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 Father and Son
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          Page Seven

"I got a fine example of how obstructed airways
happen, too, Roy, right in my line of sight.."
Chet said, in retort back, making runway guide
motions right at his current source of verbal
torment sitting across the table from him.

"Peace you two.." Cap said, finally extricating
himself from the recliner, leaving Chester
happily diving into what was left on his tray.
Captain Stanley saundered over to the bulletin
board and snatched down the weekly rounds
chart board. He was the only one still in a blue
uniform. The gang was still in T-shirts and pullover
pants-and-boots. "The weekly fire violation
rounds list. Today, only one on the books."

"Aww Cap, can't it wait until after breakfast? Turns
my stomach learning about folks who like living
in a fire hazard zone instead of following codes."
Chet complained.

"Shutup and chew.." Cap replied. "You're gonna hear
this one. In fact, all of you might have an invested
interest in this case."

"Oh?" Roy grunted.

"Yeah." Cap replied. "We have an excessive brush violation at
....213 East Morrow Drive..."

All jaws stopped chewing when they remembered that
the address belonged to one very very nice old man
living in a very very creepy looking old house.

Gage's mouth crooked open in regret. "Aww, Cap. We
can't go handing out a fine to kindly ol Mr. Fajou.. I really
like that guy. Wouldn't be nice of us to leave it tacked
onto his front door like that to find once he gets outta
the hospital.." he added sarcastically.

Stanley snapped back defensively light. "You got any better ideas?"

"Yeah..I do." Lopez said. "Come guys, we got nothing better to do this weekend, and I know that for a fact because there's no games in town. Why don't we just skip out on our normal routines and go over there to do a little weed control ourselves. It'd be easy for us. We're licensed to do a controlled burn."

Both of Cap's eyebrows climbed up into his hairline.
"Hey, that's a wonderful idea. We can all trade shifts
mutually with Saturday's crew in trade for Friday and
get this done for the old guy. I can have Eight's brush
truck sent over for Stoker to use."

There came a chorus of eager yes's and O.k.'s all
around. Even another yip from Chester where he
sat in the recliner near the licked clean dish tray.

All heads turned. "Wow." Stoker remarked. "Maybe
we found ourselves a new dish washer. Just look
at Cap's tray. Clean as a whistle.."

"Heh... Don't give him any bright ideas.." Cap
said. "That's just a first morning privilege."
he grumbled. "Wouldn't want him to pick up
any really bad habits from us now would we..?"

Chet made a show of licking BBQ off his plate
by lapping it like a dog.

"Very funny Kelly.." Cap said. "For that, you get
latrine duty this morning.."

"Awww, Cap.."

"Aww, nothing. When you make Cap, you can
find ways to delegate the more unpleasant firehouse
duties in the least painful ways to your crew, too,
just like I did.." he chipped up.

"You're all heart.." Kelly mumbled.

"What's that, Kelly. Didn't quite hear you? My other
inferiorly ranked men are all laughing too hard."

"I said, uh, you're so smart." Chet said, stirring his
grits morosely. Then his eyes shot up in alarm. 'Uh,
I don't mean "smart" as in sarcastic, Cap. At least
not in, uh,, not in...that case..." he trailed off sheepishly,
and escaped into the newspaper to hide from
the moment in hot water.

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"Let's hope not, Kelly. The hoses in the tower
need to be reloaded.."

Chet was a mouse behind the funnies section.

Stoker and Marco's hands raised up. "Give it to us Cap.
Only fair.."Mike said. "We got out of it last time due to
a timely dumpster fire call."

"Good men.. Kelly, did you see that? Lopez
and Stoker actually volunteered to do one
of the sweaty jobs." Cap said.

"Yeah, well I don't see them lining up for the
smelly one.." Chet groused.

"Quit eating like a horse and maybe the
bathrooms would smell a little better in
the morning Chet.." Gage retorted.

"Yeah, I had to use a half can of Lysol
Disinfectant just to breathe earlier.." Marco
quipped, joining Gage's bandwagon.

"I can't help it.." Chet said. "I was born with
an efficient colon. At least I don't let them
loose while giggling at erotic dreams in my sleep
like Marco over here."

"I do not.." Marco protested vehemently.

Gage sniggered. "Uh, is that in reply to part
A or part B of Chet's previous sentence Marco.
Your crewmates would really really like to know."

Marco just glared. "You try working in a firehouse
with a mama who stuffs YOU full of beans and
enchiladas just before your twenty four hours on
shifts, I'd say you'd be tooting them too."

"I'll stick with the engine's horn thanks.." Mike

Gage scored a point in the air for Stoker.
"Ok, ok, that explains the gassier aspects
of your nightly exploits. Now, tell us about
your dreams, Marco Lopez.... Is she cute?"

"I'm Catholic!" Marco protested. "I don't
have to confess to you.."

"You might as well.." Gage warned in jest.
"I see a greaaattt moustache gripping handle
there under your nose..." and he rose in
his chair.

"Cap!!" Marco squeaked.

Johnny was already in his chair and chewing his
last bite of food by the time Cap's eyebrow was
fully cocked into the firing position. Hank settled
out of his warning glare and continued chewing
the piece of apple he had stolen from Roy's
plate. "What? I see no problem here. Except
for maybe a stack or two of too many dishes.
Lopez. Dish detail."

"Awww, Cap. I thought you were supposed to
safeguard your men." Marco said.

"I just did. Do you see Gage pinning you against
the wall where he had Kelly squirming last night?"


"Good, then hop to it. Stoker was the one who
cooked today. Gage, you got floor detail, a full
wet mop job. DeSoto, vehicle buffing, chrome
only. Looks like rain today."

"Well what about you, Cap?" Lopez still singing,

"I have a new chore. I get to show Chester here
where to go..."he grinned. And he hefted up his
little charge and wandered out cooly into the yard.

The guys all rose from the breakfast table and
fell to.

Johnny was grinning at Marco's still red face from Chet
revealing out a night secret so boldly, but even he
wouldn't poke a man when he was down. ::Well,
not a fire fighting coworker at any rate, just a victim
on a scene to learn a consciousness level. Heh.:: he
thought. Then he said, "Say Roy.. Us going out this
weekend to help ol' Mr. Fajou is really gonna be
fun. I mean, Vince's got the keys to his place, right?
Maybe we can even all go in and clean up his kitchen
too for him."

Roy angled his head skeptically as he helped Lopez
grumpily stack plates as he carried each armload
to the sink. "I don't know, Johnny. Most gourmet
cooks don't like people messing with their kitchens."

"Who's to say Mr. Fajou is a gourmet chef? Well,
maybe a pastry baking one.." he admitted. "Still wouldn't
hurt to do this good deed thing a notch or two better."
he grinned cockeyed.

Chet piped up. "Yeah, maybe we can learn what's
finally in that basement of his and in all those other
creepy rooms, man."

Johnny waggled his head. "I don't think Mr. Fajou
would appreciate us snooping around his house
now would you?" he moaned caustic.

"Gage, that place's an historic landmark.."

"You mean a haunted one.." Stoker quipped from
around the newspaper.

Kelly went on as if he hadn't heard Mike interrupt
him. "...Mr. Fajou probably gives movie tours to the
studio kids he bakes for all the time. I mean uh,
what's the difference if it's kids or firemen getting
thrilled to death in there..?"

"A big one, Chet Kelly. The poor guy deserves
a little privacy in his own home.." he insisted.

Kelly's eyes hit the table and his fidgetting fingers
drumming there."Looks more like the old guy
needs a friend or two Johnny.." Chet said. "We
can always act scared and nervous when he gets
back and gives us a tour for doing his yardwork
this weekend."

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Roy grinned, folding his arms over his shoulders.
"There's that, Johnny. Come on, give in to a little

"Nice sentiment Roy, aren't you Catholic too?"
Gage said.

"Doing a nice thing for somebody else isn't
a sin.." he replied.

Marco agreed firmly. "Look it up.."

John shot both of them a disgusted look.

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Then the alarm went off, for a full station call.
##Station 51, Engine 18, Truck 127. Battalion
14. Truck overturn with a chemical spill on the
Pacific Coast Highway at Southbound mile marker
513. Multiple vehicular involvement.Truck overturn
on the PCH at Southbound mile marker 513. Cross
street Dungeness. PD reports approach with caution.
Be advised. An unknown gas cloud has prompted
start of evacuation action from the CHP. Timeout,  
07:10. ##

Cap's shoes came pelting by the kitchen door and
he received the call as the men moved out. He handed
off Chester B to Roy who left the bewildered
young pup safely on the recliner. "Be good pal. See
you when we get back." DeSoto told the little dog,
rushing out.

Cap acknowledged the run. "Station 51, 10-4.
KMG 365.."

The entire company rolled out.......


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From :  "SM Fortis" <>  
Subject : [EmergencyTheaterLive] The Restaurant Confessional  
Date :  Wed, 27 Nov 2002 09:42:38 -0600  

Grateful to be home in his own apartment, Kel
stretched out on the couch.  Despite Joe’s
advice he wait awhile before scheduling another
reconciliation attempt, Kel promptly contacted
his father and made reservations for dinner that
evening.  Patience never had been his greatest
virtue.  His colleague was right in one respect.
If Kel dictated the terms of the meeting and tried
to keep the conversation on message, perhaps he
would feel more in control of the situation.  He
was determined not to feel powerless in the presence
of Brent Brackett again.

Since his return home, Dixie called twice to make
sure he was okay.  To combat his growing anxiety,
Kel occupied himself by spending most of the
afternoon performing errands and browsing at a
jazz record store Joe was always raving about.
After purchasing a couple of albums, he glanced
at his watch and headed back to his apartment.

He was pleased to discover the patio door was
already replaced.  One unpleasant reminder of the
previous evening’s events was now conveniently
eradicated.  Unfortunately, the stark white bandages
wrapping his right hand and arm were still grim
reminders of his angry outburst.  Kel cringed at
the memory of his senseless act.

Placing his package on the table, he headed toward
his bedroom and began rummaging through his closet
for an appropriate suit.  After a quick shower and
shave, Kel changed clothes and left ahead of schedule.
He thought if he arrived at the restaurant first,
he would feel less intimidated by his father.  He
was resolved not to leave in humiliation again.

The maitre d’ promptly greeted Kel and ushered
him to his table.  He briefly closed his eyes and
drew a deep breath, trying to prepare himself for
the exchange that awaited him.  Looking through
the windows, Kel saw a spectacular sunset.  Somehow
the scene comforted and encouraged him.  The advice
of his friends was at the forefront of his mind
right now.  The sooner he could establish some
common ground with his father, the sooner their
fractured relationship could begin to heal.

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 Father and Son
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