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"What about me?" Gage complained.
"I'm not dizzy."

"No, but you were shocky post surgical.
Get your BP up to normal and you can
join him." Brice dismissed Gage's jibe
with efficiency.

Johnny cut off his rejoiner when DeSoto's
quiet vocal urging began.

Roy was examining Marco's eyes with a
penlight. "Marco.. It's Roy. Can you
understand me? If you do, I want you
to open your eyes.."

Lopez didn't, but he kept stirring restlessly
in his fever.

DeSoto took a pen out and dug its cap into
one of Marco's nail beds, pressing down

The pain made Marco grunt and jerk his
hand away and he coughed under his
oxygen mask but he didn't form legible

"Should we go get the docs? If Marco
wakes up more, he might be able to
tell them about how he's feeling." Stoker

Roy said. "No. We're gonna let him know what's
going on here first. He might not even know
that we were even IN an earthquake. That in
itself is going to be one h*ll of a shock."

Craig reached into the drug box and pulled
out an aromatic capsule, holding it up

"Yes.." Roy nodded, taking it from Brice.
He pulled down Marco's O2 mask so that it
was sitting by his mouth on his chest. Then he
cracked the aromatic in two, waving the
capsule under Lopez's nose, following after
his nostrils with it when Marco tried to avoid
its fumes.

Lopez's eyes finally opened with startled

"Marco.. you with us?" Roy asked again.

"Whaa?" Lopez coughed wetly, getting rid
of the ammonia stench in his nose and finally,
his eyes worked to focus on faces.

On a thought, Hank pulled off his own
O2 cannula, and he hastily hid it in his shirt
collar to spare Marco some worry.
Cap set a hand on Lopez's shoulder.
"Easy there, pal."

"*ugh.*   C -Cap? " Marco asked blearily..
"W-was I in a fire?" he said. "Hard to breathe."

" It's all right, Marco. We're dealing with that.
You've got some lung edema but you've got
O2 on. It's right here.." Cap said, placing the
mask into Marco's sweaty hand.
"Use it when you need it."  

Roy got a blood pressure as he watched
Marco recover clarity.

Captain Stanley went on, "Not exactly
a fire Lopez. More like a ..well, an earthquake."

"What?" Marco whispered, his voice cracking.

"It hit the stationhouse, Marco." Chet said
taking a stool by his head. "But everyone's
all right. Nothing serious injury wise."

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Marco felt night wind on his face and noticed
the stars showing through the roof where
the garage rafters had been. "Ohh.."
"There's no roof?! H-How are the buildings
on the rest of the block?? W-we gotta go
help people.." he exclaimed, and tried
to rise, but his board's straps prevented that.

"Oh, no. no. no.." Gage warned Marco.
"We've plenty of help out there Marco.
About eight engine companies worth. Casualties
were light. We don't have to go anywhere so

"W--? Johnny.  It's dark?.. Why am I still here
if I'm hurt or something? Should've been
to Rampart already." he gasped.

Cap and the others exchanged looks.

Then Stanley looked down at his dirty hands
and said. "W-we can't do that Marco. Not yet.
You see, there's another problem we're dealing
with right now. But we've the best team around
to help us out of this one. They came all the way
from the other side of the country to--"

"Cap. Just level with me. Don't beat around
the bush. Last time someone did that to
me it was the day I found out my little
cousin Bernardo had died." Lopez said.

Cap looked sharply pained and fought his
emotion to the point of clenching his jaw to
keep anything from getting out too fast.
"Marco. It's not good news, just like the news
was on Bernardo.."

"Is it mama? Is she ok??" Marco said with
alarm. Roy and Gil held him down.

"She's fine. She's fine. The quake didn't
reach the Palisades. Vince's already stopped
in to check on her.." Roy said quickly.

"Then why do all of you look like someone
died?" Lopez said.

"That's because, there's a very real chance
that all of us just might do that, Marco."
Cap said to the point and very very raw.

"I don't understand.." Lopez said.
His EKG picked up a little in stress and he
started to gasp until Roy made him take
a few breaths off the O2 mask.

Image of fire_gif.gif
Image of fire_gif.gif
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