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"I'd try 150 mg IV QID for starters.
That might arrest the synergistic
bacteria in operation with the
retrovirus's cellular division.."
Steve said.

Kel nodded his head, remembering
something. "I have some already
here. One of my senior paramedics
had an unknown Asian Virus last year
and I still had some viable doses
available. I included them in that
field bag you advised me to pack."

"You know these injections will be
stop gag at best.." Jamie said.

Dr. Brackett washed his hands in
the kitchen sink and dried them in
a sterile towel. "I know.. But until
we learn the animal who's the principle
carrier from which to isolate an anti-viral
serum, slowing down Marco's deterioration
that way's the only hope we've got.."

Suddenly, Chet's face peered through the
kitchen door. His eyes got real big when
he saw that the two microbiologist
physicians were out of their containment
suits. He  shoved aside the door and
said. "Hey, Dr. Brackett. You'd better
get in here.. Marco was conscious for
bit and talking.. Roy says he's still
that way and only dozing.."

"There's our chance to find out
more clues about that carrier. Marco
must have seen something down
there that was new in his house animal
wise.." Kel said, grabbing his HT for
a reply from the outside.

The news story delivering the image of Marco's
germ to the whole state began to air.

And Roy kept his promise by freaking
out the reporters by leaning and waving
from the station bunk house doorway
so that his family and kids could see him.

"Anyone wanna take bets on how
quick the CDC will call on our answer?"
Dr. Brackett said, gathering his gear
and moving back to Marco's side.

"No bets.." Steven said..

Chet was only puzzled when he
overheard that little exchange.

Then he started laughing when
the camera man jumped back
two feet when Roy pretended a
fake sneeze into his direction.

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Dr. Brackett and Drs. Taylor and
MacPherson all crowded around
Marco's bed.

Gil and Brice both backed out of the

Craig said. "Ah, progress.. The quarantine's
been lifted.."

Gil looked at him as if he sprung a third
eyeball. Brice merely tugged on his own
sleeve to show his unbeliever that Jamie and
Steven were now out of their biosuits

Gil caught on to that fact readily and accepted
it eagerly.  He knelt by Kel, telling him how
long Marco had been conscious and how
coherent he had been during those brief moments.

Kel noticed Lopez was indeed, sleeping. He gently
shook his shoulders. "Marco. Marco
Lopez. It's Dr. Brackett. I need to ask
you some questions about your family's
home in Mexico.. Marco.. Can you hear me?"

Cap jolted awake in his chair but then fell
to listening when he realized an important
discussion was about to take place.

Chet joined him, crouching at his side.

Marco's face finally animated and screwed
up into an immediate liquidy cough that
he barely managed to clear away in between
breaths under his oxygen mask.
His eyes opened fuzzily. "Brack--?
Am I out yet??"

"Not yet. Marco. Listen. This is very very
critical that you hear me and answer as
best at you can.." As he spoke, Marco's
head sagged again into a half state.

"Marco!! Front and center!!" Cap shouted.

"Whaa? Inspection day already? Yessir!!" Lopez
blurted out in sudden reaction. He started
to give a mock salute but he couldn't lift
his arm up all the way.. but his eyes snapped
into a brighter wakefulness.

Cap grinned and added more. "Just
listen carefully Lopez. This is not an inspection
but a Q and A test. Reply to the doctors
here as best you can."

"A-all right. I'll get 100 %. I- I..don't want..
latrine detail agai---.... ohhh.."

"Marco. Concentrate.." Kel urged.

" t.......ryingggggg.." he sighed.

Jamie leaned in close to Marco's ear.
"Mr. Lopez.. When you arrived to
your family villa in Mexico. Were there
any new pets the kids were playing with?..
Anything strange or new?"

"Pets?  B- Bernado te gusta jovan gatos

"En Inglez,.. Marco.." Cap said.

"Oh...hhhh uh, Bernardo likes kittens.
Always new ones from the vineyards..."

Jamie and Steven shook their heads.
"Marco. Marco. How about something
from the hills.. Something not domesticated.
A mammal of some kind.."

"Mama senora,.. ella es loco que se manana
con el Diablos Rojos en la cielo noche porque ellos
come en su flores..!" Marco wailed in his
fever, still not very coherent..

"What?" Taylor exclaimed at the apparent
spanish gibberish..

Chet said, straining to understand. "Wait a
minute. Wait a minute.. I think I understand
a bit.. Marco and I have a bet running that
I can learn enough spanish to impress
his mama by fall  to win a complete,

"Chet! Now's not the time..!" Cap roared.

"Ok, ok, ok... Uh.. I think he said that the
Donya Arana or the head woman in his
household was going crazy that morning
because of "red devils" from the night sky
eating in her garden.."

"Red devils from the sky?" Jamie frowned.

Then Taylor clinched it.. "Bats..
Can't be anything else.. Specifically,
Flying foxes!!
They are all over Mexico. There's our
sentinel anim---" he leaped up for the
phone to reach his superiors in triumph..

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Jamie leaned in to Marco as her colleague
rapidly got into action with their team in
Atlanta and those outside the station house.
"Tell me more about the Red Devils.."

"Que? No comprendo....." Marco sighed
as he fever tossed on his pillow.

Jamie threw up her hands in frustration.

Chet coughed and in very bad Spanish
asked, "Hablas mas pero Diablos
Rojos. Nosotros tenemos muchas preguntas.
Es muy importante Marco.."

Cap even knew what that meant.
"I'll say we have many important
questions.. Lopez.. Stay with us!"

Marco began to shout, delirious.
"Todos muerte! No vive no mas
en la noche. Bernardo traes uno
a mi Tija.. Soy Triste.!!! Bernardo!!"
Lopez repeated his moaning words.
Over and over..

Chet blinked in stress as he translated
shakily.. "He keeps saying they're all
dead. That they were no longer alive
by nightfall. That the boy gave a bat
to his Aunt after it had died to show her?
Now, he's blaming himself.."

Marco's tirades continued until Dr. Brackett
finally sedated him and turned him onto
his side to rest.  Jamie MacPherson
started up on the Idouroxidine injection
into his IV after Kel had gone on to examine
Gage's status.

Roy returned from his tormenting the
reporters and said. "Man, I wonder who
gave them that germ photo? Doctor...
did you--?"

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