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    The Overhaul Principle
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Page Three

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Still laughing at the idea of this unlikely pair, the three friends
finished their breakfast. After paying their bill they headed out
to their cars. About to go their separate ways, they noticed the
white land rover that pulled into the parking lot. It parked and
they saw Johnny get out. Johnny approached them with a grin.

"Hey Docs, Dix! You are just who we wanted to see." Johnny said.

"We?" Joe asked Johnny. "I don't see anyone with you."

Johnny grinned and pointed. Unnoticed, Craig Brice had come in from
the other direction.

"Dr. Brackett, Dr. Early, Miss McCall." Craig greeted them.

The Rampart staff, surprised, greeted him.

"You are right, John. They would be the perfect people to help us
pull off this joke. I know all three of you are planning on
attending the upcoming fireman's fall harvest." Craig said referring
to the upcoming fund raiser, "A Safe Alternative For Kids",
planned for October 31st.

Shocked, the trio could only reply.

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From: "patti *mimic* " <>
Date: Sun Sep 25, 2005  6:09 pm
Subject: The Final Baiting..

Inwardly, Dixie tried not to gawk when she heard Craig Brice
of all people, refer to Johnny Gage by his first name. But
outwardly, she smiled, really big. "Johnny, just what the heck
are you and Craig up to now?" she asked first, being the
most eager to get social fast enough to satisfy a deepening,
healthy curiosity.

Joe Early blinked, and nudged Dixie, leaning into
her ear so she would be the only one who heard him.
He disguised his comment as a hug and a cheek smooch
for her paying his part of the diner bill. "I can't believe you
mentioned the two of them inside the same sentence." he

Dixie elbowed him subtly back to hush up.

Oblivious, Gage went on eagerly. "Oh, nothing much. We're
just gonna finish what we both started two years ago."

Brackett, fairly familiar with most of the firehouse pranks
that usually occurred associated by station number, took
a crack at it. "Would this have anything to do with the
publicity grudge you pretended to have whenever Brice
was mentioned in the newspapers?"

Dixie and Joe Early had to scrape their jaws off
of the pavement when they heard that comment escape Kel's

Craig Brice pushed his glasses up onto his nose. "It sure
does, doctor.." looking pleased but a little self conscious
at the same time. He seemed to Dixie a little like Roy just

"Yeah.." bubbled Johnny. "You see,... the guys think that I
still hate him on a professional level. I know that because
Cap asked me that very question indirectly on my last
departmental review, about whether or not I still harbored some
ill will and jealousy towards Brice, during my formal/informal
psych test."

"The way Mr. Gage behaved concerning me, was pure bunk." Brice
smirked in a tiny grin. "Uh, no pun intended, Johnny."

"None taken.." Johnny rocked back on his heels in a mutual
self congratulatory stance.

The Rampart three just stared in incomprehension at the firehouse

Johnny explained. "We're trying to make the others think that we're
both laid up in a minor fashion somehow physically and we've
been using the bunkroom as the setting, doc, to bait the guys." Gage
told Brackett, who was starting to grin as he learned of just the
smallest twist of shamming currently developing at 51's.

Kel's eyes twinkled, as Joe and Dixie finally understood the ramifications.

Joe's finger began pointing. "Oh, so I see. You acted irritated about anything
to do with Brice here two years ago, just to set up a larger bait of a broken
wing act with both of you, tricking them, now." Early guessed.

"You're on the right track, doc. Only it doesn't stop there." Johnny
crowed. "We need to take things up to a new level now that the guys
are teetering off balance. We need to cap it all with the final blow. And
that's why we stopped to visit when we saw the three of ya. To get ya to
deliver the coup de grace on this third phase of ours. The broken wing bunk
acting is just to throw the rest of the gang off of our true intentions.
We're starting to be the lures to lead the hounds off the fox trail."

Dixie started to frown. "Oh, boy. Do I even want to learn what you two
are cooking up now?"

"Yes." chorused Joe and Kel at the same time.

The two doctors looked at each other and started chuckling.

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"All right, so here's what we want you to do. But it's important to
spring this during the parade REHEARSAL for that fund raiser of
yours Dixie... That event, uh,..".A Safer..." Gage began.

"...Alternative For Kids"..that I planned on the 31st." Dixie continued.
"All right, I'll bite. What do you want us to do? And I'll go through with this
as long as nobody gets hurt or embarrassed too badly."

"Oh, they won't, Miss McCall." said Craig. "Their uniforms won't even get

Gage and Brice fell into a paroxysm of laughter at the famous reference
to the Phantom water can legacy that had ensued between Chet Kelly
and Johnny the year before and they nearly fell over themselves trying
to contain their giggling.

"Here. You're gonna need this. Follow the instructions to the letter on
the very day, ok?" Gage said when they had regained their ability
to breathe.

Kel eagerly snatched the paper that Craig held out to the three
of them at Johnny's words.

Dixie's eyes got real big and very fearful. "I don't want to read it.."

"That's ok, Joe and I will." Brackett shrugged. " You can decide if you
want in after your gotta-know nose festers for a while. Come on, Joe. Let's
read this and go over it before the three of us have to go back for our
overtime at the hospital." and the two of them headed back to the side of
the parking lot where their two cars waited.

Dixie's mouth flopped open and her hands took positions on either side of
her hips. But just as quickly, her eyes lit up. "Is it a good one?"

"The best..." Gage winked at her. But it was genuine, without the slightest
hint of deception.

And that, finally convinced her.
"Ok,.. I'm gonna go catch up to Joe and Kel. But what, uh,  what ARE
you guys doing here this time of the morning? Besides, getting us involved
in your latest practical joke war. I thought you both had a 48/96 going on."

Brice pushed his glasses up onto his face a little higher. "We are
working a two days on/four days off rotation. Uh, hospital
staff, especially upper level medical staff, might be able to afford the
prices in there...." he said, pointing to the posh diner Kel, Dixie and Joe
had just breakfasted inside of. "...but us poor firemen, are after the true
cuisine.." he winked amicably.  His other hand pointed to the far end of
the lot. At Davey's Diner, the tiny run down one, located on the corner.

Dixie made a face. "You're going to eat chili dogs? Now?"

"We were busy last night.." Johnny shrugged. "We need comfort food.
And Brice tells me that Marco and Cap probably need it more than the rest
of us."

Nurse McCall's expression softened in sorrow. "Bad call yesterday?"
she asked remembering the child that Joe Early had spoken of.

"Not about him." Gage said, studying the ground, suddenly serious. "It was
about a man we couldn't help at the same scene. Craig says the loss's
taking physical lumps out of Marco and Captain Stanley in a exactly
did you put it? a detrimental way."

"Yes, that is the description I utilized." Craig agreed.

" we're doing the friends first thing by offering food and being
there without prying, until they decide to dump onto us what they're
feeling." Johnny smiled, wanly uncertain.

Dixie rocked forward on her nursing shoes and kissed him full on
the cheek. "That's so .." her eyes watered. "...sweet, you guys.
Let me know how they're doing, ok?"

"We will.." Brice promised.

A brash car honk caught all of their attentions. Dixie whirled.
"Oh! Kel's leaving. I've got to go. We came together..."

"So are you?" Johnny pressed, with a cat eating grin.

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Dixie smacked him with her purse as she pulled out her head scarf.
"If you must know..." she started to grin. But then her head didn't
move in an up or down nod, or with a shake in the negative, about a
romantic relationship, in the slightest.

She simply, walked off, with quiet dignity, tying the scarf around her
elegant head.

Gage blustered. "Oh, come on, Dixie. That's not fair..!" he hollered after
her. "We tell ya the nitty gritty about all our relationships... Just look
at what you found out about Craig and me today with this joking thing!"

But the nurse only slid into Brackett's convertible and waved jauntily
as the three of them departed in their two cars.

From :  Cory Anda <>
Sent :  Tuesday, September 27, 2005 4:55 AM
Subject :  Pomp and Circumstance..

Johnny Gage was still smiling when he and Craig Brice
climbed back into his land rover for their trip back to
the station. "Don't spill those, Craig, or we'll have
spent our four dollars for nothing."

"I can honestly say that I've never wasted anything
meant for a humanitarian cause." Craig sniffed ruefully,
sitting ramrod straight in his seat with the cardboard
carton holding the seven chili dogs in his lap.

"I believe you. But usually things that ya want really bad
to happen, have a tendency to blow up into your face, Craig.
And I'm one of the most well known people around, department
wide, to suffer frequently from that effect. Let's not tempt fate,
all right?"Johnny wasn't convinced that his newly retuned old
shocks would be merciful or not so he reached over and
belted Brice in so the paramedic didn't have to let go of any
of the food he was cradling. "Let me fasten this for ya. Hold still.
Ok, got it."

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"Are you talking about the jinx gene?" Craig asked seriously.

"Jinx g--? Oh, you mean my klutz gene, the one that usually fires
up and causes me to get sick or hurt all the time whether I want
it to, or not?" Johnny said, starting up his ignition.

"You know that is a complete fallacy." Brice said no nonsense.
"Anyone can make bad things happen for themselves just by
thinking about it too much..." he said checking out the intersection
ahead of them. "Road's clear my side. Go ahead and blow through
this yellow light, our food's already dropped by about ten degrees
Fahrenheit." he declared.

Johnny stepped on the gas instantly, causing both of them to
flatten against the back window of the rover.

Brice blinked, glancing over at his latest, shared, paramedic partner.
"That exact mind set used to trip me up all the time until I decided that the
effect wasn't going to rule me anymore." he said. "For the first two years
I was with the fire department, I was... exactly... like you for wracking up
a lot of injured days."

"Really?" Gage gaped. He found that he had a hard time concentrating
on driving. "Well, h- how did you manage to get over it? I've been wracking my
brains for about six years trying to figure out how to get sheer bad
luck to leave me alone for a little while."

"I just let myself think.. 'It won't happen, because I won't allow it.'
And it never does. Every time."  Brice said with firm conviction.

Gage just slumped in his driver's seat with a defeated sigh. "Easier
said than done. Guess I've never had the will power strong enough
to psych myself outta thinking anything. I always seem ta get caught
up in an idea and then I get completely lost, obsessing about it."

"Yeah, I noticed.." said Brice candidly. "I think that's part of the reason
why we get along so well."

Gage didn't know what to think about that particular
Brice comment from the peanut gallery. But then he offered
a nut of his own. "Nah, I think we get along so well because
I never know what's gonna pop outta your mouth until you say it, Craig.
....So,.. are we gonna eat without nosing into Cap and Marco's emotional
business to give them some space to think about it some more?"

"Yes, I think that would be the least problematic for now."

"I concur." Johnny said deadpan. Then he shook his head. "Geesh,
I'm even beginning to sound like you, ...partner." he grinned in a tease.

"That's not a bad thing, John. The more we think alike, the better
we'll function together as a paramedic team." admitted Craig.
"I see similarities between you and DeSoto all the time."

"You do?"

Brice nodded.

"In what w--? Oh, never mind. Ok, so it's breakfast,.. How about we
get to Rampart for all the daytime supplies we need afterwards?"
Johnny smirked, asking the question.

"Sounds like a good plan of action. That'll buy approximately....
one hour fifteen minutes of time where you won't suffer any bad luck."
Brice announced.


Craig reiterated. "You chose a direction to go without wavering, Gage.
Your klutz gene will be so busy being efficient for once, that it won't have
time to get you into trouble for at least that long."

"Oh." Johnny sighed, not getting the full benefit of free counseling. "Uhhh,
if you say so.." he said with incomprehension.

Craig Brice returned to smiling out the window mildly, and enjoying
the aromas coming from the steaming cheese chili dogs in his lap.

Gage completed the drive back to the station, in thoughtful silence.


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The hospital was busy for nine a.m.

Joe Early was making his rounds in Neurology, gathering the latest
test results for all of his non-emergency ward patients on the fifth floor.

Hounding the nurses station, was a whole plethora of visitors, orderlies,
student nurses and x-ray techs all wanting a piece of the floor's head nurse
working there.

Joe felt more than a little sympathy for Carol Evans, Dixie's official second,
as he reached around the stretched phone cord between her and
the countertop for his pile of lab results. "Sorry, Carol. I'll right over
here, reading these. I promise I'll put them back in exactly the same order
so I won't mess up your filing..."

Carol barely afforded the silver haired doctor a glance. She was
concentrating very hard on the person speaking to her on the phone
just then. "I know you just had your stomach surgery Monday.. But Mr.
Stephan, you just can't eat anything your family brought to you. It'll only
cause serious complications..." she told the man in room 602.

Carol pulled the phone away from her ear when the strong greek
accented man realized that a mere woman was trying to tell him what
to do.

Joe held out his hand, to spare her a tirade, asking for the phone. He said
five words. "No, because I ordered NPO." and he hung up the phone.
He nodded curtly to Ned, the orderly. "Go confiscate the take-out from
room 602. And make sure you check all the women's handbags for
handouts, too."

"Yes, doctor." replied the orderly.

Carol finally found a brief pause in her work load as she finished giving
directions for one visitor, fielded another call from the lab, and handed
Dr. Morton the chart he couldn't find in the piles sitting on her countertop.
"Oh, thanks, Dr. Early. He's been trying to speed up his GI tract and recovery
all morning. Only he's too dull witted to understand how dangerous it is to
eat before regaining peristalsis and bowel movements."

"I can understand his apparent haste. I just saw the medical bill his
insurance company's getting." Joe chuckled.

"Isn't that crazy, doctor?..." Carol said in a side whisper. "What in
the world are medical insurance companies thinking nowadays?"

"Dollar signs.." Joe sighed ruefully, drawing double Nixon fingers in
the air.

"Almost makes you wanna work for free just to spare the patients grief,
doesn't it?" she whispered.

"Well, almost.." Joe laughed.

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A commotion from down the hall made both of them lift their heads in
surprise. Someone screamed.  And then, shocking sounds of strange
sharp bangs that they couldn't immediately identify, ricchocheted
around them.

Dr. Morton and Dr. Early immediately went running down the south wing
towards the sound of the noises. Carol snatched up the red phone
from the wall and called for hospital security stat to fifth floor Neurology.

Then, she too, went running down the hall with most of the orderlies not
tied up with other patients.

She rounded a corner, skidding on her shoes, and saw Joe Early
crumpled on the floor, inside room 602, lying on his back beneath
a crash cart, with blood on his head.

Carol Evans let out a scream of her own. "Dr. Early!"

But then the room's swinging door shut out the sight of him and
the angry woman standing over him with a bedpan.

Just as rapidly, Mr. Stephan, complete with a walker, smashed into Carol
with enough force to knock the wind out of her and drive her to the ground.
He brandished a small handgun in the air, causing instant mayhem.

Then he disappeared into the ensuing, panicking crush of people
that he had caused.

Carol coughed, violently, trying to get her breath back. She pointed
to the wall as Dr. Morton tried to help her to her feet. But her awareness
started fleeing from pain. Mike eased her back down onto the floor
by his knees from where he was ducking behind an empty gurney
and he shouted. "I got it.. Lie still if you're hurt." He jerked only high
enough into the air to pull the fire alarm that would signal an instant
emergency evacuation for the entire floor.

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Image of triagepatientsinhospital.jpg Image of firealarmpullbox.jpg

The hospital operator's voice came overhead a second later.
##Code Red. Code Red. Fifth floor. South wing. Code Red. Code

Morton yelled at an orderly who had managed to scramble behind
the nurses' desk. "Call security and tell them we have an armed man
at large in the hospital shooting up the place! A.S.A.P.!"

Then he turned back to Carol to get her true consciousness state
and he tried to figure out exactly where the orderly was that Joe had
sent into Stephan's room.

"N-ned..d?" she mumbled. "Oh...n--"

"He's probably been shot.." Morton guessed
as he lifted Evan's eyelids one at a time peering at her pupils
to check their reactions while he held her neck carefully still.
"Shhh, Carol. Don't talk. Save your strength. We gotta wait
until fast help gets here before we can do anything else."

Carol blacked out before she could tell Mike about Joe Early.


The tones went off, large and long in a multiple station run.
##Stations 99, 8, 24, Engine 2, Engine 39, Engine 20, Battalion 1,
Battalion 14, Battalion 9, with Station 9, and Station 51. Unverified
fire alarm at Rampart General Hospital. 1000 West Carson Street.
Cross street 223rd Ave. 1000 West Carson. Cross street, 223rd
Ave. Security reports an evacuation has begun. No further
information is available. Time out:  0912. ##

Cap didn't even swallow his last mouthful of chili dog. He spat it out
into the kitchen sink. "Whoo boy! Move it, move it. Brice! Grab
the triage pack and kits from my office!" he snapped unnecessarily.
"I'll call us out."

Soon, Cap's booming voice filled the apparatus bay. "Station 51,
10-4. KMG 365.."

The gang pulled the fastest mobilization rollout that they had ever run.


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From: Sam Iam <>
Date: Tue Sep 27, 2005  4:51 pm
Subject: Condition Dr. Black..

Dixie McCall's head snapped up at the declaration of a
possible fire on the fifth floor of her hospital by the operator.

She got over an instant of heart pounding sheer denial but
then got busy right where she was at the main emergency
room desk, to start delegating priorities for the soon to
ensue evacuation of that level.  Dixie made sure a smile
stayed plastered on her face for those few waiting room
and outpatient visitors who glanced up curiously at the
Code Red general announcement. ::Like that code stuff
really fools anyone.:: she scoffed deep inside. ::They know
there's trouble somewhere. We're not fooling anybody.
Someday someone should decide on a new page code for
emergencies around here. These are archaic.::

She told the operator to flash a condition orange voice
and wall beacon code at all nurses stations displaying
patient call lights, to run things by the book. ::That way, our people
will take the assigned positions called for by our steady state
evacuation plans.:: she nodded mentally. She no sooner had
that completed when she saw sharpish movement out of the
corner of her eye.

Kel Bracket burst out of the minor surgery treatment room
where he had been washing up. "Dixie.. real or false alarm?!"
he asked the second he was within comfortable earshot. Brackett
kept glancing around offering smiles to non-staff passers by even
as he minced inwardly as the emergency situation progressed
around him. It began subtly, with a greater frequency of stairwell
doors opening and closing along with the elevators'.

"I haven't heard yet from security or any staff member from
that floor yet." she admitted, glancing self consciously at
the ivory phone still resting quiescent in front of her. ::Odd.
Someone should have at least told us down here if
anyone was smelling smoke or seeing it out the patient
room windows.:: she thought.

"All right. Let's assume worst case scenario. Dixie, get
all the free nurses and orderlies stationed at all the stairwells
until the fire department gets here to confirm that we're actually
on fire. I want extra gurneys and wheelchairs surrounding the
elevators to hold those evacuating those wings so we can move
them outta here."

"Already done, Kel." McCall said. "A minute ago. I called
a condition orange just now."

"How many stations are coming for this?"

Dixie threw her head up at the always on fire and police
scanner parked on a remote relay EKG monitor. "Five stations,
and three engine companies along with three of their battalion
chiefs, probably to organize things on each flank of the building."

"Quite a response for a possible false alarm." Kel frowned half,
ruefully and half amused.

"It was told differently this time. The fire dispatcher added that
an evacuation was underway on the all call." Dixie blinked.

"Has Security called yet?" Kel wanted to know.

"No, strangely enough. I wonder what the trouble is.."

"I'm going up there. Hold the fort?"

"Kel...." McCall began, beginning to feel uneasy for some reason.

"Dix, I'm going to use the stairs, don't worry. Besides, Joe
and Mike are up there and they might be able to tell me what's
going on a little bit faster than security would if they're being
beleaguered by the public like they always are at every
possible fire alarm."

Image of brackettlistendixielonghairbasestationmedshot.jpg
Image of scanner.gif
Image of scannergif.gif

"Keep in touch with me." Dixie said reluctantly, pointing to
the red phone hanging on the wall by the glass alcoved base

"Don't I always?" he grinned, as he disappeared up the nearest
stairway for the fifth floor.

Then Dixie moved to the waiting room to calm down the visitors
who had begun noticing the growing stream of gowned patients
and orderly pushed gurneys leaving the freight elevator doors.

A scream from one of them attracted her attention. Her head whirled
and she spotted a blood covered orderly falling out of a side stairwell.
She ran forward after yelling at a nursing student to go get a doctor
or resident.

It was Ned, the orderly.  He was trying to staunch a rapid flow of
blood from his lower abdomen with his arms and elbows where
he had fallen. Dixie immediately pushed him over, grabbed a blanket
off a nearby unused gurney and began applying pressure over the
wound using the floor and her hands as leverage. "Ned... Ned.. It's
Dixie. What happened to you?"

" man. He shot me!" Ned gasped quietly, mindful of
the public ear ironically even though he was in full gory view.
They were already gaping and horrified.

Consciousness was creeping away from him.

"Easy, Ned. Lie still. Let me control your bleeding..."
Dixie snapped at a nearby security guard, who was glued
to his shoulder radio. "Get over here and take over!" she
told him. "Do what I'm doing. I have to notify the police about
what's happening now.."

Another fast thinking nursing student found a trauma pack and tore it open
for McCall and showed the security guard how to use it, freeing
up Dixie to do her new automatic designation as head triage for the ER.
That had fallen onto her shoulders the moment Ned had tumbled into
her arms.

Running for her desk, Dixie broke out a small triage case filled with
priority tags and colored strips of ribbon. ::Now's the test of this
new system of the fire department's.:: she thought.  She handed
out a red plastic arm strip and triage tag to the student nurse
who had stopped to help, from the wired spooled bundle in the
bright orange box.

"Red tag him! Write down Ned's name, vitals and time, and where his
wounds are located.." Dixie told the student. "Then get some muscle
to help get him onto a gurney until a doctor gets here." she ordered.
"When he does, take them all into Treatment Three. Stat! When you give
him full flow oxygen, use a portable tank in case we have to evac
down here as well. And good job on getting out those trauma
dressings so fast. He'll live following some surgery."

"Miss McCall." the nervous nursing student said, ducking her head
with an almost non-existent smile as she rushed to carry out her orders.

Image of dixietriageiner.jpg Image of nursesupply.jpg

Dixie rubbed the loose hair out of her eyes with an elbow while she
wiped the blood off of her hands on a clean surgical drape from the
neatly folded stack on a gurney near her desk that had been waiting
to get put away by supply. Then she voiced to all the public. "Leave or
stay. Your choice. Think about your safety first! If you need immediate
medical attention, there are fire paramedics outside to aid you!"

Almost everyone, left the hospital, in a hurry.

Soon, the ivory phone in front of her rang.

Dixie snatched it up. "Dixie McCall. Emergency." she said quickly.

##Dixie! It's Morton! Four staff members and I are pinned behind the
fifth floor nurse's desk, under cover, from a man and a woman, both
with handguns. The male assailant's a patient of all things from room
602 ! Tell the FD that there is no fire at all. Get some police support
for us A.S.A.P.!! It's not safe! Let absolutely no one come up here.
I've been sending those patients and visitors that I can still reach,
down only! So far, we've heard no more shots fired past the four
or five initial ones a few minutes ago. ##

"Any more injured?" Dixie asked outwardly calm as she watched
orderlies and a doctor, who had come from the direction of the
cafeteria, as they knelt beside Ned to begin his trauma care.
"A shot orderly just collapsed in the waiting room. It's Ned."

##Just Carol. She was shoved against a wall by the jerk who
started this whole mess!##

Dixie's heart leaped into her chest. "How is she?" the nurse asked
before she could stop herself.

##Stable! A moderate concussion only. She's already starting to
wake up for me. Now go!  Pass the word along!##

"Mike, Kel's on his way up there! He doesn't know what's going on

Image of mortonaloneonphone.jpg Image of dixiescaredonphone.jpg

##I'll try to intercept him.## and the phone clicked off line in her ear.

Dixie picked up the red phone on the wall to the hospital operator,
who had halted all non emergency pages in deference to the conditions
red and orange in effect. "ER front desk. Notify the police of two armed
suspects running rampant, last seen, on the fifth floor. Then notify the fire
department of the same thing. Be sure to tell them that there's no active fire...."
Dixie held her breath. "That's right. Now all page a situation Dr. Black on
all overheads." McCall didn't even pause at the gasp from the operator
who recognized the 'weapons wounding staff' emergency code. She hung
up immediately.

Dixie left her desk when the freight and regular elevator doors all started
opening in earnest, disgorging its passengers who had fled the fifth floor.

The operator's falsely steady voice started paging the unreal Dr. Black.

She sighed gratefully when security guards appeared and started manning
the stairwell doors and elevator lobby for any possible gunshot danger.

She held up two fingers at them so they knew the number of suspects
and so they'd check through the window doors and as elevator doors opened
for their dangerous presence before letting any evacuating people leave
through them. It went unspoken that if the gunpeople were spotted, to bar
their way into Emergency by any means possible. ::They aren't police,
and aren't supposed to risk themselves for us, but I know they will,
regardless of their own safety.:: Dixie thought quietly as she tried not to
worry herself and those visitors and outpatients milling up to her asking

The evacuation continued.


Captain Stanley heard an update from his station's battalion chief over
the line. ##Battalion One to all stations District One
responding to Rampart Hospital's incident. There is no fire.
Repeat: There is no smoke. However, the fifth floor is the scene of an
ongoing seige and shooting. Deploy on standby and assist the
evacuation process, using appropriate precautions. ##

Johnny, Roy and Craig Brice immediately ducked their heads and moved
around the side of their squad facing away from the hospital. They saw
their engine crew, do the same thing.

Captain Stanley motioned. "Move in. Check it out." he told them. "Engine
crew, assist evacuees only. Gage, DeSoto, Brice.. go in and see if they
need paramedic assistance. Report what you find immediately as you
learn it, over HT and keep your heads down!"

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The three station 51 paramedics nodded.
They used the trees and the skyway's underside and the side of the building
as heavy cover away from the story windows to reach the ambulance
loading doors of Emergency, carrying only their triage tags, vests and
radios in with them.

In the distance, they heard a new batch of sirens growing from the east,
from an ample police unit response to the hospital.

And then they were in the building.

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    The Overhaul Principle
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