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A Fish Out   Of Water
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    Page Five

Chet Kelly shouted when his curly hair caught on fire. A nearby
lifeguard tackled him under the water and snuffed it out.

Another lifeguard had grabbed a special navy blue meshed bag
full of tiny yellow cylinders before all of them were forced to abandon
the six beach trucks as the oil slick fire slithered onto both sand and
water, growing dangerously larger by the second.

Suddenly, a new burning outpouring gush from the pipe cascaded
down into the water and a burning sea of flames surged towards
all the lifeguards and firemen desperately splashing water
over themselves by the shallow end of the jetty.

It encircled them, rushing towards their faces.


On the jetty, Carly Davison and Chris DeSoto
were terrified out of their minds.

Between them and the safety of land, the entire sea was
catching on fire.

"Mom!  Swim away! Swim away! It's too dangerous!" shouted
Carly. Already, in her head, that odd buzzing aura that always
made her mouth go dry and sour, was rising. "Chris.. I think
I'm gonna black out!  Help me!"

Chris DeSoto leaped into action, tearing his eyes away from
the last place he saw Hobie Buchannon go down. "Carly?!"


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From:  Constantinos Bouras <>
Date:  Thu Feb 17, 2005  11:49 pm
Subject:  The Drama Continues

Meanwhile, back at Baywatch HQ, Sid, continued to send
additional units to the scene unfolding, and picked up
the phone and pushed the speed dial button for L.A.
County F.D. Dispatch as the force of the explosion
rocked the building and knocked him out of his chair.

"What the- ??????" He yelled as he got up and looked
out the window, seeing the growing plume of smoke.

At that moment, the radio traffic went into overdrive
as all the units in the area reported they were
rolling. He pushed the speed dial button on the phone
a second time.

##L.A. County F.D. State your emergency.##

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The call taker responded. "This is Baywatch HQ, we have
a explosion and fire at the 5th Street storm drain, in Malibu.
Stand by... Ok, we have petroleum products involved,
that's spread to the ocean. We also have some kids on
the jetty there. Give me everything you can!!!!!! We
also have reports of lifeguards and the county
firefighters that are with us involved!!!!!!!!!"

##Copy, help is rolling.## came the reply as he got
the appropriate box number from the sheet and passed
the info to the dispatcher at the console. "Better
get boat 110 and whatever L.A. City boats they can
send." he said.

"Right." was the reply.

##Station 69, Station 65, Station 70, Station 71,
Station 88 Station 99, Squad 67, Squad 51, Copter 11,
Boat 110, Boat 310, Battalion 5...Respond to the 5th
street storm drain in Malibu for an explosion and fire
with people trapped. L.A. County lifeguards are
on scene. Time out : 1230.##

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##Battalion 5, L.A.##

"Battalion 5."

##Be advised, L.A. City F.D. is sending Boats 2, 3, 5 and 4 to
assist. You also have 4 ambulances responding.##

"Battalion 5, 10-4. Start move ups and start the Coast
Guard in also with their chopper to assist."

##10-4, Battalion 5.##

Meanwhile, back at the jetty..

Craig turned on the canisters of emergency air and
passed them around to the firefighters of engine 51
and the lifeguard escorts, and included a mask.

"Ok guys, this should give us some clean air to
breathe, while waiting for the backup to arrive.
Should last 15 minutes, and there are more in the bag.
Just time your breathing right and you can make it
last longer, just like your SCBA tanks that you wear."

Just as they were preparing to dive under, they heard
a scream from the end of the jetty from Chris DeSoto,
who had spotted them, "HELP!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!! HELP
US PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Look!!! Down there at the end.." Marco yelled. "Isn't
that Chris DeSoto???"

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From: "Patti or Jeff or Cassidy" <>  
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 12:21:54 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Inch by inch.. Second by second..

As they rushed over the sand, Vince and Garner and
Trevor could see the lights of Eddie's truck
as he sped through the wave splash to join them.

Mitch made for the beach, stripping off his tan uniform
as he ran. Now, they could all see that Cory was on
the back of a dolphin and that she was screaming
for them, "Hurry!! I can't find Hobie! He was right under

Buchannon backstepped to a halt before the flaring flames,
not seeing anything but the sea ...on fire.. and Cory. He made his
choice and peeled shoes and pants down to his red trunks.
"Hobie?!"  He unraveled the line on his rescue can and slipped
into its band. He hit the breakers, swimming in powerful strokes
towards her. Mitch's plunge into the water, upset the dolphin.

Koko went wild with fear when fire splashed near her eyes and
Cory tumbled off, "Kok-- Come h--" A wave slapped her in the face.
She started to drown.

On the beach, leaping off the police bike, Trevor saw her fail, too.
He, too, shed shoes and shirt. He knew that Mitch needed help now,
for Hobie was nowhere in sight. He dove in.

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Garner and Vince snatched up fire extinguishers and fought for
clear paths over the smoking sand to the ocean. They saw that the beach
was empty of bodies. "Where are they? *cough*" Vince choked
over the smoky fumes. "I thought Mitch said all the fire boys would
be down here somewhere.."

"They are.. Look!" said Garner, pointing to the water. "But I don't
know how much longer they're gonna last. The fire's closing in on
them! Hey!  Duck under! Now! The fire's coming fast!" he warned

Roy Desoto, coughing hard on fumes, shouted towards shore.
"Vince! Get to Chris! He's holding Carly up. Something's wrong
with her!"

"Got it! Now save yourselves!" shouted Howard through the smoke.
He leaped and jumped over burning sand to get to the jetty
and he started running towards the two kneeling dots of white
that were the children on the far end, dancing quickly over the rocks
as fast as he dared. "L.A. and Baywatch has the whole calvary coming!"
he said, listening tightly to his radio pressed to his ear.

Johnny Gage let out a shout and forced his own and his partner's
heads down into the next wave before Roy had a chance to
refill his lungs again. A hissing caressing bubbling sheet
of orange skinned over the surface of the water they had
just left. Fire was now burning directly above them on a thick
oil pool.

Roy DeSoto kicked out of Johnny's arms, trying to head out
to sea to outswim the spreading fire, but Johnny grabbed
his ankles, holding him in place. He pointed into
the murkiness to their right.

Another baywatch lifeguard, wearing a mask of glass, swam
over to them and thrust the mouthpieces of two yellow
emergency spare air cylinders into their mouths, and
hovered there, waiting for them to signal that they were
all right and breathing ok.

Roy thought that air had never tasted so good.

He felt an underwater Cap, Chet, Marco and Mike join them,
with linked arms, similarly sucking on the tiny spare
air tanks that the lifeguards had handed out, and
one by one, they all gave the guards the ok signal.

Then they began the long submerged swim up current
to reach the part of the sea that was away from the fuel fire
to get plucked out by the rescue boat.

Two guards stayed with the firemen while four others kicked
back towards the jetty to help Mitch and Trevor Cole locate
Hobie Buchannon's drowning form.

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Image of spareairdiver.jpg Image of guardgageroyunderwater.jpg

Mitch kept his eye on the woman. She was having a lot of trouble
staying afloat. He was torn between diving to search for Hobie,
and helping her. He chose to go for Cory.

"Here! Hang onto the buoy!" he commanded her.

"Can't! Paralyzed..Too tired.." She slipped under.

Mitch took a breath and went down after her, dodging clumps
of burning oil. He grabbed her waist and pushed her to the surface.

She sputtered, sucking in huge lungfuls of air, choking on the acrid
smoke around them.

"Easy, I got you." he encouraged.

"*choke* Carly! How's Carly?. She seizes whenever she gets too excited...."

Mitch shot a look over to the jetty. "She's still on the rocks. A
policeman's there with her, she's still ok." Mitch said as he brought his
float in front of them.
The swirling water was deafening. He agonized over leaving her, "Cory!
Listen! You've got to try and hang onto this. I've got to go after my son..!"
He tried to release her but she had no strength left. Mitch couldn't leave her.
He spun them both around to drive away the fire, searching desperately
for any sign of clothing. "Hobie!"

"Wait!" Cory shouted, growing more clear headed with her renewed ability
to breathe while in his arms. "Koko can find him." She blew her whistle and the small
dolphin surfaced next to them. Cory commanded her. "Koko. Seek! Retrieve the

Mitch was beside himself, "What are you doing?"

"Just trust me! Koko, now!" she sobbed. She made a sweeping gesture
and the dolphin suddenly dove under the burning waves.

Trevor Cole got to them both, seconds later. His hair was singed but
he was still very very full of adrenalin. Cole saw that Cory was in
pretty fair shape, managing to keep her head above the water despite of
her paralysis. "Take her!" Mitch said. He took off the lifeline float and gave
it to Cole to use for Cory. "Look for the dolphin!!"


"Just do it!" Mitch twisted in a circle in agony, still searching for Hobie.

"I'm so sorry. I did it again.. I'm....s-sorry.." cried Cory.

"Shhh.. Just relax. Let me do all the work. Concentrate on breathing
lightly. This smoke can still knock us both out." Trevor hissed.


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From:  Jeff Seltun <>
Date:  Tue Feb 22, 2005  4:03 pm
Subject:  Beached!

Ten feet away, the dolphin broke the surface of the sea, bearing Hobie
in her mouth by his shirt. Trevor spotted them, "Mitch! Over there!"

Mitch got to his son and turned him face up. The boy was limp and unconscious.
He tried to see if Hobie was breathing, but a wave full of fire suddenly swept
over them and he was forced to cover up Hobie's nose and mouth with a hand
to keep them submerged until the danger passed. Mitch held his breath, hearing
his own heartbeat thud rapidly, waiting for the deadly swell to pass by.

It pushed them nearly to the sharp rocks. He and Hobie burst into the air
a few seconds later. Rocks loomed at them horrifically. Without thinking,
Mitch grabbed onto Koko's close offered dorsal fin and the animal tail kicked
them away into some calmer, fire free water.

There was more time between the waves.

Mitch tipped Hobie's head back over the dolphin's flank and listened. Hobie
wasn't breathing. After the next wave, Mitch gave him a breath. "Oh, G*d. Breathe!"
He couldn't tell if Hobie had a heartbeat.

Mitch began to swim to shore, looking behind him for incoming swells or other
lifeguards. He found his rhythm, giving Hobie two breaths in between each wave's
duck and cover move.

Image of waves.jpg Image of mitchkokohobiefloat.jpg Image of kokoinwave.jpg

He got him ashore just down beach of the oil fire. Garner helped bear him out
of the water, "Is he breathing?"


They stretched Hobie out onto the stained hard pack. Garner felt Hobie's
neck after the next breath. "He's still got a pulse."

Mitch nodded, continuing his efforts. "Come on, Hobie! Breathe!"

The boy remained still.

Eddie and Shauni arrived and the siren ceased. They skidded to a halt
a few feet away from Hobie. They leaped out of the truck, grabbing
equipment they would need.

Johnny Gage dropped to his knees with an ambu bag and oxygen. He
tapped Mitch on the shoulder. "Ok, Mitch, I've got him.'

Mitch was in unreality. Hobie was going to die if he stopped and
all he knew was that someone was now trying to pull him away.
He fought back, grabbing at his son's head again.

"Mitch!" Eddie cried out, "Let us use the O2 on him! He needs it!"

Image of eddierescueboatdeck.jpg Image of mitchdrowningcheck.jpg Image of beachcarry.jpg

Garner dragged his friend away forcefully, using an arm lock to
control him, "Listen to Eddie and Johnny. They're going to help

Mitch shook violently and came back to himself. "All right.. I'm
all right.. Let me go..."

Garner released him.

Eddie and Johnny Gage worked desperately. Shauni took the boy's
hand into her own. "Hobie? Can you hear us? Hobie. Come on, honey.
Take a breath. You're out of the water.."

They all looked at his fingers. They were motionless; only the ambu bag
hissed as Johnny Gage delivered breaths.

Image of shauiniwater.jpg Image of hobielyingdownother.jpg Image of johnnydeliverambuclose.jpg

Then Hobie squeezed her hand.


Trevor had Cory near the beach. He picked her up and carried her to
the sand by Eddie and Shauni's rescue truck. She was coughing violently.
"You're going to be ok. Both of us are. Concentrate on breathing slowly."
He laid her down just before he had to lay down himself. He felt Roy DeSoto
offer him oxygen even as Captain Stanley gave some to Cory as she blacked

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Mike Stoker and Chet Kelly helped Vince carry a limp
Carly Davison in all their arms, in a line, and then into the clipper
boat tethered to the smoking rocks.

Koko leaped over and over again in concern for the humans
and for her missing trainer until the boat finally ground itself ashore
near where the others were working on Hobie, Cory and Trevor.

Then Koko just lay quietly on the hardpack, squeeing softly on
her belly as she watched everything going on.

"She's ok, Roy." said Vince to DeSoto about Carly, the little girl.
"Just a faint from smoke. No signs of convulsions at all.
We gave her some 02 on board the launch."

"Set her down over here. I'll take her vitals as soon as I've taken
Cory's. Chris.. nice job keeping Carly from falling into the water.
I saw the whole thing. You make a pretty good junior lifeguard,
you know that?"

Image of juniorguards.jpg Image of royhighupclose.jpg Image of westsidejrgrds.jpg

"Thanks, dad. What happened to you? You're all wet.."

"It's a long story. I'll tell you about it on the way back to Baywatch.
Can you start getting blankets for anyone who's lying down?
I'm sure Garner and Vince'll help you before they have to fill out
their reports." Roy suggested to his son.

"Ok. I'll get things started." smiled Chris.


Gage and Buchannon bustled Hobie onto a backboard after
immobilizing his neck with sandbags. Things looked good. Hobie
was breathing on his own, taking oxygen well. And he could move
all of his limbs. Hobie was loaded onto Eddie's beachtruck for the
short trip to Headquarters to await an ambulance while Gage
and the others tended to his I.V. starting and crash recovery
medication delivery.


"You have some hard explaining to do, young lady.." Garner

Cory looked up from the sanctuary of her blanket, "Yeah,
I guess I do." She was lying propped up on an ambulance stretcher.
Cory felt better. Her head was clear again.

Her daughter, Carly, was sleeping lightly under a lifeguard's
careful scrutiny on the passenger bench in a stokes stretcher.

Trevor appeared from around the rig's door. "You?!" Cory gasped.
"You're the one I saw on that beach that day?.. I didn't mean to
get you in trouble. It was just....I was so happy to be swimming again."
She looked away, uncomfortable.

"With the dolphin?" Roy asked, puzzled, he had already discovered
Cory's partially paralyzed state in the few minutes it had taken
her to decide to wake up again.

"And a scuba tank. I used to work at the Institute before...."
Cory looked down at her legs in shame.

Trevor bit his lip from where he was getting some minor burns
attended to on his forehead. "Look, it was my fault for getting caught
in that rip current. Not yours."

"But I distracted you.."

"It's not your fault!" He said angrily. He pushed away Roy's hands
and walked away to deal with the crowd gathering to watch
the firemen from 51's fighting the fire with foam alongside the lifeguards
they were already familiar with.

Garner fixed her with a stare. "It's about time you were straight with us.
What really happened out there? Why did you do all this?"

Cory sighed, caressing her sleeping daughter's damp hair. "After I heard on
the radio that Koko had been freed, I went to look for her, with this..."
She showed him and Vince Howard the silver chrome recall whistle and
chain she clutched tightly in her hands.

Silence stretched for several seconds. Cory shifted, restlessly, and pulled
off her oxygen mask. "Officers, you can't know how much I've missed being
in the ocean. I had to know that feeling again. Do you understand? With Koko,
I was free.."

Vince was a study in seriousness. "Talk about Trevor."

"I was feeling good that day. I had found the crate at my doorstep.
I couldn't believe what I saw inside. Such beautiful things. And the statue
of Koko. I wore the comb and necklace to celebrate my first swim since
the orca whale accident. I don't get the attentions of many men anymore.
That's why I teased Trevor. I thought he was cute." she looked away embarrassed.

Image of shaunisurprisetower.jpg Image of garnersuit.jpg Image of mitchandcory.jpg

"Go on." Garner said.

Cory looked up at the brightening sky, "But then he got caught in the current and was
swept away. I thought, My G*d, I can't let this man drown. He was almost
unconscious when I managed to get a hold of him. I gave him air through my
regulator, but he passed out. He looked so beautiful in the water, like an angel.
Before I knew what I was doing, I put my necklace around his neck and I kissed him.
Then I saw the lifeguards coming and I pushed him into their arms."

"Why didn't you stay with them?" Ellerbee asked her.

Johnny Gage shoved past Garner. "Excuse me, Sergeant Ellerbee, We've
got to go. The boy's already left for the hospital."

Garner relented and so did Vince and they both stepped back as Roy
got out and closed the ambulance doors. They saw a last glimpse of
glistening green eyes as Cory began to cry for a great many things that
would be no more.

"What will happen to her?" Shauni wanted to know. Vince and Garner had
forgotten that she was still there. Garner smiled at her. "Oh, I have a sneaking
suspicion that the courts will go easy on her."

Vince nodded his head, agreeing with his colleague. "After all, she did help
save two lives."

Shauni nodded and together, Roy, the two officers and Johnny Gage watched
the manned Malibu paramedic ambulance disappear into the distance up the tarmack.

The firemen and lifeguards didn't know what sounded more mournful,
Koko's crying distress whistles at being separated once again from
Cory Davison, or the wind blowing through the dying waves.


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A Fish Out   Of Water
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