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  Crazy Days
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From behind him, a Marco and Stoker he didn't
see, on ropes, tackled him from their place on
the rocks and drove him to the ground.

The man's drug enflamed rush surged into the superhuman
and Lopez and Mike were flung off like wet clothes.

The man was free again and he attacked the next
nearest person he saw. The drug crazed man leaped
from where he was on the ledge, right onto Cap.

Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 14:51:02 +0100 (BST)
From: "Katherine Bird" <>  
Subject:  Double Jeopardy, Porker Style..

"Cap!" Roy shouted even as he watched
Johnny pull the needle out of his arm to
fling it away from them all to help block
the coming impact.

Stanley neatly dodged the fullest weight of
his attacker but his helmet still jolted off
when super strong arms caught him
around the throat.

Marco and Mike were frantically untangling from
their ropes as Chet, John, Roy and Cap all
wrestled with the biting, fighting crazed
zoo worker in silent desperate gasps.

"Watch his head! Watch his head!" Johnny
shouted as they all grunted to get a hold
on the wildly aggressive man.

Stanley's HT clattered to the dirt and
went off in a loud squelch, which startled the
nervous milling peccaries on the far sunny side
of the enclosure. The older boars began to
snort and face the humans in nervous expectation,
taking a position in front of the smaller sows
and piglets in their band and they snorted
and pawed the amber dust in a threat display.

All this, was unseen by the firemen struggling
to restrain their victim who was still locked in
a dangerous overdose.

Marco and Stoker had just joined the fray
when the gasping, screaming young man
noodled impossibly out of all their grips and
bounded up immediately onto very fast,
wobbly feet.

He took off running straight for a thickly
bushed side of the animal enclosure. The
peccaries squealed and got out of his way,
creating a thick cloud of yellow dust as
they avoided the running human arrowing
drunkenly at them.

The gang pursued after him, top speed.

Roy threw his HT up to his mouth speaking
in between painful breaths as he, too, ran
full tilt into the direction where the sick man
had disappeared.

"Station 10 on the double. Follow our hose!
We've a fighter OD who's getting away.."

## There in one..## came a loud reply.
Roy could see several of 10's firefighters
booking down the main zoo tar path using 51's
strung hose as a guide. He heard their shoes
scuff on the sandy trail as they raced
over from the deserted parking lot to help out.

"In here! In here!" Cap waved at the other engine
crew. He wiped a smear of his blood off his lips as he
ordered his own men to circle the not yet spotted
zoo worker. "Gang, when you bird eye him, stay AWAY
from him. Your safety is first! Just form a ring around
this character and cut off his escape. And for G*d's
sake, don't agitate him further. I want no one else getting
a hunk ripped outta them. Stoker, use the hose if he
attacks us again."

"Right, Cap." Mike said.

Soon, it was apparent that their crazy drugged up
junkie, had gotten himself into a good hiding place.

Cap issued a tight
order. "Ok, everybody. Fan out. We'll
give this five minutes. Then we're outta
here until the cops come. The danger
to us is just too great."

"Cap.." Chet said. "That guy really needs
us. It hasn't been that bad yet.."

"Just look at my face and throat and tell
me that again, Kelly. I said no more after

Chet moused down.

"You ok, Cap?" Gage said, keeping his eyes on
the brush thicket's edge where they had all
skidded to a halt.

"Bruised only, Gage. Concentrate on him
and not me. He's first."

The gang circled around like pursuers in
a hide and seek game, separating into pairs
under the darkness of the wooded section of
the exhibit.

They all lost sight of each other and that made
Hank Stanley nervous. "Keep within earshot."
he shouted. "And keep those helmets on.."

Minutes dragged by of stealthy, cautious

Johnny Gage and Roy gestured silently to each
other at a particularly loud rustle in
the thick vegetation right in front of them during
their sweep of the forested side of the enclosure.

Gage leaned over to peer over the low rhododendron.
"Roy! He's right here.. he's--" he hissed.

A sharp squeal of rage preceded an angry charging
two hundred pound peccary boss as the animal
flew at Gage who had inadvertantly located his
band's hiding place.

"Whoa!!" Gage shouted in alarm, spinning away,
barely avoiding the click of pig fangs at his face.

Image of peccaryboar.jpg Image of johnnysht.jpg

"Johnny?!" Mike shouted, raising the hose nozzle
from the ground. Stoker fought to drag the heavy hose
through the tallish grass with two other of ten's
firemen in a desperate attempt to have one cocked
and aimed point blank against Johnny's
attacking peccary. "We're coming! Turning on the
hose in--"

"No, don't..! Wait  a sec.." Johnny shouted, scrambling
away from the animal nimbly until he regained his
footing in a patch of sandy dust, like a matador avoiding
a bull. Then Gage threw out a hand and kept the squealing
hairy animal off of him by ramming a stiff arm and hand
against the pig's forehead to keep the gnashing charges
the boar was launching at him firmly at bay.
"I'm ok.. I got him.. He's not getting to me.
Just go get the guy! Don't spray ANY of that charged
water on the pigs you hear me?! It'll drive em into a
frenzy..You'll bring the juveniles down on us, too.
They'll gang up big time to get us just like this boar's
doing to me."

Gage was surprised by the tenacity of the enraged
boar who showed absolutely no fear as he continued
furiously trying to get at him. "I'm not bothering your band
you stupid thing. Cut it out!" he shouted at him, gasping
with his efforts to hold the pissed pig male away from
his body. "Get off!" he shouted at the snorting,
slobbering peccary mob boss.

Roy moved nearer.

"Stay back.. Roy!"
Johnny tried to push away the boar with a shoving shoe into
a shoulder but the pig just rushed right back at him with an
even angrier raised tail and got quickly into another pushing
match of pig forehead versus fumbling human hands once

"Johnny! Careful! Shall I rope him?" Marco said,
gathering one up from the ground.

"No.. It won't work, he'll just dodge it. Guys, look, I'm
fine. He'll give up once he sees I got the message here.."
Gage panted. "Go help over there. But whatever you do,
don't go near the sows or any of those young in there
or you'll be trampled and tusk shredded into hamburger."


"Go.. I'm really fine." Gage said, still face to face
with the red eyed, furious, one track minded, boar.
"He's just driving me off."

Johnny had a healthy respect for the five inch long fangs
that tried to slash up at his bare arm and he frequently
shifted hands to avoid them. "Guys, go. I know how
to get out of this..UgggHHHh! " he verbally spat. "The wild
pigs charge me all the time at the ranch when I get too
close going to get the horses. All ya gotta do is wait
em out.. Just give me some distance.  He'll think better
of this soon and he'll leave." he grunted, still
holding the heavy male pig away from himself.

Roy muttered, just as torn as Marco on what to
do for his partner. Then he decided, motioning
to Lopez. "Our OD doesn't have a lotta time left.
He's gonna go down."

"Exactly.. I'll join up with ya.." Johnny said,
not taking his eyes off the grunting, attacking
pig still locked nose to hand with him.
"I'm ok. Just go! This boar'll give up in a minute
or so. I've seen this before. He's gonna fret
about being so far away from his sows."

Roy and Marco and Mike reluctantly backed
away from Johnny still dancing in his bizarre

"What a crazy day.." DeSoto muttered. "Holy
cr*p." he shook his head. Then he said,
"Come on..let's get out of here like
Johnny says." and he motioned to the others
to follow him back onto the search. "Our
victim's bound to be feeling a downer swing
by now. He wrestled with us pretty good there
and that most likely elevated his BP into
circulating even more of that junk into
his brain. He's probably not that far from-"

A shout from Cap brought the two of them on the run
through sixty feet of stinging, thick brush.

Roy, Marco and Mike ran towards the voice
as fast as they could.

Hank said. "He's over there somewhere!" and he pointed
to a stand of trees. "Lord all mighty what's he
doing in there?" he asked as Marco and Roy
pelted up to his side. He was using a gauze
pad from his pocket to hold down the bleeding
from his tongue which he had bitten earlier.

Roy and Marco and another clump of firemen
from ten's all froze. Roy recognized the sounds.
"Oh boy. He's tangling with a pig."

"How do you know?" Hank asked.

"Cause I just left Johnny who's doing the same thing."

"What?!" Hank's head whipped around.
"What are you talking about? Gage's right here."

Roy saw his dusty sweating partner jogging
swiftly towards them through the tangle of
California jungle. "Never mind, Cap. Just trust
me about him over there. It's not gonna be a
pretty scene."

"Ok, what next?" Stanley said, parking his hands
on his jacket hips.

"Water. Lots of it.." Gage said.

Marco whined. "But I thought you said not
to use a hose on them.."

"The frenzy's begun Lopez, that's why.
It may already be too late for him.
Come on!"

And he ran in the lead towards the sound
of fighting just ahead under the tall sequoia
at the corner of the exhibit. The man had
tried to take refuge in an open whelping
shed that had a keeper's bed in it.

Both companies of ten and 51 froze
in horror at what they saw.  The OD'd young
man was down on the ground and the angry
female peccaries were taking turns using him
as a football and punching bag.

Image of johnhelmetprofilerun.jpg Image of gangwithgear.jpg

Some of the infuriated sows were so strong
their bites actually lifted the unconscious
man's whole upper torso a foot off the dirt
as they tossed their heads to bite him.

Mike Stoker let loose a peel of sharply
knifed water against those closest to the
injured man without a moment to lose.

Sows tumbled like nine pins under the
force of the water and squealed. Others wheeled
around in place to face the new threat in
a quickly forming bunched counter attack.

"Hit the piglets, Mike! Hit the piglets.. Get em wet!"
Johnny shouted. "Their mamas will go running
for them at their screaming distress calls."

Stoker changed his hose stream to a fountaining
fan and aimed it up into the sky. An ice cold
drenching soaked the tiny piglets bunched in
a protective circle and on cue, the tiny porkers
let loose high pitched cries of alarm and clamour.

The sows left the zoo worker's trampled body
alone, zooming out to herd up their babies and
soon the whole dripping bunch was hastily
loping away from the humans with tails raised
in sheer terror.

Stoker dropped the hose.

Johnny grimaced as he rolled the bluish
man over. "Oh.." he sighed in horror at
the sight of fresh peccary slashes
covering the man's chest. But he bent
an ear close anyway to the man's
torn mouth as his dirty stained fingers
felt for a neck pulse, too.   "He's in that
downer for sure. Brady with apnea."

Image of johnwithmanonfloor.jpg Image of capmarcotire.jpg

"Go get the gear!" Cap shouted to Marco
and half a dozen others.

Soon, they could hear men coming
with the laden stokes they had
left in the main clearing by the zoo's
pathway fence and moat.

Gage started to breathe for the
man until Stoker handed him an ambu
bag and mask. "Thanks.."

Johnny looked up at Roy. "He's got a rate
of 40. It's not enough. Start CPR timed
with it."

"Marco.. You got that?" DeSoto asked.

"Yeah.." And Lopez starting working off
Johnny's pulse rhythm cues as to when
to apply his compressions. He kept his
gloves on so his hands wouldn't slip in
the blood on the man's skin that was
oozing down from the pig bites.

"These lacerations don't look that bad.
He's lucky.." Gage said. "There's only
that one broken arm."

"I see it." Roy agreed.  "Any sign of vomiting?"

"No.. He's out deep." Gage replied.
"Chet, turn on the audio on the EKG
monitor. It'll help Marco out to time
his pacing properly."

"Right.." Kelly replied. But he kept looking over
his back for any signs of the peccary band,
and that irritated Johnny.

"Pay attention, Kelly. Just concentrate on
patching him in there. We don't have all day.." Cap
snapped. "We've haven't got a lot of time left
for us to try and actually get a save in
the bag for this man."

"Sorry, Cap.." Chet apologized, ending his
rubber necking. "It's just that they might
come barreling back out of nowhere at any s--"

Stoker spoke up louder than usual.
"Any that come near are going to eat
some serious water, Kelly. Don't you worry."
he promised.

Hank smiled around his fat lip as he
unlatched, then kicked open, the
squad's defibrillator case with a toe.
At a nod from Johnny, he turned on
the power up switch to standby.
"That's my anchor man. Stoker, you're
being wasted on the engine dials. You're
an absolute ace on that hose."

"The engine's more fun, Cap. Sorry.
I'm not planning on a demotion any time

"Such a pity.." Hank sighed.

"I'll call Rampart." Roy said smiling
as the worst of his stress melted
away. He was very very glad to have his
hands on their victim at last.  He
concentrated on getting on the biophone
as fast as he could.
"Rampart Base, this is Squad 51. How
do you read?"

Chet bit his lip, grinning, too.
"Ok, Marco.. it's CPR symphony time.
Pow.." he muttered as he turned on
the slow weak audio cue on the EKG
speaker. "It's show time."

Marco began coordinating his compressions
when the man's drugged slow heart rate actually
beat by listening to the machine's mechanical
blipping. After half a minute he asked
the swiftly working paramedics.
"Should I speed up?"

"Not yet. Don't want any more of
that stuff or whatever's he's shooting
to get to his brain any worse than it already
has until we inject some Narcan. He's holding
his own ok now with you just helping out like you are.
Stay exact with your assisting, on the beat."
Roy told him, without looking up. He didn't even
smile some encouragement to his crewmate, for
already his mind was considering five paramedic
problems at once.

Again, he hailed Rampart while one of ten's
medics tried to get a viable BP off the man's good
arm. "Rampart this is rescue 5-1..Do you copy?"
his voice angled yet again, only a little more
urgently. The heart rate on the monitor
continued to weaken and slow.

Image of roywindphoneclose.jpg Image of johnnydeliverambu.jpg

From: "Clairissa Fox" <>  
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 20:14:52 +0100 (BST)
Subject:  [EmergencyTheaterLive] The Little Eyes

The little piglet shook its head and squealed some
more until his dam nuzzled his ear. Where was the lady
keeper? There were only man things in the wood. And
another man thing who smelled funny had become an
enemy because he got too close by moving fast and
kicking the other dams in the band. The memory of the
new creatures in his pen had frightened Piglet badly
but the odd acting man thing was no longer attacking
him or his dams. He was flat on the ground and smelled
like blood now.

Piglet thought hard on what just happened. The strange
keeper man thing had been easy to fight down. The
piglet remembered how the man thing with the zoo keys
fell with only one charge from his mother.

Now other man things had come who wore canvas skins
and black head covers and they had the great water
snake with them. Piglet was afraid of that. His coat
still ran with water from the liquid that had come
from the snakes mouth and down from the sky that didnt
smell like rain.

But piglet was puzzled now. There was one man thing
with curly head fur who seemed like the keeper who
cared for them all in the rising light. The other man
things had soundings for him that sounded like the
same calling Piglets human friend had. Chuck. Only
this one was called Chet. It was all very puzzling
indeed. Piglet had never before seen so many man
things in his home before. Only on the days when the man
thing with the biting stingers wearing the white skin coat
came to put some of the band to sleep before he pawed

Piglet forgot his wet hide and he snuck away from
his mothers band towards Chet and he sniffed and he
sniffed hard on the wind. Piglet checked carefully but
the man thing with the water snake didnt see him at

Image of chetjdefib.jpg Image of wildpigdamandbaby.jpg

Piglets caution disappeared instantly.


Piglet ran up to the human things where they were
pawing at the sick human in the dirt. He could still
smell the treat in the Chet man things black rear
cover and he nuzzled it making the Chet man thing

Piglet dashed a short distance away at the noise but
he was hungry. He came at the curly furred man thing
again looking for the treat he usually got from the

Hey! The tall white and black head covered man thing
pointed a paw at Piglet. Watch it. Theres one of the
baby piglets behind you Chet.

Piglet didnt smell danger from Chet or the leader man
thing so he went right on going after the treat he
could smell.


Image of capchetmarcohelmetslookdown.jpg Image of wildpigbaby.jpg

Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 14:22:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Sam Iam" <>  
Subject:  The Short Shelf Life..

Chet Kelly was leaving his place by their
shocky victim's side, making room for the second
paramedic from station ten to step in, when
he whirled in alarm at Cap's warning.
"What?" he startled as clammy animal nose
butted into him again. "Where did he come

Kelly watched his feet as he backed away
on his knees so he wouldn't crush the
miniscule piglet still nuzzling his rear pocket.
"Hey,.. watch it buddy! You're just a
bite of bacon but you're in the way!" Chet
told it indignantly.

The piglet just squealed in ambivalent twitchy
reply as he warred with his instincts: to run at the
sound of Chet's sharp voice or stay for the reward.

The baby peccary's stomach ended up making
the final decision. He kept on seeking out the
source of sugar he had found with a probing

Beyond Chet, Cap looked up, suddenly hyper-alert.
"Uh oh. If he's here, where's mama?" he
wondered out loud.

Mike Stoker shrugged diffidently, but he primed his
hose to its releasing edge again and began to
check out the trees and cover nearest to them.

Marco spoke up from where he was still
doing CPR. "Chet.....better get rid......of
that little......guy. There's no ......way his
sow's not .....gonna come investigating
once......she's learned he's strayed." he said.

Chet Kelly quickly panicked, whipping off
a glove and fumbled into his pocket for the
pack of Juicy Fruit gum the tiny infant pig
seemed to be orienting on.

Kelly waved the wrinkled pack in front of the
piglet's face until he was sure the baby was
following it.."You want some? Huh? Let's
strike a deal. Eat now, then scram. I'll give
you this but you're gonna have to leave for
good afterwards. All right?"

"Squeeeallll!" the baby snorted in frustration
as it fought to climb onto Chet to reach
the sugary gum he still held in his hand.

"Get down or you'll hurt yourself!" Chet
complained. Then he sighed. "Here ya go ya
dumb thing.."  He said, hastily unpeeling a strip
of it under the baby's eager nose.

Fast fangy teeth snatched up the offering, making
Chet yelp.

"Oww. Stop that! Now go get it." and Kelly grenade
tossed the rest of his dusty pack as far as he could
over the bushes into the open so that it was well away
from the firemen working on the nearly dead man on
the ground.  "Shoo..!" he said waving his hands in
the air in flurry of gesturing fingers.

The piglet was the perfect porcine, street
smart runt. He followed the gum pack's trajectory
through the air like a pro frisbee dog and went instantly
running for it in an attempt to get there before
any of his other unseen siblings could. He motored
towards where it had plunked into the dust top
speed, but he was already too late.

There was a scuffling as three other
piglets caught wind of the sweetly scented
treat and a fight broke out between Chet's
pocket nudger and the others.

Chet winced in sympathy when his little
"visitor" got knocked down by an older baby.

"Ooo. Careful ya dummy."
Then in embarrassment at his remark, he added.
"That should hold him, Cap." Kelly said, turning
back to the scene in front of him.

Cap said. "Let's hope so. If the band discovers
us anywhere near those guys, there'll be h*ll
to pay."

Stoker grumbled. "No there won't, Cap.
I'll push em all away if they come
around again if I have to.." and he hefted the
hose nozzle in his gloves a bit higher.

"Only as a last resort." Cap said.
"Don't want to traumatize the little
tykes any more than we have to."
He barely contained a grin as the original
curious piglet finally won the battle and
loped off with the trampled gum pack in his
mouth. The losers pursued, hot on his heels.

"And don't come back!" Chet told him."A deal's a deal."
he shouted.

The light moment had gone unnoticed by
the four paramedics struggling to save the life
of the overdosed zoo worker.

Roy finally got a returning hail from
the biophone receiver, ending his doubts
about the terrain interfering.

##This is Rampart." Dixie replied. "Go
ahead 51.##

"Rampart. We've a male down with
an apparent OD with clear indications
of fresh trackmarks. He's nonbreathing with
a pulse of 40. CPR's ongoing. He's got
additional injuries due to an animal attack;
a left broken radius and ulna and multiple
wild pig bites to his neck, face and chest.
Negative on C-spine or head injury. Vitals are..
BP...50 systolic. Pupils are pinprick and he's
unresponsive to both verbal and pain stimuli.
He's got a Glasgow rating of four. All bleeding
is now under control." DeSoto said as
he saw Johnny make a cut throat gesture
and then a point at the pads firmly taped
over all the wounds.

Kel Brackett arrived into the alcove
and took over the response call for his head
nurse. "10- 4, 51. Maintain his airway and continue
to ventilate him. Continue the CPR and send
us a strip. First we've got to determine
if his problem really is an overdose and not
some other etiology. Draw a red top for glucose.
Administer 1 mg glucagon IM if his blood sugar's
below 60 mg %. Also follow up with 100 mgs
Thiamine and 25 gm dextrose 50% IV if you can
get a line into your blood stick site. Use Normal
Saline, and draw up .4 milligrams Narcan.
We're gonna end his downer right now any way
we can. Also, be sure to immobilize
that fracture to prevent further injury."

"10-4." And Roy repeated his string of orders
and if-this-then-that instructions.

Almost two minutes went by when
Roy turned to Johnny, with a third needle
bloodied from yet another failed attempt to find
and stick a vein with an IV catheter. His blood
drawing had blown the last remaining clear vein
and he was reduced to blind probing.
"He's got nothing left here." he grunted in

"How about a jugular..?" Johnny suggested.

"Good idea." and Roy got out a new cathed needle
to try his luck there in the man's neck.

Again, Roy's IV stick failed due to the
man's very low blood pressure. He
shook his head in frustration and abandoned
the attempt. "No good." and he tossed away
the needle guide. "He's too far down. Is there
a place he hasn't used? Kelly, get his shoes off
and pants off. Check his feet and legs for
other veins. Use a tourniquet to raise any
if you can."

Kelly reached over and grabbed the shears
from Johnny's holster. "On it."
The jeans pants legs banana peeled swiftly
away, revealing pale, sweaty skin.

Mike helped bare the man's feet.

Roy picked up the phone. "Rampart.
An IV may not be an option. Looks like
he's a heavy user." Roy said tersely as
he watched Chet and Marco located scar after
scar where the druggie had shattered all his
reachable veins while baselining his drug of

Brackett already had an alternative plan.
## 51, go ahead and insert an endotrach tube.
I'm giving you authorization to do one in the
field. I'll accept full responsibility.## Kel
said to Roy.

Roy sighed in stress. "Affirmative Rampart.
Stand by.."

CPR was halted while Roy, the better airway
expert, got out a laryngoscope and inserted
one carefully. Ten's medics helped him get
the man's head and neck into the right position
and then took over Johnny's place on the ambu.

Things went slow, but it went. And soon
their victim was set. Roy picked up the phone.
"Rampart the ET is in."

Image of roycutonbiopphone.jpg Image of caphelpjiv.jpg Image of marcocaregive.jpg

Brackett nodded his head in satisfaction.
##Knew you could pull it off. Now increase
your Narcan to two times the IV dosage I originally
ordered and fill it with a following bolus of
10 ml Lactated Ringers/Normal Saline. Hyperventilate
his lungs thoroughly, stop CPR, then titrate the Narcan
directly into his ET tube only to the minimum level
necessary for a return of respirations. Ventilate him
firmly until you're sure the flush's been fully absorbed.
You'll hear when that happens. Watch him closely, 51.
When the Narcan starts counteracting his narcotic,
if he's on one, he may spontaneously awaken so be
prepared to extubate him before he has a chance to

"10-4, Rampart..  .8 mgs Narcan with 10 ml
LR/NS by ET. Please stand by.."

##Standing by..##

Soon, Dr. Brackett's orders had been carried out
in the tense minutes which followed.

Johnny Gage was on the man's arm like
a tick and he rapidly got a new BP when Roy
indicated that the man's lungs had "dried out"
from where he listened with his stethoscope.
"There it goes. It's climbing. 80/54. He's breathing.
Pulse's increasing, too. Stop CPR." and he set a
hand on the man's carotid for several seconds.
"Ok, I got a rate of 90. Thready and weak."

A ripple of coughs echoed through the ET
under the bag valve mask and the man's hands
began to flutter with voluntary movements.

"Watch him.. watch him! He's snapping out
of it." Gage said. Together, the paramedics
rapidly removed the endotracheal airway
and followed up with suction as the man
began to moan more and more angrily.

"Get a grip on him. Looks like he's going to
fight." Roy said.

Several of the firemen moved in to restrain
the revived young man as full consciousness

"UugghhhhhHHHH. Get OFF me!" the man
gasped. "AhhhhHHHHH. $##* @$ !!"

Kelly had his hands full kneeling on
the drug abuser's shoulder to keep him
from flailing the broken, splinted arm on
the ground. He bent low over him to
get a better grip.

The man's slow testing struggles intensified
into impossibly agile ones with
a surprising pure strength seconds later.

He threw off the two firemen laying on his legs
with a cry that didn't sound human.

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