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 Father and Son
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          Page Four

Kel finished reading the report Dix had
taken on him and looked up before
thumbing the intercom. "Give me his strip
51. Is he coherent enough for you
to get a oral temperature on him?"

"That's affirmative on both, Rampart.
Transmitting EKG." Johnny said, dialing
the EKG monitor to send mode.

Dr. Brackett eyed the rhythm he received.
"51, I'm reading a normal sinus rhythm over
here with only slight variations. Is the O2,
helping his dyspnea at all?"

"That's affirmative. He was slightly
cyanotic when we found him on
the table top but he's now pinking
up albeit a bit clammy and chilled."

Roy finished getting a temperature on
Arthur. "Hmm.. 97.1"

Johnny reported this in.

"All right Johnny, start an IV Lactated
Ringers, TKO only and transport as soon
as possible. Keep him upright and comfortable
and continue to maintain O2. That drop in
temperature might be the early stages of
septicemia or other etiology. I want a new
vitals set in five minutes.."

"10-4 Rampart. IV LR TKO and O2. New vitals
in transit. The ambulance has arrived." Gage

A few minutes later Arthur was warmly wrapped
in wool tan blankets and his IV was in place
in Marco's hand. As he was wheeling with the
stationhouse crew he said. "You boys are
so kind... when I get out come back
and I'll bake some nice, hot gingerbread
cookies for you.. ok? You boys are so nice.."

Gage grinned all the way into the Mayfair.
It was he who rode in with Arthur the stage
kids' cookie man.

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The engine was already backed into the
garage and abandoned by the time Roy
and Johnny had replenished supplies and
had made their farewells to the ill Mr. Fajou.
The station house was quiet after Johnny
and Roy turned off their backing reds,
removed their helmets and left the squad.

"Hmm. I wonder where the guys are?
Are they sleeping?"

Roy walked across the bay and peeked into
the bunk house, flicking on the light for a sec.
"Nope. The bed's are still made up.. All of

Johnny flicked a wrist up and checked the
time. "Wow, no one's sleeping? It's almost
three a.m..."

Roy shrugged as they made their way by the
large county map and into the kitchen.
"Maybe they're watching the rebroadcast
of the game...."

"At three a.m..? Roy.. no channel airs games
at three am in the morning.. Geesh.." he
said as his calm demeanored partner preceeded
him through the door he held open for Roy.

No one was at the table nor at the frig.

Johnny and Roy both turned on a dime.
Looking towards the black leather couch
and the TV chairs. The TV, was dark.

And all the gang were on their
hands and knees surrounding Henry's old
dog house. It was still dusty and weather
beaten from sitting in the yard. Chet was
hastily scrubbing it clean with a bucket of
water and Bon Ami. He looked up.

"Heya guys.. About time you showed up.
You almost missed the big moment. The
little fella's about to go into his new home
for the first time.."

Johnny's jaw flopped open.. "You mean,
uh, you mean Cap said Yes..?" he chortled,
trying to keep his voice down.

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"Yeah, man. Guess the abandoned pup kinda
got Cap's thoughts rolling about us losing Henry.
It's been two years you know, since Henry's real
owners showed up to claim him." he nodded.
"Maybe, uh, maybe Cap's a little dogsick."

"Maybe we ALL are.." Marco piped up eagerly,
still on his hands and knees. The gang was
carefully playing with the shy, but active
beagle puppy keeping him in a ring before their
laps, more than one trying to get the tiny
guy to notice the doghouse doorway by
tapping it.

Roy and Gage joined them all on the floor,
abandoning themselves to the moment.
"Come on boy. Come on.. Don't you see
it? There's a nice big bone in there.." Gage
babytalked to the pup.

"Eeeoowww" Kelly exclaimed. "Do you think
we should really let him have Henry's old
bone, Gage. Kinda dirty after two years in
an old doghouse out in the yard."

"Would you just hush.. I'm trying to bond
here." Gage said.

The moment Johnny looked up, the pup's
attention wandered and he scampered over
to the nearest lap he liked. Cap's.

The pup stumbled gracelessly into Hank's stomach
and then turned circles before settling
down with a contented sigh after licking
Cap's face once on the chin.

"Well whatdiya know.."Roy grinned. "He
knows who to thank doesn't he?"

"Smart dog.." Hank said, keeping still
as the new puppy closed his eyes.
"uh oh,, looks like he's going ta sleep on
me. Dang.. My leg's are going to too if
I stay this way.."

The gang hastily grabbed Cap by the
shoulders and legs and Chet said.
"Don't move Cap. You'll wake him.
We'll move you to the recliner."

"Kelly! Would y--"

"ShhhhHHHH!" The rest of the gang said.

The beagle whimpered but then started
snoring again just as fast.

Hank finally tossed his head. "All right.
Lift me." he said, feeling ridiculous.

Soon, he was settled in the black chair
with the pup safely nestled like a
sleeping Sphinx in his lap.

The gang immediately made for the bunks,
abandoning Cap and his puppy in the chair.
"Hey, you're not just going to leave me

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"Aww cap.. Do you really want us to make
him cranky? I mean, these early puppy to family
bonding days are crucial. You're just gonna
haveta spend the night in the arm chair."
Kelly reasoned.

Cap scowled but stayed quiet. "All right. Just
this once. Somebody get me a blanket." he
said, adjusting the tiny pup's snoring face until
his snores softened into easier sleeping breaths.

Marco wasn't past teasing. "You know.. he just
might have to sleep every night in your lap, Cap,
after this.."

"No he won't. Because if he needs to he can
spend the night on somebody else's lap instead,
like tomorrow night in yours Lopez?"

"Aww cap.. I can't sleep a wink sitting in a chair."

"Didn't say it was an order. But.. Lookiethatcuteface.
Can you deny him the benefit of a warm body's

"That's what a hot water bottle in the dog house
is supposed to be for.." Marco said.

"No dog is ever going to get into Henry's old doghouse."
Mike Stoker said. "Chet's logged more hours in
there than Henry ever did."

The gang laughed.

Johnny came back from grabbing a blanket out
of a spare closet for Hank . "Here ya go, Cap."
and he tossed it up into the air.

"Gage, would you be careful?!" he said, barely
saving it from burying the tiny dog. "You could've
jarred the little guy.."


Kelly was thoughtful. "Say, listen Cap. Now that
we're keeping him, we can't just keep calling
him Little Guy.. I mean uh, his previous owner
says his name is uh,.." and he broke off in

"Chester.." Gage said and the gang giggled.

Cap said, "No, he's more like a "lapper" "
he said patting where the puppy was
lying deeply in slumber.

"All right. Ok. We can call him Chester."
Chet said defensively. "I just don't want
to hear anybody and I mean anybody,
ever.. call him Chester B.."

Gage sniggered, "Why Chet? Does the B
stand for something that really gets
your blood pumping?"

"No.. It's just--" Chet said, hastily avoiding
Gage's advance on him in yet another attempt
to ring it out of Chet what the answer was
to that greatest of all Chet mysteries.
Johnny grabbed Chet by the moustache
and backed him into the wall.

"Ahhh..owww.." Chet said, freezing as
Johnny held him hostage with a twist of just
one hand. "Hey come on, let go of m--"

Johnny wrist lifted higher.
"Once more Chet, what does the B stand


"What? I can't hear you."

"Nothing at all. It's just a nickname....AhhhHH."

"I don't beLIEVE you.." Gage singsonged.

"It's trueeeEEE! Hey let go.."

Cap's voice finally cracked out. "Gage..!"

Johnny instantly let go, smoothing out Chet's
collar where it had rumpled. "Next time..
You're gonna tell me.." and he walked back
over to Cap and knelt by the tiny oblivious
pup. "So, what shall we give to stand for little
Chester here's second letter of the alphabet's
initial eh? And it's just gotta be a "B"..." he smiled
lipped fully cocked. And he met everyone's eyes.
"Any suggestions?"

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From : "satchie51" <>  
Subject :  [EmergencyTheaterLive] Dinner Reservations    
Date : Fri, 22 Nov 2002 15:50:32 -0000  

Outside Mannie's Restaurant..

Kel reluctantly relinquished his car to the
restaurant's valet.  He walked toward the
entrance with the enthusiasm of a man facing his
executioner, not his own father.  Summoning his
resolve, he approached the maitre d'.

"Yes sir.  How may I help you?"

Taking a deep breath, he replied, "I'm joining
Dr. Brent Brackett for dinner."

The maitre d' nodded.  "Ah, yes.  He's been
expecting you.  Please come this way."

Numbly, Kel walked to the familiar table.  A
distinguished looking gentleman was already seated.
He glanced disapproving at his watch.  "You're
late.  I thought perhaps you changed your mind."

"I'm sorry.  Things got a bit hectic in the ER at
the last minute.  I didn't think I was going to
be able to get away," Kel apologized.

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The elder Brackett appeared dubious.  "I see."


"It would have been typical of you not to show up.
You've been avoiding me like the plague for ages."

Kel guiltily stared at his fingernails.  In truth,
he had initiated this dinner engagement at Dixie's
urging.  Over the past two days, however, he must
have considered at least a dozen excuses to cancel
this evening's plans.  Emotional intimacy had never
been his forte, especially with his father.  He
deliberately accepted the responsibility of two
additional patients after his shift ended in order
to stall for time.  That's why he was running
twenty minutes behind schedule.  Breaking the
awkward silence, Kel motioned to the waiter to
bring him a drink.

Brent raised his eyebrow.  "Am I that unpleasant
to be around that you need a drink?"

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 Father and Son
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