe
you man. You're really angry, aren't you?
I didn't make Bonnie crap all over the station
intentionally. I was only trying to-"

"I know what you were trying to do, Johnnie.."
Roy said, taking his eyes off their speeding
route only in brief intervals to stab glares at
his dark eyed partner. "It's just that sometimes
you just don't think."  He gripped the wheel
tighter as Johnnie pointed out the next turn.
"I don't suppose you get the fact that we've
been on runs for four shifts straight. And
on none of those nights have we gotten
a stretch of sleep longer than an hour.
I don't suppose that the term 'sleep deprived'
has any meaning for you.."

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Gage readjusted his helmet on tighter
when Roy thunked over railroad tracks a
little too fast and it jostled off his head. He
fought with it for long seconds until he finally
tossed it onto the seat in frustration, going
bare headed despite the Code R.

Roy just glared at him, not saying much.

They arrived, engine and squad onto a seedy
city block that was quiet, full of sleeping
apartment buildings with black wrought iron
fire escapes and one burning dumpster down
a dead end alley.

Cap dragged himself out of the cab and
viewed the sight of such an annoying
type of fire with a groan. "Man.. Another
one..How many does that make it Lopez?
Four tonight?"

"Yeah.." Marco croaked in his throat.
"One an hour since that four
alarm.." he rasped in irritation.

Cap sighed "Ok, you and Stoker grab out
an inch and a half, we'll have this washed
in ten minutes. We gotta make sure that alley
of junk hasn't sparked anything beyond
that dumpster.."

"Right.." Lopez nodded.  On his way past
Johnny, he couldn't resist a longer than
average accusing stare..

Johnny felt ganged up on. "What did I do? All
I did was get up to call Lydia. And Marco, I
still want to take a look at your throat when
we're done here!.." he shouted after the
rushing Marco.

Chet smiled. "Gage. You're not popular with
him this week. Remember he remembers
that he lost that bet with B Shift about
how many times Bonnie messed on your

"Very funny.." John said. "Go make yourself
useful and pick those crates up over there
and move them out of the way for us.."

Roy and Johnny saw Cap stand in the cab
and report to LA that the incident was
minor and that the station would be wrapping
up in about twenty minutes.

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Mike and Marco approached the blazing
dumpster and tried to hook its lid shut with
a fire crook to smother it, but the lid
had been tied back against the chain link
fence. "Oh, man. Had to be hard.." Mike

Marco said to Stoker. "Gage put you in a
bad mood too?" he said hoarsely.

"What?" Stoker said over the roar of the
fanning inch and a half raising noisy steam
from the belching dumpster as water
began to suppress its flames.

Cap took a sniff and asked. "Stoker.. You
smelling turpentine?"

A huge explosion ripped through the
dumpster and it flipped end for end into
the air straight up into the night sky and
then down again..

"Look out!!" Cap shouted. Marco and
Mike abandoned the hose and its high
pressure water stream started bucking
in the old newspapers and trash in the alley
the moment they let go of its nozzle to run.

The dumpster narrowly missed pinning
their feet from where they threw
themselves down onto the ground and
its red hot edge landed on the hose,
severing it.

A hose burst drenched the entire gang in
spitting ice cold water. Cap shouted from
where he was standing and he barely
managed to slam the engine cab door
shut before the water got inside.
"I don't believe this.. can we have any
worse luck?"

Stoker got to the pumper and turned off
the water so that a new hose could be drawn
and filled.

A moan filled the silence.. from the ground
where the dumpster had been.  

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute! There's
somebody over there..!" Roy shouted. John
ran to the squad and flicked on the squad headlights
to shine into the piles of junk in the alleyway.

As one the whole gang sifted through the
garbage until....

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