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"Because it was none of your business,
Kelly, now was it..?" he said from around
the sports page. "I tried to warn you all
to respect Gage's privacy...."

Roy studied his now empty coffee cup
and spun it around on its base in deep
thought. "Yeah, that you did.."

Johnny turned around towards the
table again and suddenly finger snapped
for a pad of paper and a pen, his green
one still on the wordfind he had been
working on before the phone call.

All the guys hastily shot to their feet,
to give the writing pad to him and his
trusty pen..

"Give me that..." Johnny said, his voice's
bite toned down, when he saw them
kowtowing sheepishly to aid
him because of their childish behavior
a minute ago.

He shuffled phone receiver
to one shoulder and a chin and said,
"OK, I got something to write on Hon.
What was that again? 414 Rural route 60,
San Bernadino Iduhapi Campground
Resort?  Yeah, so that was where I was
calling into last night . It's that
camp you told me about where the counselors
take you into the woods and stuff for
hikes and then teach Braille.  

Yes, that's right. You said your grandfather was
sending you there this week.

Yeah, That's not too far away for
me to come visit ya.. I'll be coming..
Don't you worry..After all, I am
your "Big Brother".." he grinned, and visibly
melted as a very young voice warbled
excitedly into his ear.

"And I'm sorry about
not calling last night like we planned for
your cabin's sleepover in the morning
in time for sunrise show and tell. I sorta
kinda got interrupted..."  And he glared at
the gang for the treatment he'd received
last night trying to contact Lydia.

No. no.. It's wasn't for a rescue. Just a..
just a tiny garbage fire.. Heh. "
and he laughed. "Yeah, there's a lota
garbage in the city, that I'll admit.

Yeah, I got it all right here. Your address
and everything. You're really close, just
a few miles away up in the mountains.
I'll write and send ya a care package for
you and the other girls all right? Ok,.
I promise I'll come visit ya on my shift off,
yeah, I'll bring my firehat. I promise.. Ok,
gotta go. ..Bye bye Lydia.."

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And he hung up, smiling to himself
hugely as he made his way back over to
the kitchen table.

The fellas were quiet, absorbing what they
had overheard. Then Chet spoke up.

"She a niece or something, uh, Gage?"

"  I.. I sort of volunteered for the Big
Brother Program earlier this spring. Lydia's
blind, and I got picked to be her sponsor for
the summer. You know.. penpalling, picnics,
that sort of thing. You see, Lydia's five and
she requested a firefighter for her sponsor.
heh. Guess she did that because her own
father was one and passed on when she was
three in a car accident...And, that's also,
how she got blinded..." Johnny said.

Then he cleared his throat self consciously.
"Well.. now that all your nosy curiosities
are satisfied.. I think I'll get back to my
puzzles.." he said with a final glare of
challenge. He met none, only nods of
understanding and warmth.

Chet spoke up again. "Wow, Gage, that's
that's really something. Being a sponsor
and all for her like that. I've heard of
the Iduhapi retreat. That's in the heart of
the San Bernadino Mountains, isn't it?"

"Yep. Halfway between us and Station Ten.
Believe it or not, it was Brice who told me about
the Big Brother program they had going
with the camp. I mean, I couldn't look
like a fool and not help out you know what
I mean?. He called me about it this spring.."

Mike chuckled. "You mean you got suckered
into volunteering because Brice was..."

Johnny felt pinned when that truth was
revealed. He just rolled his eyes and contented
himself with tightening his lips.

Marco coughed and said, finally sipping Johnny's
special tea.. "Amigo, when are the two of
you going to stop this one upmanship of yours.
I mean. Even your paramedic re-cert scores
were the same last month. I can just see it..
Soon, you'll start donating to the same
charities in higher and higher amounts
just to see who'll top the other.."

"Yeah, well I draw the line there.. Brice is
Brice is.. not my idea of a fastheld friend
but there's station honor to uphold. Our
station was the only one who wasn't involved
with this Big Brother thing.. Couldn't let
that stay that way.."

"Appreciate it, Gage.." Cap said. "MacConike
called about Station Ten's program and I was
very very glad that you were already on
the rosters. Only got a grunt of approval
from the chief and no inspection dates."
he said with relief..

"Glad to have obliged. I wash your back,
and you wash m--, oh never mind Cap.
I'm having fun. Lydia's something really
special and I'm really glad I can be there
for her.."

Roy smiled, getting up to fetch the coffee
pot. "Want more coffee Johnny?" he

"Oh, no thanks." then he noticed Marco
drinking his medicinal tea. "Hey Roy..
He's doing it.." he said, holding up his
puzzle page so Marco wouldn't hear
him talking about him. "And Kelly here
thought I wouldn't be able to get
it by Lopez. Hehehe.. shows him
a thing or two.."

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Roy rubbed his forehead. "Yeah, well.
As long as Marco's cough goes away
I'm happy."

"Oh, it will. It will." Johnny said.
"Between the two of us, we'll get
him squared away."

Chet had over heard. "Yeah, that's
until the next big fire un-does all that
nice preventative work.."

"Shhst.." Gage said, knocking on

Marco licked his lips, draining the
last of his cup and set it down
while he read the National Geographic
article he was turned to.

Gage leaned in to Roy, "Hey Roy,
think I should sneak over there and
pour more tea for him?"

"Nah, don't over do it.. or he'll catch

"You're right." Gage said.
"We'll just keep an ear out like we've
been doing.."

Roy said, "Ummmhmmm." from deep
inside his article.

Johnny turned back to his puzzle with a
good heart, smiling when the next word
he found in his paper turned out to
be .. 'samaritan.'

Bonnie barked when the clock struck one
pm and the cuckoo popped out from
over the couch, disturbing her nap.

All was quiet for the next half hour until....

From :  "Cassidy Meyers" <>  
Subject :  [emergencytheaterlive] Bonnie's Bad Day  
Date :  Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:36:53 +0400  

Roy noticed something strange. It made
him do a double take from his newspaper.
::What th--?:: he thought.

Bonnie had left her couch and was cowering
under it, trembling.

Roy nudged Johnny, who was deep into
writing a pen pal letter to Lydia, the blind
girl from his phone call, and he pointed Bonnie
out without saying anything.

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