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 The Promise
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Page Two

"10-4 Rampart, 100% O2 with a full chemical washdown.
Starting an IV NS. Please stand by for his EKG. " he nodded
at Chet, who had replaced Marco to aid Johnny and Roy
in their patient care. Kelly began cutting away the man's
clothes for leads placement. Soon all was ready and Roy
got Chet's all set nod about the monitor.
"This will be on lead two, Rampart." Roy shouted. We'll
inform you of any pertinent medical history. 10-4, Rampart,
on the epinephrine ban, we'll treat for shock and do a
frost bite check. Understood that further treatment is
en route." Roy parroted.

Dr. Brackett sighed. ##51, do you know how many casualties
you have at your location?##

"Not yet, doc. The area's still in chaos. But our
numbers could be substantial. Looks like a filled five story
water tower collapsed on an occupied construction site and
parking lot as well as on top of part of the northbound
freeway system here." Roy replied.

Dr. Brackett grimaced and sighed. ##10-4, 51.## Kel finished
his studying the down man's EKG strip and he turned off
the machine. ##51, I'm reading nominal elevations in
his ST segments. Looks like the 02 is easing his abnormal
rhythm. I am confirming a lack of medical cardiac involvement.
Looks like this is just the gas doing a number on him.
Also, from here on out. During this crisis, you have
my permission to treat first and ask questions later. This
goes for all medical situations. Use the protocol you know
for guidelines. I'll take full responsibility for your actions.
Our radio communications will most likely get unreliable
as operations progress over there..##

"10-4. Rampart." Roy answered. Both he and Johnny began to
relax as the man's potential coding risk was ruled out as
being very unlikely.

"Ok, Kelly, start the washdown." Gage shouted to him
and the other firemen gathered around him.

Chet began playing a brisk hose over the man's body
and skin as others in waterproof suits rolled him from
side to side to get full coverage.

Hank kicked a sandbag back into line as the run off from
the man channeled down in a made path to the base
of a broad sand pile at the edge of the construction site.
::The freon will soak into this sand and Hazmat'll be able to
barrel it and haul it away.::

Gage kept up reassurances to his patient as he
guarded the man's airway with a firm hold over
his O2 mask and his face. The man had Johnny's
gloves in a death's grip. "I know it's cold. Almost through.
We've got to get any trace of that gas off your skin. Stick through
ten minutes more of this and I promise you a pile of heated
blankets once we're in the ambulance." he grinned cockeyed
through his airmask.

The man tried to laugh but consciousness fled and
his eyes rolled up into his head.

"Hold it! Hold it.." Gage told Kelly. He made
sure the man was still breathing and slipped in
an oral airway before switching the 02 mask for
a demand valve. He began forcing oxygen into
the man's tired lungs. "Ok, keep going, I got
him secured."

Chet continued the man's hose bath.

Soon, the man was placed in a specially plastic
lined and rigged Mayfair for his trip to Rampart.

Johnny handed off the hanging IV and gave his verbal
notes to the pair of paramedics inside
who weren't wearing SCBA, being careful not to
get the water running off his clothes onto the
floor of the ambulance. "Careful, I'm contaminated
with freon here." he told them. "Brackett wants
to know of any COPD or cardiac history if he wakes
up. Also, sweep for frostbite and treat. We found
no injuries."

Nearby, the air masked Cap spoke to the firefighter
paramedics assigned to take over the man's care.
"We've a tipped tanker that's burning over there so
anticipate phosgene and hydrogen fluoride traces, too,
on him." he informed, throwing a head at the unconscious
man being carefully assistance ventilated by an
ambulance attendant. "And get his name and occupation
to me if you can. We've a missing man out here."

"Right, captain.." replied the senior paramedic.
"We'll broadband when we get in if he comes to."

Gage closed the doors of the Mayfair and slapped
it twice before backing away.

As it departed, two teams of firefighters washed
it down with hoses as it drove slowly out of
the disaster area and onto the freeway. CHP motorcycles
escorted ahead of it showing the traffic cleared
route to the hospital through the maze of
abandoned vehicles angled everywhere.

Lopez jogged over from the Battalion Chief's car
over to Hank, pausing first before entering the ambulance
landing area to be briefly hosed down by perimeter
hazmat firefighter crews. "Cap, I got our
orders, just like you asked me to do. Chief wants
us to enter ground zero of the water tower to start
a victim search. The construction boss just
told us a van filled with teens was joyriding in
the back of his company lot just before the semi hit
the tower. No one has seen any of them or the
van since."

"What does the van look like?" Hank asked, wiping water
spray off his mask with a glove. "We might as well
start there."

"Uh,..." Lopez hesitated.

"Well..?" Cap thundered.

Marco peeped. "Have you ever watched
Scooby Doo, Cap? The boss says it looks like
that. Sort of purply technicolored."

"Wonderful.. " Hank said sarcastically. "Gage.
DeSoto. You heard him. Pack up your gear again
and go. You're first in after the hazmat team
checks out that end of the scene."

"Right.." Gage said. "Chet, help me pack up this
EKG monitor. Run it to us as soon as we're outta
there with somebody."

"You got it."

Cap and Kelly started to turn back to
the staging area when Roy stopped Hank.
"Cap, when Johnny and I were in there. We heard
some leaking gas. Sounded like a portable tank
going off."

"Where?" Cap said, whirling around to face
the heart of the collapsed tower.

"By a red pickup and a pile of pallets, Cap.
I heard it, too. If I didn't know any better, I'd
say the truck was unloading its payload AT
the construction site when the water tower fell.
The tanks I think I saw were already piled neatly
outside the truck. They looked stacked about
three or four rows high and nine deep."

"Really.." Cap breathed in significance. "Chief'll
love hearing this. Five times over the National
Federal Standard trucking through the heart of
L.A. judging from the number of tanks
you're telling me about. Somebody's heads are
gonna roll. But not from any resulting explosions
from them that's for sure." and he hefted his HT
to his faceplate. "This is Engine 51 to all units. A
paramedic has reported leaking freon from a tank
cache in the immediate vicinity of ground zero next to
a red pickup truck. Watch yourselves."

Immediately, Hazmat responded. ##HazMat Two to
Engine 51.##

"Go ahead Hazmat.." Hank answered via radio.

##We've found the point source and more
in a box car. We are cooling down with foam
and fan spray. Your rescue men are clear to
re enter the area.##

Image of freon_tanks.jpg Image of hazmattruck1.jpg

"That was fast.." Chet remarked, wrapping
the EKG leads back into the case rapidly.

"They'd better be." Cap said. "There's too
great a density of civilians and department
personnel to monkey around with. Gage.
DeSoto. Get going. Keep on your radios.
Marco, Kelly. Go with them. If this van of
kids was full we're gonna need a lot of man
power. I'll have a team run with your gear
soon as you spot anything. Carrying any will
just slow you down."

"Right, Cap." came everyone's reply.

Johnny and Roy felt the hot sun on their backs
and the wet coolness of the covering spray being
blown on the wind from Hazmat's water curtains
and shuddered as they retraced their steps from
the victim decontamination area and back into
the disaster zone.

Gage whistled low under his breath as he
spotted car after car that the water tower had
levelled as it fell flat. He picked up a wooden
board and banged three times on the hollow, still
intact massive drum of the water tower. It answered
back, still liquidy hollow. "Water's still in there, Roy.
If that gives way..."

"I know.. Just keep lookin.." DeSoto said through tight

The four firemen rounded a turn after pushing aside
metal debris and tangles of construction wire.

They found where Hazmat was containing the leak
Roy and Johnny had heard getting their first victim out.
The foam was thigh deep and the water curtain thick
over a box car full of powdered aluminum labels.
"Oh, great.." Gage groaned. "Freon only reacts with
metals of certain types and what do we get? A whole
box car full of em.."

"Think positive thoughts, partner.." Roy grinned.

"Tryin to." Gage replied.

Then there was a shout from Kelly just ahead.
A gust of wind rose in a dust cloud making things
hard to see. "On the double. Found one..!" Chet

Marco, Johnny and Roy rushed forward to see Kelly
kneeling over an asphyxiated girl on the ground whose
hands were locked tightly over her own blue throat.

Gage snapped his radio receiver over his mask
and shouted. "Any available recovery team. We
need a resuscitator to our 10-20. Now! Watch
for my vertical hose spray!" and he snatched
up a standby charged hose and shot a stream up
over the debris dust cloud to mark their location.

Short moments later. ##We see you. There
in less than one.## came a Hazmat reply.

Behind them, was the van of teenagers they had
been seeking. It was partially buried by tower
beams with a crushed roof. Looming overhead
was the bulk of the unruptured ten thousand gallon
water tower reservoir hanging right over the van
and the whole mess was still creaking as its
tremendous weight still crushed down closer
to the ground. The moans grew louder
when the van's flimsy roof gave way another
six inches under its burden.

Kelly, Marco and Roy knelt helplessly unable
to do anything for the apneic girl with their
SCBA masks still strapped to their faces.

Image of attacksdrillfirefighter.jpg Image of johnnyhelmetwork.jpg Image of hazmatpatientcare.jpg

Chet started to take his off to do something
active about that but Roy stopped him.
"No! Your safety's first. We're downwind of
those tanks and the burning truck. Wait.
She's still got a carotid. We've got time."

Marco ran the rest of the way to his gangmates
and slammed to his knees at the top of the girl's
head. "Roy?" He didn't like the fact that Roy
and Johnny didn't yet have their gear nor the
darkening cyanotic color forming over the young
teen's features.

"She's gotta pulse, Lopez." Roy said calmly tense.

"Then she's only just resp arrested."

"Looks like." DeSoto said, opening her airway
further using a jaw thrust in prep for the airway
and O2 that was on its way.

Pounding footsteps and clattering O2 metal greeted
them from the sunlit gloom.

"Over here!" Gage said to a Hazmat man with
the medical gear, dropping his hose and shutting
it off.

In no time, they had their resuscitator.

Gage saw Kelly begin to use it around Roy's
airway hold and he subconsciously held his
breath until he saw the girl's chest rise. Once
and again. A few ventilations later and the ominous
cyanosis began to retreat. "Chet? She fighting you?"

"Not at all."

Gage reached into the small jumppack the firefighter
had given him for an esophageal airway and a tube
of lubricant. ::Thanks, doc, for the pre go ahead. We
owe you one.::

As he waited for Kelly to hyperventilate the girl
in prep for his airway insertion, John felt a sudden
chill of recognition as the resuscitator mask was
lifted off her face. A sudden memory flooded his
mind's eye of a golden laughing smile and a baby
gurgling happily on her mother's lap.

"Oh, my g*d. I know this girl." Johnny blurted out
to the others waiting for him to move..


Image of hazmatfoam3.jpg
Image of hazmatfoam1.jpg
Image of jrlookwithtankson.jpg

From : "Champagne Scott" <>  
Subject : Under the Shadow..  
Date : Sun, 07 Sep 2003 20:36:27 -0500  
...Drew's wife...! This is Kelsey...." he whispered
in shock.

"What?!"  Chet shouted through his mask.
"You'd better concentrate on finishing up
there, pal. Her clock's ticking down. My
last vent on her was fifteen seconds ago..
sixteen... seventeen..."

"Oh, ...right.  ... uh..Roy?" Johnny asked numbly
looking to share his horrifying news.
But his air masked partner was listening
to something being said over the HT by
Cap and he didn't hear Johnny speak.

Numb with reaction, on autopilot,
Gage gel'd up the EOA and threaded it down
the unconscious woman's throat. He nodded
to Chet to give her a couple of shots then
remembered belatedly that he couldn't use a
stethoscope to verify his placement of the tube.
::Gonna just haveta watch for distention..:: he
thought. ::Ohmyg*d, :: his mind shouted in
his head ::This is Kelsey!::

Unbidden, came a memory of Drew, his
friend the police officer, lying shattered
on the margin of the freeway under
his hands, and the crackling hissing ghost
of a broken frequency coming from the
biophone. Johnny shook his head.
::That was two years ago. Knock it off, man!
Gotta concentrate. It's SHE who needs me

The sweaty steam on Johnny's face mask
covered his shocked expression and only
Chet noticed the slightest hesitation as
Gage shakily followed up his intubation
by reconnecting the demand valve to the EOA
that he was holding stable in his glove
from where it jutted from her teeth.

Chet's voice sounded as if from a distance
through the roaring in Johnny's ears.
"Giving her four. Johnny let me know how
it feels." Kelly said, thumbing his first breath
into the woman's lungs carefully. "Her
color's still good." he said peeling back
her lips to view her gums.

"Ok, ready.." Johnny felt his lips say.
Gage placed  gloves over her chest
and abdomen trying to feel for telltale gurgling
under one and chest rise under the other.
He counted three more rises under his right
one as he monitored her. He found he
couldn't find his voice to tell Chet things were

Cap's voice came over the HT, echoing eerily
around the fallen tower's spidery debris field and the
shouts coming from the hazmat team as they
struggled to seal off the freon leaks they had located
near the area where Johnny, Chet and Roy were
working on the girl.

“Engine 116, lay in from the hydrant on mile marker
117 and hit  that rising gas vapor in a covering fan from
the south. Engine  45, stage from the cleared part of the
freeway and hit the box car from the west. Squad 45, do
a primary search of the involved automobiles to the west  
of this location and make sure they've been evacuated."

Image of drewjohnny.jpg Image of jwithdyingvictim.jpg Image of drewwifewithgirlandjohnny.jpg

"Truck 127. Set up to the east two hundred yards away
from the water tower. You’re gonna assist my men in attacking
car fires in the area.” Hank crammed the HT back
into his pocket, barely waiting for any acknowledgments.

He looked up, spotting a masked and chem suited
Marco waving at him. Hank turned toward his engineer,
motioning vigorously. “Charge up a new line over Johnny
Roy and Chet, Mike! They're working on a victim!
Lopez? What's up?"

"Cap, I think I spotted the van that construction boss
told us about. It's directly under the water tower's drum
about sixty meters from here. Looks like things
are already settling around it."

"What?! There's no way a flimsy van'll
keep its structural integrity under that much weight
pressing down onto it. Most of the water's
still inside of there.." Hank muttered. His
furlative in-command glance turned into one of
deep worry through his mask as he eyeballed
Chet and the two paramedics working to ventilate
the girl.  He shouted, realizing that a ton of
of help would be needed to emergency
evac everyone from the van Lopez had
found.  "Kelly.. Front and center. Gage can
take over for you.. We're gonna need
a lot of manpower to get those kids out of the van."

"Right, Cap.." Kelly rose and Gage took his
place. "It's all good first time, Johnny. They're
going in nice and smooth.." he said of
his quickened ventilations he was giving
the woman. "Here.. Take this. Cap wants me
for somethin.." Chet, in his chem suit and mask,
readjusted the heavy weight of his air bottle
under it, with a  groan. "I'll be right back...." he

Johnny barely looked up at Chet as he
took over the demand valve. He didn't even
see the curly haired fireman leave to join
up with the others at Cap's side.

Roy just then noticed how quiet his partner had
become. "Johnny..?" He reached out a glove,
damp from Stoker's nearby spray, and grabbed
the arm of Gage's jacket.

"What?" Johnny looked up at him.

"What's the problem..?" DeSoto shouted
through his mask.

"Let's get her into the stokes.
We can take her with us. She's breathing on
her own." he said, rising and leaving the
oxygen valve connected to Kelsey's airway.
"Bellingham can take over her care for us.
I see him by Kelly and the van."

Roy turned, from gathering up Kelsey's torso
and upper body into his arms craning over
his shoulder to see where Johnny was pointing.
"Ok,.. I got her shoulders.."

Gage grabbed her legs and they set her
awkwardly into the metal stokes a passing
fireman had left for them. Gasping, the two
paramedics lifted their burden and walked,
straight as they could, through tangles of steel
towards Cap and the new focus of EMS personnel
knotting under the shadow of the water tower's
looming bulk.  He could just make out the sounds
of creaking metal as sinking tonnage slowly
crushed all the vehicles trapped under the drum.

Swiftly, Bellingham and Brice intercepted
Johnny and Roy and they were suddenly relieved
of their burden. Kelsey was lifted from their
hands. "We got her.. Go..." Brice said as
he placed a hand on her chest to make
sure she was still breathing.

Image of ganggetmaninstokesfromdirt.jpg Image of bricesetwatchinsquad.jpg

Gage spun around in a daze still not recovered
from knowing his victim and he watched them
start to head for the safety of the yellow zone.

"Johnny?"  Roy asked, concerned. "Your air
running out?"

Gage grabbed his valve regulator and checked.
"Nah,... I'm fine.. almost eight minutes left.
Don't worry about me, I'll tell you about it later..
Let's go.." He picked up a second resuscitator
from the ground and curled it under one arm.

Gage and DeSoto ducked, moving closer
towards the van, trying not to pay any attention
to the moaning stressed metal sounds filling
their ears.

Cap intercepted them. "We've got six victims.
All of them are pinned by debris except for
the driver. We're gonna haveta do some cutting."

Right then, a high shriek of friction torn metal
stabbed through Cap's sentence and
deep into the bones of their skulls.

"Look out! The tower's giving way!" Kelly

Everyone under the shadow began to run
for the daylight.  Only Cap, Kelly and Lopez,
got out.

The water tower's huge bulk split like
an egg and a tongue of frothy flood water
began to gush out as it flattened
partially to the ground. Roy, Johnny and
one other, were swallowed whole under
the water filled dome.

Hank scrambled.. barely getting his
legs out in time from beneath the folding skin
of the tower and was instantly soaked by
frigid water when he was too slow getting
out of the way. He hauled Kelly and Lopez
to their feet and Hank started a desperate
head count, including himself. "1, ....2, .....3...."

He saw Bellingham and Brice slowly rising
and dripping, to their feet twenty feet away..
Their gloved hands were empty.

::Oh, no..:: Cap thought. "Where's the girl
in the stokes?"   ::4....5...::

Brice shook the stars from his head
and almost took off his air mask. His
partner stopped him before he could
complete the move and grabbed his shoulders,
looking at his face through his mask
when Craig remained silent and slightly
off balance.

Bellingham's gasp said it all. "She must
be under there, Captain Stanley.. I don't
see her.. Brice got hit in the head and
we dropped her."

Cap motioned Kelly and Marco to get
Brice out of the area... "And I don't
see two of my men.." he replied grimly.

"They're gone, too?" Bellingham blurted
out, whirling.

Hank refused to acknowledge the fact
that Roy and Johnny could have just
been killed along with the woman.
"I want a team of men with K-12's and
axes over here immediately! There's
a chance the shell fell AROUND them."

"Under all that water?"  Chet shouted
in alarm.

Cap cut him off curtly. "Get Brice
to safety. Get him seen.Then hoof
it back here with everything you've got.."

"Right, Cap.."  Chet and Marco swept
up Brice into a seat held carry and moved.

Image of marcolostht.jpg Image of vantechnicolorclear.jpg Image of capjrbottlesputon.jpg

Cap called out the same priority over his
HT to the available companies. "Engine
51 to all units. We've trapped victims and
firefighters under the tower. I need a full
detail scrambled, wearing full protective
gear and air bottles. We're on the south
side of the tower's drum..."

Men began to run as the massive rescue
operation around him shifted shape and
form to accomodate. HT activity tripled.

To Cap's horror.. the gushing water
around his legs lessened and began
to die off as the dome sealed itself
tightly to the stained ground. ::Not
enough.. Not enough..:: his mind
screamed. ::There's still too much
water in there. They won't stand a
chance if they're not awake enough
to tread water.::

The last agonizing screeching sounds
of collapse trickled away in eerie silence.

Image of anibloodline.gif

Image of roydownongroundbottle.jpg Image of flashflood.jpg Image of johnnyfalloverstairs.jpg

Image of darkunderwater.jpg

From :"Roxy Dee" <>  
Subject :  ~~Red Pool~~  
Date : Fri, 26 Sep 2003 19:54:27 +0000  

Cap slipped and slid in the newly created ankle deep
morass of mud and shards to start a hasty inspection of the
water tower dome for any signs of large leaking
breaches through which to target a rescue

He didn't hesitate to rain the metal shell
with sharp ringing blows.. "Roy! John! Can you
hear me?! *gasp* Hang on.. We're gonna get you
out of  there ASAP!! "  His head whipped around,
first right then left, but no other fireman was as yet,

He lifted his HT once again and ordered. "Move it everyone!
I'm located on the south side, upwind! I'm twenty yards
from the site of the second victim's initial location!"

Cap's breaths whistled painfully inside his
SCBA mask as he attempted to remain
clear headed around a panicking heart which
slammed wildly inside of his chest.

He tossed the handy talkie aside when he heard
multiple reply backs and didn't care that it skittered out of
reach and into the muck at his feet. Numbly, his soaked
gloves beat out another regular pattern to the taut
hollow dome he hastily stretched out upon. He shouted
once more to those trapped underneath.."DeSoto!?
Gage?! If you're o.k., respond in any  way you can..!"

Cap first freed, then plastered an ear to the tower's
skin after eyeballing the prevailing winds for
safety. He no longer cared about  any
possible contamination with the spilled freon.
"My men come first." he sobbed aloud, with roiling
raw emotions. The professional side of him countered
that irrationality with instant support.
::There was enough of a wash down from the dome's
spill over to dilute the stuff nearest here.:: it said.

Some small part of Hank Stanley still waited for the telltale
burning of sub freezing temperatures to bite into his exposed
wrists and neck, as subliming freon searched for a way to
call him a liar. But only the hot sun was searing into anything
he could still feel that wasn't completely wet.

Hank's relief about not burning himself with any coolant
exposure never materialized. A larger part of him was rapidly
losing objectivity.  "Come on you two..Just one sign.
Won't take much to grab a piece of scrap to wail an answer
back.." he whispered, fogging up his face plate. "Come on..
start tapping!"

Cap filled some time checking his air tank's regulator.
"I've got nine minutes left.." Hank silenced his own adrenaline
twitchy mouth and he held in a ragged breath as he
willed his body to stillness as he listened.

Seconds stretched into long moments as violated metal
talked to itself and its mercilessly settling gravity net.

Chink.. Ping.. Creakkkk  -kkk --kkk.  k          k..  *hisssss*..

Soon, waves of water lapped musically soft inside as
the tower reached equilibrium at last in its new
horizontal position.

Cap's eye finally found the surface of the trapping
pool through a ragged crack. It was staining with a
growing red through the clear depths the sun illuminated.

Nothing else clearly identifiable as actively struggling
life gurgled from the pocket of deep water that he could see
to reward Cap's vigilance.




Hank's eyes stung sharply.   "No..."


Image of anidripred.gif
Image of capfeeldoortense.jpg
Image of gangsprayup.jpg
Image of waterred.jpg

From: "Cory Anda" <>  
Subject : Full Circle  
Date : Sat, 27 Sep 2003 02:30:55 +0000  

GAASSPPPPPppp!!  *cough!*  choked Gage
as his head broke the surface of the water
inside the van. He had long ago peeled off
his air bottle in order to swim up towards what
meager light he could see.

"Roy!?" he shouted, treading water and
whirling in the frigid darkness. His hasty
shout echoed in his ears. He could hear
faint pounding from somewhere else but
that sound was the farthest thing from his
mind at that moment.

The van suddenly shifted as it began to float, its
front end partially buoyant from its sudden
unexpected immersion under water.  

An eerie golden light glowed through the
shattered windshield of the van. ::So, there are
cracks out there..:: Johnny realized. ::The whole
d*mned tower must have come down in around
us..::  Gage shook away a lurid bone chilling cold
he suddenly felt seeping through his turnout gear.
::How the h*ll did I get in the van?::
His own sense of orientation drifted away.

A body floated up.
It was wearing bright blue clothes.

"Roy?!" Johnny said in fright, remembering
suddenly who was still missing.

John pushed off the wall of the van to get to the
sodden form and he quickly flipped it over
to feel for a carotid. He immediately dropped
the young african american teenager with a shout
of horror.

Half of her features were crushed and so was
the top of her head. "Gaghhh..." Johnny blurted
out, back treading blindly. The young body of
the girl sank out of sight, leaving only a trail
of red behind.  "I'm not gonna make any
progress that way." his teeth chattered, and
he froze in place just to listen. The dim pounding
continued, but it wasn't vibrating through the chassis
of the luckless van. "Outside help?" Johnny guessed.
"Maybe it's Cap...!"

He was just about to take a breath to reach a leg up
to kick out the windshield arching above him
when he saw a trail of bubbles coming from a shadow
near to the left side of him in the front seat. ::The
driver's still alive!::  he realized.

Gage's groping hands found a football jerseyed
young man's neck and head as he brought  
his mouth and nose to the surface of the water.
He was rewarded with sputtering gasps as
the teen quarterback blew out liquid in a spray
from his throat and lungs. "Easy.. I got you.."
Johnny encouraged, keeping the man from
sinking underneath the water again as
he struggled to breathing wakefulness.

Image of brokenwindshield1.jpg

"I didn't mean it.. I didn't mean it.. *cough* They
made me do it..." the injured kid mumbled.

Johnny laid the teen's head against his shoulder
and immobilized his neck and forehead  
as best he could against his chest.. "Hey, take it
easy now. No one's blaming you for anything.
Especially not for a stupid joyride in the parking
lot. An accident's an accident... What's your name?"


"Can you breathe ok the way you are?"


Johnny Gage took that for a yes.
"Do you hurt anywhere besides that arm..?"
he said looking down. Gage saw a second
'elbow' bending below the young man's real one
on his left arm where it floated in the water.

"I'm hurt? Oh, my g*d.." and the dazed teenager
began to thrash around a bit inside Johnny's
firm hold.

"Bobby.. Now just calm down!.. I'm feeling nothing
seriously wrong with you. Now my name's Johnny
Gage and I'm a paramedic with the Los Angeles
County Fire Department."

"I crashed the van?"

Johnny spat some of the boy's hair and
muddy water from his mouth. "No.. not
exactly.. A semi truck hit a water tower
near you and then it fell on us. That's where
all this water comes in.."

"What?! Aghh.HHH! Where's Angie,..
Mark...?! They were all in here with me...
Steve!! Where are you??"

Gage's head was banged painfully
as the young man panicked as he arched
his back and he saw stars. He tightened
his grip on the teen to keep him still.

Gage knew from the roof sloping into
the water that no one else was left alive
in the back of the van. "Listen to me!
Bobby, we'll worry about them later. Now
I'm more concerned with getting you taken
care of first.  And to do that, we both have
to keep calm and cool about all this. We
might need to conserve the air in here. Now
I want you to slow your breathing rate down
a bit. It's probably why you're feeling
so short of breath right now."

"Ugh.. I'll...t-try..."

"That's it.. Nice and easy. Now, does
your neck or back hurt anywhere? I'm
holding you like this just in case you do."

"Uhh,.. no. They're ok.. I'm not feeling
any p--Ahhh! What's wrong with my arm?"

"I'll be honest with you, Bobby. It's broken. "

"Oh, man.. Coach's gonna l-love this.
He'll kill me when he finds out I have
to miss the rest of the seas--   n"
he said slipping into shock.

"Bobby? Stay awake. Keep your head up.
Let me tie this board here on your arm.
We need to splint this before we go
anywhere." Gage used a seatbelt that he cut
away from the van's wall using his holster's
bowie knife. "I gotta get you into some dry
clothes and I also gotta find my partner
and another girl who was with us.."

"S-Someone else? Who...who is she?" Bobby
struggled. "Please.. I gotta know about my friends."
Returning pain to his fractured arm silenced
the young quarterback and he froze into stillness
with a strangled cry. "I feel like I'm gonna puke."

"Easy. Moving around will only make you more
nauseated. Her name's Kelsey, and she's doing

"Where is she? I- I don't see her!!" Bobby
said, gasping, falling limp, now only half awake.

Johnny felt the change in the boy's posture
and heard it in his voice.  "Bobby? Stay
with me.."

At the same time, a flicker of sunlight and shadow
made him look up through the windshield of the van
into the sparkling underwater light reflecting there.

Peering through the raining water trails seeping
through the spidered glass, he could just make
out Roy's legs and shoes kicking at a second
water surface six feet above the van with the
comforting shape of Kelsey's metal stokes in his
arms. Gage could see the green bottle of the
resuscitator still nestled in between her legs.
::He's still got the O2 for her.. Good.:: Johnny
sighed in relief. ::I swear, Roy. You got more
lives than a cat.:: he grinned. Out loud he said.
"Kelsey's really fine, Bobby. She's with my
partner. Out there. Right now."

He didn't get any reply. ::Bobby?:: Johnny
thought to himself. His fingers found the slow
thud of a carotid at the big teen's neck and
the injured teen's ribcage still rose and fell inside the
bearhug Gage had around the young man.
"So that's where we're going, too." he said quietly
to the unconscious boy. Gage waited for
the young man to take in a shallow breath of air
before he blocked off the man's nose and mouth
for the trip out of the van.

Two kicks later, they were free, popping up
beside Roy in a flood of bubbles as the rest
of the vehicle's trapped air escaped with them.


Image of royinwatergreen.jpg Image of caphtpalmtrees.jpg Image of johnnyinwater.jpg

DeSoto didn't even bat an eye..
"Here's Johnny, Cap. Looks like he's got a victim

"Johnny? You all right, pal?" an overjoyed Hank's
voice echoed into the hollow chamber, even through
his air mask.

"Yeah, Cap. Just hurry it up. Neither of these guys
can wait without treatment much longer." Gage
coughed as the outside air's freon fumes began
to get to him.

"Here.. " Roy said, disconnecting the O2 tubing
from Kelsey's EOA. "Give him some and then
take a breath of your own. We've been sharing.."

"She still breathing?"

"Yeah, she's just out, that's all. I still can't find
any injuries."

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