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From :  Roxy Dee <>
Sent :  Thursday, October 21, 2004 3:47 AM
Subject :  The Angry Cloud~~

Johnny Gage grabbed the stokes and jerked it along
the pulley line behind him. "So, how are we
gonna manage this? You take one coaster, and
I take the other?"

Roy DeSoto grunted a reply, pulling himself along the
horizontal rope tethered between the sky ride gondola
and the Colossus' hilltop track structure. "Yeah, that's
the way I figure."

Another helicopter appeared from the direction of the
parking lot. Gage could see four heads inside its
windows. "Looks like we won't be alone for long. Cap's
thrown some men in a second chopper." He pulled
out his walkie talkie from his pocket. "HT 51, Chopper 11.
What kind of gear and personnel do ya have on board?" Gage
shouted into the radio to be heard over the sound of spinning

## Three spinal immobilization boards, six stokes, the full
contents of your rescue squad's medical and trauma store
and four firefighters. L.A. reports another fire department rescue
squad has been dispatched to our location.## answered the
pilot on the headset patched into Johnny's frequency.

"Good deal. Good deal. Tell the guys we want the drug box
and airway gear out first!" Johnny said as he continued to
pull himself one handed along the line.

## I copy, 51. Relaying your message.##

"I'll keep touch with ya on HT, Roy." Gage said, out distancing
the more methodical paramedic on the horizontal rappelling line.

Johnny began to hurry even more when he saw a frantic panic
start on the first coaster. "Hey, just calm down over there!
Tell me what's happening!" he shouted over to them.

No one even tried to answer him and five people from the
woman's train suddenly lost it and wormed their way out of
their seats.

Ivan noticed from his vantage point. "No! Stay put! It's
not safe to walk on anything but the center boardway!"
And he began running, to intercept them.

He ran smack into the center of a pack of bees.
"AhhhHHHh!"  And he, too, started to swipe and slap himself, trying to get them off.

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"What the h*ll?!" Johnny mumbled as he completed
traversing the distance to the rails. He unhooked himself
and immediately took action. He turned back towards his
partner. "Roy!  Yellow jackets! A whole swarm of them!"

And he ran over to where Ivan was flailing. Gage picked up
the fire extinguisher that the young teen had dropped and
used it on him to freeze the bees off of his body. He did
the same for anyone under attack.  Then he set the red
cylinder aside, upright for Roy to find when he caught up to
him.   "Ma'am..?" he asked the original dark skinned unconscious
girl as he shook her. "Can you hear me?" He bent quickly
to listen to her breathing while he got a grip on her carotid.
The woman had one, but it was thready. And there was
a new symptom beyond the flushing he had noticed
earlier. Swelling and bumps were erupting on her face,
neck and upper arms and signs of blood bright urticaria.

Johnny positioned the girl's head so she had the best airway
he could manage on her and then he got on the HT, wide band.
"I've got a full blown allergic reaction on Victim One, Train One.
I need a drug box and a clear access to Rampart, right now.."

## Establishing the link, 51. ## said Chopper 11's pilot.
## Fire personnel are en route to you with a biophone
and your drug box from the east track. ##

"10-4.." Gage said, glancing up quickly for their progress
and Roy's, looking away from the sun.

The older lady next to the girl began to calm down from
the fright she took from the bees. "Ohmyg*d. They came
back..." she gasped.

Johnny immediately took notice. "What do ya mean they
came back?" he asked the rider next to his top priority

"The bees... Our coaster passed by a nest back there.
We all saw it. They were so angry. They must be worked
up because of all the trains rumbling by them every couple
of minutes. We passed through a cloud of them and they
started stinging us. Then this woman here suddenly gave
a shout... I couldn't understand her.. it was Pali or something
from India, and then she slumped over."

"You mean she passed out right after the bees got to
you the first time?" Gage asked.

"Yes. Almost right away.." the lady nodded shakily.

Gage lifted his head. "My name's John Gage and
I'm a paramedic with the Los Angeles County Fire
Department. Now there's a whole buncha firefighters
coming and we'll get you all down from here just
as soon as we can." Then he told the coaster operator
he had helped out. "Hold this woman's head, just like that.
I'm gonna be letting go so take over. Keep tabs on her
breathing. I'm gonna talk with these other folks to see if anyone
else is allergic to bee stings. I'll be right back with ya in less
than a minute.."

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He jogged to a central point along the train's length
and yelled, "Is there anybody who's sensitive to
insect bites or stings here who's gotten stung?"

None of other fifteen people on his train spoke up.

"How's she doing mister?" said one man with
three bee stings around his eyes.

"She's alive and help's coming fast. You can stay
standing there but don't go too far from the train." Johnny
said. Then he ran back to the roller coaster operator,
while he got out his radio to deliver a casualty number report
to Cap waiting below once he got some initial info from Roy.

He read the young teenager's name tag. "Ivan. Is she still
breathing ok?" he said working down the line of people
to give them the same orienting speech. "Go ahead and listen
to her chest if you have to. I'm wondering about any
funny noises, like wheezing, or any signs of choking.."

Ivan listened. "I hear whistling Mr. Gage. Is her
throat swelling up?"

"I won't lie to you, Ivan. And I don't wanna scare you.
Yes, it is. But it's very important for you to not panic. I need
you to tell me the first second her gums or nail beds lose color
and start to turn blue. That'll happen if she begins to quit trying
to breathe on us. She'll get a shot that'll fix all of that, in less
than a minute, once the others get here. Just keep calm
and keep close tabs."

The trembling ride operator nodded animatedly,
unable to speak. He was still coming down from his
adrenaline peak that had surged through him while he was
desperately braking the second train. He adequately
managed the black haired girl's airway despite his shakes.

DeSoto had already started his quick checks of
the motionless people on the second coaster. He had two.
And four others in his train who were in varying degrees of

"Roy! Whatcha got?" Gage shouted..

Roy started his list of severity in worst order first.
"Two in the front car are out cold, good airways. Possible
coup contra coup on both. I got unequal pupils with blood
out the nostrils. Pulse and breathing are slowing on one
of them. Two cars back, a forty year old female has some
dyspnea and is reactant to pain. Broken left collar bone. Her
abdomen's also distended. The other three in the back are
uninjured or just minor. " Roy said eyeing up the last few visually
as they regained their bearings and started asking him questions.

He vaguely wondered what physics had come to bear to
save those farther back from getting as hurt as those in front.
And a mental ghost of an answer touched on the idea that
the hitches between the cars had shock absorbed the impact
energy successively.

"I'm leaving all six of them in their seats. The cushioned shoulder
bars are doing a good job of keeping them immobilized. And
it'll be easier to treat them this way, too, until we can get em
out of here." DeSoto concluded.

Johnny pressed his talk button. "Cap? We've got seven
victims! Including the original woman."

##Affirmative. Turning back three ambulances and
keeping one. ##

"Johnny?!" came Chet Kelly's voice. "I got the drug box."
he puffed, gingerly tire stepping over the wooden slates
and air spaces. "Rampart's on channel two on relay from
Copter 11. And Stoker's right behind me with the
O2 and airway kit. Marco's got the IV box. Loaded
with Ringers."

"Great. Let me see the drug kit." and he took the handle
from the firefighter. "Here, change the radio over for me and
get a doc on the line. I'm grabbing her epi."
Gage tossed open the lid of the black box and snatched
out a prefilled white papered syringe and tore it open
with his teeth.  "Ivan?"

"She's still doing it." said the teenager, still carefully
holding the woman's swelling head back over the
seat pillow. "But I think she's breathing worse.
It's definitely faster. Around 22 times a minute."

"Ok. Just hang on. I've only gotta get a say so
from a doctor. Then it's instant solution time.." he said,
holding up his needle covered epinephrine syringe.

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A man from Truck 99 came with the three light wood
backboards and three C-collars. The helicopter pilot
and his crewman were busy hovering a distance
away, lowering a half hitch on a safety with the six stokes
sandwiched and bundled together on a fall line.

Mike Stoker jogged in and knelt by Johnny, only long
enough to slip in an oral airway on the unconscious bee
stung girl of Gage's along with a high flow oxygen mask before
he ran to Roy's side to set up the rest of the three tanks of 02
that he carried with him.

Johnny cursed under his breath after Chet had given
a hail to the base station in Torrance twice. "Come on,
doc. Get the lead out."

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From :  patti keiper <>
Sent :  Tuesday, October 26, 2004 7:34 PM
Subject :  [EmergencyTheaterLive] Cupid....Draw Back Your Bow....

Johnny Gage elicited Marco's help. "Lopez. Grab
her legs. I wanna get her to the ground now. And
stick around. She may need some help with breathing
by demand valve. I'm gonna have epi going in as soon
as Chet gets Rampart notified."

Marco nodded, and he carefully took the slight woman's
shoulders, and together, paramedic and firefighter lowered
the allergic reacted young woman to a flat area in between
the roller coaster's tracks. Lopez automatically took
the woman's head and checked her status. "Thanks."
he said to Ivan, the ride operator. "I got it from here.
Why don't you go over to my coworker and see if he
needs any help waking those other people. His name's

"O-Over there? uh, ok.." said Ivan. "Mister, is she gonna die?"

"No.." said Johnny with conviction up at the teenager.
"We caught her early enough. This med will turn her around
quickly and we'll avoid any chance of cardiac arrest." he said,
putting the unused epinephrine syringe on the girl's stomach while
he grabbed out the Normal Saline I.V. components he'd need for
maintaining her hemodynamic stability.

Ivan offered a weak smile before he jogged over to the impacted
roller coaster.

"Chet? Anyone on the line yet?" Angrily, Johnny pulled off a bee
that was still stinging the Khmer girl with his bare fingers. Then he
hastily got a set of vital signs on his patient after cutting her shirt
open down to her elastic tube top with the shears from his holster.

Chet shook his head. Then he shouted a little louder into
the biophone's black receiver. "Rampart, this is HT 51." said Kelly
into the biophone for a third time. "Do you read?!"

Marco gave Johnny some information. "Her airway's
still clear from what I can feel, Johnny." he said triggering the
thumb pad on the positive pressure O2 mask that he had
pressed over her nose and mouth. "Respiration's thirty,
irregular and shallow."

"Keep up supporting her inhalations. That's too fast a rate to do
any good." Gage ordered Marco.

The helmeted firefighter nodded, licking dry lips.

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Finally, Dr. Brackett's welcome voice toggled into the frequency.
##Go ahead, 51.##

Johnny waggled gimme fingers at Chet for the phone. He got it.
"Doc, analyphalaxis. Small female early twenties. From multiple
bee stings." he said rapidly.

Kel immediately understood the need for haste. ## 0.3 mg of
epinephrine 1:1000 solution sub Q. Then a large bore IV Normal
Saline wide open for follow up boluses of epi 1/10,000 for a minute.

Johnny dropped the phone and snatched up the syringe, delivering
the badly needed adrenaline into the soft tissue of the girl's abdomen.
He continued to listen to Dr. Brackett's orders issuing from the phone
receiver by his feet while he established a very fast I.V. from the set up
and bag that was hanging from his teeth.

##If she's non reactant to pain, go ahead and insert an esophageal
airway. Especially if she hasn't turned around after a minute or so. Give
me a set of vitals when you can.##

Kelly anticipated and picked up Johnny's notepad from on top of the biophone
lid. He also propped up the girl's limp blue jeaned legs onto a gear box to
offset the increasing signs of hypotension he saw developing in her.
"Rampart, vital signs are: Blood pressure, 70/48. Pulse is 140. Respirations
are ..." he paused, setting a hand on the woman's stomach for a count...
"..30 and irregular. She is under active ventilations on 100 % O2 at twelve
times a minute." reported Chet.

##Standing by, 51..## answered Brackett.

Johnny handed off the running I.V. to the girl's seat passenger to hold and
he crouched over her chest to listen to her breath sounds around Marco's
hands. He froze there, waiting for the slight sounds of stridor and wheezing
to go away, listening intently with his head lowered, through a stethoscope.

They finally did after fifteen very slow seconds.

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Johnny Gage smiled. "Rampart, Squad 51. Her dyspnea's actively
easing and there's no signs of laryngo or bronchial spasms forming."

Dr. Brackett let out a long sigh of relief and he straightened up out
of a worried two palmed lean on the base station's counter.
##All right, Johnny. Guess we're gonna get lucky. Belay that EOA
and send in a strip as soon as possible. Start an aminophylline
push,.....5 mg i/v then .5 mgs on a slow drip. I want to prevent a
biphasic reaction even before it happens and I wanna lock out
any refractory bronchospasms permanently for this exposure.

If you feel you need to give her another covering dose of epinephrine
as a bolus, make it 1/10,000 at .5 mg intravenously every ten minutes
as necessary. Also, if pulmonary edema shows up or any multilocal
ventricular tachycardia, have 2 mgs propranol IV standing by.
Remember if arrythmias develop, subsidence of the ventricular
effects may be followed by atrial tachycardia and atrioventricular
blocks. So watch for that transient bradycardia as a secondary
epinephrine overdose earmark. Don't be afraid of it. Preserving
her airway and ending any adverse vasoeffects are paramount
in this stage of the game.##

"10-4, Rampart. Stand by for an EKG on Lead Two."
Gage replied.

He pulled over the blue Tetronix monitor and opened it.
Then he wiped down sweaty places on the woman's
shoulders and ribs skin with her own shirt before attaching four of its
electrode pads. He deftly snapped on their sensor wires. Gage
plugged the EKG in to the biophone and adjusted a dial in the
red case to a good send frequency for their apparent altitude
above ground. "Rampart, transmitting now." he said to Brackett.

Dr. Brackett read his feeding cardiac strip. ##So far
so good, 51. Give me a second vitals set after you've
delivered your I.V. meds and transport as soon as possible.##

"10-4. We'll be bringing her in by chopper. ETA's approximately
ten to fifteen minutes, doc."

##Understood. I'll consider myself on hold for any preflight info.##

Under Marco's hands, the woman coughed and the fingers of
both her hands, resting on the hot sun lit railwood slats, twitched.

Johnny immediately bent close and pulled out the short
oral airway in her mouth before she could gag on it. "Heyyy.. How
are you doing? Can you hear me yet? What's your name?"

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The girl sputtered, shoving away the O2 mask vaguely, moaning.
"....hhghhh.  Can'"

"Marco, raise her up..." Gage told him. Lopez did so, leaning
the girl's weight against his chest. He switched out Marco's hand
held ventilator for an elastic banded simple clear mask. "Is
that better, hon?" Johnny asked her. "What's your name?"
he repeated.

"...*gasp* Lathika.." she whispered. "...oh, those horrible..
*cough* things. My father said they could" she
sobbed softly, with a heavy India accent. Some wetness
ran out of both her eyes. Sweat and tears.

"Yeah? Well, this time they didn't." Marco smiled. "Just relax,
Lathika. You've been given some medication that's ending
your allergy attack. You'll feel better soon. The swelling's already
going down on your face and neck."

"Is....he right?"...Lathika asked Johnny. "I still can't open
my eyes all the way."

"Absolutely.. Now don't move around too much. I got an
I.V. started in your arm."

Startled and still very shaky, the girl looked down. "Oh!"

"Shhh, it's ok. It's ok. You're doing fine. You were only out
for a little while.." Gage lied. "You've nothing too serious
going on. Now we're gonna get you comfortable and to the
hospital so the doctors can check you out, all right? You're
going to be flown out to them. Ever been on a helicopter
before?" he grinned encouragingly while he took her wrist
pulse and eyeballed her breathing rate.

"No.. " she gasped.

"Well, it's pretty fun. Noisy, but fun." he told her. Then
he slipped into paramedic again. "How's your breathing
now? Is that suffocating feeling going away yet? Your voice
doesn't sound as hoarse as it did just a few seconds ago."

"I...I think I'm ok..." she coughed wetly. "How's my heart? I've
got some problems there. I had rheumatic fever as a child."

Gage and Marco exchanged a flickering glance and both
their eyes fell on the EKG screen, but only normal sinus
tach was registering. "What kind of problems?" Johnny
asked quietly, holding still.

"Father says I've got a murmur. He's a doctor back home
in New Dehli."

Gage relaxed. "Oh... ok. Thanks for mentioning that. Lathika,
your EKG looks pretty good for becoming the one of the first
human ballistic pin cushions in the whole entire history of the
Colossus County Fair." he joked about the bee attacked
coaster accident she had nearly been in.

Lathika laughed weakily. "Where am I?" she whispered

Ivan had returned and he was kneeling by the girl's feet.
"Still on the highest hill of the roller coaster ride. I'm
the one who spotted you blacking out and called the fire

"Thank you...sir..uh,.. Mr.." said Lathika shyly, suddenly
taken by her new, unexpected attentive guest who was
more her own age than the helmeted firemen around

"Svenson..But, please, call me Ivan." offered the
Swedish accented teenager.

"Thank you, Ivan. For watching out for me. And all
of you other men as well. Father will be grateful. And..
so am I..."  she said and then she smiled the whitest
smile Johnny and the others had ever seen. No one
noticed the hives or any of the swelling at all on her face
and were thoroughly dazzled by her emerging exotic

"No problem.. " they all said, surprisingly effected by
the charismatic Khmer girl.

Ivan was tongue tied.

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