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Chet had rejoined his celebrating
crewmates, the doctors and Miss Thorne,
feeling much better after his hot
soaking. He had just cracked his sodden
towel at Johnny's butt when Mike's
frantic yell reached them.

All heads snapped up in the station
and everyone's smiles evaporated.

"What?!" Cap and everyone ran to
the doorway, just in time to feel a
great shuddering crunch impact
less than a sixth of the way down
the block almost immediately to
the left of the garage's driveway.

They ducked when metal railing shards
began to rain down in the garage bay
and onto them.

Simultaneously.. they heard Manney,
the courier firefighter's batman themed
whistling break off into a scream.
There was another sharp heavy noise over
his frequency and the sound of squealing
tires.. then nothing but static when
the second half of the tower's
top hit concrete.

Cap snatched up Manney's HT
and Mike's.  "Stoker! Manney!
Sound off!!"
 His heart was thudding wildly as
he ran out into the street with
the others into the cloud of
dust left behind from the tower's
impact onto the road. Cap coughed
trying to see signs of any mangled
tents or trapped people.

There were none of either that he could see.
"Roy! Johnny! Gil!  Brice! Get in there!
Chet, stay with Marco!"

Then he started casting about for
other signs of danger. Dr. Brackett
burst through a cloud of dust
and he joined Captain Stanley in
searching the area. "Doctor, Stay by
my side..No way in h*ll we're safe
in this debris field." Cap ordered. "Keep
within each other's earshot.
Let my men search FOR you..They know
what danger to look out for.."

The two rescuers began to be joined
by stunned but unharmed triage doctors,
nurses and patients answering their shouts.

Soon, it became clear that only a few
might have been harmed; the two not
answering hails.

Again Cap lifted his HT. "Stoker!
Manney!! Report!!"

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Acknowledgements to the  Nexxie's E Site
For Episode Screengrabs

Back In Story--

He was met with nothing but silence
over his hand held. Cap let out a cry
of frustration and he cast about for
Roy and Johnny visually, making sweeps
under the choking dust and debris.
::Where's the d*mned Santa Anas
when you need them? I can't see a
thing!..::   Stubborn morning stillness
remained.  He directed triage personnel
to leave the area with their patients
all the while getting information in
snatches from them as they ran past.
It was confirmed. No civilians were hurt.
"Roy! Gage!" Captain Stanley called out

"Yeah Cap?" Johnny shouted, appearing
as a ghost out of the dusty gloom,running
as he pushed aside metal debris and
wiring from the remains of the fallen

"So far, no one's in trouble. See if you
can birdeye Manney's car. I'll get people
on Stoker's end. They're not answering

Johnny said, "No wait, Cap. Uh, Stone
and his men can do that. I really think he's ok.
The way he was describing his scene earlier
makes me believe they are on the other
side of the refinery grounds, Cap."

Just then, Mike came over the channel.
##L.A. Station 8 and Engine 51. Still here.##

Cap sighed. "Ok...., Gage. Let's move.
Manney said he was about a minute
away from the station. If he had been
coming from the airport, his vehicle
would most likely be to the north."

Gage, Roy and Cap all looked north.
A huge pile of tower and metal debris
lay tangled, fifteen feet high across
the boulevard, almost concealing
the roadway lanes. The dust began to
settle. Then Johnny saw red metal.
"There he is!"

Cap got on his talkie.
"L.A. This is station 51. Advise area units
we have a man down in front of the
stationhouse trapped in an FD vehicle.
Send for immediate assistance.."

##10-4, 51.##

Cap only dimly heard L.A. find a company
to respond to his incident.

Johnny, Cap and Roy went running,
jumping over poles and pipes and
ducking under sheeting until they
wormed their way deep inside the
fallen skeleton of the refinery antennae
tower. Gage quickly ran to the front of
the red fire department battalion car.
All of its windows were shattered and
spiderwebbed and they couldn't see
inside.  Gage cracked open the clearest
passenger side door window with
his helmet as a battering ram.

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A loud squeaking erupted at his call
and something brown burst into his
face and clambored out the window
in a leap in prep to wing away.
"Ahhh!!" Gage yelled in surprise.
"It's one of the bats! Get her!!"

The angry flying fox didn't fly,
for one of her wings lay mangled at
her side. She hissed until Roy
captured her and bundled her up
into his overcoat and he set it onto
the ground. He weighed down the coat
edges with debris to hold her captive.

Johnny grimaced as he crawled
around the partially crushed aircrate
and he saw one more large dead
bat lying across the seat. He shoved
her to the floor to get to Manney.
"Manney.. Can you you hear me?"
He said struggling to get further inside
the car to the front seat. All the
while the remaining flying fox inside
the crate chittered loudly in distress.
"Cap! I can't get to him."
Johnny handed the crate out
to Roy. "Make sure this one doesn't
get away, Roy, it's not injured!"

"How is he?" Roy said, leaning in.

"Don't know yet, this roof's jammed down
tight!" He grunted as he struggled
to get deeper into the car. Finally,
he said. "Check him Cap..." Gage said,
still fighting to get closer around crumbled
car roof. "I still can't get to him."

Outside, Cap climbed his way to the driver's
door and he, too, cleared away the
shattered glass. He saw that Manney was
out, with his head flopped back over the
car seat, his helmet off.  

Cap felt Manney's neck for a pulse.
His heart just about leaped and his
eyes almost refused to see the blue
tinge to the fireman's skin.
"Oh man.. Move him! Move him..! No

Somehow, together, Johnny, Roy and
Cap got him free and they stretched
him out onto the street, moving their
victim as easily as they could to protect his

Johnny began mouth to mouth.

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