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"I know I did. Lydia Montegeaux taught
me real good what to do in ah emergency.."
he said misquoting an adverb. "So did
Sam the dispatch man."

That surprised Johnny. "Lydia?
I know a Lydia Montegeaux."

"She's my best friend.." Robbie said.
"She's right outside the station right
now. She said her grandpa was here
with her."

"Is she now?" Chet grinned. "What do you
say gang? Should we all go out and
meet Johnny's hot date?"

Chet and Marco, and Stoker and Cap
all nodded eagerly. And Miss Thorne, too,
who was a quiet audience.

Gage let the others follow him into the
yard. There, he knelt before his little
blind Big Brother sponsor and grinned.
"Lydia.. how come you didn't tell me
that Chief McConike was your grandfather?"

"I didn't want to spoil the surprise..."
she said timidly on her leg braces.
The sun shining down on her face
made her blind eyes sparkle the purest
azure blue.

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Cap chuckled, lifting Lydia up onto his
lap where he crouched with Bonnie in
the crook of his other arm so she
could meet and pet her. "That was
some surprise girly.. Your grandfather
managed to buy us a whole new set
of firetrucks." and he winked at McConike.

McConike laughed loud and deep.
"Just wait until you make chief, Hank.
Budgeting priority reshuffling's a major
chief's rank perk.."

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Lydia's face was smiling as she hugged
Bonnie. "Oh, Bonnie, you're almost as
soft as Cinnabon at school."

"Who's Cinnabon?" Stoker asked.
"I don't remember your classroom
having any pets.."

"It does now... Jamie from the CDC
flew us in a present last week from
Atlanta. The kit from the Flying Fox
Bat that saved Marco was ready to be
weaned and needed a home."

"He's here. He's here Mr. Gage. I know
you'll like him. I know you will." Lydia
said, tugging Johnny's uniform sleeve.

Gage started to fidget just thinking about
bats. But he didn't let his reaction translate
to Lydia. "Well, I don't know abou-- Say
Lydia.. Is he in a cage? I think I could with ...him in a..crate or

"Chicken.." Chet hissed teasingly.

"No, just particular.." he said firmly.
Then he trickled.. "Uh oh......"

Robbie came running, happily
screeching around the corner with a blanketed
moving bundle in his hands.

Sticking out of it, was the cutest furry
face the firemen had ever seen.

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Bonnie instantly began to lick the baby bat's
face, smothering him in kisses.

Johnny's bat phobia instantly evaporated
as fast as Bonnie's maternal instinct
had risen.
"Wow, you know.. I think this little guy'd
uh,, this tiny thing'd here, would even look
cute under a full moon, don't you think

"Ahhhhh!! Don't say those two words!!"
Chet said, dashing off for the safety of
the newly rebuilt station garage. "You'll
jinx us for sure.."

Laughs.. abounded.


That night, at the newly repaired
station house, still smelling of new
vehicles, the gang prepared themselves
for sleep.

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"Hey Roy.."

"What..." he mumbled, flopped down on
the pillow where he had fallen. He didn't
even bother to take off his uniform nor
his blue over coat.

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"Think I can sneak over to the phone to call
Lydia tonight?"

"You can try.. You know Bonnie'll start howling
again when you're more than ten feet away
from her.."

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"Oh.  I know. I'll carry her over there with me.
That way. She won't howl and she won't be
able to take a whiz on the floor again.."

John waited for Roy to reply but the reply
never came.

Roy was out like a light.


The next morning, Johnny's sheets were
tangled up around him and Bonnie both,
but Roy hadn't even moved.

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Gage's feet hit the floor and he wandered
over to grab his partner by the wrist.
He eyed his watch and then at Bonnie.
"Hey Bonnie.. Look..He IS alive.." he said to the
wriggling, all attentive Yorky looking eagerly
in play invite at him. "He's only acting
dead to the world. Gonna sleep a week
for sure.." And he dropped Roy's hand onto
his own face to judge reaction. Roy didn't
move. "Make that two weeks and a day,
Bonnie."  A huge yawn split his face into
two and he thought about it some.
"Man,.. Roy's onto something over there.
I think I'll just.. do ...a nap. yeah. All the
other guys are still out.. Think I'll...just,
close my eyes for just a......."

Even when the full moon rose later that
evening, the fates kept smiling kindly on the
crew of Station 51 long after the silver disk
sank below the horizon.

They got in an unheard of duration of two
days on duty with nothing to do but
sleep and enjoy yard basketball games..
At long last..

Bonnie, was the only one unhappy about

She couldn't get to Johnny's bunk
unobserved long enough, for one of her
famous sheet marking territory sessions...



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