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  In Certain Terms
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Page Two

From: Cassidy Meyers <>
Date: Wed Jun 22, 2005  10:14 pm
Subject: Alone..

Al the ambulance attendant heard the slam of the Mayfair's rear doors
and immediately, he flipped on the sirens and checked for his clearance
before slowly pulling away from the street's curbside. "Is she intubated
already?" he asked Roy, who was nearest his peep window. "Just
disturbin ya to see if there's a chance we'll need to stop along the way.
Dispatch wants to know."

DeSoto didn't look up from the compressions Johnny was delivering
to the young junkie nor did they stray off the EKG monitor turned to
face him in the captain's chair. "She's as set as she's gonna get.
But try your best to avoid the bumps. This's gonna be a long CPR and
we all gotta last until we reach Rampart." he said of Johnny, Al's partner,
and himself.

"You got it." said Al. "I'll go a way that's big and easy. Along Santa Monica
Boulevard. It'll be faster than the freeway this time of day that's for sure."

And the window snicked shut between them.

Johnny was already drenched in sweat maintaining the rhythm. He grunted,
fighting to keep his depth correct despite the jolting the Mayfair's travel was
giving him where he stood over the stretcher and the girl's chest.

"Roy, you going again?" asked Flint, the other ambulance attendant.  
"Morton didn't tell us not to try and zap her back."

"You" gasped Gage.
"Ever thought of.....joining the para....paramedic.....program?  Give her some.
That's fifteen again." he reminded the bigger man.

Flint bagged Diane twice on the oxygen even as he pulled her lips back
to check for any sign of fluid or material working its way back into her mouth.
"Nah,..don't have the brain for all those medical calculations and I.V. ratios. Guess
I'm too old a dog to learn new tricks." said the salty haired man.

DeSoto punched the defib button once again, calling it out himself so Johnny
could concentrate on pacing himself and keep on breathing without getting light
headed from his exertions. "Charging.. One, two, three, four... Clear?"

Gage sat back onto the cushioned bench, keeping his hands well away from
the gurney frame. "We're clear."

Roy shocked full charge, making it the fifth of the run. Flint began rebagging while
they waited for the outcome on the screen. The lit needle danced high and
settled into course V-Fib.

"Well, that's an improvement.." Gage said, resuming CPR. "Least her heart's getting
irritable again." he said breathing hard. "Flint, take over..I'll trade with ya. Roy's
gotta stay free to try and get in an I.V. line on her somewhere." He shifted
places and Flint swept Gage's hands away and set his down without missing a beat.

Johnny was sopping wet and he turned the air on in the ambulance full blast until
it blew on all three of them. "Found any veins yet, Roy? The epinephrine's done
all that it's gonna do until we get her blood neutralized a little better."

DeSoto spoke from around a needle cover set in his teeth. "Yeah, goin' for a jugular
stick. Seems she's been too chicken to shoot up there. Just about everywhere else
has been scarred too badly to use."

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Carefully, Johnny turned the young woman's face away from Roy's knee until the side
of her throat was exposed at the proper angle without jeopardizing the endotracheal
airway's alignment any. He bagged unconsciously with his left hand, while his right
wiped off his face on a sleeve. Gage checked the positioning of the broken ankle.
It had fallen off the bed on loading. He shifted it back into place by grabbing some
pant leg as a sling and he flipped it up until it lay alongside the other foot.

Roy called for Flint to halt his compressions while he attempted the deep neck
vein that was still flat from lack of circulation. His long years of experience paid
off and rewarded him with a feeble flashback. "Ok, got it." he said, planting two
fingers over the catheter as he withdrew the needle. He let the blood run out
freely until he was able to snap the normal saline I.V. line into its hub and tape it
off tightly. He used a soft cervical collar to safeguard the site and a second one
underneath her shoulders to keep Diane's head tilted back enough to not kink
the tube in her jugular vein. "Bicarb's going in.." he announced. "Johnny, how
long since her last Narcan dose?"

"Two minutes, twenty seconds."

"I got her next one right here." he said, He bit the cover on its fluid needle off.
And then he handed it over to Gage, from its niche in a fold of her bloody pillow
where he had placed it earlier. "ET'll be faster still. I'll check to see if she's aspirated
any after this is in."

Flint pinwheeled at a sharp turn and caught himself on the wall to avoid injuring Diane.
"Whoa! Take it easy up there, Al! I almost broke a few ribs here.." he snarled.

"Sorry, something's holding up traffic. I had ta slam on the brakes big time."
came his partner Al's muffled reply from the front.

Flint shook his head in frustration and quickly started up compressions again,
stamping his foot on the floor to rid himself of a cramp twisted up his back.

Gage noticed, "Wanna trade off?"

"No, you're still giving out them meds. I'll call it when she's been defibbed twice
more." said the older man.

"We could be at the hospital by then.." reasoned Roy.

"Fine by me. I'm still fresh. This girl's only our first call of the day, so use me
to your best advantage fellas, while you can." Flint said levelly. Despite of his
best care, another dip in the road made his finger laced hands slip downward
too deep and a rib snapped audibly along Diane's breastbone. "Sorry, hon."
he said automatically, without looking up. "Damn streets. You'd think the city would
remember us ambulance people come legislation day and budget in even more
than the usual meager repair funds. They don't realize how much pain we cause
folks by running over the bad spots. There adds at least two more days in the
hospital for you, dear thing. I am trying to be careful." he told his patient.

Gage and Roy didn't pay any attention to Flint's venting. They were deep
in lung assessments and listening to the biophone for more orders.

"Rampart, bicarb's in. Still no vital signs. Request permission for atropine."
Roy asked.

Morton countered immediately. ##Go ahead, 51. One milligram IVP every three
to five minutes to a total of .04 mgs per cubic kilogram. Give her another
countershock afterwards. That narcan loading should start to do something
for you real soon if it hasn't already. Our success of defibrillation's gonna
decrease dramatically with the passage of time if she continues her
ischemic slide downwards. The progressive imbalance in her myocardial oxygen
supply and demand will kill her in less than ten minutes if we don't see
some positive progress soon.  I want to see a live rate in two, 51. You've got
nothing better to do now since you've already countered all the heroin in her
blood. Pick it up, boys. Use 0.5 milligrams epi this time I.V. along with the atropine
or we're gonna lose her before you hit the freeway.##

"10-4, Rampart. 1.0 mg atropine piggybacked with 0.5 mg epi, both IVP." Roy said
quickly. He was just as determined as the audibly frustrated Morton to save the
young woman. He couldn't push a thought away from the back of his mind.
::What if it was the pile of clothes falling on her that pushed the heroin plunger
down too deep and not Diane herself? Then all of this mess is actually accidental
and not the usual desperate druggie's attempted suicide, if that's the case.
She'll fight hard to come back even if we give her just one more chance to make it.::

The Mayfair was only crawling now, at less than twenty miles an hour.

Gage snapped. "What's the hold up?!" he shouted to the front.

Al said, "Traffic jam. The ramp's a parking lot, Johnny. I don't know
why the cars are like this. Dispatch said there's nothing going on
up ahead."

Flint frowned and a drop of sweat rolled off his nose and landed on
the back of his hands. "That's strange." he said, keeping up his CPR until
the paramedics were set to defibrillate Diane again. "It's nowhere near
rush hour."

Roy looked up out of the window from where he sat timing the wide
open I.Vs drops when he saw the road sign that bore his namesake flash
by. Only it wasn't the comforting inside joke it normally was for all of them
seeing the avenue bearing his last name. For the mountains behind it,
were gone.

Image of desotoavenue.jpg Image of mortonanswerbioholdinglabcoat.jpg

"Holy---" DeSoto exclaimed, almost dropping the paddles he was

"Roy? What's wrong? Go ahead and get her again. It's charged to four."
Gage said sharply. "Keep it together. Take care of her, and then tell me."

Roy framed the sticky paddles once more, and fired them off.

Diane frighteningly re-animated as soon as her heart started pulsing again
following Roy's shock, and she continued where she had left off, falling
right back into the superhuman mode that had so scared all of them in the
house. Her violent gyrations to fight and spit out her airway, threatened the
very gurney straps that held her down onto the bed.

DeSoto shouted as both Flint and he threw themselves on
top of Diane to pin her down. She choked and air popped loudly around
the endotrach tube in her throat, as there was no possible way for
her to talk being tubed as she was. "Pull over!" Roy ordered.

Al did so.

Gage drew out his HT to Chet. "Chet! She's fighting! Get in here!"

But the rear doors didn't snatch open like Johnny wanted them to.

There was a long pause of dead air over the walkie talkie.
Then came Kelly's voice. ##Oh mother of g*d. Johnny! Roy! The whole
mountain's come down up ahead in La Conchita! The whole friggin'

"Roy, what's he talking about? Diane! Diane!! If you can hear me, don't
pull out this tube! It'll damage your voice box! We'll numb ya up just hang
on a second. Diane? Do you understand me?" said Johnny.

Diane went on struggling, oblivious to her surroundings. And her eyes
never tracked nor focused on anybody's face.

"Brain damage?" Flint asked as he got her arms back down at her sides.
To calm her, he covered her completely with a light sheet up to the neck.
"It's ok, it's all right. We're taking ya to the hospital to get that junk outta
your system, hon."

Diane's severe agitation didn't ease in the slightest. In fact, it was growing
worse. The three men soon found that they weren't able to hold her at all.

Until Kelly finally got the urgency of Johnny's message about their patient
and tugged the Mayfair's doors open. Swiftly, he used his turnout jacket as an
improvised reverse straight jacket and used its snaps to cocoon Diane's
writhing body under the railings by fastening each fastener around the bars
like a world war II canvas stretcher.

Johnny was freed up to hold Diane's head firmly around the C-collar Roy
had applied earlier to protect the girl's I.V. "Who gave you that idea?
It's working, Chet! Roy.."

"Yeah, I know.. Get her sedation order.." DeSoto gasped, sweeping sweat
soaked hair out of his eyes.

Morton beat him to the punch. ##51, I'm getting no cardiac signal anymore
from your end. I'm gonna guess that she's now combative. Treat her
agitation with chlorpromazine, 25 mg I.V.##

Image of rjwithpatientinambulance.jpg Image of royfightclose.jpg Image of intubatedwoman.jpg

Before the paramedics could move, Diane jerked her hands up and yanked,
with both sets of fingers, at her loosely taped mouth piece. A flood of bright
blood fountained up as her unthinking reaction caused the inflated balloon
at the base of the endotracheal tube to tear away the soft structures on the
inside of her throat. Hart gagged and vomited weakly as her pressure
suddenly plummeted and her eyes rolled up to their white undersides.

The heartbeat still registering on the monitor slowed from its racing tach
into a vagal reflex brady rate of thirty. Diane went limp.

Kelly yelled in fear and fluttered to unhook his jacket from around the girl
as the others rolled her sideways to drain out the gushing flood of fresh

Roy listened to Diane's chest with a fast ear.  
"The tube's completely obstructed! Get it out!"

Gage rapidly deflated the ET and drew it free to suction out Diane's
blood filled windpipe."D*mmit! She must be a long time user. It took only the
three Narcan doses to put her into waking withdrawal. She ripped herself
up even before we could even think of sedating her.:" he said angrily. "Flint?"

"She's not breathing anymore." the attendant reported from where he rested
Diane's stomach across his chest where he knelt, using his body to keep
her tipped onto her side.

Gage got out an antibite ring to hold Diane's teeth apart, then he used
just the ambu to drive some badly needed oxygen back into her lungs
without moving her position. But soon, Diane began to gurgle from all
the blood that was bleeding out of her ruined throat and it flowed
too rapidly for the suction wand to pull away despite of Roy and
Johnny's best efforts to clear it.

The heartbeat on the monitor started speeding up into rapid v-tach
as profound shock set in. Gage dug a hand into her carotid. "Pulseless
ventricular rhythm. Flint, let her go. We gotta--"

"I heard.  I'm on it yesterday.." the attendant sighed sadly and
he resumed active CPR once more over the girl's bruised breastbone.

"I was afraid of this kind of thing happening. She must've taken the
entire mixed ten mg's I thought I saw her take." said Johnny. "Now, she's bleeding
to death for her troubles."

Roy replugged in the EKG monitor feed that had been disconnected
from the biophone in all the struggling. He handed Johnny a short oropharyngeal
airway for him to insert once he felt he could stop suctioning Diane in
between bagged breaths. "Dr. Morton. Our victim went into acute withdrawal
syndrome up to consciousness. But we've lost her airway. Damage is severe.
I am estimating around six hundred cc's blood loss. Now ceased due to a
return to an acute cardiac arrested condition.  We're reading a pulseless
ventricular tachycardia. "

## I confirm, 51. Continue the best you can. Stop all medications and maintain
the patient's circulation and breathing manually. I'll see you in a few minutes.##

Roy and Johnny felt their world suddenly contract around them.

"Uh,, negative, Rampart. There's been a massive landslide a few blocks away
from what we can see. All routes leading to you are most likely blocked off."
Roy reported.

There was a dead silence from the other end of the phone line. "51, re-route to
another hospital then. Who's closest from your current position?"

"Rampart, we're in a gridlock. There's too many panicking people out here."
said DeSoto as he peered out the side window of the ambulance. "I don't
think we'll be able to go anywhere fast, anytime soon, doc."

A fierce pounding startled him when a hand slapped his window
and drew open the door at the back. It was a bystander, from one of the many
blocked in automobiles now surrounding them. "Hey, guys! There's a lot
of hurt people just ahead. A mudflow's covering the road. We're clearing
a path for ya!" said the construction worker. "Come on!"

"Look, mister! We can't." Johnny started to say. "We already got a p--"

But the man had already swung the doors shut in their faces. They saw
him waving animatedly through the back windows for them to follow
behind him as he ran towards the wall of gray dust rising above them.

The Mayfair was shoved sideways from an unexpected jolt from the left.
A giant fist of earth and rock rolled over them.

It soon blocked out the sun, plunging the Mayfair and its suddenly
overwhelming CPR plight, into semi-darkness.

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From: "Roxy Dee" <>
Date: Thu Jun 23, 2005  10:22 am
Subject: It's Not Nice To Mess With Mother Nature~~

Al began shouting, "Everybody out! This is a rock fall! Not mud! Grab what
you can!" cried the ambulance driver and he rushed to the back of the Mayfair.

Chet Kelly paused only for a moment at the sight of huge boulders rolling down
the coastal road from the mountain. Any one of them could've crushed a bus without
stopping. He ran for the squad to move it closer. "Get her on! Then climb aboard."
he shouted. "We're getting outta here!"

Johnny and Roy grabbed the squad gear, throwing tanks and cases on top of Diane's
gurney in between her strapped legs. Flint hesitated. "What's he talking about?"
as he kept up CPR.

"We're evacuating before the next wave of debris hits us. Something else's giving way
on that hillside out there!" Gage coughed. He snatched a spare french 6.0 from
the supply rack and jammed it under Diane's pillow for later reinsertion for her new
airway. He hefted up the engine's oxygen supply and they got out of there.

The five of them got Diane lifted onto the top of the squad, stretcher and all,
that nestled into the air bottle gap storage firmly. Chet fled in the squad then, carrying
them, using the route the excited witness that told them about. Behind them in the
mirrors, he saw the Mayfair get swept off the road by a twenty ton boulder
that tumbled down noisily from the nearby slide a few seconds after they
had started moving.

Image of landslidetreespistolbutt.jpg Image of mayfairclose.jpg Image of landslideboulderblock.jpg

Soon, Chet parked on a section of ground he knew was stable. "There's
no pistol butt trees here. See? None of these trees are warping yet.
I'm stopping!" he shouted to those clinging on top of the squad.

Diane was lifted from the squad in between CPR sets, and the entire group headed
for a grassy slope that was undisturbed by substrate shifting. They placed her,
head side downhill, while they worked to keep her going, so her lungs would
drain out even more.

Roy stood long enough to get his bearings and call for their nearest help over his HT.
"Squad 51 to Engine 51! Do you read me?" His mind was still reeling with
disbelief at the moving chaos flowing around their island of calm earth.

##This is Captain Stanley, HT 51. What's your situation?##

"Mudslide in La Conchita has destroyed our ambulance. We've no injuries.
We need backup CPR assistance. Other casualties are being reported in
our immediate area. Uh,..From what I can see, your best approach will be
from the beach access road until you reach the edge of town. We're on the
south side near the water tower, with the squad." he said to ease Cap's worries
about another vehicle loss. "This slide's huge. I see at least, a dozen homes

##10-4, S quad 51. We've just received word from L.A. about La Conchita.
Hang tight, pal. We're on the way.## said Hank.

Chet smiled when he heard the airhorn blast briefly over the channel. "Remind me
to hug Stoker when all this is over, Roy."

"You're gonna haveta get in line, Chet, after us.." said Gage. "Flint, need a
switch out yet?" he said giving Diane another easy breath on the ambu.

"I'm good for a while yet." the man said. "Now what? You've lost your antennae link
when the Mayfair disappeared. That biophone won't work very well in this
low spot of ours."

Image of caphttanker.jpg Image of landslidefar.jpg Image of royhtscbascared.jpg

Roy checked over the defibrillator to read its power level for if and when they
decided to try and use it again on Diane. "We'll improvise." he said, without smiling.
"Joe Early has been preparing us for just this kind of communication isolating
circumstances." he said, rechecking the flow of I.V. fluid to Diane. He rehooked
up the EKG pads that had fallen off in the commotion. "We've recently been given broader
decision making powers with a new brainstorm project of Dr. Brackett's."

"What kind of brainstorming?" asked Chet, using the suction wand to help Johnny
work his vents a little better.

"We've new procedures being put into place. They're called standing orders.
They're doctor's instructions given out in advance to fit specific medical findings
in any given situation so we won't always be tied to the phone for confirmations
and permissions. Johnny and I were going to drill on them this afternoon with Dr.
Early to make sure we had them committed to memory all right. Now we're here."
Roy explained.

"So we don't need the biophone any more?" Al asked, taking off Diane's sock
to begin splinting the broken foot as best he could with a piece of wood he
had found.

"Not now. It's dead.  We need just additional help to care for anyone ELSE we
find in trouble. We got our engine coming. And she's just three minutes or so
behind us." Gage nodded.

"How can you tell that? I didn't hear you get a time estimation.." frowned Al.

"The airhorn blew three times over the transmission. It's Stoker's way to tell us
an ETA when somebody else's talking over the HT. Something we set up a
while ago." Kelly smiled.

Kelly knelt down by Diane's side. "Johnny. What do you want me to do? I
got the O2 tank ya got out with ya cracked and set on wait. But that's the last
suction reservoir. Sorry. Didn't think we'd need more than the one on her."

"Be Flint's trade when he says he's tired. Roy and I have to work out something."
Gage replied, nodding.

Kelly nodded and got busy.

Johnny watched Roy drag the drugbox closer to their knees. He squeezed the
ambu bag a little faster without realizing it. "Roy, you're not doing it."

"Doing what? I'm just getting out another roll of gauze for when we reintubate her."
DeSoto said. But his fingers brushed over a bretylium syringe briefly.

"We can't use any more medication on her. Morton's live order supercedes any
of Brackett's standing ones." Gage reasoned. "I think....." he frowned.

Roy glared at his partner. "You of all people should know me, I'm like Craig Brice,
I usually follow the book to the letter, only second best to him. But consider where
we are, Johnny. If we find even one unconscious breathing victim from the slide,
we'll have to abandon Diane here in favor of their better chances for survival.
We're on triage ground now."

Gage blanched at that, glancing down at Diane's still beautiful face. "I know that.
I thought we'd have more time to--"

"I know. I thought that, too. But look at the monitor, Johnny. She's asystole again.
And with pulmonary artifact this time from all the blood in her lungs. She's so
full of rales I'd be surprised if any oxygen is reaching her at all anymore. Her pupils are
blown and unresponsive. Even in this sunlight. We have to make a decision about her
and hope that Dr. Brackett's experimental protocol is concrete enough to save our butts
afterwards. Before we are officially locked down by fire department triage orders.
Now are you with me or not?" DeSoto said, licking his lips. "Make a choice now 'cause
I see a whole lot of people coming our way and some of those being carried,
aren't moving at all."

Gage looked up, startled. And saw that it was true. Patients were coming to them
from the disaster site, zeroing in on the only help they could see, the red flashing squad.
"Bretylium, ok, drawing up 5 cc's for IVP. Roy, she IS dead already but we've three
other witnesses attesting to the second flatline and we've the paper strip as our
bargaining chip to go ahead with another attempt. Let's do it.. If we're gonna get
fired and jailed, I can think of no better cell mate to have, than you. Chet! Hit the defib
recharge, we're trying again!"

"Ok, Johnny. I'll re-gel the paddles for ya." Chet replied.

Image of johnnycloseheadache.jpg Image of roymsneedle.jpg Image of chetonladderhelmetjacket.jpg

DeSoto prepared the D5W I.V. that they would need and he tried very hard
to stop his hands from shaking.


Cap Stanley and Marco and Stoker raced the Ward up from the beachhead along
the same street where they could see the red dot of Squad 51 in the distance. She
was parked hastily angled on the only road not jumbled forty feet high with debris.

She came trailing hose for the hydrants that were sticking out of the ground abundantly
all aroundJohnny, Roy and the others. Hank stepped out of the cab to give Battalion
the short and thorough of what he was seeing in the neighborhood. "Battalion One. Engine
51 is on scene. I'm estimating a slide a quarter of a mile wide. It has spilled over a row of houses half a block long. No fire is in evidence but we're setting up in anticipation of gas
leaks. We're 10-6 with 51's casualties on the corner of...... Topanga Canyon Drive and
Rocky Peak Road."

##10-4, Engine 51. Sending a helicopter evac to your location as soon as one's available.
Keep me posted.##

Cap Stanley knelt down by his paramedics where they were working over Diane.
"Is the squad damaged much? She's awfully dusty."

"No.." replied Chet. "But that Mayfair may be leaking some. We watched it get carried
off the road twenty five yards that way by a river of mud." Kelly said jerking his head so
he could keep going on his CPR.

"That won't be a problem for now. Being buried means no air will be around to ignite
anything. I'm satisfied. What do you need here?" He saw that the paddles had
been used twice more on the strip growing by the foot off the monitor. But
the indicator still showed no signs of electrical activity.

At his question, Roy and Johnny's body language, fell subtly. "A tarp to cover her."
said Roy quietly.

"What?!" said Chet. "You guys just can't quit on her like this.. Don't you need a doctor's
order to pronounce somebody?" he hissed, still working hard to keep on
circulating Diane's blood.

Gage ignored him. "Cap, Roy and I have another victim right there." he said, pointing to
a pale boy looking like a cardiac case stretched on the ground on the other side of Diane's
stretcher. He was breathing but the manual read from the paddles showed him to
be throwing off what even Cap recognized as multiple PVC's.

Cap was no nonsense. "Are you absolutely sure of this, you two?" His unspoken
statement questioning the basis for their rational hung silent on the dusty air.

Johnny was grateful that he didn't ask anything sensitive out loud. He knew Cap
knew about the experimental protocols newly put into place by Brackett as he had
been the one to field the phone call from Joe Early asking for a date to set for
testing Roy and Johnny out on them. "Yeah. We've done all that we can do for her.
She's max'd out on limits for all the drugs we're allowed to give anyone in her
situation. He comes first now." Roy said, not looking at Hank directly.

Kelly started protesting. "Captain, no! That's stupid! I'm not needed yet. And neither
are these two.." he said of Al and Flint. "Let us work her until we can't anymore. We
owe Diane at least that much more. I'm sure her family would appreciate it in the
long run.." he glared at Roy and Johnny. "Who knows? She may come back again."

Image of chetangryheywithbook.jpg Image of womanoutclosesun.jpg Image of roygagetreatkidonhill.jpg

Cap sighed in exasperation. "Kelly!  I can't let y--- " But then he saw the fresh haunted
look of weighty stress dragging down his two paramedics, and he relented. "..ok, but
the three of ya are through the second another unconscious makes it over here. I'm
sorry but she's gonna have to be lifted off of that gurney so they can change the
sheets and get it set for the little boy. A triage station's setting up down the block and we're
gonna need the stretcher to get him there. I'm saving all our stokes for future
victims we may have to dig outta this mess later on." he pointed out sharply.
"You got that tank of O2 only, and that's it, Kelly."

"Enough for me, Cap. We'll be under that tree and my HT will be on." he promised.

Diane's head was stretched out on the soft earth for only a couple of moments
when Chet jerked his hands off of her chest and started screaming. Flint and Al
likewise leaped up and began peeling their clothes off rapidly. "AhHHH! Sh**t!"

Hank ran to them. "What's wrong?!"

Chet writhed on the ground, rolling. "Fire ants. Aww, man.. Get em off! Get em off!!
AhhhhHHH! I'm burning from their stings or something!"

Cap dragged Chet clear of the large pile of dirt that Diane had been inadvertantly
set upon and he immediately called for a fire hose to spray the three men
down to get rid of the attacking ants as fast as possible. From his new angle he could
see the warning shape of an ant nest that hadn't been clearly obvious until just then.
He was horrified anew right along with Chet. "I'm sorry, pal. Stay still. We'll get em
off in a minute. Looks like your turnout kept most of them off. Marco's washing
down the ambulance attendants. No. Don't move until I'm done getting you
soaked down. Don't worry about them. Let me get you taken care of first. Marco's
covering them. Hold still now. Any get under your clothes?"

Chet sputtered under the water stream. "No...they just got my hands and arms and a few
crawled into my hair. Sh*t these hurt like the son of a mother. Ugh! Cap, as soon as I'm
done we can get back there an--" he broke off, seeing the thick carpet of red feathery
ants now swarming over and stinging the body of Diane Hart. His horror shattered
into nausea and he looked away. "Oh, my G*d. Cap..." he sobbed.

Image of chetfallshelmetjacket.jpg Image of fireantclosehead.jpg
Image of fireants.jpg Image of deadwoman.jpg Image of anfireant.gif

"Come away, pal. There's nothing else we can do. If we spray around, getting her
off that mound, that whole colony will come out and attack all of us, including them..."
he said pointing to where Roy and Johnny were working hard to save their second victim.
"And we can't allow that. I'm sorry it had to happen like this. Believe me, no one's more
sorry than I am right now."

"Cap, isn't she more important? We had her first.."

"Shh.. pay attention to me. Don't look at Diane. Stoker's covering her up. We're through.
Now refresh my memory.. Are you allergic to bee stings? Fire ants are in the bee family
if I remember my first aid training right." Cap said. His eyes swept over the many
raised white pustules coming out thickly on Chet's hands and arms and at the red
flushed color rising around them.

"Uh,,, I .. d-- I can't think straight right now." Chet gasped, still hunched in a ball of pain.
"I think they're still trying to bite me!"

"I got em all off. Let's just get you to a dry spot." ::And away from Diane Hart's body.::

Cap led him away from the puddle of water which was drowning the ants that had
been washed off Kelly's skin. Kelly let himself be supported and sat back down
as soon as he hit the curbside. His legs wouldn't allow him to stand for any longer.

Image of chethurthelpedout.jpg Image of fireantpustules.jpg Image of fireanthands.jpg

"Chet, you're shivering. Take my jacket." Hank said peeling his off and giving it
to him. "I'll have Johnny or Roy come over and give you a once over on vitals as
soon as that cardiac's stabilized. You sure you can breathe ok? Is your throat
getting tight any?"

Chet's was, but not from any ant venom. It was from soul pain, and that, he knew,
would remain with him, for many many days. He answered Cap by coughing wetly
and with a small wheeze. He started crying and gasping uncontrollably, in his grief.

"Easy, Chet. Just relax. I'll have someone over here for you just as soon as I can.
Marco! How are they?" he shouted, asking about the ambulance
attendants, who were down to their boxers and t-shirts, standing soaked underneath
wrapped blankets.

"They're fine. Shaken, but they're not stung as bad as Chet. They're refusing to
see anyone for further care. They only got a couple of stings each." Lopez replied.

"Understood." Hank counted a quick pulse in Chet's neck as he sat next to him. Kelly
didn't even seem to notice his touch. " Marco. Come stay with Chet for a while and keep
him company." Cap ordered."I have to get going on the landslide."

"Right, Cap."

As Marco went by, Hank grabbed his arm. "He's busted up over losing the drug victim.
He's got symptoms but I don't think he's anaphylactic. But go get the O2 if you feel he's getting shocky past this mild stuff. Keep tabs on his consciousness level."

Lopez gave a look of sympathy for the dead woman and he crossed himself and said
a fervent prayer for her. "I will, Cap. I won't let him stay sick like that without treatment."

Marco went to be a friend for his shattered co-worker for a few minutes
and before he knew it, something else called him away.

Image of chetmarcoholewatch.jpg Image of childairwayadjust.jpg Image of johnnyoutsidenolook.jpg

From: "Derrick" <rescueman1962@...>
Date: Fri Jun 24, 2005  1:24 am
Subject: In Certain Terms : It's Not Nice To Mess With Mother Nature .  

" Marco , Marco ! " Gage yelled .

The boy had slipped into v-fib as Johnny and Roy were working on him
and they needed and extra hand to help with ventilations as Johnny
and Roy started CPR and defibrillation .

::Oh God now what ? Not the boy !:: Marco thought to himself before
he went up the hill to help care for the boy who was now slipping
away from Johnny and Roy's hands .

" Waddya need ?! " Marco shouted back .

" Get up here . Take control of his airway. He's in v-fib ! " shouted
Gage .

" All right . " Marco shouted ." Stay right there, Chet , I'll be right back . "
Marco said to his pal .

" Just get back here . " replied Chet .

" Cap! Gage and DeSoto need my help with the boy. He's getting
worse . " Marco said to Captain Stanley as he passed by him on his
way to help Johnny and Roy .

" All right. Go . I will keep an eye on Chet when I can." Hank replied .

Marco charged up the hill and took over ventilations from Roy . Roy
went to use his HT and he called into Dr. Brackett  through L.A.'s
frequency in an emergency patch.

Roy : "Rampart base , County 51" .

Dr . Brackett : ##Go ahead, 51 , this is Rampart .##

Roy : " Patient update , 10 year old male in respiratory distress
due to an asthma attack . We have placed him on high flow O2 at 15
liters per pediatric non-rebreather mask and have given him 1:1,000
epinephrine SQ . As we were attempting I.V . D5/W , patient went
into v-fib . We do have CPR in progress and we're attempting to
defibrillate at 60 joules . We will be preparing to intubate . Any
further instructions ? "

Dr . Brackett : ##51 , go ahead and intubate and continue
resuscitative efforts . Administer 3ccs 1: 10,000 Epinephrine I.V. If
he does not respond from the three initial shocks . Go ahead and
administer 60mgs 2% Lidocaine I.V. Defibrillate 30 to 60 seconds
after each dose . Contact us if anything changes . ##

Roy : "Copy Rampart , intubate and continue CPR followed by 3ccs
1:10,000 epi I.V. If unresponsive, give 60mgs 2% Lidocaine I.V. and
keep you posted . "

Dr . Brackett : ##10-4 , 51. ##

" Okay , charging 20 , 40 , 60 , CLEAR ! " Roy said .

The defibrillator delivers a shock to the boy's heart as his small
body jerks from the jolt of energy . Marco Lopez checks for a
carotid pulse and tells the two paramedics , " No breathing , no
pulse , continue CPR ."

Johnny starts compressions again as Marco ventilates with the ambu
bag . He notices the oropharyngeal airway in place as Roy hurriedly
assembles the equipment necessary to facilitate intubation . He
orders Marco to start hyperventilating the patient as he prepares
and lubricates an endotrachial tube . Marco removes the
oropharyngeal airway as Roy inserts a laryngoscope blade to
visualize the vocal cords but he sees a very serious problem .

Image of marcogagescbatreat.jpg Image of vocalcords.jpg Image of roygrimtreat.jpg

"Oh sh*t." , exclaimed Roy . Marco and Johnny quickly glance up at
Roy, not stopping their work as he continues , " His trachea is
swelling shut and we may have to trach him . I bet he has pulmonary
edema as well . "

" Well , ..we are not gonna lose this boy ! " . Johnny said as he
signaled to switch places with Marco .

Roy gets back on the biophone/HT patch with Rampart to advise
them of their new findings .

Roy : " Rampart , County 51.."

This time Dr . Joe Early answers the call on the second base
station console as he had just completed a difficult cardiac case
with Squad 14 .

Dr . Early : ## Go ahead, 51 .##

Roy : " Rampart , we have attempted to intubate and cannot due to
tracheal edema . We are suspecting a development of possible
pulmonary edema as well . We have defibrillated once with no
conversion and have an I.V. D5/W established . We have not given
any meds yet . "

Dr . Early : ## 51 , give 60 mgs Solu-Medrol I.V. and keep us
advised of any changes . Continue orders from Dr. Brackett. ##

Roy : " Copy. 60mgs Solu-Medrol and keep you advised " .

Dr. Early : ##10-4 , 51 ## .

Johnny and Marco continue CPR on the boy as Roy prepares to
administer the drug . He shoots it up the I.V. line and hopes that
the swelling will subside soon so they will not have to end up
having to do a trach .

Roy decides to defibrillate again after two minutes have went by
since the last shock . Roy says, " Charging , 20, 40, 60,80 , 100,
120 , CLEAR ! "

Marco and Johnny get clear of the patient as another shock is
delivered to attempt to convert the life-threatening arrythmia .

All of the sudden, Captain Stanley calls to Johnny and Roy on their HT,
that two more squads have arrived with three engines as help in
their area . ##Squad 51 , HT 51.##

" Squad 51 " . Johnny replied .

##We have more help arriving here, shortly . It will be Squads 36 and
45 , Engines 127 , 236 , and 18  . ETA... about 5 minutes . ##

"Squad 51 , 10-4. " Gage replied . " Still no ambulances, Cap ?"

##Negative.## Captain Stanley replied . ##No helicopters either.##

"No breathing , no pulse , continue CPR . " Marco replied .

Roy pushed the button to charge the defibrillator again and again
said " Charging 20 , 40 , 60 , 80 , 100 , 120 , CLEAR ! "

Marco and Johnny backed off as another shock was delivered . There
was still no breathing or pulse from the boy , but the guys were
determined not to give up this time , not after all they had went
through with Diane .

Johnny and Marco started another round of CPR while Roy got the
first dose of epinephrine ready to administer . As that was
occurring , Flint and Al met up with them on the hill and Flint
spoke , " We may have got bitten by fire ants , but at least we can
give you a hand."

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