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Jamie bit her lip, tilting her face inside
her biohood. "Well for starters, I want
to know as much as each of you can
tell me about Marco's illness, when he
got sick, what his initial symptoms were.
What worked in making him feel better.
That sort of thing. Details might give us
something more to work on.."

 Roy spoke up. "Well, he had laryngitis
real bad last night. It started a few hours
after we all had a bad fire. Marco complained
of a sore throat..."
"And I noticed bloody patches
in his nasopharyngeal area when I put in
an oral airway this afternoon, doctor.."
Gil replied.
"Don't forget how O2 made his cough better."
Chet added.
"And how my mother's medicinal tea helped
out too. Honey and herbs." Johnny said quickly.

Steven shook his head and held up a glove, and
his pen poised over the chart.
"Wait a minute. Wait a minute. One at a time.
Slow down. Let's start from the beginning ok?"

And they did.

Soon,  no one had anything else to add.

Jamie read back what she had to everyone
to reiterate. "...and then, Dr. Brackett, you
said an instigated Glucose IV push, and
diazepam along with some forced O2,
ended his febrile seizure?"

"That's correct. And his temperature went down
two degrees from Roy's initial finding."

"Got it.. Now, if you'll excuse me, Steven
and I are going to compare this blood sample
from Marco with those we have of his deceased
cousin to begin a baseline analysis.." Jamie told them.
Then she looked at Kel, switching to all doctor.
"We're planning on using two virus isolation
methods here, Dr. Brackett. First, a polymerase
chain reaction analysis followed by an antigen
capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay."

Kel nodded. "I agree that a PCR and ELISA
comparison will reveal any marked pleomorphism
under the microscope.."

Cindy piped up. "Pleo what?"

"What the germs are shaped like, Miss Thorne.."
Steven replied. "A vital clue which might tell
us what we're dealing with.."

"Can I help you with anything?" Kel asked.

Steven and Jamie looked around the room
at everyone in stokes. "Can you leave your

Roy spoke up. "Doctor. He can. Besides
me and my partner, Brice and Gil are
paramedics, too. We'll be fine."

"Ok. Let's get at it then.." she nodded,
satisfied. Kel and Jamie and Steven rose
from their chairs, leaving with the path kit
and the tissue cryo case holding the
dead boy's tissue remains.
Marco's vials of whole blood also
accompanied them to the kitchen,
where the newly erected, makeshift
biolab awaited.

The firemen, paramedics and teacher were
left alone with their thoughts.

On his bed, Marco startlingly moved,
emitting a low moaning noise...

Brice, Roy and Gil hurried to his side,
to determine Glasgow status.

"Marco?!" Gage called out..

Lopez reacted by....

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From : "Clairissa Fox" <>  
Subject : [EmergencyTheater] Darkest Before Dawn.
Date : Sun, 03 Nov 2002 06:11:08 +0000

...groaning again, but his encrusted eyes,
didn't open.

"Hey! Somebody help me down from here. I
want to be the first one to talk to him.
Now." Captain Stanley ordered.
His voice held undeniably firm authority.

Craig and Chet lifted Cap's stokes off
the two chairs it was lying across
and set it onto the floor.  Hank grabbed
their hands as they each also gripped a
shoulder to help him sit up, gingerly.
"Wait, Kelly.." Craig said when Chet
tightened the grip in one of his hands to
give Cap leverage to get to his feet.
Brice glanced at Hank.
"Don't lie to me when you answer this.
I'll be able to tell by your eyes.
I don't care if getting you up was an
order or not because you're officially
sidelined. Morphine still making you
dizz--? "

"West is that way Brice!.." Cap pointed
towards the open exterior door with his
HT's antennae. "Now get me up!.."

"Right. You're fine.." Brice said two
seconds later. "Chet, make sure
he doesn't crash into anything." he
replied, his resistance crumbling.

Stanley instantly pushed to his feet by
himself before anyone could help him

Kelly hastened to get Cap's oxygen tubing
trailing behind him properly and snatched up
his D tank to follow along as Cap made his way
shakily to Marco's longboard on the bed.

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