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Page Two

Roy and Johnny hurried over and crouched over a twenty
something year old. A young man with their victim was upset
but coherent and he held her hand. "She your girlfriend?" Roy
asked him, reading the red margined triage tag fluttering in
the wind on her shoulder.

"Yeah. Her name's Cindy. Ohmyg*d. Is she gonna be all right?"

Johnny made himself smile once he recognized Dixie's work
of double tourniquets tightly bound above both the girl's knees.
"We're here to give her every chance. Have you had first aid
training of any kind?"

"Some. Uh, a few years ago. I'm a boy scout pack leader."

"Fair enough. My partner's gonna start Cindy on some oxygen.
It'll help her get her breathing under control. That panting's just
from some blood loss which we're gonna build up again by
starting a couple of I.V.'s Keep tabs on her pulse and breathing
rate, would ya? We're going to be busy down here for a bit."
Gage said, indicating the area of Cindy's badly broken legs.

"Anything I can do.." said the frightened young man.

Marco kneeled on the ground and helped Roy cut away
the woman's shirt sleeve so Roy could get access to
her arm for a blood pressure. Johnny got on the land line.

"Rampart, this is Squad 51. How do you read?"

Joe Early came on the phone almost immediately.
##Go ahead, 51.##

Johnny skipped preliminary information. "Triage victim, number sixty
three." he read from Dixie's hastily applied tag. "A female approximately
twenty years of age. She's semi conscious due to crushing injuries to
both legs. Double tourniquets have been applied to her mid thighs.
Stand by for the vital signs."

Gage buried the phone onto his neck and glanced over to where he
could hear Cap and another paramedic crew working on what
sounded like a steering wheel being bent with a K-12 and chains.
He couldn't yet see the car through the throng of people and
rescuers shifting around the silent train through the growing evening

Marco said, "Johnny, that driver's not bad. We're putting him on a long board
just as a precaution. His leaking gas tank made him something of a
priority . I guess a train car clipped him when it jumped off the tracks."

Johnny nodded as he took the note pad from Roy containing what
he had found on Cindy during his secondary survey.

Marco spoke, shifting his head to the right to where the many rescuers
beyond Rampart's doctor and nurse had not yet reached.
"I've got to go. Dixie's three cars from here, working her way
towards the locomotive with Dr. Brackett. They're on the leading
triage tag team."

"Go." Roy told him.

"Wait." Johnny contradicted. Lopez skidded to a halt.
"Just how many cars are on this train?" Gage asked.

"The DOT counted 102 from the air. The middle section's
on fire a half mile from here. Those Amtrak cars impacted
a light industrial propane tank. Most of Los Angeles City's fire
departments are handling that. Our units from the suburbs are on
just triage and extrication detail."

Gage nodded, waving him on. "Radio us if you find another red
tagged victim." he shouted. "We'll be done here in five minutes."
he said pointing to the two ambulance attendants waiting next
to the Mayfair that was shielding the girl victim from the milling

Lopez took off at a run.

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"Well there's a tender mercy. We'll be nowhere near the fire."
Johnny said to his partner. Then he began relaying vital signs
to Rampart from what he read off the small pad of paper.

Two large bore I.V.s later and a neat feat of carefully positioned
splinting kept the woman's circulation going into her feet. Johnn
y and
Roy had to fight instincts to let city paramedics be the girl's main
caregivers to the hospital.  A yellow jacketted paramedic from
Pasadena said, "We'll take real good care of her. She's got the first
row for a helicopter flight in." And then they were gone in the rig
with her, reds flashing, for the impromptu high school football field
landing area.

Roy and Johnny quickly packed up their gear again and headed
north on the strength of Marco's news about Dixie and Kel Brackett's

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A yellow tagged man with a splinted broken forearm grabbed Roy
as they went by. "Please, you gotta look for my son. He was in
car number 49. Please. I can't find him...."  

DeSoto set down his gear and supported him. "Easy, mister.
Now where did you come from? You're headed in the wrong
direction. Medical help is that way."

"He slipped away from me.." said Vince Howard, running up to them.
"I got distracted by a couple of red tags. I can tell you more. His son's
name is Jeffrey Mathers." he said taking the father's shoulders.
"Come with me, maybe he's at the First Aid Station already. Let's
go look for him. Stop bothering these two gentlemen."

"Please. Firemen. He's about eight years old, wearing a blue T shirt
and y- yellow pants. I just gotta find him.." mumbled the injured man.

Johnny and Roy watched him get swallowed up by the fog until
it seemed that it was only just the two of them alongside the twisted
bulk of the train. DeSoto broke out a flashlight to locate the search
marks crews ahead of them were leaving on the skin of each car
to show the ones cleared of people.

"Sun's going down. It's gonna get cold. Man.. I hope we find
everybody in time." said Gage. "This fog's getting thicker by
the minute."

Roy found another rectangular shape jutting eerily up
into the indigo sky. "Car 49. " he read on the side door.
"And there's no search mark yet. Let's check it out."

Roy and Johnny left their gear on the rail road rocks by a lit cherry flare
and together, they pulled open the train car door and went inside.

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Dr. Brackett was a whole train car ahead of Dixie, and he was
shouting and calling. "Is anybody in here? Shout if you can hear me.
I'm a doctor from Rampart Emergency!"

Dixie, too, was calling for anyone to hear, but she started to lag
behind the much bigger Kel as she struggled over seats with
her flashlight.

She had just climbed over a tangle of them when a ghostly figure
ahead of her blocked her path. "Bellingham?" she said, stunned,
recognizing the off duty paramedic. She grabbed his arm in
the darkness. "Are you ok?" she asked, seeing blood running
from his mouth and the large bruise on his head. She couldn't
work it through her head that he was actually a passenger
on the luckless train.

"M-My daughter. S-she was caught under me." said the bloody
T-shirted man. "She.. she was fine a minute ago..."

"Where is she? Easy, Bob. Everything's gonna be ok." Dixie gasped.

"I'm keeping her...warm..but..." he said numbly, in heavy emotional shock.

Dixie McCall looked down to find an infant lying limp in
his arms, her lips, feet and hands already turning blue. Dixie snatched
the tiny baby's body from him and into her arms and pressed a couple of
fingers against her chilled upper arm. "Kel ! Can you hear me?!  
I got a pulseless infant back here." she shouted out loud.

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There was no reply from the way ahead.  

"Kel! Answer me!"

Nothing but echoes replied in the horrible silence of the Amtrak.

Dixie fell into an upright seat and set her flashlight until it aimed at
the metal ceiling, filling her arms with a bright white light so she
could see clearly what she was doing. Right away, she tipped
back the baby's head and tried to gently get breaths inside of the
still clammy chest. Nothing went in.

Bob began to sob. "I-- I know about that.. I...can't seem to.......move."

"She's obstructed. I'm going to clear it." Dixie said quietly, rapidly
turning the limp infant over and beginning back blows and chest
thrusts. On the third attempt, Dixie's shaky puffs of air finally got in.
"Just sit there and relax, Bob. I'm sure help is on its way."

The Rampart nurse began the baby's CPR while her shocky
paramedic father simply sobbed, watching them, with tears in his eyes.

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Johnny Gage startled when the third train door parted under their collective
tugs to reveal a conscious victim, blinking up at them from the murk,
under his flashlight.  "Blue and yellow he said?"

"Yeah." Roy replied. "Jeffrey Mathers?"

The boy began to cry from where he lay in the rubble and he
stuck out his arms towards DeSoto, reacting like a frightened boy
half his age. "Help me...  I can't find Daddy..."

DeSoto's paternal instincts soared and he reached out, gathering
the damp shivering boy into his arms. "It's ok. Your father's fine.
The doctors are taking care of him at a First Aid Station. How
are you doing? Do you hurt anywhere besides that cut on
your arm?"

The boy stayed mute, frozen with fear and he kept his eyes shut
tight and his arms locked in a death's grip around Roy's neck.

Gage ran a flashlight over the boy's head and body. "There's
a lot of blood here, but I don't think much of it is his at all." he said
reaching around and taking the boy's carotid. "Pulse's fast but strong
here." He pulled out a green tag and wired it to the front of Jeffrey's
T-shirt with quick notes on the boy's injuries and his name.

"Whose is it?" Roy asked cradling Jeffrey's head on his shoulder,
softly calming the boy. "Shhh.. You're all right. We're going to
someone who can take you to your father right now."

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Jeffrey nestled into Roy's arms a little deeper and he sighed,
but his trembling didn't ease.

Gage cast his flashlight around in the fog.  It alighted on a young
shirtless teenager sitting upright in the next car with his head
thrown back. Johnny hurried over, his mask dangling air bottle clanging
as he crouched down and felt for a pulse at the teenager's pale creamy
neckline. He shook his head and pulled out a penlight, showing Roy the
fixed and dilated pupils he knew were there. Sighing with disappointment,
he tipped the teen over, looking for the reason why he died.
He found it when a hole six inches wide became visible in the small of
his back. Blood still dripped from the wound. "Looks like a seat
brace or something impaled him through the lower abdomen. It must've
drilled right through his lower aorta."

"Come on." Roy said, making sure the young child's head was
turned away so that he wouldn't see the dead train passenger.
"Let's get Jeffrey outside. We can wrap him in some sheets from
the burn kit to deal with this mild shock of his."

Johnny nodded, and gently returned the teenager's body to
the position he originally found it in before he attached a black edged
triage tag to its shoulder.

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Marco Lopez was bounding ahead in the treeline in a short cut back
towards the train when he spotted movement in the brush. A blood spattered
woman in navy walked out from under a pine tree. "Hey! Maam.. Are you

She gave no sign that she had even heard him.

Marco ran to her side, gripping her arms, "I'm a fireman. Let's get you
out of here to some help."

The woman began to struggle and flail at him, screaming incoherently
and Lopez was forced to protect himself by restraining her wrists.
"Hey, hey hey. It's all right. You're out of the train and you're safe.
I got you..." he told her.

Sobbing, the woman sank to the ground and her head drooped in
unrelenting grief. "He's dead... Ohmygod..." she cried. "They're all

"Listen to me. You're ok and that's what's important right now.
I'm Marco and I'm with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
Shh, easy hon. What's your name? Can you tell me that? Once you let
me check to see if you're ok, we'll think about finding your people  
on the train, all right?" he said, keeping a light arm around her
shoulders. "Come on, can you tell me what it is?"

The woman gave a deep sigh and some of the dazed look left
her eyes. "C--Candace Mallory..I'm from Santa Barbara..." and
she started to cry again actively.

Marco penned down her information onto a green labelled
triage tag for he could see no other injuries past a face
cut and some scratches on the woman's arm. "Candace? My
neighbor's named Candace." he smiled.

"Really?" she smiled.
Candace felt an itch and reached up to scratch her face
and startled when her hand came away bloody. "Oh, my g*d,
I'm bleeding! OH!" she sobbed, starting to panic again.

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Marco grabbed her hand and covered it with some gauze,
wiping it clean. "Candace, you've only got a small cut on your
lip. You're ok, really. See? I'm taking care of it. It'll stop very
soon if you hold this right there. Yeah. Hold that 4X4
over your lip just like that."

"Ooohhh." Candace sighed, calming down. "What happened
to us? One moment we were laughing and the next, the cars
were screeching and...lurching.. " her face grimaced into fresh
tears as torturing recollection returned in snatches..." We
crashed, didn't we? What made it happen?"

"I don't know for sure. But I do know that everyone's getting help
as fast as we can get it there. That's why I'm here." he
reasoned. " And I can get some help going for you, too."

The woman smiled, suddenly seeing Marco as the firefighter he
said he was. "You're from the fire department..?"

"That's right."

Candace suddenly gripped her leg. "Ow.."

"What is it? Your ankle?"

"I-- I think so. Hurts.."

"Here, let me take a look at it." Marco said, gently feeling the joint.

Candace winced slightly but that was all.

"Not broken. Do you think you can walk on it?  I'd like to get
you to some friends of mine down in that neighborhood below us."

Candace immediately panicked. "No! NO! I-- I can't go back down there!
It's too dangerous!  Crashing! There's so many people .... lying hurt... or
much worse! Please, don't make me go back down there...." she begged.

"Easy, ok. ok. We'll find a way to go around." said Marco, planning ahead,
checking out the terrain around them. He could just see Cap clearing from the
automobile wreck from his vantage point. He pulled out his walkie talkie.
"HT 51 to Engine 51." he hailed.

##Go ahead, Lopez.## came Captain Stanley's reassuring voice.

"I found a walker up here on top of the hill. I'm bringing her down.
Green tag."

##10-4. We'll keep an eye out for ya. Watch yourself in the fog. It's
getting pretty thick down here. Engine 51 out.##

Marco shrank down its antennae and started to stuff the HT back into
his jacket pocket.

Candace was looking at it with fascination. "You mean, I'm really going
to get out of here?" she said reaching for it.

Marco let her have it. "Yes."

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The shocked woman hung onto the radio tightly as Marco helped
her to stand. She wobbled, but then walked with more assurance
faster and faster as she clung to the chattering radio like a life line.

"Come on, let's go this way.." Lopez told her quietly, placing his
jacket around her shoulders.

Dixie kept on working on the baby. And somehow, she had managed
to get through to Bob Bellingham that Dr. Brackett was on the train
with them.  Bob's voice rang out louder than Dixie's.

"Dr. Brackett! Come quick. It's my baby daughter!" he yelled in
full emotion. Fear gave him volume that Kel finally heard from where
he was.

Kel Brackett returned back the way he had come. "Bob Bellingham?
Is that you? Where's Dixie?!"

"Over here. Pulseless nonbreather. About twenty weeks old." she
gasped as she worked, her fingers pumping firmly over the baby's

"Keep going. Let's get them both out of here and to a chopper.
You ok to continue her CPR?" Kel asked his nurse as he gave
Bob's eyes a quick check where he sat numbly on the floor next
to Dixie's passenger seat.

"I'm fine. Just move.." Dixie told him. "Just heard Johnny and
Roy in the area. I think they're right outside!"

Brackett tried to peer out the train windows but fog made it
impossible to see through them.  Brackett pulled out
a cherry flare, lit it and tossed it outside. Then he took the whistle
from around his neck and blew on it hard, three times in several
triple series. "That should bring em cracking with their full
medical gear. Just keep going on her. Her pupils are reacting."

Kel helped Dixie navigate through the darkened car with words
while he guided Bob by the shoulders through the same route.

Then they were outside under the night sky.

Leaping at his communications pack, Kel Brackett grabbed
his walkie talkie the Base Commander from the Fire Department
had given him. "Car 51. Baby down. Full arrest. Get a crew in
here for a chopper run, fast!"

Then he bent to put a nasal cannula on Dixie so that she
could give the baby more oxygen with each breath she
delivered by mouth. "Let me know when you get tired. I'm
going to go give Bob a once over, looks like he's going to
black out on us."

"I will." she promised.

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Cap met Marco and Candace in a backyard. "I got her Marco.
Go north! I just got a call from Stoker and Roy at Car number 50.
They've a woman pinned under some debris and she's gonna need
full spinal immobilization. They've got their hands full keeping her
airway clear. Go help them out."

"Right, Cap." and he dashed off after taking his radio back
from Candace.

Cap gently guided the slightly wounded woman towards the
street where the rescue operations were ongoing.

"Wait.. where's he going?! I need him to help me get out of here!"
she said with rising panic. "Please!" she struggled with
Hank, not knowing who he was.

"It's ok. He's one of my men. I'm his captain. I'm taking over
for him. Shh. It's ok. I got you. See? There are ambulances
over there. There's no problem. " he promised. "Just calm
yourself down a little. You're ok. You're going to get out of
here right now.."

The panic slowly died out of her eyes but hot tears returned.
"I am?"

"Yes, right now. Chet!" Cap said to a running form he
recognized in the darkness.


"I've a walking wounded. Take her over to the triage line, pal.
Go easy with her. She's still a little confused but I don't think she's
hurt seriously. Marco has her green tagged."

"I've got her." said Kelly. He aimed his flashlight on her triage tag.
"Candace Mallory.. Hiya Candace.. My name's Chet. Right this
way and I promise to lead you to some warm blankets and
a soft bed. Would you like that?" he asked.

Like a child, the emotionally traumatized woman nodded
yes and let herself be guided.

"After you get her over there head north. Stoker and Roy
have a tricky one needing extrication." Cap ordered.

Chet waved his understanding as he took Candace's uninjured

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From:  Jeff Seltun <>
Date:  Tue Sep 14, 2004  7:27 pm
Subject:  Fast Track..

Johnny Gage ran from out of the fog heavily
laden with medical gear. "Hey! Whoever blew
that distress, give a yell! I'm coming!"

"Johnny?!" Kel Brackett shouted. "It's Brackett! Get
over here! Dixie's got an infant CPR."

Gage ran, shifting his medical gear until the drug
box was in his right hand. He spotted Dixie,
sweating and bent over a very young baby in her lap.
He slammed down onto his knees and clattered
the drug kit's lid open. "You ok there?" he asked her as
she worked. "How's your O2 supply?" he said
seeing the glint of a cannula tubing around Dixie's

"It's fine.. Just hurry.." Dixie puffed.  "I'm still
not getting a pulse from her."

Kel looked up from where he was cutting away Bellingham's
shirt to look for injuries. Bob was mostly out, and moaning
and there was a fresh pool of vomit near his head. "Glad
you're one who heard us, Johnny. Where's Roy?"

"On an entrapment. Two cars from here."
Gage did a double take when he identified the man on the ground
as being Craig Brice's fire paramedic partner. "Bob? I thought
he was on vacation..." Johnny said, digging through the
drug box for what he knew Brackett would order for the baby.

Dixie gasped, trying to smile. "So did we.." She shifted
her position until the baby lay across Johnny's splint box, using
its hard surface to help her efforts. "Come, on honey.. Breathe." she
encouraged the limp infant under her compressions.  "Daddy's
really missing you." her voice begged. "And so am I."

Kel gave Gage the info he needed. "Bellingham's got nothing serious
yet. Concussion maybe. But first things first. Johnny, skip the baby's
airway, she's handling fine without one. We need to bump her heart
into course V fib or better and we need to do that right now. Go right to
her .01 mg epinephrine I.V. 1/10,000 into a 10ml Ringer's bolus line, without
the bag. Scalp stick would be best.  Follow it up with a two milliequivalent per
kilogram of .5 bicarb in a push. Then take over for Dixie and get that baby
onto that chopper ASAP! " he hollered over the roar of the helicopter
landing in the street near their location. "Joe will take her first thing once
you fly in. I just got done talking with him. He's got an endotrach set up and
rewarming measures already waiting with a team. He'll deal with any
hypoglycemia once she's intubated."

Image of brackettchetgagemancspinecar.jpg Image of johnwithivshot.jpg

"Right, doc." Gage said, biting the plastic off a lactated fluid syringe.
He angled his head around Dixie's and established the l.V. line during
one of her ventilation pauses. "Epi's going in..." he shouted to Kel, grabbing
up the baby's arm to feel for a brachial beat. His other hand taped
up the Ringer's catheter port against the baby's temple."Ok, hold it a
second, Dix." he nodded and then he plunged the medication's needle into
the injection bulb, depressing the syringe's plunger. "I'm checking her!"
he updated Brackett.

The nurse and paramedic held their breaths as they studied the
infant for any reaction. The baby pinked and twitched. But
her chest didn't rise at all. "Got her back, doc. But still no breathing."
Johnny told Kel as Dixie once again took that over. "Bicarb's next."

"Good enough first step for me. Get that done and I'll be
more than happy. Great going, you two. That's the chance we've been
hoping for." Dr. Brackett smiled as he waved over some firemen who
had run in top speed after hearing the distress whistle. "Over here!"
he told the arriving crew trying to find them with their flashlights.
"Adult male. Full C spine and a backboard. And all the spare O2 you

The Pasadena men hustled over, speaking quickly into their radios.

Johnny stuck two EKG monitor pads over the baby's chest and abdomen
and wired the infant for a quick peek and punched on the unit with a
smack, breathing fast. Then he smiled. "Rate's just over 140, doc.
Terrrrrific.." he celebrated.

"Sustainable." Kel agreed. "Any distension we need to worry about?"

Gage swept a couple of fingers over the baby's stomach. "Not
much. Dixie's vents are still working ok."

"What's she at?" he asked about Dixie's rescue breathing rate.

"24 or so a minute." Johnny replied.

"Get a BP for me and then get her out of here." Kel ordered, nodding
his satisfaction.

Johnny rushed, scrambling, and soon, he got one. "62 Systolic."

"That's flight adequate. Stable enough. All right. Dix, let him take over."
Dr. Brackett said, getting the firemen's 02 to Bellingham through a
non rebreather as others fitted the now unconscious man with
a cervical collar and got him ready for a log roll. "Gage, run..."
he ordered. "Leave without us. I'll call a ground ambulance for him."

The exhausted RN pulled off her nasal cannula as Johnny continued
where she left off with the baby's mouth to mouth and nose ventilations,
and she fitted it around his face, tucking the O2 bottle under his
arm. She pulled the EKG patches off the baby girl's sweaty skin, tossing
the wired leads aside and then she nodded. "Johnny, you're set. I'll help you
carry your gear." she panted, shouting over the roar of the rescue
chopper, blowing leaves and debris over them, as it sped up rotors
after Dr. Brackett waved a signal for its pilot to get ready for a fast
priority lift off.

Johnny wrapped the baby into a blanket and ran, maintaining
careful ventilations. Dixie followed him with the drug box and Gage's
HT. "Dr. Brackett's now on your channel." she told him. "Use him
if she worsens again. I'll keep an ear out, too."  she promised,
transferring the baby back to him after he leaped high enough
to board the hovering helicopter.

The last sight she had of Bob Bellingham's tiny daughter and Johnny
was when their two silhouettes merged into one as the focused
paramedic gave the baby the breaths she so badly needed as
gently as he could without harming further, her already resuscitation
bruised body.

Then they were gone in a swirl of dirt into the night sky.


Image of gagemouthtomouthbaby.jpg Image of helicopterbuzzsquad.jpg

From:  Sam Iam <lafddispatcher@y...>
Date:  Wed Sep 15, 2004  9:43 am
Subject:  The Flip of a Coin..

Roy DeSoto glanced over his shoulder to where
Jeffrey Mathers lay on a burn sheet. "How are ya doing
over there?" he asked the boy in the blue shirt and yellow
pants who was just a lighter shadow in the middle of a darker
one on the ground about thirty feet away from the tangle
of metal that held Roy's current top priority.

"I- I'm ok... Where's dad?" the eight year old blinked up
into the darkness. "Why aren't we going to him right now?"
he said, still afraid of moving on his own.

"Because we're a little short handed." Roy replied, looking down.
Stoker and Chet were handling his trapped victim's airway
suctioning while he held the badly injured woman's head still.
"And we've a lady here who needs our help just as soon as we
can get it to her. Just keep wrapped up like you are and you'll warm
up soon, I promise. Someone IS coming for you." hissed the fire
paramedic when his knotting forearms started cramping up.

"ok.." said Jeffrey Mathers.

Image of victimboyongroundbloody.jpg Image of roylookdowninhelmetatvictim.jpg

The three from Station 51 were worried.

Chet grunted. "Ughh.. I can't get it lifted any higher. Something's
really wrong down here. I think this whole section's attached to
the strut pinning her under here. We're gonna need a portapower or a
K-12 to make any progress at all.  "

Roy nodded in agreement as another fireman fitted the woman with
a cervical collar to free up DeSoto's hands. "This train car is buried too
deep. Nothing short of heavy equipment is going to do much of anything."

Mike Stoker glanced up at his crewmates with a frustrated look.
"That won't work either. The ground's too soft around us. Something else's
gonna have to be done."

Roy dragged over a battered suitcase with a free hand and used that
to hold the woman's head in alignment with her body. She lay
partially under two heavy crossbeams from the chassis of the train
car on her left side and her face was pressed almost completely
against the train car's skin.

Stoker dropped the suction wand onto the woman's chest and
quickly replaced the oxygen mask over her nose and swollen mouth.
"I got her clear. She's breathing fast and shallow but well enough."

"Is her jaw fractured?" DeSoto asked, as another trail of blood
started dripping down to the dirt.

"No, I think she just bit her tongue. All of her teeth are there."
Mike replied.

Chet Kelly got on his HT from where he was jammed up between
the beams and the semi conscious woman while he supported her
torso with his knees to ease her labored breathing. "HT 51 to Engine 51.
Cap!" he hailed loudly over the sound of hammering and hand tossed debris
as the rescue workers around them tried to dig down to the trapped
woman's level from the other side.

##Go ahead, 51.## said Hank.

"We're gonna need all the tools ASAP. A bobcat is definitely out.
Stoker says we're over a sand pile."

##10-4, Marco and I will run a set of em to ya ourselves. Two minutes!"

Chet coughed and set the radio down quickly next to his head on
a metal sheet as he tried once more to lift some mass off the
woman's stomach. He failed.  

The woman's breath gushed out of her mouth at the return of weight
and she moaned when she couldn't inhale any more. Her eyes rolled
up into her head.

"It's slipping!" Chet gasped.

Immediately, two diggers wormed their way under the creaking car
to Chet's location and joined him in a desperate attempt to stop
the tipping, barely counter balanced, car. The edge of the train
chassis lifted up six inches.

Roy helped the woman revive by helping her breathe with
an ambu bag until her eyes started regaining focus once more.
"It's ok now. We stopped it. Just relax. We're gonna get you outta
here." he said insistently into her ear.

Soon, the woman pushed the face mask away and struggled to
blink clarity back into her vision."S--Something's  squeezing....
*gasp*" she gurgled. "ahhhHH!"

"I know. I know.. We're trying to get down below your waist to
see what it is and deal with it." Roy said. "And about your pain,
I've a doctor on the way who'll take care of that just as soon
as he gets here. What's your name?"

The woman didn't answer, working hard to breathe. She spit
continuous blood out of her mouth. Roy helped her once again
on the bag from where she hung face sideways.

He motioned for another fireman to take over for him while
he got another blood pressure reading on her free arm. It
was ominous and matched her rising tachycardia.

He climbed out of the hole and grabbed two I.V. bags of
Ringer's and started to prep them. He shouted down to
Chet. "Kelly, see if you can find any I.D. on her. If we have
a name we'll have a chance to learn what her blood type is
off some medical records to pave the way for a possible

"Will do.." and the curly haired fireman's feet disappeared
back into a hole at the diggers' feet. He came out with
a battered tan wallet, passing it off hand to hand until
it got into Roy's grip. "That was in her front jeans pocket." came
Kelly's muffled voice.

Roy flipped it open and startled.

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