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"Get the gear!" Roy shouted to
Dr. Brackett, Brice and Gil running their way
down the road. "He's asystole!" Roy
shouted as he began chest compressions
after tearing Manney's shirt open down to

"Got it!!" Kel said."Keep working him.."

In between breaths, Johnny noticed an
ugly spreading bruise over Manney's heart.
"Could be out ........because of this blow the chest. Cap, check his pupils!"
he said tossing his penlight to him.

Cap checked.
"They're reactive..Thank g*d."

"All right, brownie points..........for us.."
Johnny grunted, as he continued to breathe
for Manney. " About time something went

Roy paused as he repositioned his hands
for better CPR. "Doc, I'm not feeling any
broken ribs here.."

"Better and better.." the doc replied,
as he and Gil got the defibrillator charged
and ready.  "Move, I'm going Epinephrine,
IC.." he told DeSoto.

Cap got out the resuscitator
and began using it to free up Johnny.

Roy gel-ed an EOA and at Brackett's
affirming nod, inserted it into place,
reconnecting Cap's ventilation valve
to it.

Brackett drew out the six inch syringe
and drove it deep, releasing the stimulant
into Manney's left cardiac ventricle.
"All right. Roy start up again. Gil, get
an IV going, D5W Wide open.
Follow up with one amp sodium bicarb.
Gage, give me the paddles.. Brice,
get an Isiproterenol Drip set up. If he's truly
cardiac trauma-ed, the beat's gonna be
slow.  He'll need that drip to maintain once
he converts."

Gage called out the wattage coming off
the defibrillator. "Ok, one....two..three...
four hundred watt seconds.."

"Clear!" Brackett shouted.

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Manney's body leaped from the energy
jolt delivered. Kel quickly replaced the
paddles. A rhythm revealed like something
out of a dream on the scope. Sinus tach.

"Got him back.. Nice work, all.. Captain Stanley,
start hyperventilating him. We gotta make
up for lost time." Kel ordered.

Cap doubled his venting time rate.
"Moving to twenty a minute."

As Manney's circulation recovered, Roy
noticed something. "Doc, look. Manney's
neck veins are distending bilaterally.."

Dr. Brackett looked up from where
he was listening to Manney's irregular
heartbeat and breath sounds. "There's
our reason for finding him without a pulse."

Brice piped up, "Cardiac tamponade.."

"Yeah, but his EKG's looking good. It's
solid. I don't think it has advanced that
far yet."

"Gonna evac?" Roy asked.

"No, I'm gonna leave well enough alone.
If his perfusion drops off I'll consider a
heart centesis, but not now." Kel said.
Dr. Brackett nodded when Manney began
to breathe on his own under his hands.

Johnny's attention turned to the bats.
The one was still leaping frantically around
the crate mesh and the other one, too,
under Roy's coat. "We gotta get Manney
and them to the stationhouse.."

Cap comm'd out. "This is Station 51.
We need a stokes and two additional
men to move a victim. We're 10-20
at....." he looked up to see which building
front lay in the street.. "Stoffer's Warehouse
by the newspaper stand.."

##10-4, 51. This is Stone. Got assigned your
call. I've rerouted Stoker and some of my men to
your scene. I'll be meeting you there myself!##

Cap could hear the worry and concern in
his co-captain's voice. ::Man, he sounds
like me about Marco..::

Soon, Manney was taped and longboarded,
IV secured and EKG linked, inside the stokes
Johnny had secured from his station squad's
rear store.

He stopped Kel as they all got back
to the station in an entourage of
crew. "Doc. Should we even bring him
in here with that virus going on?"

Kel grinned with amusement. "Sure.
Why not? We've got Batman's
universal antidote now, don't we?"
he said, tossing a hand at the two
men carrying in the two screeching

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Jamie and Steven met them on the
run. "Good. Hand them to us.."
And Jamie took the coat with the wounded
bat, gingerly, while her colleague got
the crated one. "D*mn, this one's
bleeding. She might not be ok for
us t--"

Something dropped out from under Roy's
coat and onto her boots. A newly ejected
bat fetus.

"There it is then, this one will do us no
good anymore. She's just aborted."
Then the microbiologist's head snapped
around. "Wait a minute, where's the third

"It's dead." Johnny replied. "Crushed.."

Jamie MacPherson sucked in her breath
in stress.
"Let's just hope this last bat's intact or
there's absolutely no hope for us.."
Steven said.

The two CDC scientists disappeared into
the kitchen lab with the crated bat
to start work collecting her milk antibodies.

Bonnie noticed the dead young bat right
away. She wandered over to it and
sniffed it, crying. She wrapped around it
protectively as if to warm it.

Gage made a disgusted face.
"" and he knelt to dispose of
it into Jamie's pathology cryo container.

Bonnie would not be denied. She
went rushing off to the kitchen to
be with the other, still expectant female

Manney was moved next to Marco.

Miss Thorne got to her feet.
"Oh, is he all right?" she started up.

Chet Kelly pointed to the fireman's
EKG monitor. "He is now. That's a
good rate going there.."

Then he looked sheepish when all
the medics glanced at him.

Johnny was frank. "He's right. Manney's
gonna be fine. He's got some
heart bruising from hitting the dashboard
but Dr. Brackett thinks the injury is
minor. We'll know more when he
wakes up.."

Miss Thorne moved to sit by Manney's

Gage noticed and leaned into Roy.
"Dedicated little thing, isn't she?"

"Know any teachers who aren't?"
DeSoto rejoined.
He left Johnny pondering that as
he moved to check up on Marco.

Stoker came rushing in the door.
"Things are stable at the refinery.. No
fire. How are things in here? Got
here as fast as I could.."

Cap smiled. "Things are ok. Manney
was pulseless for a while but the
doc says he wasn't apneic long
enough to do serious damage. And we
still have one viable bat left out of the
three. Cross your fingers.."

Mike crossed them, both hands, and
the toes in his boots. "Anything I
can do?"

"Not a thing. But, stick around.."
Cap ordered. "You...might like to
stay a while.." and he tossed his
head at the group of four medics
clustered over Marco. Cap knew
a dire sign when he saw it.

Mike blinked. "Uh,, ok..I think I
will.." and he sat in a chair to
watch and worry along with Stanley.

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