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"Boy do we ever.." John said. "Brice might
be coming here?"

"Yep. So get cracking.." Cap said, clapping
his hands together and then he disappeared
into his office to change shoes.
"I want to squash that possibility before
it ever happens Kapesh..?" his voice
floated out to them.

"Hey Cap, uh, I thought we were a team.
You know, the all together in this kind of thing.."
Gage hollered after him.. "You know. Working
through the good and the baddd.." he hinted..

Cap closed his door soundly.

Roy peeled off a towel Chet threw into his face
into one hand and he regarded Johnny thoughtfully.
"You know, Johnny,  you'd better ease up
venting like that. Cap's a cap. And what
he says, goes.."

"I know that. I know that.. But why does he always
have rank and privilege pull for him whenever he
feels like it should? Always seems to happen during
the hardest shifts. Especially full moon ones like

"Experience has its rewards Johnny. And bailing out
at will just happens to be one of them associated
with Captain's rank." Roy said with a small shy
smile.  "Come on, I'll haul out the gear boxes
and O2 to check them and you can get the dressings
and splints taken care of, all right..?"

Gage nodded and dejectedly followed him
to the rear hatches of the trashed squad.
Chet ducked when they opened those doors
leading to the resuscitative apparatus, as beer
cans poured out in a musical tumble onto the floor.

Bonnie grabbed one and started growling
as she attempted to chew it up.

"Hey, give me that.." Gage said. "You'll
break your teeth little girl.." and he traded
slimy beercan for rawhide bone. "Here,
take that.." he said. The toy he gave her
was so big, it pulled the tiny dog's head
to the floor and she had to tug with all
her might to get to her customary spot
under the engine to enjoy gnawing on it.

Roy dug out all the cans he had
discovered, chuckling at Chet's overstrung
nerves and got to the O2 equipment and
dragged it out. "Well, thank heavens for
small mercys. Looks like this apparatus is ok."

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Johnny flipped open the drug box and
found only air. "Not here. Figures..
All the unused syringes are gone too."

The IV and dressings boxes were untouched,
but in the stokes, they found a dummy,
stuffed with trash and wearing a sign saying,
"Thanks for being the life of the party fireboys!"

Roy heard Marco coughing as he leaned over
to scrub saltwater off the hood of the squad and
he casually said. "Lopez,  check out the
resuscitator for me will you? Johnny and I need
to get a list together for a reissue of supplies."
And he motioned for Gage to follow him into
the kitchen with the drug and IV boxes.

"All right.. " Lopez said, raspily.

From around a corner, Roy watched
Marco check all the psi readings and
visualize the tubing connectors and
regulators and then he smiled as Marco
did a draw check on the mask over his
own face with flowing O2. Lopez smiled
as the oxygen soothed his raw throat and
he took a few more thinking no one else was
watching him.

Johnny grinned, poking his partner in
the ribs. "You crafty old.. You did that

"Course I did.. Did you think that Marco
would have let either one of us get any
where near that throat after the night we've

"No..." Johnny said, shaking his head

"Well there you go.. That 02 will give him
relief and take away some of that inflammation
of his.." Roy said, as he sat at the kitchen
table to check out the conditions of all their IV
solutions and setups.  

John was considering Roy's angle of attack
on Marco."Hey Roy., I think I can trick Lopez into
drinking my mother's honey birch bark tea to
coat that throat of his.."

"Not a chance.." Chet said making his
way into the kitchen to dump out
smeggy water from his bucket into
the sink.  "He's still sucking away
out there and loving it, but ah,
about him actually taking real
medicine?  Uh uh, Gage.
Ain't gonna happen. Not in your

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"Oh, really." Gage grinned. "We got him
on oxygen therapy without him catching
onto us fussing . What makes you think
I'll fail with doing more?"

Chet finishing filling his steel pail with hot
water from the tap."Because Roy here is
much better on the sly that you are Gage.
If you try anything else, let HIM do it.."
and he walked back towards the garage.
"Or, if you two are really concerned about
Marco's cough, you can tell Cap about it."

Johnny looked at Kelly as if the sky had
fallen. "And ruin a great friendship?"

"Not to mention the direct tie to a wonderful
pair of burrito chefs.." Roy quipped.

"That too.." Johnny nodded eagerly.
"No way.. Chet. We're not going to resort
to that.. Marco's not a baby. We'll just
we'll just...uh,  "

"Fuss over him.." Roy completed for
his stammering partner.


"Ok, have it your way.." Kelly said.
Then his head peeked around the
corner and he added, "I'll let you
know how long he uses the demand valve ."

"You do that.." Johnny said with
firm concern.


At Rampart, the fiasco with the San Pedro
gang, had died down. Dixie, Joe, Mike Morton
and Kel Brackett all sat around the nurses
lounge table nursing colorfully etched coffee

None of them were saying much to each

Until Dixie took her hand away from her chin.
"Hey Kel, How did that drowning fare? You know
the one who stole the squad from the fire

"Didn't make it."

"Oh," she said, suddenly interested in the cream
swirling in her mug. "Sorry.."

Joe piped up. "Two of the five aren't going home in
body bags at least, Dix. They'll be facing trial for
grandtheft auto and impeding official rescue
service. Not to mention possession of narcotics."

"Ah." McCall said without much vigor.

Another long stretch of silence reigned. Until Mike
said, "Hey guys. Did you know that it was
51 whose squad was trashed?"

Dix, Kel and Joe all erupted into reaction.

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"No, I didn't know.."
"Oh, my.. Those boys have seen their share
of misery this week."
"That's too bad. Anything we can do?" Joe

"I can see if I can swing some funds from
the paramedic training program to cover their
losses.." Brackett said.

Dixie added, "And I and the other nurses can
plan a party for the whole gang, to cheer them
up a little. How about this weekend? At my place?
I've a great little veranda, and a pool."

"What a great idea. It'll take their minds off
work for a while." Joe agreed.

"Then it's settled." Dixie grinned. "As soon as
I get off shift, I'll start making plans..maybe
even a surprise party angle will work.."

"Now wait a minute Dix." Kel interjected.
"How do we know Roy and Johnny's crew
haven't already made plans for the weekend?"

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