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Within Sight
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"Nothin.." Kelly said.

"Uh huh.." Roy grunted and whipped away Chet's
towel, revealing Kelly's bandaged hands.
Chet, of course tried to hide them behind his back.

Cap oggled. "Oh, now Kelly.. don't tell me you
just broke your fourth glass. Last thing I wanna do
is call up McConike again for another crew replacement.."

Lopez piped up. "Actually, Cap, he--"

"Just you hush up, Lopez.." Kelly squeaked.

Marco glared at Chet and finished his
sentence... "..took his frustrations out on the
locker room punching bag. Bare fisted."

Hank crooked a finger in irritation.
"Kelly.. Go inside.. And you're letting
Gage and DeSoto take a look at those hands.
Now." Cap said grumpily.

For once, Kelly didn't retort back.

The gang reconvened in the kitchen to the real pot
of full coffee. No one said anything when Roy
came into the kitchen with the squad's bandage box.

Cap said, "You take a real good look at him.
I wanna know if he can work like that.." he said,
pointing to Chet's bloody wraps around his knuckles.
"Kelly, that was real stupid. Next time, wear
the d*mned boxing gloves.. That's what they're
there for.."

"That's what I told him.." Marco complained.

Chet's lips set into a firm line in a glare at
Marco, but he kept his peace otherwise.

Johnny said. "All right.. Chet. Let's get these off."
and he pulled out his hip holster shears and began
to cut away Lopez's wrap job. The damp, red
dressings fell away.

Roy whistled at the hamburgered skin he saw
there. "Chet, it looks like you really did a number

"No I didn't.." he complained. "It's just surface

Johnny experimented. "I know how hard your upper
left cross is.." and he moved three fingers on Chet's
right hand up a smidgen. "That hurt?"  He immediately
stopped when a loud grating from the hand
almost made Chet and Johnny leap out of their
kitchen chairs.

All the gang winced. Then Cap sighed and left for his
office to call for another man to replace Kelly for
the still out of service engine.

Kelly complained, loudly. "Aww, Cap.. You don't have
to do that.. I'm fine.."

Hank's voice echoed back from the Cap's
room. "You aren't going to be able to tell me that
when you can't hang onto a 450 psi
water hose next fire run tomorrow morning.
And Kelly, I'm sure glad I won't be you when you
personally tell the chief in the morning that your wounds
were self inflicted. Gage, get him seen." said
the booming invisible voice.

Johnny didn't say anything and he went out to the squad
for the biophone. There was no trace of annoyance at
all on his face when he set up the antennae and
began to hail Rampart.

"Oh, geesh, Cap. You've got to be kidding me. I've dislocated
knuckles before. They only hurt a few days.. And they
usually work themselves back into place on their own
with a little use.." Kelly said.

Roy had spread out a dressing sheet onto the table
and he held out two hand fracture splints.
"Not this time. That noise was crepitus Chet.
Congratulations! We just found three
BROKEN knuckles on that hand. And judging by the
swelling and joint dislocations I see now, your left hand
may even be worse off. Now don't move either one
of them until I'm through."

Marco sighed. "I told him they looked bad too."

"You did not. You said they looked sore."

"Same thing.." Lopez said.

"No , it's not.." Kelly snapped. He paled when
Roy made a small adjustment to one of his
fingers in the splint to get a better pulse into
it. "Oh, geesh. They're bad, aren't they..?"

"Only without treatment." Roy sighed. Then
he saw Kelly's pallor. "Do you need to lie down
there Kelly?"

"No.. no no.. I'm at least walking outta here
on my own two feet if I'm going to the hospital
tonight. No way am I going to be stretchered
outta here."

"Then prevent that by lying down before you
faint. Marco, get his arm over you.
We're moving him to the couch."

"I'm...not...shocky!"  Chet protested.

"You will be if you don't get flat. Now move it!!"
Cap's voice filtered from the garage bay into
the kitchen like a wraith's.

Kelly let Roy and Marco move him, complaining
the whole way.

Gage picked up the biophone and followed.
"Kelly just.. "

##51, this is Rampart Base. Go ahead.## came
Joe Early's voice.

Gage's retort moused down into grumbles
as he dragged a kitchen chair over to Chet's
couch to hold the biophone, near where he was
squatting. Roy got out a stethoscope and BP cuff.
"Rampart, we've a hand case on a male, aged 28.
155 pounds. Probable knuckle fractures. We've applied
immobilizing splints to both hands and all distal
metacarpal pulses are intact.." he inferred from
Roy's silent nod. "No other injuries. Stand by for vitals."

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"Gage, this isn't necessary.." Kelly said when Johnny
finished his sentence to the doctor on the line.

"Bet your BP's in the low 100's right now with all
that excruciating pain. Bet you a month's dish

"You're on.." Chet took up the challenge.
"And it's not excruciating. Only nauseating."
Then he realized that Gage got him to admit
that he was in pain at the same time as managing
to wring out a current patient history account
on top of the insult. He glared at Johnny all
the harder.

Gage winked a "got you" look at Chet and
continued when Roy handed him the notepad
of vitals.  "Rampart, vitals are.. pulse 120.
Respirations are normal. BP is.." he held off
for effect for Kelly's benefit.. "...100/60."

Chet groaned when he realized he lost the bet.

Johnny was crafty and held out the phone so
Joe could hear Kelly's groan for a moment.
"And he's in a fair amount of pain, doc. I suspect
that's why we've got the adverse BP. Hemorrhaging
is negligible."  He waved at Chet to keep moaning.
But Kelly refused to aid him.

But one overheard groan had been enough and Joe replied.
"I concur, 51.  Give him 5 mg, MS IM. Continue
monitoring vitals and transport as soon as possible.
I have an orthopedic M.D. standing by."

"10-4, Rampart.. Our ETA is..  twenty minutes.."

"10-4, 51."

Johnny hung up the phone. "Marco, hand me
the drug box.."

"A pain shot?! Oh, Gage, you are in sooOOoo much trouble."
Chet warned, wincing as Roy finished splinting his hands.

"How so? I'm just doing my job, that's all. Preventative
care...." he said in an exaggerated voice. "You feel that
pain much longer and you'll lose Glasgow points enough
to warrant an ambulance trip. How would that go over
with the chief then, Chet?" he said sarcastically.

Kelly's anger melted away and he regarded his
thick bandage encased hands. "I was just mad about
Stoker, that's all. Cut me some slack.."

"We are man.. That's why were taking ya in using
the squad." Gage said, "Now roll over and let me
get this MS in. Just don't move the hands."

Chet sighed and complied. Johnny pulled up Chet's
tucked in shirt and got him in the haunch.

"All right. Roll back." And Gage set a pillow on Kelly's
chest to hold his now wrapped, and splinted lower
arms up high. "Don't fall asleep. We'll get back with
ya in a few minutes when the shot's working. We're
not leaving until it is."

Chet grunted, still pissed.

"Listen, Kelly. Johnny could have told the doc
that you did these injuries to yourself. He's probably
already in hot water for not disclosing mechanism of
injury. The doc's gonna know that the minute the
dressings come off." Roy insisted.

"I appreciate it. I appreciate it! Thanks for not
telling them I went crazy." Kelly insisted adamantly.

"Now why would we do that, Chet? Every one of us
knows that about you already, so notifying the
shrink in the ER isn't necessary.." Gage said,
"If you'd like, we can call Vince and the Bellview
monkeys to haul you off in their rubber cart to
Rampart." he teased, ruffling Kelly's hair.

Kelly went to swipe his hand away when he
remembered he couldn't.  His sour scowl
faded into a giggle that got out.

"Ah ha...." Roy said. "The shot's working."
he smiled, taking a BP. "It's up. And guess what?
It's normal now, Johnny. 132/94."

"That's our ticket outta here. Come on, Chet.
Let's go. The faster they set those knuckles
the sooner you can cook us breakfast. I'm
starving.." Gage burbled.

Lopez and Johnny got him sitting and then
onto his feet.

"Hey, I'm walking wounded here.." Chet
giggled. "I'm not gonna go cooking anything.."

"Sure you are.. It's your turn to cook. Remember?"

"Oh, yeah.. I think.. maybe  I can... I can manage
to boil water for soup when I get b--
Hey, this shot's dreamy Johnny.."

"Now Chet, pay attention. One foot in front of
the other. You gotta WALK..." Gage told him.

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Roy grabbed the biophone, but traded the dressings
box for the IV one from the hold to put onto the floor
on Johnny's side of the squad cab.

"Close your mouth, Kelly. You're drooling on
my shoulder.." Marco complained as
he and Roy got Chet into the squad and buckled
tight and bundled into a third helmet for safety.

"Huh??" Kelly mumbled.

Roy put his helmet on and got into the driver's
seat. "Hey Cap.. This is what we did..." he hollered
out. "Johnny and I got orders to--"

"I don't wanna know the details. Just go."
Cap's voice grumbled from his open office
door. "Have the docs fix him up and get
him back here, pronto. Chief's got an eye
on him for something he's not telling me about
and I don't want Kelly's stupid stunt to wreck
our chances of finding out just what that is.."

"You got it Cap.." Gage said. And then he
poked Kelly awake when he started snoring
into his ear from where he nestled between
Roy and Johnny in the squad.  "Kelly, no
napping! Remember?"  And then he took a
pulse check using the artery in Chet's arm,
squeezing a little too hard on purpose.

"Oww, hey, hey, hey..Your turn soon for the
bathroom.. Just a few more minutes
okay? Gotta shave my beard off.." Kelly

Gage chuckled. "As if you had a beard.
Hey, open those eyes."

Kelly did crack his eyes open then, his clowning over..
"I do, too. And it's as red as my moustache..
Here. Feel.." and he caught Gage's hand
into his own muffed ones and stroked it
over the stubble shadow on his face.

Gage whipped his hand away in disgust.
"Cut it out.. and don't be moving those hands
like that.. Just keep holding them up higher
than your heart on the dashboard there."
Then he mumbled to himself under his breath.
"Huh, don't we all have beards.."

"Not you, Gage. You're Native American.."
Kelly said. "No hair anywhere except where
you'd expect it."

"Oh yeah?" Gage said narrowing his eyes,
off on another Gage band wagon.  "Think of it
from my perspective. It's not easy working with
hairy gorillas as crewmates. Tell me, Chet. Doesn't
all that chest hair make you kinda hot in summer?"

Roy, Chet and Cap said "No, it doesn't."
simultaneously from where they were.

"Oh..." Johnny peeped. "Thanks for telling me that.
Always ....wondered.." and he cleared his
throat self consciously.

Cap came out of the office and saundered out to the
alcove mike, thumbing it.
"L.A. Station 51. Mark squad 51 out of service
to Rampart until 0500. We're dealing with a minor
in house medical call."

##10-4, 51. Time out. 03:12.##

Roy and Gage were about to leave the garage
with silent reds when DeSoto suddenly screeched
to a halt. "Would you look at that?"

"What?" asked Gage and Kelly at the same time.

"That..." Roy said, pointing to the cement floor
before their bumper.

Boot, the long-time-ago-runaway-mutt, their old
station mascot, was sitting there.

"Well, I'll be d*mned.." Cap said, setting his hands on
his hips. "Come on, boy. Out of the way. The squad's
on a rescue call for Kelly here."

Boot obediently slid over three feet and let the
squad by.

Image of caphandingrjrunsheet.jpg Image of boot1.jpg

Cap saw Roy pick up speed on the boulevard with
top red lights on, but no siren, with satisfaction,
and then he closed the big bay doors.

He and Marco were left face to face with Boot.

"Hey, boy. Welcome back.." Lopez said, crouching
low to address the mangy medium sized dog.

Boot immediately whined and ran to the engine
to scratch meaningfully on the door latch
until he nosed it open. He leaped up.

Curling up on Mike's engine driver's seat, Boot
began to whine and glance up at the two
mystified firemen staring at him with their mouths
flopped open. When he saw the men didn't do
anything to explain the situation, he started nosing
Stoker's helmet hanging there, crying in worry and

"I don't believe what I'm seeing.. How did
he find out about Stoker? And where did he come
from?" Cap mumbled.

"I have no idea, Cap." Marco admitted.

From : "Cory Anda" <>  
Subject : Motion to Promotion  
Date :Tue, 04 Feb 2003 14:50:07 +0000  

Dixie McCall was on a night shift. She was
filling in for Carol Evans, who was on vacation.

The automatic doors at the end of the hall around
the corner activated and the soft rolling sound made
her look up from her patient chart. The last
three people she expected through her emergency
department's portal was Johnny Gage, Roy DeSoto
and Chet Kelly.  Her eyebrows rose in
a questioning glance but Joe Early stepped out of
Kel's office just then and relieved her bubbling
curiosity. "Joe? What's up? I must have been on
break when their rescue call came in."

Joe said, "A code I. Probable broken hands.
Enough to warrant a pain med. I got it from here
Dix." he said, walking down the hall to meet
Gage and Roy who were keeping a very tripped
Chet steady on his feet. "Could you tell Rivers
that his hand case is here, Dixie? I've already
told radiology that he was coming."

"Right..." Dix said. "Hi Roy, Johnny."

"Hi Dix... Where to?" Gage asked.

"Get him into Treatment Two. And this is...."

"Chet Kelly." Roy replied. "Chet, this is Dixie.
You might remember her from last year
when you were blown into those crates
from that paint factory explosion." Gage
and he shifted Chet's weight between them
as they guided him into the exam room.

Kelly grinned, feeling the heady effects of
the MS. "Nah, don't recall.. How could I
forget a beautiful face like that, man? Hi babe."
he giggled, lifting his head from the gurney where
Gage and Roy had placed him. "Where have you
been all my life? I got the distinct feeling that
you and I could make really beautiful music

"Charmed." Dix replied, recognizing a high
when she saw one. She looked up.

Johnny firmly pushed Chet's shoulders back down
onto the table, grinning. "How can you tell?"

Right then, Dr. Early came into the room and
immediately went to examine Chet's eyes.
"Did he behave himself on the trip in?"

Roy said, "He was fine, doc. We managed to
keep him from using those hands too much."

"Yeah.." Johnny smiled. "I told him he
had to keeping holding the dashboard
to keep the squad steering straight." he joked.

"Hmmm..." Joe said, leaning in close to get
a good check on Kelly's pupils.

Chet was now happily groggy and didn't mind
at all when Joe and Dix unwrapped his hands
onto sterile sheets on his chest for his x-rays
through the splints.  

Kelly started humming absently through the
whole exam.Dr. Rivers entered the room.
Joe acknowledged him. "Johnny, Roy,
Chet, this is Dr. Craig Rivers, head ortho from
upstairs. He's going to be handling Kelly's case."

"Hi, doc.." Roy, Johnny and Chet echoed.

"Hello, everyone. Let's see what we've got.." And Rivers
checked out Chet's hands visually, noting the same
signs that he had read from the run sheet. "Did he take
out some frustrations on a wall or two?" he
asked the two paramedics. "These knuckles look
like they took that kind of blunt trauma."

Roy and Johnny shifted uncomfortably.

DeSoto replied. "Close, but no walls per se,
it was a punching bag, actually. Chet was a little
upset about a coworker of ours getting caught
in a roof collapse last night."

Johnny dove right in with the opportunity for
an update. "Dix, how's Stoker doing?"

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Within Sight
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