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In between Marco's violent spasms,
DeSoto pulled out the short oral
airway that had been over
Marco's tongue and snatched
up the suctioning tube lying idle on
the bed, he paused as he checked for
signs that Lopez had vomitted. "He's
clear..." he said, throwing the probe
aside and replacing the mask down
over Lopez's nose and mouth. "Most
likely because he hasn't eaten since
this morning..." Roy stayed closely
by his head, one eye intently watching
the motion fluctuating ECG while the
others moved into action around him.
He sighed, seeing a bite stick wasn't needed
when Marco's jaw released at a touch.

Dr. Brackett nodded, agreeing about
the lack of aspiration as he listened
to the seizing fireman's chest with a
stethoscope. "He's clear here, too.
There's just that prior edema. All
right. Let's get him back supine.
Easy.. and tighten those straps.
He's working them loose."

Everyone watching, held their breaths as
Marco's breathing came in hard gasps
as his convulsions rattled the metal
bedframe underneath him. Chet did
his best to stay out of the paramedics
way while making sure Marco didn't hurt

Mike, took a few steps nearer but  
stayed back, still uncertain and a little
frightened about getting so near to
Marco's illness.

Craig Brice looked up from where he
was pulling a backwash of blood from
Marco's original IV with an empty syringe.
"Serum glucose doc?"

"You bet. If it's below 80 mg/dL, inject
25 g dextrose D50 IVP. These seizures
might not be just febrilly induced. His
blood sugar may have taken a nose
dive or skyrocketted."

Brice moved to a glucose monitor and
quickly got a baseline off of his red top.
"It's 62."

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"Follow up, Brice. That dex and 100mg
Thiamine IV. I don't want him to lose a
heart rhythm." Dr. Brackett said.

"On it."

Kel looked up at Gil. "Sheppard, run in
a second IV, Normal Saline wide open.
We'll risk the fluid overload. We need it for
his sedation med. We'll bump it down
after we've gotten these convulsions under
control. Ughh." he grunted, helping Roy keep
Marco's airway open. It took both of
them to do it, when a bad series of shudders
bucked him more violently, underneath
their hands.

Chet, meanwhile had gotten the
resuscitator near and had set the demand
valve mask available on Lopez's pillow.
"Thanks," Kel said to Kelly. "But he's
doing fine so far, even breathing broken
like this."

Roy looked up. "Time for diazepam, doc?

"Yes, draw up ten milligrams. We'll titrate
into his IV until he responds. If that doesn't
work, we'll use Ativan, 2 mg IM. He's too
shocky for paracetamol."

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Miss Thorne was covering her eyes
to keep herself from looking, and Cap noticed.
"It looks scary for Lopez with those convulsions,
Cindy. But he's not feeling any pain with them
at all.  Marco's muscles are just kicked into
overdrive because of the low sugar in his
blood and because of that fever. They're
going to settle him down in just a sec here
so he can breathe normally."


Roy prepared the syringe of medication
Dr. Brackett had ordered as fast
as he could. He heard Cap's
reassurances to Cindy, but didn't look
up. "Doc, want me to do it?"

"Give it here.." Kel said to Roy,
reaching out for the medication.
"Take over watching his airway, Kelly."

"Got him.." Chet said, firmly taking
Marco's chin and head so he wouldn't
obstruct as Dr. Brackett let go.

Kel pushed all the air out of his syringe
needle until the diazepam geysered high
and then parked the newly strung and
running NS IV Brice handed him under his
arm to hold it while he injected the muscle
relaxant slowly into its drip chamber..

They all watched for signs that
Marco's convulsions were ending.

About twenty seconds later, they

The EKG monitor bleeped a changed
beat alarm when the sinus-tach settled
into a more solid sinus rhythm. The
frenzied PVC's died away from the
tracing pattern.

Dr. Brackett set a hand on Marco's
chest to feel for his respiration status.
"There. That's better." he said
about the ECG. Then he looked
up again with a slight frown. "Kelly,
hyperventilate him a few times.
The diazepam's suppressing his
intake a bit."

Roy removed the old nonrebreather
mask from Marco's face,
as Chet took over with the demand valve.
Kelly made sure it was sealed well
over Lopez's nose and mouth.
Then he thumbed the positive pressure
trigger on the demand valve, until
he had delivered four vents carefully
into Marco's lungs.

Dr. Brackett had out his stethoscope
again. "Ok, hold off.." and he listened
to the bubbling breath sounds.
"That's all he needed. A boost. He's

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Everyone gasped in relief and even
Johnny let out the breath he was holding.

Dr. Brackett smiled, pleased. "At least
that was one problem easily solved.
Get Marco's head elevated again while
you're there, Kelly would you? And
Gil, you can TKO that normal saline
now." The dark haired doctor moved
to turn on a strip from the monitor to
take a closer look at how Lopez's heart
had handled the incident.

Roy had a question. "Doc.."

"Hmm?" Dr. Brackett said, not looking

"We lost all the ice around Marco.
Do you want us to replace it?"

Kel shook his head. "The diazepam
will shut off that fever parasympathetically
on its own. We can always get some
more if his temp rises again.
Get another one for reference for now,
all right?"

Roy nodded. Soon, he had a reading.
"One hundred one."

"Down. Despite the convulsions."
Brackett remarked, satisfied. "Let's
monitor his respirations to be sure
they're stable."

Gil, was getting a new, dry blanket
for Marco when Stoker came up hesitantly.
"Need help with that?"

Sheppard grinned warmly, knowing the
mental obstacle Mike had had to overcome
to just be there. "Sure.. Tuck in that side,
but keep his chest uncovered. We have to
eye his breathing rate for a while."

"Yes. I heard.." Mike said.
Then he looked down..frowning.. "Hey doc.."
he called out. "Look at this.. He's developing
a rash or something. It's breaking out on his

Dr. Brackett stopped his ECG reading
and bent over the bed. He felt Marco's
throat and larynx, but found no swelling
at all.  "Hmm, no signs of anaphalaxis
here yet... And his color's good. This looks more
like an urticaria or a secondary maculopapular
rash to me... but ah, following up
on the first angle,.... Roy, Johnny... does
Marco have any known allergies to

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