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Kel didn't look up from the shot he was
preparing for Johnny. "See? You're
not even able to complete a whole
sentence. Johnny, I'd wish you'd show
a little bit more good judgement for
your own benefit. So far, I've had
to protect you from yourself twice.
Brice here's cool under fire as usual."

Johnny's face fell at the words,
"show good judgement" and he almost
went apoplectic. "Wait a minute, doc.
I've been the perfect angel through
this whole earthquake thing. I only
get a little devil horned about my patients."

"You mean about MY patients.." Kel
said crossing his arms no nonsense.
"You haven't been on duty since this
time yesterday. The second you took
a header into that cave-in, you turned
from Paramedic to Patient.. and into
my demenses with me as your doctor.
Now argue the fact and this pain med's
gonna be IM instead of IV..." He finished, at
a firm grumble.

"Ok,.. Ok.. Just.. watch him good huh?
Can't sleep a wink worrying about him."
Gage said, handing over his D5W bag.
"And don't you go slipping a sedative
into there or I'm gonna wake up later
more ornery than y--"  Again Gage bit
his tongue.

Brackett glared and Gage withered

Johnny really tried to be obedient, but
then his eyes strayed to the mast suit's
dial. "Hey Brice.. It's slipped a few psi in
the left leg. Here let me just--"

"Ah ah ah!" Dr. Brackett held up an admonishing
finger, the meperidine syringe in between his
teeth as he cleaned Gage's IV tubing
with an alcohol pad. "Not another peep.."

Gage moused down, and sat down.

Satisfied, Dr. Brackett finished his injection
into Johnny's IV and then moved on to exam
Marco thoroughly. "Brice, I assume the real reason
you woke me is this return of the arrythmias."

Craig nodded. "That among other things.."
he said, shooting a look at Gage as he
pushed up his glasses onto his face.

Johnny hung his head down in defeat
and sighed heavily in annoyance. Already
he could feel relief from his hand's stabbing
and he fought the med's grogginess rising
up. ::If I can't help out, I'm gonna at
least watch. I'll sleep next week.:: he
decided. His lurid sleepies washed away.

Dr. Brackett took a pinch of Marco's skin
and noticed the fold he created didn't
settle flat again. "He's dehydrated. And I'll
just bet his hematocrit's sky high. Brice,
D/C the Lactated Ringers for another of
Normal Saline. His pulmonary fluid is less marked.
I won't have acidosis set in from having
an IV the wrong chemistry. He's now a
circulation poor case.." Dr. Brackett
flinched when just touching Marco's
eye lids for a pupillary check, brought
trails of blood from his tear ducts.
He grunted in surprise.

"He's bleeding from all the IV sites too.
Nothing yet from his GI, and there's been
no vomiting indications at all."
Craig nodded.

"Good. Hang in there Lopez." Brackett grinned
"You're a fighter.." Then Kel asked his next
question, glancing over  his shoulder.
"Gage. What's Marco's blood type?
We're gonna need to transfuse him. Dr.
MacPherson told me that this illness
causes consumptive coagulopathy big

Johnny blinked.. "Its destroying his blood
platelet counts?"

"Yes. "

"A +.  I can get a few units off Roy and
Chet. They are his blood type."

"Then there's something I'll actually
let you do.." Dr. Brackett ordered.
"Get on it."

Brice was curious. "Why the free flow
hemorrhaging here Dr. Brackett? I've
never seen a fever syndrome do this

"Dr. Taylor surmises that the Marburg
uses blood splattering through its victim's
convulsions as a mode of host to host
transmission like the common cold uses
sneezing.. This surface hemorrhaging is
just the first stages." he said. He drew
up heparin from his drug box, a loading
dose of 2,000 IU. "Craig..  Who thought of
using the trousers? Good call."

Brice didn't deign to reply and he tactfully
let the moment slide.

Kel gave the blood stabilizer into the Normal
Saline IV. Then started a piggyback IV
of more into the bag and secured it with a
bright orange heparin label.
"I want this heparin loading continued over
the next twenty four hours. 10,000 IU's a day.
It'll slow the platelet loss until we get
the whole blood running into him from
the other firemen..And I want him urinary
cath'd. I want to know an exact renal output."

"Right.." Craig said.

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Johnny was the perfect vampire. He
sat quietly by Chet where he was snoring
on the bed and pinned down the sleeping man's
arm with a long board chin strap to the bed
frames. Then he got his vein presenting with
a tourniquet and started up a line,
running the catheter's flow into a collection
bottle. "How much should I draw out, doc?"

Chet was so exhausted that he didn't even
wake at all at Johnny's ministrations.

"To first tolerance point. Say, 750 CC. Kelly's
not injured so we'll go high. Get the
same from Roy.." Kel suggested.

"1500 CC's isn't going to last Marco long."

"By then, we'll have our new supply
from the triage station outside." he said,
looking towards the desk where Craig
Brice was quietly ordering some from
Captain Stone over his HT so he wouldn't
disturb the sleepers in the room.

Johnny got his half liter whole blood
from Chet and withdrew the catheter.
He handed it off to Dr. Brackett who
immediately began giving it to Marco.

Gage, patted Chet's cheek.
"Thanks Kelly.. Sweet dreams.."
he sniffed, leaving a bottle of 7up
by his head. "You're gonna wake up
thirsty but it's for a hell of a good
cause." Reacting to an evil streak of
humor, he scribbled on the bandaid
over the cotton wad in Kelly's
arm crook. "The Phantom was here.."
he whispered and drew a smiley face
with fangs with an IV marker.

Johnny shifted over to his partner
and got as far as touching him when
DeSoto stirred awake. "Sorry.. I
need to get some whole blood from
ya for Marco. His platelet count's
taking a nosedive. Hold still." he

Roy grunted, still very sleepy.
Then he said. "All right." and he
held his arm still, blearily watching
Johnny raise and stick a vein.
"More blood coming on the way?"

"Yeah. Chet provided the first bottle.
Brice is getting additional supplies from
the triage station outside.." Johnny said,
taping off the collection tube and mating its
business end into the vacuum bottle he
had set onto the floor. "You're gonna
be a 750." The crimson flow began
to fill it up rapidly.

"Make it 850. I'm a big boy.."

"Our secret.." Gage said without smiling.
"Here.. " and he tossed another 7up bottle
at Roy and left him to nap while the transfusion
bottle filled. Roy was fast asleep before he
could set the pop onto the table next to himself.
Johnny left him cradling it.


From the stokes Johnny had been using the night
before, Bonnie began to moan.

"Oh, I don't like the sound of that..."
Gage said.

He, Brice and Dr. Brackett barely had time
to secure Marco and all his IV's when
another earthquake aftershock shook
the firehouse.

Dust cascaded from the ceiling in white
powdered trails and everyone was jerked
awake by Bonnie's frantic barking as
the tremor continued.

It wasn't a severe one but it was long
lasting and jolting enough to wake absolutely
everybody past all hope of a return to
napping. Even in the emotionally worn out

All the HT's on the night desk erupted into
frantic communications as individual
fire companies checked in with damage
reports and new developments in
the disaster scene outside.

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