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      End Credits --  Episode One (First Season)

                    FULL  MOON   BLUES  

:) This Episode is Dedicated to Debralee Wrycza
           :) Who is Fighting the Big Fight..   :)

Guest Writers

Roxann Biggs Dawson
Sam Iam                

Storyline Technical Consultants

Justafan1701    Seismology and LACoFD Telecommunications.
P. Keiper           Emergency Medical Advisor- NREMT/Minnesota

Technical Support Websites

Tigger's Slide Show Central-
Main Site
For Episode Screengrabs

Nexxie's E Site
For Episode Screengrabs

Modena Intergate Emergency! Equipment
Manifest Website!Manifest.htm
For Techical Facts on all FD Equipment on the Series

Hollywood Images Inc.
For Talent Agent Work on the Staff Writer Cattle Calls.

Voyagerliveaction Star Trek Theater
For Sponsoring the Theater Writing Staff , the
Los Angeles Guest Writer, and Hosting the
ETL's Online Books of the Episodes,
and for Advertising Theater Promotions

All Emergency Fan Fiction at Yahoo Groups
For Debuting Episode Segments to the WWW.

For Advertising the Emergency Theater Live Site

Fanfiction Med Onelist at Yahoo Groups
For Experts to Writer Feedback on EMS Medicine

Debi Jenkins at
For Hosting Exposure for the ETL to the WWW.

**Voyagerliveaction Staff Writers...

USA                         Myron Ojala      
French Seychelles    Cassidy Meyers
England                   Katherine Bird
Germany                Dr. Jeff Seltun
USA                        Patti Keiper 
England                   Clairissa Fox
Germany                Cory Anda   


Music for Full Moon Blues ....

Ray Lynch from his Deep Breakfast Album

Falling in the Garden, Celestial Sodapop

John Denver- Sunshine on My Shoulders

Police- I'll Be Watching You


Selected Midis from :

Ecco- Tides of Time, and Ecco, the Dolphin
computer games on Sega Genesis.

**Ecco Music Midi Engineers are:
Claire Turner, Martin Skog and Meezo.

Why Midi - Author unknown

Winter Midi- Author unknown

Depeche of the Night Midi- Author unknown.

Quiet Midi- Author known.

The Last Unicorn Midi- By America

Midis-Spheare and Extasia - Authors unknown.
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Your Emergency Theater Live Hosts hope you've enjoyed Episode One of our first season on the web. :)

Thirty five more Episodes are scheduled to
be made at the rate of one a month from the air time debut of our first
season's first episode, Full Moon Blues. Emergency Theater Live began production on October 15th, 2002.

Come! And read an Emergency! Episode being written
live inside a theater setting by email.
See photos and sounds sent by web surfers and
regular authors alike to embellish our tale.

Then write some yourself as an author with us and
make these beloved firemen and paramedics live
out their adventure in your vision!

The site is : Emergency Theater Live!

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