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Dr. Brackett eyed his paramedics.
"Marco's quit breathing. Someone
bag him."

"Got it.." Brice said, getting an ambu
with a full flow line running to him.

Dr. Brackett looked up.
"Now it's a race gentlemen.
Can we keep Marco going long
enough until that serum's ready?
How long can we keep up breathing
for him like this manually?"

"Forever man. We'll spell each other."
Chet said with serious conviction.
"When that ambu's O2 runs out, we'll
positive pressure vent him on Eight's O2, and when
that runs out, we'll still be able to take
turns with us on a cannula, going mouth to
mouth from what's left of our engine's

Kel face was serious but he smiled
at Chet's self sacrificing mentality.
"That last option is a last resort.
I'll have no one directly exposing
themselves to this Marburg bug unless
we absolutely have to. We can always
call the triage station for more O2 and
maybe they can fly us in a bird ventilator
before that happens."

There was a shout outside,
"Captain Stanley!"

It was Stone.

Hank said. "I'll be right back.."

He met his colleague outside by
51's engine, and started speaking
before Stone could fall apart.
"Manney's fine. Revived and

"And your Marco?"

Cap didn't say anything.

But Stone said......

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From:  "Cory Anda" <>
Date:  Sat Nov 16, 2002  3:14 am
Subject:  Full Moon Dues

"Don't hide anything from me, Hank.
You always clam up when one of
your men gets into a tight corner.
I'm with you. If there's anything I
can do--"

Stanley leaned on the engine, suddenly
weary beyond what he could bear and
he sat down heavily on a hose port.
"Ben,..I- I can't fight this. Not any more.
The whole past two days have been
a h*ll of alot more than I , even as a
firehouse captain, can take. I -I..  I....
think I've reached my cracking point."
Hank admitted, his face lapsing into
a very vulnerable pall.
"That bug is worse than they were
letting on. I just left my man in there
on the receiving end of an ambu bag
and there's absolutely not a g*dd*mned
thing I can do about it to s--" and his voice
choked off.

Ben took off his helmet and set it onto
the engine's foot ledge, and drew Stanley
into a tight embrace. "Hank. You haven't
been a captain unless you care about
your men more than you do yourself.
And I've never seen a finer man for
the job.." Captain Stone released Hank
giving his arms one last squeeze of
"He'll be just fine. I've worked with
the CDC people before, during that
Legionaire's crisis of 1970. If Marco's
got a pulse, they can save him."

Cap tossed his head in disbelief, but
Ben went on. "Now hear me out. I watched
seventeen people come back to this
Jamie MacPherson that one summer,
when by all means, they should have been
dead. She was right there, at their sides,
not sleeping, hardly eating, face glued to
the microscope and her spectography gels,
until she had it licked. She's like a bulldog with
a rag when it comes to these nastier bugs. So
have faith in her and her colleagues. I know
the methods she uses, works."

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