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Page Two

"We don't have our outside phone yet, you twit." Cap said, smacking
Johnny lightly on the back of the head for emphasis on the word, "twit."

"I'll get it." said Stoker. "I think I remember a phone being in the pool
party hut from last year. It most likely has a cord on it long enough to
reach us.."

Johnny didn't even hear him. "I'm not the twit. Chet's the twit.. Geesh,
Cap. Think about it. Reviving someone with coffee fumes? Now I've
seen it all."  He kept glaring at Kelly. "Just what were you thinking?"
he asked Chet sarcastically.

"It worked, didn't it? She's almost speaking." Chet countered.
"At least java's kinder on the old nostrils than an ammonia capsule.
I should know. You've used enough of em on me as the Phantom
in the middle of the night when I was still sleeping..."

Hank just rolled his eyes and asked L.A. for the ETA on Dixie's

"No...ambulance.." coughed Dixie, sitting a little straighter in
her chair. A flush of growing embarrassment was staining her cheeks
and erasing all of her remaining questionable clinical signs red tagging
problems. "I'm......fine, fellas. Really!" she protested, peeling off her
oxygen firmly. 'I'm awake, I'm aware.. I know who I am, where I am and
what happened....I'm not going anywhere.." she hissed with a little of
her normal heavy guns tone. "If I see that hospital one more time this
week, I'll rip all my hair out for sure.." she promised.

Johnny tossed his paramedic's notepad that he had been
writing in over a shoulder and threw his hands up, rubbing his face
in exasperation. "I don't believe this is happening. Cap.." he whined.
"We gotta get her t--"

Hank held up his palms. "Now, Gage, you know the law as well as
I do. The little lady's obviously fully cognizant enough, legally, to decide
what's best for hers----"

"Little lady?!" Dixie fumed.

Hank shrank in his overcoat. "Sorry. Poor choice of words? To me,
everybody's little." commented the lanky fire captain sheepishly.
"I apologize if I offended you but the important thing right now
is finding out whether or not you're really ok. We can hash over
how this is being handled afterwards, all right?"

Dixie drew up a glare. "Cancel that Mayfair, Hank. I have a cold....
That's all." she said dangerously.

Cap felt the back of his neck smoking from the strength of her
ire. "Ok.. canceling. ." he said reasonably and fully respectful
of her wish to end the medical call. "Gage, she's allllll yoourrsss."

"Thanks, Cap.." Johnny was thrilled. Not.

"Kelly," Cap barked. "...let's give them a little earshot distance.
Come on, pal.."

"Aww, Cap. I wanna stay and help out.." Chet whined.

"Now, Chet!" Stanley snapped.

"...coming..." Kelly peeped.

The two firemen packed up the O2 and turned for the direction
of the Ward just as Mike Stoker came panting up with the private
phone rigged onto a bright orange extension cord. "I got it..
Hang on while I dial o--"

Stanley didn't even bother to turn around. "Jolly well. The
gang's all here. Now put it back. I guess she's a refusal, Stoker."


"Is there something wrong with your ears or mine, Mike." Cap

"Mine, Cap." Stoker bellied up.

"Fine. Clean up this mess around here and cancel the second
ambulance while you're at it." He began to tromp away. "Oh,"
he said, retracing his tracks. "You're deaf to those two for the
next minute or so.." he said tossing a hand at Dixie and Gage.

"I sure will be.." chirped Stoker, recognizing a pending bit of
paramedic hardball to come when he saw it. He stooped only
long enough to use a water puddle to wash off some blood
after he had policed the area free of medical run fallout. Then
he was gone, with Cap being his bigger shadow.

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Gage willfully stopped drumming his frustrated fingernails on the
arm of Dixie's poolside chair. He laced his hands together in an
unconvincing show of amenability. "Ok.." he smiled, falsely fake.
"Now where were we?" he purred, ..tightly.

"Talking about how normal I am right now.." Dixie said, crossing
her arms together.

"I wouldn't call keeling over backwards into a swimming
pool in a dead faint, quite normal, Dixie. Quite the opposite."
he growled.

"Look..." Dixie purred, just as deadly serious. "I just got
done with twenty five solid minutes of aggressive, rapid CPR."
Would you still be normal after doing that?" she fired back at him.

Johnny gaped like a fish, then he pursed his lips, scratching
his head. "Well...." he admitted, his voice sliding up a few notes
on a scale. 'I-- uh, I'll give you that...... particular point."

"Good! Then go away cause I'm telling you, I'm perfectly--"
Dixie sneezed and immediately, she gasped, grabbing
her stomach.

"Oh, really?" Gage moved in for the kill. "That was normal,
eh?.. Come on, Dix. Let me see your stomach!" Johnny said,
reaching out for palpating check.

McCall whipped up the blanket to her chin, deflecting
Johnny's hands as she resumed her angry stare.
"Touch me, and I swear I'll bite your hand off!
Today is gonna be all MINE!" she yelled, barely
keeping it below a quiet roar.


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"Is there a problem here?" came an authoritative

Both the battling Dixie and Gage looked up, kinda
startled for a moment. They had forgotten about
the cop being there. And his report.

"Nope. Not at all." they both stuttered.

"We're through.." said Dixie firmly. Johnny said
the same word, meekly obedient. "We're through,
officer.. uh,...I guess.."

"Okay, then you wouldn't mind if I go over a few
details with Miss McCall here about the Miller boy.
That's if.. you found that she's still medically ABLE to.."
the police officer hinted.

"I AM." Dixie punctuated, dismissing Johnny with
a wave.

Johnny cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Go right
ahead, officer." Gage postured, backing away and
wrapping up his stethoscope.

He fired off one last glare at her when the cop wasn't looking.
"You call us back if ANY of those symptoms return. Understood?!"
he hissed, stabbing down a finger at the air. That gesture
immediately turned into a farewell wave when the police man
glanced up at Johnny with a disapproving raised eyebrow.

Dixie celebrated. "Mother's keeper.." And then she stuck out
her tongue at him. "In...your....dreams..."

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So, having chalked up one save and another one as unresolved,
Station 51 tucked their tails back between their legs and
left the neighborhood. The engine returned to base as unavailable
and the squad remained 10-7 to Rampart until everyone was
freed up from their mutual responsibilities.

Gage continued to pore over Dixie's symptoms.

"Maybe I should let one of the docs know about her." he mumbled
to Chet on the way back.

"I wouldn't if I were you. You still have to WORK with Dixie later on,
man. Do you really want to face her once she's over that cold
of hers?"

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From :  wone3 <>
Sent :  Sunday, October 10, 2004 3:38 PM
Subject :  [EmergencyTheaterLive] Nagging Doubts
"You are right, Chet." Gage told him with a bit of hesitation. He
didn't want to face the wrath of Dixie.

He had faced that wrath too many times as an injured party in
Rampart's emergency room, avoiding being admitted for injuries
received on the job. She would use that no-nonsense-she-was-right
attitude, much like she did a few moments ago.

Still something was nagging at him that she was injured more than
she'd let on. ::Call it intuition:: he thought for a few more
minutes, planning on stopping in to check on her after the shift
change, as a friend. He figured that maybe he wouldn't receive quite
as much wrath as he would've if he were on duty still. He'd run all of
his suspicions by Roy first though, and maybe they could come up
with a better plan together.

The drive to Rampart moved on silently as Johnny drove and Chet
looked out the window.

The police officer, eyeballing Dixie and deciding she still wasn't
quite right, decided to keep his questioning short and to the point.

Dixie was sitting a bit more straight in the chair than she had been
while Johnny was there. "Can you tell me what happened, Ma'am?"
he asked.

Dixie told him everything, including about hearing what one of
the teens had said to the injured boy, of not mentioning what had
happened in the house. After finishing her story, Dixie kind of fell
back into her chair in an exhausted state.

The officer, seeing this, thanked her for her time after getting her
contact information and gave her his card. He mentioned that if anymore
information was needed, he'd come by to get it from her, and then he
turned and left to return to his car to drive to the hospital.

After they had all left, Dixie decided, in her exhausted state, that
she'd had enough sunbathing for one day. She was still feeling the
gripping pain in her stomach and her cold like symptoms weren't
letting up, so she went inside to lie down for a bit. "Maybe this
is all I need to lessen a few of these symptoms," she said to

After locking her patio door, Dixie snuggled up in her bed
and soon fell asleep.

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Roy and Marco were quietly talking in the ambulance as it sped away
from the apartment complex with Roy watching their patient closely.

Marco asked, "Do you think  Miss McCall will be all right, Roy?"  

Roy reassured Marco,"Johnny is there to look out for her and he
won't let anything happen that he couldn't do something about."

The entire crew of 51-A held this nurse with a great deal of caring
and concern, as it seemed like they dealt with her frequently, due to
injuries on the job. She seemed to always be there for them, whether
they were the injured one or one of the waiting room party.

Roy couldn't help but feel as though something more was going on.

He would check on the situation once freed up in the emergency room.

Fortunately, the ride to the hospital was a short one and their
patient did not grow any worse from the trip. Dr. Brackett was
waiting for the ambulance to pull up and he told them to go to
Treatment Room 2. Roy took a look at the desk as they sped by
and noticed Carol was busy on the phone.

He'd go check with her to see if Johnny had called in as soon as he
was free.

The gurney reached the treatment room and soon the patient was
lifted over to the examination table and the ambulance attendants
left the room.

Carol entered the room with two other nurses.

Before the doctor could give out orders, Roy asked Carol,
"Have you been on the phone with Johnny?"

Brackett looked at Roy quizzingly about that statement. Roy then
debated with himself about how much he should tell the doc. He had a
suspicion there was more than friendship between the doctor and the
nurse and what he would say would really get to the doc. He also
knew, though, that Brackett wouldn't let it go until he heard the
truth. So Roy hesitantly started to tell his tale.

Image of royinhallclose.jpg Image of brackettclosetanroom.jpg

"The run we responded to was at Dixie's apartment complex. We
found her performing CPR on the patient with a group of kids
assisting her as much as possible when we arrived," he
continued. "After we had finished contacting you about the re-
establishment of the teen's airway, Dixie seemingly fainted and fell
into the pool. I know she was coming around when I left but I know
nothing more than that," Roy finished, knowing the anxiety he was
causing everyone in the room.

Carol answered Roy's question, "I've been on the phone ordering tests
and checking on patients inside the hospital and I know that Johnny
hadn't called in when I came in here."

That bothered Roy for a minute but he knew Dixie had been
coming around as they left, he thought to himself. If she was feeling fine
and stubborn, Dixie wouldn't let them bring her in for something non
critical in her book. He assumed that was the case and figured the
squad would be there shortly.

Roy's story also concerned Brackett for a brief moment but he needed
to fully concentrate on his patient.

"I'm meeting Dixie tonight and I can check on things." he told the
room. ::I won't leave her until I'm COMPLETELY satisfied that she's
doing just fine:: he continued in his thoughts, and then he refocused
entirely on the patient.

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From :  Cassidy Meyers <>
Sent :  Wednesday, October 13, 2004 1:07 AM
Subject :  Connections

It was an hour later, not long after the Miller boy had been
stabilized cardiac wise from respiratory acidosis. He had gone
on to Broncoscopy for a thorough check on the extent of the
alveoli damage that he sustained from his aspiration of
chlorinated pool water into both his lungs.

Kel was very happy with the teenager's labwork, C spine
and chest x-ray films. He was being kept under the paralytic
agent to thwart another surprise occurance of intubation
laryngospasm. The boy had been reunited with his family
and things looked good on the EEG. Dr. Brackett was almost
certain that no brain damage took place while he had been
arrested. ::Helps that someone was there to work on his resuscitation
so quickly.:: he theorized. ::My gut feeling on his neurological status
will just be confirmed when he wakes up tomorrow morning.::

That line of thinking reminded Kel yet again of his short,
revealing conversation with Roy DeSoto about Dixie McCall.

The four firemen from 51's had gone back to the station as soon
as they were freed from the Miller kid's care and paperwork,
jammed together in the rescue squad.  He had wished that
he could've talked to Johnny Gage directly about his head nurse's
symptomatic findings, but he had been too tied up with his
teenaged patient's surgical intubation procedure.

Kelly Brackett excused himself from the Emergency Department
floor, letting Carol know that he'd be in his office for a few minutes.
His simple nod and gesture toward its ornately polished dark oaken
door guaranteed that Carol would indeed notify him the moment
another patient case announced itself either by paramedic biophone
or via the waiting room.

The babble of hospital activity was mercifully muffled when he
shut the door behind himself. Kel Brackett immediately went
to the olive green phone on the desk.

His fingers danced over a familar sequence of numbers on
the rotary dial and he impatiently sat through four telephone
rings before he finally heard a sleepy voice pick up. "Dix?
It's Kel." he began. "Talk to me."

He heard a tired groan on the other end of the line followed by
a tight cough and a rustling of blankets when McCall's gravelly
voice finally addressed him. "...hmm. Kel? For Pete's sake, what
time is it?"

"Time for your attending physician to get some answers pronto."
he said firmly. "Just what were you thinking when you sent the
paramedics away following your little stunt nose diving into
your apartment complex's swimming pool?"

In a point assuredly in her favor in Dr. Brackett's book, Dixie
McCall immediately got angry. "Give me one good reason why
I shouldn't hang up on you right now, Kel Brackett. I was sleeping
soundly for the first time in..."

"Roy DeSoto. He was worried enough about you to let me know
what had happened to you in the Treatment Room after your neighbor
was brought in." Brackett fired back.

"That b*st*rd!" and there was a silence on the other end of the phone.
" Whatever happened to patient/paramedic confidentiality?! I didn't know
Johnny Gage was such an irritating example of a gossiping SOB!"

"Pipe down! He only did his job like any paramedic worth their salt
should've done. He notified his attending medical director of a potential
medical problem. The fact that he did it through his partner's a moot point
and you know it."

Image of brackettonphoneinoffice.jpg Image of dixoffduty.jpg

Dixie quieted down, thinking of her unexpected rescue victim. "How's
Ger doing?" she asked, sitting up in bed, smothering up a wince so
it wouldn't be apparent vocally.

The lamp turning on in her darkened bedroom did more than just stab into her eyes.
It brought on the mother of all headaches and a wave of unexpected
deep nausea which the nurse fought down by putting a hand to her mouth.

She bore through Kel's ire bravely.

"I'll get to Gerald Miller as soon as I know that YOU'RE all right. If you
were symptomatic enough to red flag Roy and Johnny, you automatically
red flag me. So again, I say, talk to me.." he said no nonsense.

Dixie sighed, pulling a waste can full of used tissue and half eaten cough
drops into her lap. "There isn't much to say, Kel. What's so unusual about
having a stomach virus?"

"When did that come on?"

"Yesterday morning at work."

"What are your symptoms and vital signs?"

"Oh come off it Kel. Quit being a mother hen.  I'm not a hypochondriac
to take notes on every little incidence of the sniffles."

"Humor me."

"" she spat tightly. "This is my day off, and it's gonna stay that way.
We're not going to be getting together over dinner tonight. No police officer's
gonna stop by for more details on Ger's drowning. And no pesky off duty
paramedic is gonna come calling to my front door. Nada. End of story.
I know my rights as an ex-emergency medical patient."

"What about my rights as your closest friend? Does that matter any?
Forget about my white coat, Dix. That and my stethoscope are still
hanging up on the hat rack across the room!" he boomed.

McCall sighed, resting her head onto her bare knees. "I'm sorry, Kel.
I get cranky with colds. When I get them.." she bemoaned.

"Oh, so now you're telling me that you've got a cold and not a stomach
bug. Which is it?"

"I don't know.. and I don't care. All I want is twenty four hours uninterrupted
down time as is due me on my off day. Is that such an unreasonable request?
The fact that Ger Miller's accident interceded has absolutely no bearing on
the issue!"

"You're right, Dix. It doesn't." Kel agreed rapidly, toning down the frustration
in his voice. "And thank you for being there. He's gonna make it with flying


"None. His films are clear."


"There's no signs. You guys were absolutely amazing with keeping him
one hundred percent oxygenated. Just be grateful to Brantigan and Grow for
Roy's military needle cric technique that he so kindly shared with me during
the last paramedics meeting. Miller's already been decannulated and
there's no indication of any subglottic stenosis at all. Now enough about him."

"Kel, read my lips, or at least listen to them. Go away. I'm fine. I'll call
you after sundown in an update. Just keep Johnny and Roy outta my hair
tonight and I'll think about staying your best friend. Goodnight or good
afternoon and good riddance!" and she slammed her elegant white and
gold Victorian phone receiver down and cut off the connection.

Kel Brackett winced at the vigorous slam of noise into his ear. He
held the phone in his palm for a few seconds, half considering calling
Dixie back again. :: Do I have the right to bother her any more? She
sounds like she knows what she's doing. And I'll get my second phone
call in five hours.:: he thought, looking at his watch.

McCall barely made it to the bathroom in time before vomiting and
suffering a bout of miserable diarrhea. "Oh, god I hate the flu bug.."
she groaned. Long minutes later, wet from the shower and naked,
Dixie crawled back into bed and pulled the covers over her head.

Making a decision, Dr. Brackett decided candor was the better part of
valor and he dialed the number out to Station 51.

Image of stokerpickupphone.jpg Image of johnpayphone.jpg

"Los Angeles County Fire Department, this is Fireman Mike Stoker.
Can I help you?" Mike glanced up, "Gage. It's for you. It's Brackett."

"It is?" he said, his mouth full of burger. "It's about time I heard from
him. Roy, did I ever tell you I love you for spilling the beans about Dix's
little fainting stunt to him?"

"No. But I think you can refrain from expressing yourself. Joanne
might get a little jealous." DeSoto quipped.

Johnny jogged to the phone, dodging around all the gangs' shoulders
in his hurry to cut physical corners to reach the doctor. "Dr. Brackett?
Johnny Gage."

"Gage. I talked with her."


"And...there's nothing more I can do at the moment. She's adamant about
refusing to see me or any other doctor for her illness."

"That's sheer craziness, doc." Johnny said, spitting out his mouthful of
burger into a napkin. "She's gotta be seen sometime. You weren't there.
I was. She was paler than anything once I rolled her face out of the

"Did she breathe any of that in?"

"No. She woke up too fast for that."

"Did her BP stay bottomed out?"

"No. It got back up into the low hundreds."

"And that was sitting up, right?"

"Yeah, doc. Look. Now you know as much as I do. So
bottom line. Are ya gonna do anything about her?"

"I can't. Not by law."

"I'm going over there."

"No you aren't. You'll only get hauled off for
trespassing. Dixie mentioned something to that effect."

Gage threw up his hands. "Wonderful. Now how are we gonna
have any guarantees that she's all right?"

"I sort of got one."

"How...?" Gage asked sarcastically.

"She's gonna call me at sundown with an update."

"Fair enough. I'll call off Roy, too, from going over there only so
long as we hear from you as soon as you hear from her."

"Consider that a promise."

"Thanks, doc."

"No problem. I'll hear from you next rescue call. I got
the floor from lunch time through the rest of the night."

"Bye, Doctor Brackett. Talk to you then."

Johnny hung up the phone.

He wandered back over to his chair and sat down,
ignoring the bowl of potato salad that Chet pushed over
to his end of the table to cheer him up.

Cap inquired finally. "So, how's she doing? Is she gonna
get checked out?"


Roy looked up from his lunch. "You're kidding."

"Wish I was, pally. Kel just made me promise that
you and I won't stop by over there in between calls."

"On the strength of what guarantee?!" Chet whined.

"On the fact that Dixie's promised to keep phone tabs with
him every couple of hours."

"And Kel Brackett bought that line of malarkey?" Cap
sighed sarcastically.

"Yep." Johnny said, balling up his napkin and tossing
it onto his plate in irritation.

Roy had some input. "You know, fellas, this could be a case of
personal feelings getting in the way. Those two did date once
you know. Maybe they're dating again. It could explain the doc's
lack of medical bulldog tenacity because it concerns someone
he truly cares about. He doesn't want to offend her."

"That's just stupid, Roy. If you were Dixie right now, being sick
and all, stepping on eggshells is the last thing I'd be doing
about you. I'd be busting down your door with a full med kit."
Johnny interjected loudly.

"I don't think it'll come to that." DeSoto grinned reasonably.
"After all, Dixie's a veteran registered nurse of twenty years.
She'd never let an illness go on untreated if it were truly serious."

"I'm still not comfortable." Gage said, narrowing his eyes.

"Neither am I." said Chet, fully in agreement. "I think we should
go around the both of them and let Joe Early in on this. No one
will be held accountable if he's the one who suddenly shows up
on Dixie's doorstep. He's gotta go over there tonight anyway."

"How so, Kelly?" Marco asked.

Image of chetinsistent.jpg Image of royjohnargueattable.jpg Image of marcostokerwithcoffee.jpg

"To deliver a box of tickets for the Fireman's Annual Picnic
Event. Dixie's one of the primary sellers this year since Gage
didn't come forward and volunteer himself for it like he did
for last year's."

"Why should I have? I'm a rotten seller." Johnny defended.

"Ummm hmm, but you're too good a paramedic not to
meddle with a friend who might be in trouble and I'm too
good a fireman to let someone burn themselves unnecessarily.
I'm gonna go call Joe right now." he said, getting up. "Look, you
two have done your job, and so has Dr. Brackett. It's now my
turn to go to bat. Calling Joe'll only take a minute. Excuse me.
And Gage, if you touch my burger, you're dead meat.."
Chet warned as he dialed the phone without turning around.

The others laughed when Johnny snatched his creeping hand  
back into his lap.

Roy leaned over the table. "This sorta compromises the patient
paramedic confidentiality thing. You feel good about Chet
getting Dr. Early involved, Cap?"

"You bet your *ss I do. Somebody's gotta take a stand. Cause who's
gonna watch out for Dixie's, if we don't?" Hank replied, biting into a
potato chip.


Image of raftpool.jpg Image of dixsickbed.jpg Image of capclosetellitlikeitis.jpg

From:  "Cory Anda" <>
Date:  Wed Oct 13, 2004  4:17 am
Subject:  The High Angle Woodie..

The dishes were just about done when the overhead speaker
mounted above the payphone in the kitchen, issued tones.

Errr! Uuhhhh! Eaggghh! ##Station 51, Truck 99. Unknown type
rescue at the Colossus County Fair. 24500 Town Center Drive.
Cross street.. the Valencia exit of CA Interstate 5. 24500
Town Center Drive. Cross street,  the Valencia exit of
CA Interstate 5.  Park operators recommend arrival
to the West Gate. Time out 15:06. ##

The whole gang abandoned towels and newspapers and
left for the vehicle bay on the run.

"So, whatdiya think, Cap? Another ferris wheel accident?"
Kelly shouted as he pulled on his turnout gear. "If it is,
that'll make it the fourth time this year."

"Hard to say, pal. L.A.'s details are sketchy. Or he
would've told us more. Sam can only go on what's reported."
Hank said. Then he picked up the alcove mic. "Station 51,
10-4. KMG 365."

Marco countered. "We've never gone here before, Chet.
I know that for sure. I remember because Mama lives
out near there. She can see the coasters from her front
porch." he said getting into the Ward.

"Ooo, yeah, gosh. Now I remember this place. Isn't that
the home of Colossus, the western United State's tallest  
roller coaster?" Mike Stoker asked.

Image of stokermaprun.jpg Image of capstandinginalcove.jpg

Kelly nodded as the squad ahead of them pulled out to
lead the way. "Yep. I know that ride like the back of my hand.
The highest point on it is 125 feet. Its largest drop, of fourteen hills,
is 115 feet. The track's 4325 feet long with a maximum speed of
62 miles an hour with a rated G force of 3.2. Enough to make
you lose your lunch if you aren't prepared."

"You sure know a lot about that ride, Chet."

"When something scares the bejeesus out of you,
you remember everything about it, Marco. I took a date
there last month. I don't know who was more scared, me
or her." Kelly shouted over the sirens as the engine picked
up speed.

Cap had been listening and grinning like a feral cat.
"Who says this is a coaster incident?"

The radio barked into life. ##L.A., Station 51.##

Hank snatched up the microphone. "This is Station 51."

##Station 51. Civilians report an unconscious woman. With additional
information. Your situation has been outlined as a high angle rescue
on a wooden structure. No mechanical failure or fire is involved.##

"10-4, L.A. Station 51's ETA is nine minutes."

##Station 51.##

"Oh boy." Chet gulped.

"What?" Marco asked.

"That's where we're headed, guys."

"To where?" Stoker asked, hitting the air horn
to scatter a particularly stubborn motorist putzing in front
of the light blazing fire engine.

"To Colossus. She's their brand new coaster. Opened
last June. Solid wood, man. She's the only ride in the
park made of it."

##So, out goes another ferris wheel extrication and
in comes a problem with real sphincter value.## quipped
Gage to Roy, who had been listening on live cab to cab
band. ##Outta sight.##

All the firemen laughed, easing tensions.

Hank barked out authority. "Ok, you clowns, pipe
down. Chet, what else can you tell me about this
Colossus ride."

"Well, she's got an up to four person capacity to each
passenger car, with six cars per train. "

"Twenty four people, huh? I wonder if I should request
additional help?" Hank scratched his chin around
his helmet's strap as he bounced around in his seat.

##Let's wait until we get there. ## Roy suggested. ##We'll
get a better picture of it all once we've talked to somebody.##
he said over the radio mic.

"Oh, yeah, six trains are always running at any one time."
Chet added, licking his lips.

"Not now they aren't. Not if that woman was spotted out
cold as a rider." Cap interjected. "That coaster operator must
be smart. He's realized that bringing her train down would  
only increase risk of injury. She can't guard against
hard knocks or jolts to her head and neck anymore."

Johnny Gage finished the thought. he left the train
in a semi level area and called for help.##

"Most likely on top of one of those hills Chet mentioned."
theorized Marco.

"And into that high angle rescue profile L.A. told us

"125 feet... Do we have rappelling gear enough to handle that
height?" Stoker asked.

"What we don't have, we can grab from Truck 99. They are
strictly a rescue rig." Hank resolved.

"So that's it, then." Chet said. "We're set."

## I sure hope so. ## replied Gage. ## For the victim's
sake. ##


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