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A Fish Out   Of Water
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    Page Six

From:  "patti keiper" <>
Date:  Tue Feb 22, 2005  6:28 pm
Subject:  Pure Fishy-ness

Mitch and Hobie were at the zoo along with the whole gang from Station 51.

Dolphins leaped in their enclosed pool. The water danced in the sunlight. They
chattered excitedly, begging Hobie for more fish. Mitch hiked up his son so he
could more easily reach over the fence. His son threw in a sardine and three
dolphins played tag with it.

Hobie grinned. "Wouldn't it be neat if all dolphins were as smart as Koko?"

Mitch laughed and set his son down, "Yeah, it sure would. Maybe the dolphins
are the smart ones and we're the ones who need to do all the learning."

"Think so?" wondered Chet Kelly.

"Yeah," said Chris DeSoto. "Aren't their brains larger than ours or something?"

Hobie looked up from the dolphins, "Jill says it's too close to tell."

All nine of them leaned on the rail, watching the light play on the dolphins'

Hobie chuckled, reaching up to hug his dad's neck. "You know, I think mom's
going to like it here."

"I know she will Hobster, I know she will."

The firefighters of station 51 smiled broadly, recognizing that a small
rift had been mended between the burly lifeguard and his son.

Gage grinned. "Hey, Roy.."

DeSoto didn't looked up from the sardines he was feeding the milling
hungry mouths in the pool below them. "Yeah.."

"You know what?"


"I think we oughta.. sign up for a tour with these Baywatch guys again.
I never got to hold one of those big red rescue can things and actually use
it going after a victim.." Gage frowned.

"You aren't a certified lifeguard.." Roy smirked.
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"Well between that nasty drain pipe oil fire, and treating all the drowning
cases hauled in by em, I certainly feel like one." he chortled.  

"Can you do a pier jump? Or leap out of a hovering Coast Guard
helicopter? Or make a 1000 meter swim out and around a reef buoy
at full waxing tide?"

" Roy, that's not the point." Johnny sighed. "The point is..."

Captain Stanley broke into the conversation, nipping the escalating
debate in the butt before it was overheard by the Buchannons.
"..the point is.. that ya had fun. We all did and the best part about
it, is that nobody died. Now quit yapping, ya twits, and enjoy yourselves,
or I'll make a few heads roll. Consider that a ..friendly order from
your directly supervising superior. Gimme those fish, Roy, I wanna try

Chet's eyes boggled. "Cap, I thought you hated touching fish, or  
the thought of even looking at one."

"Not any more. Cory Davison's been.. conditioning me with handling Koko.
I can even pet her now." smiled Hank.

"Cap, Koko's not a fish, she's a--"

"SHhhh!" Cap said. "Quiet, Chet. You'll ruin all her good hard work
getting me over my fish phobia. Don't say it's not working, Kelly.
Can't you see that I actually have a food fish out by the tail?"

"Quit cheating and open up your eyes, Cap." teased Stoker.

"Give me a minute.. I'm working up to it.. It's just that a sardine's so...

"So's a fire hose in a brush fire and that's never stopped you.."
Roy interjected.

"Telling point.." Cap said, cracking one eye open to look at
the fish he was moving over the dolphin pool. "Thanks, DeSoto,
for your vote of confidence."

"Anytime. Sorry for these guys, Cap. I do keep trying to teach them
em all the finer points of reverse psychology, but it's kinda hopeless
sometimes." Roy smiled.

Gage and Kelly glared in mild irritation at him, but held their tongues,
because they'd been ordered to.

"Keep at it. I like the thought of that end goal when they'll become
as tactful as you about my personal affairs and the odd quirk or
two." Hank sniffed.

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Marco snuck up behind Cap and said very loudly,

Hank leaped up about six feet, and the fish went flying.
It was snatched up by a hungry maw in seconds even
before it hit the water.

"Lopez! Would you ..CUT..THAT...OUT?! I'm trying to
concentrate here...." Cap sighed, catching his breath as he
leaned heavily on the zoo railing.

"What, I didn't do anything.... Maybe the Phantom followed
us all to the convention."

Cap sighed, deciding to ignore his man, and he bravely reached
into Roy's steel bucket for another fish.

Lopez leaned into Roy, "Hey, how was that for a bit of psychology?
I was thinking it was sort of like how you scare someone to forget
about the fact that they're hiccupping..." he whispered.

"Crude.. but I think this situation calls for more ....subtlety.."
Roy admitted.

"Oh. I'll keep working on it."

Gage started laughing so hard, that he had to sit down.


Mitch Buchannon and Hobie glanced over their shoulders
and saw that the Los Angeles County firemen were finally
relaxing out of the stress filled tension that they all
had when they had first arrived at Baywatch. ::A grueling set of
workshifts'll do that to ya. I knew the balm of the ocean
would set em all to rights. I'm glad I invited their crew out.
I think I'll do the same for the other shifts at that station.::

Hobie Buchannon coughed lightly, clearing his still raspy
chest and he felt his father's hand grasp his shoulder protectively.
To reassure Mitch that he was ok, Hobie reached up with a
grip of his own and squeezed it affectionately.

To his thoughts, Hobie gave. ::Koko. I'll never forget you.::

In his head, the memory of the dolphin's smile, seemed endless.


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A Fish Out Of Water
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A Fish Out   Of Water
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