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 The Promise
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The Story Unfolds...

Season One, Episode Eight..  
          The Promise
Debut Launch: 15 May 2003.

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From : "Roxy Dee" <>  
Subject : Working Like a Dog..  
Date : Thu, 22 May 2003 23:00:35 +0000  

It was nine o'clock.

Johnny Gage flew into the locker room whistling up
a storm. He was happy. He saw his partner, still
carefully unfolding his uniform socks like he usually
did each morning. He was sitting on the bench with
his back to him and hadn't yet noticed Johnny's

Gage he couldn't resist playing shave and a haircut
over Roy's upper back and ribcage with a few well
placed finger drums in areas that sounded off musically.
On the last two notes of 'six pence,' Roy's chest
echoes sounded off pitch sour and they made the blond
haired paramedic cough in response. Johnny frowned.
"Ooo, Roy. You still got that bad cold? You sound
covered in your left lung, lower quadrant."

Roy just looked up and rolled his eyes. "It's not
pneumonia, just a little smoke inhalation from
that fire two days ago. You know as well as I do
that I've been cleared for duty. And it's not a bad
cold. Bad colds on me always hit me in the sinuses,
not my chest. You don't need to paramedic me to
death over it. I always know how I'm doing by how
I feel. And besides I sound a little bubbly, Dr. Early
tells me, because I'm a fireman." he grinned.

"Not like this.." Johnny said, thumping over Roy's
back once again over the tattle tailing area with
more raps. He dropped his hands into a tickling mode,
attacking his partner's waist on both sides. That made
Roy cough liquidly when he laughed as he shifted ticklishly
away to avoid him. It soon set off a jag that got fairly
violent. "Uh, huh.. Not sitting in your chest, eh?"
Gage said challengingly with his hands angled on
his hips. "I'll just bet this is bronchitis setting in.
I can almost hear the precursors of rales from here,
even bare eared."

"So now you're my self appointed doctor, too?"
Roy smirked, spitting up some phlegm into a tissue
that he produced out of his shirt pocket. He balled
it up and threw it away into a waste bucket nearby.

"No, I'm not your doctor. Just being a lookout." he
said seriously, still thinking about what he had
found on his friend.

"Yeah, well. I'll do anything to stop you from
attacking me with your trademark tickle assessment.
You know I hate that. Took forever to get the kids
to stop doing it and something tells me you'll be even
harder to train to break ya of the habit." He said frankly,
tying his shoes neatly. "I can't miss another day of work
since I got major bills to pay. Joanne's amniocentesis tests
alone were three hundred forty dollars. Tell you what, I'll
work some O2 off the resuscitator before breakfast until
the congestion eases to where you want it. Will that
make you feel better?" he grinned in good natured

John clapped his hands in celebrative success.
"Sure would, Pally. Don't wanna have to report ya to
Cap trying to sneak to work early, still afflicted with
water lung. Just as long as I can follow up afterwards
with a stethoscope for a listening or two." he added,
putting on a winning smile when Roy rolled his eyes at
the added black mail. "We can sneak the apparatus into
the bunk room so Cap won't hear you using it. I'll tell
him you... " Johnny said hunting for an excuse..
"...cut yourself shaving or something."

Image of roybored.jpg Image of johnnyskeptical.jpg

Roy chuckled. "That explains why I'll be late for
breakfast. What's your excuse?"

"Me? " Johnny gestured expansively. "Well, you know
how I always break my shoelaces. I do believe I broke
both of them this morning, one right after the other for
trying to dress too fast yet again." he lied.

Roy got up from the bench as he threw on his shirt
and left through the door to go make his bunk up
for the day. "Sounds good."

"Don't tuck your uniform in until we're through."
Johnny shouted after him. "I'll be right there!"

"Yes, mother.." DeSoto teased as he walked past
Chet, who was working out with barbells in front
of the engine on a mat.

Kelly stopped when he overheard Johnny's comment.
Then he grinned when he figured it out. "Another
smoky chest cover up?"

"Must be to Johnny. I feel fine." Roy complained.
"So I'll play along. Don't want his sticking like a tick
syndrome to last all day."

"Yeah, know what you mean. I feel sorry for all the
victims you guys treat in the field. They have to put
up with Gage for the duration, when they're not
feeling too hot to boot." Chet puffed, beginning
another set of arm lifts from his stomach to his

Roy smirked in quiet amusement at Kelly's unique
view of paramedics. "They seem to get better faster
if I let him be the primary assessor. Why else do you
think I'm always starting the IV's?"

Chet just shuddered. "Remind me to never get hurt
or sick when Gage's on duty, ok? That scenario's
just too unpleasant to even contemplate." he kidded.

"Ditto.." Roy said moving into the sleeping
room. "It's gonna take me all day to convince
him that I'm not infectious here." his voice
admitted, wafting out of the doors before they
closed off his echoing reply.

Gage immediately stopped whistling as
he entered the vehicle bay and he
tip toed to the squad's side compartment
to open it. Then he reached inside after
seeing the coast was clear. He noticed Chet
working out nearby, breathing heavily with effort
under the barbells in a difficult butterfly exercise.
"Kelly, you're blind for thirty seconds.." he
said without preamble.

"As a bat.." Kelly said, straight faced and
cooperative. "I'll even deflect Cap if we
have to rapid stow it if a call goes out."

Gage double glanced in surprise but said
"..'kay.." to instantly cover it. ::How the heck
did Chet figure that out so fast..:: he thought.
Then he shrugged. ::I can live with Kelly
being no obstacle for once. Something tells
me I'd better take advantage of it.::
"Let me know where they are on cooking,
would ya?"

"I'll be the cleverest man alive." Chet promised.

Johnny gingerly lifted out the O2 and jammed a
burn blanket packet or two against the usually
clangy oxygen cylinder so he could wheel it into
the bunk room for Roy to use. Another hand, cracked
open the trauma kit where it sat in the compartment
rack, and he reached in and groped around until
he found the balled up stethoscope by feel alone.
Two seconds later, the squad was resealed up
and Gage disappeared into the depths of the
bunk room after Roy.

Kelly kept one ear on the kitchen door for
sounds of activity. He heard Stoker throw a
few strips of bacon on the counter top fryer.
"My.. that bacon smells good. Gimme six
Stoker. I'm really working up an appetite out
here.." He shouted to the gang gathered in
the kitchen. "So's Johnny and Roy. They'll
be right in to butter the toast.."

Johnny winced at Chet's lack of subtleness
and cringed. ::Thank goodness, Cap doesn't
get scheme sharp until he has his coffee and
I'm not smelling any of that brewing yet.::
"Here.. Roy.." he hissed in a whisper, parking
the O2 where Roy was leaning over making his
bed up with neat hospital corners. "Better hurry.
Kelly says the bacon's on."

Roy turned and surprised his partner when he
had a still snoozing Bonnie draped over his
forearm. "Maybe we outta use some of that 02
on her." he joked. "Even bacon's not rousing her
outta her sleep this morning. Found her snoring
away on my pillow."

"I'm not surprised. She must've chased after
hundreds of Kelly's off target soft ball pitches
in the yard yesterday while we practiced."
Johnny chuckled, taking the sleeping Yorkie
from Roy so he could begin his self treatment
off the mask.

Roy took a pull off the O2, coughing when he
felt the cool oxygen work its way down through
the raspy tight spots in his left lung. "About time
you guys started in. The tournament's next week."

Johnny scoffed and not mildly. "We woulda started
sooner if you hadn't changed your mind about joining
the team."

Roy sucked in another breathful of oxygen and coughed
to force it out again. "You know I couldn't be a part
of the games this year. Both kids are entering
the little leagues. I've got games of my own to go

John reconsidered as he stroked the sleeping
Bonnie's head and straightened the red ribbon
tied on a lock there. "I see your point. They come
first." he said gently. He adjusted Bonnie's head
on his arm so her loud snoring eased off into
light sighs and he wandered over to the desk
to give her a good brushing over with her wire
brush. "I might as well get her cared for, too,
while I can still get away with it." he said.

Roy laughed. "Smart move, doing it now while
she's still dead to the world. Didn't she almost
take off your finger at the second knuckle
last time you tried to brush her?"

Johnny set shushing fingers over his lips
as he sat down on Roy's bed to work her over
cautiously like a barber with a barely contained
powder keg. "Just keep busy over there." Gage
whispered. "I'm watching ya closely. Breathe in
deeper, you're not getting enough alveolially." he
snapped in irritation that was completely faked.

DeSoto complied with drawing in lungfuls so big,
that his ribs cracked in protest, just to tease Gage.

Johnny's mock stern expression likewise shattered
into a bubbling look of you-got-me back.

Image of chetsurprised.jpg Image of e-o2trial.gif Image of bonnybigclear.jpg

Laughing to himself, Roy thought. ::Some day,
Junior.. You're going to be an absolutely wonderful
father. I'll make sure to give you plenty of contact
with the kids so you can hone those skills even

Bonnie remained oblivious to Johnny's
ministrations where she lay like a rag doll
on her back across the beige bedspread, still
snoring softly.


Mike Stoker barely glanced up from his
cooking when another odd breakfast comment
from Kelly out in the bay floated in to him. "Man,
is he being a little too obvious or what?" he
whispered to Marco, who was arranging fruit into
a wooden bowl for the table.

"Yeah.." Lopez agreed. "I wonder what Gage and
DeSoto are up to."

They both shot glances at Cap, who remained
unaware of anything out of the ordinary as he
opened the morning mail while he watched the
daily morning show on the television set. He cut his
finger on the edge of an envelope and cursed until
Stoker whistled aloud to get his attention.

Mike tossed the metal envelope opener Hank had
left on the table earlier, back over through the air to

"Thanks, pal. I'll get a bandaid for this later."
Captain Stanley continued to pour over the bills
while Marco and Stoker kept nervously watching
the door for the tardy Roy and Johnny.


"Wait a minute. Wait a minute.You're back a
day early because of an amniocentesis bill?"
Johnny asked belatedly.

Roy nodded reluctantly. Shy.

"You mean to tell me you two are expecting again
and you didn't bother to tell any of us about it?"

Roy pulled away the O2 mask sheepishly. "What's
to tell? I-I..I mean, a new baby on the way isn't all
that important an event to even share here
at work. Especially with this being our third."

"Whatdiya mean not important, Roy? You're forgetting
that we all didn't know ya yet when your other two kids
were born. Thanks for excluding us from the news,
buddy. Makes us feel real welcome and chummy here."
Johnny complained.

Roy played with the resuscitator in his hands. "Sorry.
Didn't think you, or any of the guys would be interested
in family matters."

Johnny scoffed as he put away Bonnie's brush and
began the long task of untangling her head ribbon
and rubber band to replace them with a brand new
red one, all without disturbing her rest.
"How can we not be interested in your life, Roy?
We know about Marco's sweet little enchilada cooking
mother. And Chet's prankster sister and Cap's nagging

To each, Roy nodded honestly.

But then Gage spoke again. "And and..and you
guys even get to hear all about my dates I go on
every week."

Roy didn't say out loud what he was thinking.
::Yeah, we sure do. Intimate details of all fifteen
crash and burns logged to date in Johnny's
little black book. ::  What he actually said out
loud was. "Didn't think you wanted to know
about things like that. The pregnancy with new baby
thing's kinda boring to anyone who's not married."

"So.. What's that got to do with anything? So
what if Stoker, Marco, me and Chet are still
swinging single. We can still care about our crewmates
AND their wives. Geesh. Give us the benefit of
a doubt. We're friends, aren't we?"

"I get constantly reminded of that." DeSoto
quipped, hefting up the flowing O2 mask he still
had in his hands.

"So tell us all about how Joanne and the baby
are doing over breakfast when we're through here."
he suggested.. " or I'm gonna break the good news
FOR ya." Gage said, putting on his stethoscope.
"Now lean over with your elbows on your knees
and fold your T shirt up. I'm gonna listen to ya
while you're taking that in some more."

Roy went through the whole rigmorale, breathing
when ordered and holding his breath too, as Johnny
got aural information of how his left lung was faring
under the cleansing onslaught of the O2 treatment.

Another minute went by with an edge of dizzyness
setting in from the rich air intake, when Johnny
announced. "Ok, you're through. That crackling's gone
for now. We'll do this same thing tonight before lights
out and maybe post rescue once more if we have to go
into a fire today." he said in full medical mode.

"If you say so. Bye.." Roy said, tossing down the mask.
He scrubbed Bonnie's sleeping head once and
made haste for the kitchen and the food that
was a becoming a serious siren's call in his nostrils.

"Hey! Aren't you gonna help me clean up here?"
Johnny protested, indicating Bonnie's hairy brush,
abandoned old ribbon and the O2 apparatus.


Image of ganggetsecretoutofroy.jpg Image of capcloselisten.jpg

Roy was halfway through emptying
his plate when Johnny ambled in distractedly for
his own morning meal.

Marco and Stoker immediately began motions of drawing
rings around their necks at Gage and looking urgent.

Roy frowned, not immediately catching on and his
active chewing slowed.

His crewmates broke off their antics immediately
when Cap came over from the rec side of the room
to sit down in his customary chair by the station wall

Johnny was retrieving his eggs eagerly from
the pan on the stove, so he missed all the warning
hints from the rest of the gang. Roy missed them,
too, still intent on smothering the hunger pains
in his stomach that had been sharpened by his
use of the O2.

It was too late when Roy finally noticed what Marco
and Stoker and Chet had been frantically hinting

Cap didn't even blink when his eyes caught it.
He glanced down again to fill his empty plate.
"Nice stethoscope round your neck there, Johnny.
Just be sure to have whoever it is you saw just now,
run by Rampart on your next resupply for a doctor's
check up to confirm what you ruled in or out."

"Uh," Johnny stammered. He hastily pulled off the
tattling device and coiled it up onto the table guiltily.

"And next time. I wanna know about it, too. First,
before anyone else when you decide to examine
someone for signs of trouble."

Johnny nodded, rendered mute with instant remorse.

Roy admitted. "He was looking at me, Cap.
Tamped lung. We've just cleared it out with O2."

Johnny and Chet and Marco and Stoker all glared
at Roy for blowing their carefully crafted cover.

Cap just kept on chewing. "Glad we got one honest
fireman here this morning. Gage you got the can
detail later for hiding him from me."

"Aw, Cap.." Roy immediately protested. "It's not
his fault. I just couldn't stay home another day
without pay. My sick leave was all used up when I
got electrocuted a month ago while that trainee was
here. If you punish anyone, punish me. It's my fault
for not levelling with ya on the phone last night
when ya called on how I was doing."

"Ok. You got mop detail. Vehicle AND kitchen floors.
And the next time you stifle a physical symptom from
me or Gage, you'll get a formal reprimand, is that
clear?" Cap said.

"Y-Yes sir.." DeSoto nodded, not daring to chew.

"Last thing I need is a weakness in the man power
chain I don't know about, Roy. I thought you guys knew
well enough to tell me ahead of time whenever
someone's not feeling one hundred percent ship
shape so I can make plans for safety to cover for ya."

"Sorry, Cap. I was thinking about my paycheck
and not my own well being for a bit there."

"Oh... New baby on the way, eh?" Cap said,
immediately dropping his disciplinarian air.

All the guys around the table just about choked
on their eggs.

"What? Why did ya keep us in the dark about it?"
"Roy, that's terrific.."
"Wow.. number three."
"What do ya want this time? A boy or girl?"

Roy held up defensive hands to those
upset by not finding out sooner. "I- I- I just
didn't think anyone would be interested,
that's all, so pipe down and stop looking like
I kept a secret from ya. Cap. How did you know
we were pregnant here?"

"I did the same hiding symptoms stunt with
my captain when I had pregnancy check up
bills to pay too. Only I tried to hide a sore
shoulder and not a phlegmy chest. How IS
he doing, Gage? Give it to me straight."
Hank said, glaring at Johnny, piercingly
changing the subject.

"Just fine, Cap." Johnny mewed. "Now.."
he glared at Roy.

DeSoto threw up his hands. "Glad
we're so chummy. I'm fine. Joanne's
fine. Baby number three's fine. So can
we get back to eating now that the
hard talk and the small talk's over?
I'm starving here."

Cap's eyebrows rose in amusement.
"Don't let me stop ya.."

Arff!  barked Bonnie as she arrowed into
the kitchen after the scent of bacon.

Cap noticed her new hairdo. "Ohmyg*d. Gage..
Pigtails? She looks like one of the Dale
Singers from Hee Haw.."

"Well... I had to make my move while
she was still out. I was rushing a little.
Had to watch her and Roy, too. You can
always try and cut em off while she's eating
but I don't think you'll get anything by her
now that she's conscious. Heh."

"I didn't need watching.." Roy complained.

"Yes you did.." Cap and Gage said together.
They both eyeballed each other and Johnny
cleared his throat uncomfortably, despite
of the fact that Cap's and his thoughts about
Roy's health status being identical.

Right then, full response tones rippled
out of the overhead speaker.

"Saved by the bell.." Gage mumbled,
heading for the door. He was jogging for
the garage full tilt when Bonnie barked
to remind him to pick up something he had

Johnny skidded back to his seat long
enough to grab an armful of fruit to
hand out to the guys and his bundled

Cap's authoritative voice rang out.
"Roy, if this is a fire call, you're
on the engine pumps. Stoker'll take
your place until you're needed with
any medical emergencies."

DeSoto sighed and just nodded.
But his humor was intact. "Does
this mean I'll get the engineer's rate
of pay?"

"Funny man.." Hank hollered back from
the alcove as he wrote down the response
call's address and type. "I'll see what
I can swing for you.."

The gang fell silent as they geared up
into turncoats and piled into the engine
and squad for the roll out as Sam outlined
details of the current soon to be reality run.

## Station 14, Battalion 9, Station 8, Station 51.
Foam Truck 127, Battalion 14. Truck overturn
and structure collapse. Pacific Coast Highway
and Ventura Freeway. PCH and Ventura Freeway.
Mile Marker 16. FD on scene reports freon is
involved. Timeout 09:23.##

"Oh, great.." Cap groaned sarcastically
when he heard what chemical had been spilled.
The run would be a major nightmare.

"Station 51, KMG 365.." Hank acknowledged
on the radio before hanging it up again onto
its spigot. "Ok, gang. You heard the man. Let's roll.
Get ready to gear up full SCBA and chem suits.
No doubt Haz Mat's gonna be meeting us there."

He caught one of the oranges Gage threw at
him to eat on the way and three more for
Chet, Stoker and Lopez. He began peeling
Mike's to give to him piece by piece while
he drove so none of them would have to
go tackle a major rescue while hungry.


Image of e-squadradio.jpg Image of battalion14close.jpg Image of coatengine.jpg

When Station 51 arrived on scene, their jaws
literally slacked opened. They couldn't believe
what their eyes were telling them.

One look explained it all. A huge storage
tower, toppled from a roadside construction
site had landed on top of the freeway.

One of the worst motorist reactions Cap
and the gang could see had been from a
semi driver, whose rig skidded forty five to
the right angle and had impacted the concrete
viaduct crossing over the PCH.

That bridge was now partially collapsed
on top of the tower and truck. Luckily, only
three cars were involved, but many many
construction personnel were either DOA
or only slightly injured.

It looked like a triage area was only just
starting. Hank spied Batallion 14, set up a
safe distance away from the chemical smoking
collapse scene. He was uncharacteristically
in full SCBA and suit gear carrying a plastic
wrapped HT in one hand. He was issuing commands
from his car's mic in the other over the loud
horn and radio frequency to all the arriving

##Station 51. Approach upwind to the
north side. Use the right most emergency lane.
CHP reports it's been cleared of fatalities. A
construction site manager is claiming they have
one of their men missing. See if you can locate
that victim, then assist Truck 127 in laying down
a protective foam over that semitrailer. The driver
reports it's carrying liquid freon. We're still
determining what other chemicals were stored
in the tower. Stay clear of all visible spills and
keep your air masks on at all times. Move any
effected victims one half mile clear before
rendering aid. Think of yourselves first. This
is a Hazardous Triage Priority Protocol Scene.##

##Station 51, 10-4, Battalion 14.## Hank replied.

Captain Stanley issued secondary commands to
his engine crew and squad paramedics. Soon,
they were all masked and roped and hose geared,
walking cautiously, deep into the frightening grip of
a full fledged, highly dangerous disaster scene.

Chet's face was devoid of any light hearted
mischief and he was all working firefighter in a way
that rivalled Stoker's usual quiet professionalism.

Roy began to wish he had stayed at home with
Joanne's late first trimester nausea.

Soon something happened that got Roy
and Johnny's and Marco's immediate attention.

A man was........

Image of accidentwatertowerdown.jpg Image of mva_truck.jpg

From : "Cassidy Meyers" <>  
Subject : In Deep  
Date : Mon, 30 Jun 2003 22:00:43 +0400  
Tandem post with "John Allen"  

Acknowledgements to P. Keiper NREMT for
the freon chemical consult in the Theater
Files and Symptomology.


.......staggering toward them, from about 50 yards away
obviously dazed and confused.

Just as Roy and Johnny started jogging
over to the injured man, a call came over the HT.

##Engine 51 to HT 51. Marco, this is Cap. I need
you with me.."##

"10-4 Cap, I'm gum on your shoe." Marco replied.

Lopez and the sunlit glow of his yellow bottle disappeared
deeper into the tangle of fallen metal struts under
the rising debris dust cloud surrounding them.

Johnny looked at Roy, shaking his head, and
gave him a look as if to say 'where does he get
these expressions?' as they jogged over to
the disoriented man.

Roy and Johnny reached the stricken man just in
time to each grab an arm to keep him from
falling down backwards, as he blacked out.

"Whoa there, we gotcha." Johnny reassured him,
shouting through his SCBA and facemask. Roy
and Johnny cradled his upper body and head
deftly. The two fire fighters exchanged a look in
mutual recognition that they had once again been
in the right place at just the right time but as quickly,
their expressions died away into those of fear.

A nearby high pitched hissing made Gage and DeSoto
break out into a sweat. "Let's get him outta here."
Roy said urgently.

Johnny gave a head nod of silent agreement and
they began moving with the man to a far safer,
upwind location. Other firemen joined them from
the road in carrying him to a hastily erected triage
location as they hurried out of the immediate area.

They neared the squad and the engine and
Cap came jogging over to them.

"Johnny, Roy. Where'd you find this man?" Cap
inquired with concern, shouting through his
air mask.

"He just appeared about a 150 yards back that
way." Roy replied, motioning with his head over
to the spot where they had seen him first.

"I'll just bet he's our missing construction crewman.
Let me know when and if he regains consciousness.
He might be able to clear up matters faster than I
can." Cap ordered.

"Sure thing, Cap." Roy replied as they laid the man
down on a tarp that had been placed on the dirt
for them by Marco. Roy proceeded to check the
limp man's vitals and breathing status
while Johnny went to grab the gear.

Cap clicked on his HT. "Engine 51 to L.A."

##Go ahead 51.##

"On report of a missing construction worker,
we have located one male, alive, but unconscious.
Please advise construction foreman and get a
description so we can verify that we have their
man, over." Hank shouted through his SCBA.

## 10-4, Engine 51, we copy your advisement
and will transmit description as soon as we have

"Copy L.A."  Through somewhat squinted eyes, Captain
Hank Stanley surveyed the scene and shook his head.
Teams of firefighters waited at the edge of the accident
scene while Hazmat crews and trucks swarmed over
the tangle of twisted tower and truck, searching for other
hot spots and freon sources. He saw one hazmat team
gesture quickly for a hose team to wash down a pile of
seagreen canisters that had tumbled out of
the tipped over semi. Almost immediately he saw
a curt double hand signal go out about two fatalities they
had located by the truck and Hank felt a thrill of horror
shoot through him even though he couldn't see anything
from where he stood. "What a mess." he expressed with
noted dismay and a hint of frustration..

Roy and Johnny were busy assessing the fallen
man thought to be their missing worker.

"Johnny, Roy? How is our mystery man doing?"
Cap asked, looking away from the involved
overpass and viaduct and back towards his men.

Just then the man on the tarp began to regain
consciousness where he lay on his side.

"Sir, can you hear me?" Johnny asked as he caught the
man's head in his gloves as he groggily rolled over
onto his back.

The man coughed and gasped for air as he awoke.
"Y-" *cough* "Yes." replied the man. "Wh-?"
he frowned at the sight of fully masked firemen
kneeling over him.

Roy spoke up. "Do you remember what happened
to you? "

"uhh-hg.." their victim moaned.

"Sir, we need to know if anyone else was with you.
Where were you? We've a site boss looking for a
lost employee." Johnny said, leaning over into
the man's face, holding his shoulders down so
he couldn't rise.

"And we have to find him A.S.A.P." DeSoto added.

Something of Roy's urgency communicated to
the man and he spoke again, but in a slow slur.
"I-I was standing over by the water tower,
over there." the man said confusedly in his
half out state.

Johnny grabbed an O2 mask from a resuscitator tank
a backup fireman in a hazmat suit had left by them
only moments ago. He strung it, and set it around the
man's head. "Sir, this oxygen'll help you out a lot. Just
try to breathe this in evenly. Not too fast."

Image of hazmatvictim.jpg Image of johnnystethlookupstreet.jpg

The distressed man nodded, gripping the mask eagerly
in trembling fingers and he struggled to breathe calmly.

Gage shook his head and mumbled to himself. "Come on,
wake up." Johnny looked up at Roy and tried a different
way to get their badly needed information. "Sir, we know
you're still groggy but we have to find out more about
what happened around you. Others' safety may depend
on it. What were you doing when the accident happened?"

Still lying on his back, the man pointed wearily
toward the place where Johnny and Roy had first
seen him appear. But he didn't speak. He began to
sag into a stupor.

Gage grabbed a fold of skin on the man's neck and pinched
firmly. "Hey,...Sir, were there any other people near you
when the  tower fell?" asked Johnny loudly.

The pain roused the man. "No. *Cough* I was alone.
By a construction trailer?" he puzzled, his memory
proving unclear.

Roy set a glove on the man's shoulder.
"Ok, just try to relax. We're paramedics with the Los
Angeles County Fire Department. We're gonna check you
out to make sure you're ok, all right?"

The oxygen was doing its job and the man was
into better color and mental clarity. This time, the
nod of understanding came sooner.

Roy began. "Sir, do you still feel light headed or
dizzy?" Johnny asked.

The bigger, heavily dusted man coughed.
"Yeah, a little.  It was hard to breathe for a
few minutes there. That gas was really strong."

"Freon gas?" Johnny asked.

The gasping man nodded. "Don't know what
it's called. Just, whatever they were hauling on that
truck!" he said, getting slightly agitated.

"Easy.." Johnny said through his mask. "It's ok, you're
away from there. Just take it easy."

The man visibly fought being body uncomfortable and
with effort, began to quell his chemical induced anger.
Soon, he cooperated with his two rescuers even though
it remained difficult for him to focus.  "Ugghh... smelled like
ether. Nasty stuff." replied their victim and he began to

Gage said. "Ok, we'll get you cleaned off and warmed
up real soon. Just hang on. I'm gonna get a blood
pressure off your arm here, all right?"

The restless man nodded and stopped thrashing his
limbs. "Fine. Just hurry up, mister. I feel like crap."

Roy picked up the biophone and shouted loud
enough to be heard through his breathing apparatus.
"Rampart, this is Squad 51."

##This is Rampart. Go ahead 51.## replied Kelly

"Rampart, we have a conscious male, age 35-40. He's
recently regained consciousness on his own after heavy
exposure to confirmed freon gas. He's experiencing some
light headedness and dizziness.

##What are his vitals, 51?## Dr. Brackett asked.
A tinge of worry slipped into his voice when he recognized
his paramedic speaking through full containment gear.

Roy replied as Johnny called them out to him in relay.
"Vitals are: BP 98 palpated. Respirations are 22 and
shallow. Pulse is 100 and slightly irregular."

Back at the base station, Dr. Brackett finished
taking the information down into his notes.
##Okay, 51. Put him on 15 liters O2 as near to
100% as you can if you haven't already and remove
any contaminated clothing for a thorough washdown.
 But before he gets wet, send us a strip. I want to be
sure that those cardiac arrythmias are from the freon and
not from a newly occuring M.I. Get a detailed medical history.
Note any preexisting cardiac or pulmonary disease. Positive
findings on those will change my treatment plan.
 Roy, under no circumstances, are you to use epinephrine
on him or any other freon exposed victims at your scene no
matter what the cardiac situation. Freon's a myocardial
irritant and any adrenaline type compound entered into
their tissues will have the ability to kill them in short order.
If that kind of situation arises, I'll advise other
parasympathetics for your use. Start an IV of normal
saline, maintain a good airway and continue a close
monitoring of his vital signs. Treat for that developing shock.
Also, be sure to check him thoroughly for signs of frostbite.
Treat any you find later en route, after you've prepared him
for transport. ##

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