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 Integrity Game
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Page Six

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"Doc.. you feeling better?" Johnny asked
when he realized Dr. Brackett had an actively
bleeding tongue.

"I will be. Just get me off this smoking hulk.
I've had enough of vacations to last me
a lifetime.." he sighed.

"Just don't swallow any of that."

"Don't I know it..?" he asked ironically.

"Do I need to get your permission to treat
you an--"

"Don't ask. Just do."


Waterboat 245 with the high pressured
water cannons, and the rest of Station 51
and Station 110, soon arrived to board
Windjammer along with a ferry to take
the beach survivors back to the mainland.

Cap and Chet strode over to where Roy and
Johnny were setting up IVs on Brent, Kel
and Dusty in prep for Chopper Eight's multiple
airlift maneuver for their transport.

The captain of 110's stepped forward and started
barking orders. "Let's get these casualties
stabilized ASAP. I want everyone off deck in
ten minutes! Station 51, go below and check
for petroleum leaks. Last thing we need
is an ecological catastrophe on top of
everything else."

Hank Stanley, Chet, Marco, and Mike Stoker
all hurried with him to quickly check out
the damage left behind from the explosion
snuffed fire.


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Kel Brackett, Brent Brackett
Jose Rivero and Mary Kenner were all
sharing a room at Rampart because of
limited space arrangements that were
currently in effect.  Only a curtain
separated jockeys from doctors.

Johnny Gage, Roy DeSoto and Walter
Farley were visiting the jockey side.

Johnny was beaming ear to ear, as
was his quiet partner, when Walter Farley
gently took Mary Kenner's hand. "Mary.
How are ya doing? You awake? Some friends
of mine are here to see you on a matter of

"Mr. Farley?" she said, opening her eyes.
"You came.. Jose and I didn't think you'd be able
to come today because of the stakes races going on."
she said.  Then she recognized Roy. "Mr. DeSoto.
I've some good news for you. The doctors are
saying that I will walk again. It's going to take some
time and a lot of therapy, they tell me. But I'm more
than up for the challenge."

"Well, that's good Miss Kenner, because the guys
and I have another challenge for you to work on."
Roy said to her, smiling.

Walter Farley stepped forward and pulled the bundle
of leather he had been hiding behind his back.

For a moment Mary's face twisted with the
memory of her filly going down the day of
her accident. But then her eyes fell on the brass
name plate on the bridle's cheek strap.
"Oh, my g*d. This says Swale. Mr. Farley..
what is this?"

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Johnny said, "Well, Jose came up with the plan
and the rest of us guys at the station house made
it possible with ...well, a small donation up front...
for this.." and he stepped forward to hand over
Swale's signed and delivered ownership papers
and pedigree.
Again Mary's eyes fell on the short list of names
of the colt's sole shareholders. She read them
aloud. "Titled owners of Swale. 2 year old. Bay
colt are hereby declared as Mary Kenner of
Anaheim and Jose Rivero of Independence City
in the state of California, United States of--"

Her voice cracked when she realized the implications
of what she was reading. "You didn't.."

"We sure did Miss, Kenner. " Walter Farley grinned
along with the two paramedics flanking him.
"Swale now belongs to a jockey team of two.
Utterly. Including all future stud rights and purse
winnings from here on out."

Mary's eyes filled with tears and she regarded
the sleeping Jose on the bed next to her
briefly in thought. " We can't accept him.. I..
well, Jose and I can't afford to keep a racehorse.
We don't have the facilities to do so off track."

Walter Farley spoke up. "Not necessarily true
young lady. You see, The Dusty Schraeder
Racing Stables have declared bankruptcy due to
extenuating circumstances. Heh. heh heh. The
track now has fifteen stalls set aside for
me to fill. And Swale.. now has one of them."

"Oh, Mr. Farley.." she sobbed. "I'm sure if
Jose were awake right now. He'd also thank you
from the bottom of his heart.  And I thank
you firefighters, too, for everything."

"Our pleasure ma'am.." Roy said quietly.
"Well, we'd better be going. Take care and send
us a post card once in a while from the racing

"I will.." she promised.


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Anna Rose sat at the foot of Brent Brackett's
bed and held his hand. "Brent, now you know
you and Kel still have plenty of vacation time
accrued. I've been thinking about this alot.
I've talked with a very nice young man named
Morton downstairs and he swears up and down about
spending a week in Hawaii..On Maui to be exact.
Now, what do you say?"

Brent grunted and chuckled, holding a pillow over
his aches. "I've seen enough islands to last me
until I'm ninety, Anna Rose. And I'm sure our
only son agrees with me."

"I concur most wholeheartedly, dad. How about
another six years of us just working, straight through?"

"Sounds just peachy.." Brent smiled.

Anna Rose's face fell in complete and utter dismay.
"Oh, now that's not fair. That solves your needs.
What about mine?"

"Well, you can always go to school to become
a nurse and then come work with us.." Kel quipped.

"Oh, you.. Dixie would never agree to that..
and you know it."

Right then, Dixie walked in the door with the
medications for everyone in the room.
"I'd never agree to what, Anna Rose..?"

"Oh,.. uh,, nothing.." she said.


In the squad, returning to base, Roy
and Johnny Gage had reason to smile.
Gage stretched languidly in his seat and
said. "I feel really good about what's happened to
us over the past two weeks, don't you?"

"I know what you mean. What we did was
a really noble thing I think. Saved : One horse
and two careers. Nice totals, Johnny."

"Yeah, " Gage smirked. "So, did you learn your
lesson about betting on the horses?"

"How do you mean?" DeSoto said, turning into the
station's drive. The garage door opened to reveal
that the engine had gone on a run.

"Roy, how can you be so blind?" Gage said
in exasperation. "Horse racing is all a matter of
integrity, right across the board. It's not a game.
Never was."

Roy studied the steering wheel and the sunlight
dappling there. "I suppose you're right, Johnny.
I-I do feel kinda different about it all now."

"Good going, I'm proud of ya, Junior."

Roy's face split into a gentle grin and
he shyly glanced at Gage. "If you say so, pally..
Come on, let's hurry. Maybe Cap and the others
left our hamburgers in the oven. I'm starved."

"Oh yeah, that reminds me.. Did we remember
to get more dog food for Henry?"Johnny asked.

"Yeah, and you can count on this fact. It's not

                      FIN       :)


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We hope you've enjoyed Integrity Game as much as we've enjoyed producing it for you. :)
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 Integrity Game
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