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The Golden Horn

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     End Credits

           End Credits --  Episode Six (First Season)

   :)   This episode is dedicated to all firefighters
        and EMS personnel who are injured or who lose
        their lives in the line of duty. May their sacrifice
        be rewarded hereafter and forever in eternity.
   :)                                                                      :)                                                                                

Guest Writers...

Sam Iam        
Roxann Dawson

**Voyagerliveaction Staff Writers...

USA                         Myron Ojala      
French Seychelles    Cassidy Meyers
England                   Katherine Bird
Germany                Dr. Jeff Seltun
USA                        Patti Keiper 
England                   Clairissa Fox
Germany                Cory Anda   

Storyline Technical Consultants

Sue Hampton  On IV's and Fire Hoses- ER RN/EMT-P/FF/North Carolina
Donald Lee     On Engine 51's Abilities- Retired LACoFD Captain
Patti Keiper    Emergency Medical Advisor- NREMT/Minnesota
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Technical Support Websites

To all the Guest Fan Writers who've Contributed
Their Talents to this Episode of Emergency Theater Live :)

To Debi Jenkins :) at
For Hosting Exposure for the ETL to the WWW.

AAA Screen
For Incredible Audio and Visual References to Emergency!
Characterizations and Behind the Scenes Sneak Peeks
on a ScreenSaver by Screensaver Man.

Erika and Rozane's Emergency Site
For Main Character Role Histories
and Emergency Medical Terms Guide
And the Theater Intermission Account of
Engine 51's 1972 Nationwide Tour

For In-Character Rescue Scene Screengrabs.

Wojo's Boys of 51 Webpage
For Screengrabs of the Station Crew.

Love Emergency! Style--Kel Brackett & Dixie McCall
For Dixie and Brackett Screengrabs

Tigger's Slide Show Central
Main Site
For Episode Screengrabs

Nexxie's E Site
For Episode Screengrabs

Modena Intergate Emergency! Equipment
Manifest Website!Manifest.htm
For Technical Facts on all FD Equipment on the Series

Hollywood Images Inc.
For Talent Agent Work on the Staff Writer Cattle Calls.

To Wormsworth :)
* Keebee Programmer / Voyagerliveaction Narrator,
For Providing a Location for our Theater Episodes in
a Turning Page Book Style Program Online.

Voyagerliveaction Star Trek Theater
For Sponsoring the Theater Writing Staff , the
Los Angeles Guest Writer, and Hosting the
ETL's Online Fanfiction Books of the Episodes,
and for Advertising Theater Promotions

For Advertising the Emergency Theater Live Site


      Music for   Season One   Episode Six

                   The Golden Horn


Lost Underworld Midi- by Crom Kayer

Puzzleways Midi- by Maxime Tondreau

Saga Biolab Midi- by Scryer

Empty Room Midi- By Kitaro

Deadland Midi- By Maxime Tondreau

Tarns Manor Midi- by S.C.T.

Amazing Grace Midi- by Barry Taylor

**If you'd like copies of any of the donated music midis from our
Episodes, contact the Theaterhost email below and specify the Episode's
Title. Please include the word "Music" in the subject line of your email.**  

Emergency Theater Live

Hosts- Jeff, Patti, Cassidy in
Germany, the United States, and the French Seychelles.

    Emergency Theater Live "Offstory" Email Address
    For Midi Music Requests and General Inquiries

   Emergency Theater Live "Send To Story" Email Address
   For Sending in a Story Contribution to the Current Episode
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Emergency Theater Live's Graphics Showcase Site
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       Mark VII Productions and Universal owns
       all of Emergency! and its Characters.    

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The Golden Horn
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