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   That Latin Flair
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The Story Unfolds...

Season Two, Episode Seventeen..

  That Latin Flair  

Debut Launch: 1 December 2004.

From:  "Robert Gutheim" <>
Date:  Thu Dec 2, 2004  9:00 am
Subject: Green Christmas  

Chet as usual checked around for a certain dark haired paramedic
before he went and filled a balloon with water intending to rig the
paramedics locker so that it would spring out and get him wet when he
opened the door.

He was having a little trouble setting up the spring
mechanism though when he heard a voice behind him.
"You do realize, Chet, that a certain white bearded man in a
red coat is watching. You wouldn't want to get a stocking full of
coal on Christmas morning. Or worse, latrine duty, if Cap finds out
about you trying to pull a phantom act on me yet again," a voice said
causing Chet to startle and the water balloon to fall on top of him.

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"Gage, you don't actually believe in that whole Santa Claus
bit do you. After all, your wha? Almost thirty? Plus you are half
Native American." Chet pointed out.

"I know. But we celebrated Christmas using the non-religious
aspects like other human beings," Gage said as he started to put
on his uniform.

A few minutes later, they were gathered with the others for roll call.

"OK, everyone, let's start with a few memos from various
Headquarters." said Cap. "First off, no egg nog is to be found
on any departmental property by order of Chief Houts.

"The Departmental Christmas Party is at Headquarters in the main commissary
on December 22nd all firefighters off duty are required to attend and on duty
firefighters are encouraged to stop in, so long as their rigs are on hand.

"McConikee wants me to remind everyone to keep a careful eye out for
any holiday related fire hazards. Now the fun part, daily chores. Cooking, Stoker,
Dishes, Lopez. Apparatus bay, DeSoto. Hose tower,Gage. Latrine duty, Kelly."

"Ah, Cap, why am I stuck with latrine duty? Isn't it obvious I'm the one
who's wet, not Gage?" Chet moaned.

"I know how you tend to be, Chet. Now get going, or I will stick you
with latrine duty from now until Christmas." Cap threatened him.

The tone box went off right then.

##Station 51. Car crash with injuries. 2300 E 223rd Street. 2300 E 223rd
Street. Cross Street, Alameda. Time out, 0810.##

"Station 51, K.M.G. 365." Cap said, before the engine and squad rolled out
of the station.

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From :  patti keiper <>
Sent :  Thursday, December 16, 2004 11:30 AM
Subject :  Snap! Crackle and Pop....

Station 51 pulled up at a curb deep in the heart of Carson.
The accident had occurred as reported, but involved only one
car and a power pole on the outskirts of the landfill /junkyard
which flanked the L.A. river bed. The pole was down and
sparking. Cap kept a nose and eye out for gas pools even
as he informed Headquarters with what he had. "L.A. Engine 51."

##Engine 51. ##

"We have a single vehicle overturned on the boulevard. Lines are
down. Have the electric company cut power to the east side
block of Alameda between 223rd street, and Franklin."

##10-4, 51.## came a reply after a short pause on the air
over both the station's vehicle radioes and all of their HT's.
## Power utilities says electrical power will be cut in five minutes.##

"Copy that. Engine 51, out." and he threw the HT onto the seat of
the open door of the Ward LaFrance. "Gang, circle and look for
any victims a safe distance away. Stoker, draw out the reel line
and wash down all this grass only when those lines have been
powered down."

"Right, Cap." said Mike Stoker.

"The rest of you. See what you can see without getting too close!"
advised Stanley, yelling over the angry hiss and crackle of violated
powerlines from the toppled pole which leaped and tangled with
themselves on the pavement.

Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto walked to the down wind side of
the wreck with a healthy thirty feet between them and the downed
pole and writhing wires. It was a tan car, resting on its roof, in the
middle of a grass island which split a fork in the road into a Y. A
man lay on his stomach and his legs were pinned by the heavy
weight of the crashed car. It didn't seem like any live wires were
touching the car or the man.

Gage sniffed carefully in the breeze blowing in his face as he
pulled on his gloves. "Can't tell if he's still alive. There's too
much wind moving his clothes around. No gas, though. We're
lucky that way at least."

Roy shouted to the victim. "Hey! Can you hear me?! Don't try to
move! There are wires down all over the place. We'll be right
in to get ya, just hang on a bit and don't panic!"

Image of cardownpowerlines.jpg Image of carmanunder.jpg

The two paramedics circled the wreck site even as the rest of the
gang laid protective hose and got the heavy extrication equipment
lined up in a safe area. Johnny picked up a flashlight and aimed
it onto the man's face in spite of the bright sunlight. "I see sweat
beads. He's gotta be alive still. Anyone dead would've been dried
off already in this wind."

The two pacing firemen backed away from the accident site even
further when the wind rolled a bucking wire into their direction.

Johnny threw an axe on top of it to pin it to the cement, and then
leaped out of the way.  Cap's head snapped up at the clanging
noise, but then he gave Gage a solid thumbs up of approval.

Roy had taken the flashlight from Johnny and he was trying to
see into the dark recesses of the car's compartment. "Where's
the driver?"

"What?" said Johnny, from where he stood, resting his gloves
on his knees, as he studied how they would begin to get
their victim free once the area was safe.

"Our victim's the passenger. See? That seat belt is still
around his waist. Broken free, but still around him." said
DeSoto, as he played the light over the bluish belt and into
the car.

"I think you're right. Even if the car flipped, there's no way he
could've slid over fast enough if he were driving to get pinned
like the way he's pinned now. It doesn't add up." Johnny
rubbed his nose.

"Cap!" shouted Roy over the angry spitting from the wires.

##Go...## said Cap from the other side of the scene, by
the station trucks, over an airwave.

Roy belatedly pulled out his walkie talkie and hit the talk button.
"We're a victim shy. This is the passenger, Cap. Belt confirms

##Ok,  I'll assume a possible ejection and call out a search.
Stand by for news..##

Roy could just make out Cap verbally sending Chet and Stoker
into wider and wider scouting patterns, looking for blood and other
traces the driver might have left behind. Cap himself jogged over to
the police officer keeping away the public to see if any of those
people had seen anything about what might have happened.

Marco got ready with a plastic tarp and extrication gear. He
left a stokes next to a longboard in case the man's legs were
too badly broken for easy securing once they got him out from
under the car.

Then he stood waiting by an idling K-12 for signs that all
the electricity was turned off. It was hard to tell in the wind which
lines were hot and which were not. It seemed like all of them were
swaying. So Lopez used the spot where Johnny's axe was
connecting and kept an eye on the blue orange sparks dancing
around the head and handle.

Image of johnnywithapike.jpg Image of marcojaws.jpg

Chet came back with a clump of hair in his glove and he showed
Cap. "It's human...too fine to be dog.. and I think I smell
Johnson and Johnson's on it. "

"Where'd you find that, pal?!" asked Hank, shouting over the noise
of the electrical wires.

"Between us and the river bed!" replied Chet, dropping the clump of hair
to the ground.

Hank sighed, turning so he could see the long barb wired wall of
fencing marking proximity to the river spillway. "Oh, boy. Better start casing along
the edge. The brush's pretty thick down there. The driver could be anywhere if he
flew out of the car in that direction." Then he rubbed his face. "Tell you what. You
and Stoker grab some ropes and rappel down on in. The flood gates won't be released
until noon for this part of the city. See what you can see and keep in touch by walkie.
Johnny, Roy, Marco and I will handle the passenger ourselves. It'll take at least
ten minutes for more help to arrive on this."

"Will do, Cap." said Kelly and he jogged off to the engine to get two harness sets.

Cap called out onto the rescue channel. "Engine 51, L.A."

##Engine 51.##

"Respond an urban rescue truck and air support to our location
for a victim search. We may have one in the river bed."

##10-4. UR reports an ETA of four minutes. Chopper 10 has been informed.
Pilot has your canyon in sight. He reports an arrival time in two.##

Marco, Johnny and Roy all stood by, antsy and restless, all staring hard
at the man on the ground for signs of life beyond the cold sweat pouring
off of his pale skin. Then a hand twitched and his lips moved in a gasp of pain
as some awareness returned.

Cap shouted, getting their attention. All three firefighters whirled towards the
engine. Hank gestured a cut throat motion across his neck and then pointed to
Johnny's axe. It had quit dancing and there was no sign of high voltage fire
encircling it any longer.

"Ok, let's move out. Marco.. grab the K-12. We already know there's no
gas leaking. Try and get that weight off of his legs while we stabilize his
C-spine for his extrication...It won't take long. He's already laying in a line."
Gage mapped out.

"Ok, Johnny." said Lopez, hefting up the seventy pound tool onto a shoulder.

The three men carefully stepped over the wind swaying wires in case the
power came back on. They could see Cap talking with a police officer, trying
to find any witness to the moment of the crash to help pin point the river bed

In a test, Roy leaned over and spit on a wire. Nothing happened. "So far
so good." he said, pulling off a glove to test the quality of the man's carotid.
"Johnny, 126 and thready. Breathing's real shallow at 22 and he's diaphoretic."

Image of caponcrown.jpg Image of larivercourse.jpg Image of gageextricatemanincar.jpg

Gage nodded, running his hands over the man's back and arms until
finally he reached in to see if he could locate the man's feet to see if
they were still attached. They were. "I got pulses in both ankles."
and he started to cut away the man's shirt, sleeves and pant legs to
look for further injuries. He found a few pieces of glass embedded
in his hip. Those he left alone.

Roy got the man onto some oxygen, right where he lay on his stomach,
and contented himself with getting an initial set of vital signs while
Johnny worked to get a more complete assessment. All the while,
the fair haired paramedic talked to his victim. "Easy, mister. My
partner and I are gonna take real good care of you. Just try to relax.
We're looking for your friend right now. Just don't try to move around
too much. We're gonna get you splinted up here in a minute or so
once a firefighter's cut you free. So get ready for some noise.
I'm gonna cover your face for protection, all right?"

The man on the ground moaned a reply and his fingers crawled
on the grass in affirmation. Roy took off his turncoat and
lay it over the man's head and body. He used the edge of the biophone
to keep an open view of the man's face to watch for any color changes

Marco Lopez fired up the circle saw and tapped Johnny on the shoulder
to get out of the way. Gage scrambled to join Roy by the gear boxes
at the man's head and there he busied himself with getting a double
set of I.V.s  laid out and ready for a doctor's go ahead.

Lopez lowered his face shield and dug the blade into the car door's
hinges to slice them apart.

A loud crackle made everyone yell.

Image of electricsuicidefireball.jpg Image of marcodownroy.jpg Image of electricsuicideend.jpg

A brief repowering surged through the power pole wires and one of
them touched the car and sent Marco flying. The K-12 spun into
high gear where it was wedged into the car and sang angrily.

The electricity also made the man cry out and twist up in a spasm.

Johnny and Roy jerked away from the car and the man. Gage took a risk
and used both his gloves, wadded up, to flick off the K-12 so that it wouldn't
cut itself free and fall on top of the man.

Roy whirled, crawling around the once again live wires to Lopez's
side. "Marco?!"

The hispanic firefighter was on his back, cradling his hands into
his lap where he lay. Roy crawled on top of him to protect him
from any more wires. "You ok? Did any of that power get to you?"

"Ahh!... yeah. A little bit. I'm ...kinda short.....of breath.. And..
Ow!..*gasp*  I think I jammed one of .....*gasp* fingers."

Roy looked down and saw an index finger jutting out at a ninety in
a direction that it wasn't meant to bend in. "You did more than that.
Just try to keep your head down!" puffed Roy.  He held Marco's legs still
with his own when a muscle spasm jerked through the fireman's
body involuntarily. He kept a hand on Marco's wrist to monitor the
bounding pulse there. "Easy.. Don't move. I can see Cap running
to call the power company back. I'll help hold you still. You managed
to land in the only safe spot in the area..."

"Roy?! You guys ok?!" came Gage's voice.

Roy didn't dare lift his head. "Yeah... Marco's conscious..

"We're fine. G*dd*mned power company. I'll kill em as soon
as we get out of here!"

Roy chuckled, "Let's just concentrate on getting out of here first
junior! Worry about the rest later.."

There was a pause around the hissing popping noises.
DeSoto didn't dare try to see where they were coming from.

"How's he doing?!" Johnny asked from that direction.

Image of capclimbcarentry.jpg Image of johnnyhtkneelbycar.jpg

"Some cardiac changes. He's SOB." Roy said, burying his
face a little deeper into the smoky grass. "Awake for now."

Marco's face contorted as another series of muscle cramps
shot through his thrumming body. An involuntary groan slipped out.

Then the radio snapped into life from Roy's pocket. ##Hang in there
fellas. The power's going back off. A construction crew down the road
didn't realize that we were on emergency shutdown. I see you're
all ok and that Marco's still awake. Just keep still with your helmets
on and I promise you a solution in less than a minute. ## came Cap's
welcome, amazingly calm voice.

::Guess that's why they pay him the big bucks.::
Roy tried to lighten the mood where the two of them huddled on the ground.
"Hell of a way to earn a little vacation time, Marco, you know that?" he said,
flinching when a snaking wire swung a little too close near their heads.

Marco tried to laugh but a convulsion got in the way. Roy turned
him onto his side and just hugged him closer, loosening his turnout
and uniform shirt collars away from his neckline. "Keep still. Just
a minute or so longer.."

Lopez began to fight to breathe as his muscles cramped up from
the voltage's earlier violation and the pulse under DeSoto's fingers
started to skip beats.

"Marco?"  Roy asked from where he lay across the fireman's stomach.

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Image of marcohelmetclosedown.jpg
Image of royclutchfallingobject.jpg
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Image of aniliteline.gif
Image of aniekgredcrawl.gif Image of stokercapwindshieldchain.jpg

From:  "patti keiper" <>
Date:  Sun Dec 19, 2004  4:22 pm
Subject:  The Other Side...

Marco's eyes weren't seeing anything, staring and seemingly
sightless, pointed upwards to the sky in an unfocused gaze.
His whole body spasming took on a unified tetany and then,
he froze that way, extending every muscle. "R---r,  g-get off
my chest.  Cru---sh---ng me."

Roy, keeping low and away from the lashing wires spitting
electricity so near them, subconsciously glanced down in worry,
even as he held down Marco's shoulders to keep him from
touching any of the swaying power lines buzzing angrily around

DeSoto was nowhere near Lopez's upper torso to cause any pressure
there. Not with any part of his body. "Marco...can you hear me? Are
you having chest pain right n--?"

Marco hissed, the color draining from his face as
he contorted at its unexpected arrival. "Y---sss!!" he gurgled.

The pulse Roy held at Marco's wrist, disappeared and Marco
gasped, suddenly air hungry.

Shifting onto his stomach, the flax haired paramedic immediately
reached higher up on Marco's arm, grabbing for the groove where
Marco's brachial artery lay. He found the pulse again. It was
fitful and way above 150 beats a minute; his rhythm, oddly disjointed.

Tipping his head way back didn't help with Marco's shortness of breath
in the slightest. His attempts to breathe were still hitched and irregular,
barely adequate.  Roy tore away his shirt, tearing off buttons as
he got down to Lopez's heavily sweating skin.

DeSoto put an ear to Marco's ribs. He heard the liquidy rubbing
gravely sound of rales beginning to take an ominous hold inside
of the fireman's lungs.

His head whipped up. "Johnny,... Marco's V-tachy! 150 with
irregularities, with marked rales. No radial pulses. LOC's way down.
We have to manage something for! I've no head room
to work if he goes into cardiac arrest!" he said, keeping shifting,
panicky eyes on the swinging cables sparking around him.

Gage tried shouting over the roaring ping of raw power zinging
in cabled tangles over his helmeted head to Cap. He couldn't
move or get eye contact because of the crumpled bulk of the
automobile. He had to stay laying over his own victim, the dazed car
passenger, to fend off the wires as best he could with a piece
of the splintered telephone pole. "Cap!! Hey!..We gotta get
Marco out of there, now! He's unstable!"  

Image of gagegetvictimouthurry.jpg
Image of explode_ball.gif
Image of powerlinedownclose.jpg
Image of caprofilehelmetlookdownbyengineclose.jpg

But Hank's back was momentarily turned, shouting orders to
the growing neighborhood crowd, to get further away from the

As yet, there was no sign of Chet and Stoker reappearing
along the ropes cast over the riverbed's wall. Johnny wasn't even
sure if they could hear the snapping and popping of electricity
shooting into the downed powerlines.

Fruitlessly, Johnny searched his turnout jacket for an HT.  But he
didn't have one with him. The squad radio was in the hands
of his partner, who couldn't let go of Marco's head at all or
risk losing a tenuous open airway.

Yelling in frustration, Gage's gloves shot out and he dragged the
biophone on the grass nearby into ready reach. Then quickly,
he hailed out. "Rampart, this is Squad 51! Come in!"

A long space of fifteen seconds passed before the voice of Dr.
Brackett replied. ##Unit calling in, this is Rampart. Go ahead..##

Johnny abbreviated his out transmission. "51! Male Code I, electrical shock.
Fall : standing to the ground. Unstable V- tachyarrythmias. 150 plus. BP
under 90. Conscious! I'm separated from Roy, who's on him. I'm with all
gear under loose live voltage wires out of direct access! Orders?"

Dr. Brackett shoved the phone a little closer to his ear. He squinted
and straightened up in alarm at the hair raising din of energy howling
almost completely over Johnny's voice. ##Are you within tossing

"Affirmative!!"  yelled Johnny, as he pinwheeled an arm round and
round, until Cap finally noticed him.  He whistled, pointing to Marco,
making a cut throat gesture, then jerked a thumb over his shoulder
to show that Lopez needed an immediate out.

##Ok, Johnny. Now listen close......## said Kel over
the biophone. Gage plugged his other ear to be able
to make out the words.

Gage saw Hank's head cast around rapidly for a ready answer and
he held up a hand in a hasty I got it, wait, move.

Johnny heard Hank recalling Chet and Stoker to the engine distantly
over Roy's radio. It echoed around the houses on the block, lacing
through the spits and whines and howls of power curling in the air
around them.

Then he did something else which made Johnny nod in complete
and total agreement.. "Yeah.. yeah.. That'll work. Bring it on in!"

Brackett's voice over the landline was terse, focused.
## Six milligrams, adenosine rapid IVP into a Normal Saline line! Flush
through 10ml NS bolus. Then recheck for conversion. If none in 1 to 2,
double it with a second flush!  Get him out of there, 51! I don't care
how you do it. With those findings, his crash potential's a guaranteed
certainty in as short as five! Forget about any C-spine precautions!
Saving his life's more important! His contact with a wire at ground level,
most likely didn't break anything critical. ##

"6 of Adenosine in NS IV. Push 10ml's same solution. Double in 1 to 2!"
Johnny spat back in intense concentration.

##Confirmed. Move, Gage! Re-contact only when you guys have him!##
shouted Brackett.

Kel heard the clatter of the phone onto something made of metal and
the line went dead, or so he thought, but then the liquid lava spit of electricity
burned his ear. He gripped the phone in frustrated anticipation.

Image of johnnyonbiophonewhaa.jpg Image of brackettbioscrubs.jpg

Johnny Gage snatched a hand each into the IV and drug boxes and
pulled out tubing, a fluid bag, needles, and three packs of pre-mixed
adenosine in the right dosages.

He stripped off his belt and bundled the pack together tightly.
Then he swung the medicines around his head like a bolo
and he horse whistled, piercingly, until Roy's head shot up
again from where he crouched over Marco's chest and face.

Lopez was no longer blinking, nor moving,.. and his color was
almost completely, the washed gray of old river mud. Only his
chest rising and falling in unregular jerks showed that he had
any shred of fighting life inside of him. Thin choking moans
trickled out of his mouth, which Roy soothed away with fast
encouragements and what he was doing to help him.

Johnny let the bundle fly at the top of an arch and it arrowed
through the maze of snaking power lines through the air
at Roy....

The bag of I.V. saline slipped out and impacted a wire
in an explosion of steam, which made both paramedics flinch
sharply. But the rest, Roy caught with all the skill of a practiced
soft ball catcher. ::Thank you, Chet.:: Roy thought, ::For making
me be your soft ball umpire in the backyard all summer long.::

Johnny swore, and grabbed up a second bag, which he
threw it like a football into a gap between the wires.
It got through and sailed into Roy's chest, and bounced, undamaged
into his hands. Then Gage crouched once more over the biophone
while his other hand kept tabs on the car victim's carotid.

Roy moved until he could keep Marco's head tipped at the proper
angle with his knees. He began to work leaning on his elbows
over Marco's shivering body.

"Marco. I got help right here. Keep still while I start your I.V."
said DeSoto, breathless and strained. Lopez didn't act like he
heard Roy and he screwed up the arm Roy wasn't pinning down
with a shoulder, against his chest in renewed pain. "No.. don't
fight me Marco!..." Roy grunted. "Can you hear me?!"

"AgggGG-gh! *gasp*"
Something in Marco's eyes shifted, moving from agony, to fear
and all of his muscles loosened, just a tad. It was all Roy needed.
He spoke again as he pushed a fast needle into a vein using
a strip from Marco's torn shirt as a tourniquet.  He strung a line,
barely bleeding it fully of air before he injected the internal cell
energy hormone into the infusion chamber followed by the plasma
bolus wash. The increments on the two syringes couldn't empty
to zero fast enough for Roy and he yelled in frustration at the slowness
at which they were delivering. He killed the time by talking, urgently soft.

"This'll med'll do that.. As fast as I can get it into ya... Try to do something
else for me that might ease that pain in your chest." Roy urged. "Take a
deep breath and blow it out against your nose and mouth without letting any air

Image of royrollvictim.jpg Image of anihypodraw.gif Image of vtach.jpg

Marco sobbed, unable to control the muscles of his lips to obey Roy.

"Take another breath in. Bigger.. That's it." And Roy covered
Marco's nose and mouth firmly so air couldn't escape. "Blow it out, hard,
against my fingers. That's it.. Do it for ten seconds and I'll let ya go."

Roy followed up the valsalva attempt by leaning an arm over Marco's
abdomen to increase the pressure just enough inside of him internally,
to make Lopez tighten his face with resisting effort, but not with any pain.

"Ok...let it out... let it out...easy....." said Roy, pulling his hand away.
His other one monitored the racing tachycardic pulse in Lopez's neck.
".....blow it out slow... Now breathe, best you can, like normal..."

The skipping beats underneath Marco's skin slowed, almost to normal,
for long seconds.. But then the crushing chest pain and shortness of breath
and the dangerous rain of rapid beats, returned to reinstate themselves
with a vengeance. Lopez choked as he re-immersed into difficulty.

Roy turned him over onto his left side. "Ok, didn't work. Just relax.
I got you..That move usually resolves any tachycardia on the first try. We
won't do that again. Sorry for giving you nausea... Johnny! Tell Brackett!
Valsalva and first dose. No effect!.. I'm timing it for the second!" he
shouted, looking at his watch while he held Marco's head still in his lap.

"Got it! Stand by!" hollered Gage.

DeSoto's head snapped to the right as a new sound of power filled his
ears. It was the squad, thunking tires up onto the curb, with Cap behind
the wheel. He was coming to get them. "To your left! Your fenders will
push the wires away! Then I think I can get Marco into the cab with
us!" ::Smart idea.. the tires'll insulate us from any wire he drives over.
I can tell him when none are in contact with the chassis for the rest of it.::
Roy decided.  He shouted directions until he was absolutely sure
the rescue squad wasn't getting infused with electricity.

Then he snatched open the passenger side door in a guts move.
Cap's eager hands grabbed Lopez by the collar and back of pants
and dragged him into the squad belly down. He shifted him upright
against himself into a hug and caught the I.V. bag and line Roy was
protecting as Lopez moved. "Get in!" Hank shouted. "Then roll up
the window, tight! Use this asbestos tarp to insulate yourself and
Marco away from all the exterior metal, Iike I did with mine.

Roy did so, flopping Marco's head back over his shoulder,
once he was done. Hank had had the foresight to grab an ambu
bag and this Roy began using to help Marco with his inhalations.
The IV bag continued running,  just over KVO, hanging from DeSoto's

Lopez fought the mask over his face but Hank and Roy managed to
pin down his arms enough for it to work and some of the worst of the grayish
blue coloring began to recede.  One handed, Captain Stanley
made a U- turn away from the crashed car so they wouldn't endanger
Johnny with the wires they were accumulating in tangles against
the hood and light rack of the squad.

Image of squadthroughwires.jpg Image of capjohnmarcohurt.jpg

Hank pulled far enough away to break all the wires knotted around them
from the energized transformers. Then he got out and between him
and Roy, they shoulder walked Marco to an open space and lowered
him to the ground as carefully as they could.

All the motion roused Marco enough that he managed without the
ambu breathing support but Roy didn't count on that lasting and hurried
to connect it up to some oxygen from the engine's apparatus.

Johnny had completed getting his medical orders for the man
under the car so he accepted the rope Kelly tossed in order
to tie off the biophone so that it could be dragged into the safety
of the street for Roy to use. The same went for the drug box
and other gear.

Right then, the power went off in the main neighborhood line
and all the writhing lengths of electrical wire dropped into
smoking, stinking stillness.

Chet and Stoker wasted no time in helping Gage get
the car accident victim's extrication by K-12 going again,
followed by a thorough long boarding evac complete
with a C-collar and the one hare traction splint that they had
found that they needed for a left femur fracture.

Roy re-established contact with Rampart in seconds.

##Johnny's already told me about the valsalva maneuver and the
adenosine not working well enough. Any further improvement? ##
the worried doctor asked.

"None.." replied Roy, as he watched Cap start to hook Marco
up to the EKG monitor. Marco, was only gasping, no longer
trying to speak, on his back under a flowing oxygen mask.
"He needed assistance breathing a few minutes ago."

Roy couldn't wait... He kicked open the defibrillator with a foot
and got out the paddles for a quick peek, and he settled them
onto Marco's panting chest. He spoke into the phone receiver
that he had perched onto a shoulder. "Rampart, I'm reading
gross multifocal ventricular bigeminy with a rate of 160.
Stand by for telemetry on your end to confirm it." DeSoto, said,
shoving the I.V. bag under one of Marco's shoulders.
He bumped it up into wide open to get set for more meds.

There was a long pause as Cap and Roy both fumbled to set
the EKG Tetronix's controls on strongest signal and to wire
the unit into the biophone output port.

Johnny kept looking up at them as he and the others worked
to free the man completely from under the car. He only vaguely
heard Chet acknowledge that Chopper Ten was starting a run
along the riverbed, looking for the car's tossed out driver. He
was very concerned by the audible chaos coming from Marco's
cardiac tracing. "Roy? What does it show?"

DeSoto told him.

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"Man, Brackett's gonna order a cardio--" Johnny started to say.

## I concur with you wholeheartedly, 51. Unstable Ventricular
tachycardia. What are the rest of his vital signs?"

"B/P ......." Roy spoke, breathing fast,....." ..'s  78 over P. Rate's
the same with barely palpable carotids. Respirations are irregular
and work of breathing's marginally poor on fifteen liters of O2."

## Looks like we have no choice, 51. You're gonna have to
give him a shock to cardiovert him into a more stable rhythm before
you transport..##

Cap's eyes didn't like the sound of that. They filled immediately
with alarm. "Can you do that while he's still awake?"

Roy licked his lips and nodded reluctantly. "When we have to.
It won't be too fun at all. For him, or for me."

## 51, is your victim still conscious?##

DeSoto lifted up the receiver once more. "That's affirmative, doc. Very.
And he's feeling....alot." cracked Roy's tired voice.

A long thoughtful, I don't like it sigh was heard clearly over the
biophone line. ##....ok, Roy. Let's get the job done. Now I don't have
to tell you twice. Get set for a full blown ET intubation in case this doesn't
work out. Prepare for v-fib, the worst case scenario. Make sure you have
enough personnel on hand to handle it...##

"10-4, Rampart...uh, we do." Roy said quietly, looking to Cap, who gave a
silent command for Kelly and a policeman to peel off their coats in order
to provide CPR help. Hank himself, crouched at Marco's head, setting the
waiting, clear rubber, O2 filled ambu bag, onto his knees.

DeSoto didn't like the idea.

::Who knows how badly his heart's already been damaged by all that electricity.
Simply adding more might throw him into unconvertible fibrillation due to
excessive energy induced ischemia. :: Roy thought.

Roy found his eyes being met by Marco's in a strange moment of
clarity.::Do it...:: Lopez seemed to say through them.::I trust you, Roy::

DeSoto looked away from Marco's face and almost started pumping up the
BPcuff again just to bury his burgeoning negative emotions into such a familiar
task. :: In less than two minutes, I might be cutting Marco's life short, permanently.::

Kel Brackett broke him out of the frightening, nightmarish possibility.
##Roy, I'm now seeing a wide complex tachycardia in the range of 170.
We can't wait. We can't allow this to go on. His system won't tolerate it
much longer.##

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